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Episode 3 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 003 | Premier League, Golden Boot, Immobile, FIFA 21, Liga MX, Tyson v Jones, UFC


In episode 003 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Edgar Padilla discuss the end of the Premier League, the European Golden Boot race, the cover of FIFA 21, the start of the Liga MX, the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr exhibition, Vergil Ortiz Jr, and UFC Fight Night 174.

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Are Youtube, episode number three of go talks with Edgar Padia, and alongso fast. And on this you've been be talking about the Premier League. Ending man, you made it a changions league. Thank God wolves. I also wanted wolves to make it. But you know, Shit happens following a seventh from fourth place? Come on, how does that happen? How do you go? How do you go down three places? Come on, tell me, explain to see me, Alozzo, come on, no, and I think, I mean I feel like they failed. I mean they lost the Sheffield, they lost the arsenal, they lost the Chelsea. Hey, but arsenal, I don't Pete Arsenals. Been Happen these last couple games? They've been boom we Yang. I feel like they're a boom Yang depend yeah, I feel like it runs to him. If he doesn't play good, then we play well. But I mean, wolves, you think they exceeded? Not Citations. Do you think they met expectations? I mean, I think oakument is an about or whatever. I think they did. I mean, yeah, he met his ended up very que leaving, I heard. I mean hopefully, because that's what I feel like they he shouldn't stay on a team lately. Maybe seventh place. Yeah, seven, that's pretty bad. That's from expectations of being what four, fifth, yeah, and then in seventh. That's a big difference. When he was a leading squirrel right out of all competitions, right, something that now he was one of the top of he was all one that he was. I thought he was up there with woo. Nah, because number one was Jamie v already. Yeah, want to go to and he's only the second player in history to win it for Leicester City. But it was going to say it was so it was man, you, man, you went to Zarl Yeah, and then Chelsea posters come on this hole, this suck, Chelsea's Tuck shot else boss up the Bulls. All right, they didn't. They didn't meet expectations. They they felt a seventh probably minish to leave. That's specially yeah, I think I have sometimes you were saying, we're saying. Oh, I think remember I said like last week or two weeks ago. I said that Ronis say one more season, you see if he's really like good enough. But I think you shouldn't be wasting time. Time can I know he needs already what twenty nine something like. Yeah, definitely just the fuck a. If you watch this video, doncumnutes to get the fuck about it. Say you're so about it. Now the Chelsea, Chelsea made it to the champions e fourth place. They just clinched it that they've got the last but I mean it's kind of like you kind of had it. Look, it has to be every year. It should be Manu, Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea and Chelsea. I feel like the for Arsenal. No, Arsenal came in eight. Then anyone even close. The arsenal arson hasn't been relevant like the ever since, like what? And original fans out there? Sorry, yeah, I'm sorry now because look, did a victim. I'm sorry. What's that now? All right, so, yeah, Chelsea pullistic. He's yeah, I think his form is he's the best going of the coff player rightally. I think he's the best player on Chelsea. Really, over lue comment. What do you guys think? You guys think Christy Post is the best play in Chelsea. You're just the best friend of the coming about, because, I mean I compared to look at this competition called the cough brow. He met his and Choky Loos on the Tigers. What about fottle time. Yes, Corona, yes, he didn't play. Now, I think definitely. You know, you're right. You're right, he's he's you know, he us. He's having a better season than Dru be, for sure. I feel like the whole round, he meant his versus polistic. I mean, I don't even care that they can't even really compare the little but the whole thing, I don't. Look, he's a all right, he's a striker, and then politic is a winger. So why does that matter? They're both forwards. Look at messy, but he was is a winger still. Yeah, you can't really, you can't really compare. But even the styles of play, though. Postage is a playmaker. He's just like given the ball from the half up and he's gonna make something. That nothing. Yeah, roll human is just kind of there in the box, Cherry picking, not Felix tre pick, Cherry still ob farel ready to fare, because he's he I mean he creates place too. Yeah, what kind of yeah, I know he does angle. Yet he fish football. He's a shriker.

He's number not. Yeah, but I mean you could, I feel like, you still compare because, I mean they're both they're both scoring, they're both dependent on their team. I feel okay, okay, Oh then who do you want? My team right now? Right now, yeah, I know, busy, I think full this shit word fuck out of you. You think he didn't? Think it's the coach. He's bench them. What do you mean? They channel that money on him? And No, he started a couple games and then he has many friends and then events them leave. See what he was saying when he was saying like Oh, like what they all say. Oh yes, harness by one, like Dude, who do's? He may see what he would doing in Bruce and Dorman. He was wrong. But then again, like, I don't know, I feel like people try to downplay like the German league a little just because baron baron has won it for eight years in a row. Yeah, so, what was the competition? But I think it's really competitive. Their speed of players ridiculous. Yeah, you said top the top ten teams in the League. They're right, the phenomenal. Yeah, they could compete with anybody, honestly, but U so, yeah, totally sick. So pull sick. I think pus sick? Yeah, definitely, pustic has to be the best ground us because I mean I think he's top five, top five, Premier League player, top ten, top ten. I want to say top five because I feel like me talk. WHO's five? Top Five, top five in the league. Yeah, a legal comment. Who Do you think? Top Five one premier league? All right, top five players in the League right now? Yeah, it's probably Kevin de Bruyne, number one, or one of things. The number one. Not even might him clothes, no questions asked. Kevin de Bruyn, number one. Yeah, and are WHO's the next? Oh Kredi, boy. You See, he tied the record for most assists, and I'll league it. TRULI's right. He's only played that's done any into two of the top five, five right in Europe. And then for the Premier League he set the record for most as. He tied with and three, two thousand and twenty assists that season. That's crazy. That's crazy. And so yeah, for me, all right, Kevin de bruyant number one, probably broom in front of this because you he got there halfway, he got their hot. He den you towards the at last. I'll say so, Kevin de Brun Salah, I would say, Sir Joe Wet all number three, Van Dyke Jagna for me. Number four, we probably yeah, probably, like Harry Kane heard, he's here. He kind of yeah, he kind of fell off towards the end, and I'd probably say, I don't know, Sterling, startling in the Vegam I think robber's my name, since Chabby said that. Baking certainly was like one of the top players. I think it's like it's like everybody kind of says, Oh yeah, he's so wrong, and it's like he's been doing the same thing he's been over last couple years. Yeah, you know, I'm not saying he's playing bad, but he's like he got Stagg he staggnert right now. He's not really I don't know. He has to get to like a different BLOB. He hasn't reached like a higher potential, like hasn't y has the higher level, higher level. I agree. You know, I'll pull my name. I know I put my nay over over sterling. Yeah, yeah, it was, it was. I just I mean personally, but then it's it's true. Is kind of like the second half of the season that Christ pulshit was plating. Well, he's you can't really employments because you seen Pulisic. Before the break, he was doing he was doing bad. He wasn't doing as good as he is. Yeah, but now he's he's going off. I think next he's leaving in a couple years for sure, to like a top team, because look, that the whole thing too, like I'm saying, like, what do you consider Chelsea top team? Not, not anymore. Not like they are to be a top to. So are from them. Where are you go round, Jad Barcel yeah, I mean depending on how is the depending how is, because I feel like you can't really count the freshly, but depending what PSG does at a European level, like champion League, depending what they do. That's where you can really set the bar. Okay, what's your top five, premierly claims? Well, honestly, I have riginal Van Jake Number One, I think. So Brown, honestly, like he's fucking crazy. He was up there with WHO's up there for the home what was it for the goal for the Blondo will right, it was py yeah, he was right. Yeah, definitely, you have to have those two more fun from Little Nan to like dude's fucking snedge... left to bear. Well, he no notice. I name my name still my day. Yeah, I'm sorry to miss another. I'm messing up now. All right, sorry, had a hot dog before his podcast. You have to have those three dudes for sure, because, dude, they're but Kevin de Bruyne, you know. Yeah, he's in. He's number four, number for dude. They check Man City brover, they want to leave. And then there's somebody that's been playing hell consistent. I think I put on Im at. Yeah, he's a breakout. Yeah, it was a season. Not feel like he would do better on a better team. Yeah, I wouldn't put out of him that, but that's nice. I used to pay you. Put Jamie Marty be fore now. Yeah, put Jimmy Party over minutes. I think that's the hey. Yeah, she looked at up to the Jamie Hardy Story. That's he started as a factory worker back there, back they worker, and he moved. He want to. He won the league. Yes, he. It was like three thousand and one odds that he would win the league. Well, three thousand, imagine you would have been even. We would have to do this back hello and Noll. We should have. We should have been on my bookiecom to make that money from Imagine, Oh my God. But what about Um? Let's talk about honestly. I seen the the whole Golden boot race. Oh, with the right. Now it's Oval and the Modal Ski Right, with Thirty Four. Christian, although has thir thirty one, threw two games of games left. Okay, see, what do you think, putty? Thing's gonna be the top. I mean, I honestly, I want, I would like for an all the win. He thinks. See, I hope. So. He did miss. He said he miss if K. Today he's missed K, but he scored, he scored, he scored on. So honestly, I think. I think. I think you'll get it. I think low inductees out of the race because he's yeah, it's over. So lower. And then both team mobile and Ronaldo still have two games, two games, I feel. So I think with any emobile, whatever his name is. Yeah, he's a he said he's a natural goal scorer. I haven't really seen him. Please, like a Nashville, like just poacher and like some of his highlights, but not like a lost see him play live. So now he's good. He's like a poacher, like Jamie already styleway. Well, I have a fast he's more like technical. Okay, not like what I mean. Soccer is technical. Yeah, yeah, so you gotta play technical. Yeah, so. But I think we're all though. I think we're not all mobile, and I'm going him on with it all you like Matthew, look for all the two. To me, we're not all those. Probably the best player in the world. He's the most complete player in the world, seem to this day. To this day, I just like don't understand how he's doing it. Like at this age, are you started playing when you're to seventeen? Right, right, but it because, look, he ate like but just think about it. He's like fine, one, but I'm saying, how do you not get tired soccer, Brad, but I'm seventeen to thirty five. I know fucking chill. Well, I retire role, not because I mean he still he has a motivation. The whole thing with his dad and everything. I want. I don't want to get too defensive, but like there's a whole dad thing and yeah, I don't. I feel like he's always dry. He's always had drive to do it, he's always been good. Yeah, no, I think you keep going for like ten years. I don't think he is, though, you think? I think I gotta get him to like forty five on US know, as I'm saying, it's ten years from now, from now. I don't think he's gonna die. I think if I was see him, I would at least playing. Tis Four thousand goals. He's already not even that. Seven hundred. It's the same. They're not even really needs like two hundred and some goals, and that's pretty to do that, like what three seasons to more honestly maybe play. How he's finding now? I think I don't know. You noticed the first season he played with you WNTO's, he didn't score that love. It was a new team. Second season he's this season now he's doing right, he's doing good. Now it's imagine he just keeps getting better. He's a machine, and I supposed to be. In any profession. You supposed try to be better, strive for greatness, always trying to do that. But then why? My argument against that is, look, givens has won the title in the last nine years. So what is he? I feel like has to do more, Y, has to win the Championsy. I feel like, yeah, to meet that. That's because he already won they won the title today. I don't know how they didn't win last year for the champions, empus. They had the squad man. They lost a little Ajax, so a sub twenty three...

...tea. Yeah, the High School, the high school teams. Basically they really lost. Armio, Hey, Armo, coach by me goes by now. But they did. Yeah, they lost. I mean that's not because you can't really measure when all those season by. They said Yehah, because, I mean yes, is one of the title for the last night. Yeah, you know, you're right. You're right. So the only way that you're going to met be able to measure it is if they want to chance. And did. They lost to not put in the Final Cup. Choki his first title in Italy. Yeah, running AVANSHK, I know now he did. He did like that. He needs to get out of there, he said. But Oh, in the the FIFA cover, if you cover in Bob Him, you agree? Who Do you have on the honestly, Dude, I've been everything he started playing, like everything that. Like I find out who he was. Like yeah, I think he deserves it. Bro He's ever since a World Cup wrong. He became like even before when with Monaco. He was talking about this morning when he was on my cicle. He won the lead season that you just that he start. He took off from when he first started till now. We just got her. He's got her, but hopefully eating break anything. But from then till now he's been gradually just keep on going up. You know what I mean because looking the World Cup, you already won a World Cup at his age. Eighteen, right. Yeah, eighteen, Madinine, like when you going back home and tell your parents and when the World Cup I want to work. Cut To my dad. I'm the I'm the father of the House. No, I just want the World Cup. I'm eighteen and mom, I'm not paying the Baptist more doing dishes and wash my post. I want the World Cup. No, I did that because I'm a going to look at his career so far. Yeah's only because bad do this. Crazy's acceleration, dude. I feel acceleration in his interview. One day we're going to we're going to talk to him. I'll speak French and I hope English, but or Spanish, but we got Google translate which has everything way. So and I would like, I would love to talk to him. I want to see his thinking process. I want to see what you know, like, like what, how are you so young and that good? What separates him from players from from here, from California, from Fairfield, local players? Do you know what I mean? I feel like it's because he was always set up. He was set up for greatness. I feel like he was surrounding Moichael, he was surrounded by really good players. Like fuck out, what a lot of experience. Now was his striker? Oh, you're right, right, had a lot on him. Yeah, so I feel like he's and then I'm PSG look how much talent he has, a rounding, name Aur Cardie D, mighty of it, and he's still that's I'm saying he needs. So stands and he stands out above all of them and they're all order than him. So I feel like there's always been set up for greatness, but I take it that I think he's gonna look. Quote me on this, quote me on this. I think he's gonna be. He's gonna he's gonna get the biggest bag for his heard largest career ever, for like like the biggest contract. I agree. I agree, because I feel like he's not going to stay at his Jesus whole career. I think it show you more than two hundred million. Yeah, easy, Bro. Honestly, how today's market is not county, the whole corona. What's this whole Corna thing? Is Everything a all players? Think you think three hundred? Nine? I just hit three hundred. You said two hundred. Do you think three hundred? Yeah, I think if the market goes back up after this whole corner thine and he least, I mean I still go a couple more years. I don't think she's say with his you though, now I don't think he's. He's going to I think they said Romaden, writer parcel. Yeah, I see him more out Rod than I do at Barson. But Rum Jin has all those players on all those weird all those but they're gonna give you bail. Bell's not going to stay at and hazard isn't or say he's saying two more years, Robert Road, I wouldn't leave. And then I feel, I mean hazard, that it hasn't hasn't met expectations at Roma Drid. Yeah, it is nothing there. That you mean that Chelsea? Mean? Who would, though? You know that money, I mean all the messy bought of the good to day, but he became like a yeah, he became like a generational player, like yeah, he's like the image he has getting better too, is fucking crazy, like, dude, like, I don't to me it's crazy. How, like how much of impact a player could make on a single you know what I mean? Just one player, and that's what name are we talking about? His team, sport? Yeah, but how? But that was one players and he just changes...

...the whole, the whole beaving down. Yeah, Dave Valvin, the yeah, you're where to sure, you guess, smashing the video. Anybody, for anybody, but Um, all right, so we had a we talking about lea mack. He's coming back. Yeah, well, like Premier League just ended in some season just starting. So legat make, he said, just started making short. Yeah, so the whole my whole thing with Lego Macki's do you think it should have restarted? Because every I think, oh, everybody, every single team, had somebody test positive for chronic except for like two teams. Think maybe I didn't have anybody test point, but did somebody ended up. Some ended up testing. I think you just totals. Some pool must ended up really anybody, but literally every other team. Yeah, had you have like eight or something something like. I'm time, like sixteen righte. My Lin had like because their team got what seem started sple game in the League and the all this fun and they just altested positive basically. So do you think they should have restarted the league? They literally just started, but yesterday. I think, given the circumstances that we're in right now, I think definitely. Like, for example, like Muslf Line, all those a couple teams that have a high amount of players or people in their staffs, because even coach, a lot of coaching stuff got it. If I sad, then at least ten. She was his coach with the main coach Got Cronin. Yeah, I think they should just waited until they got better. You know what I mean, because now it's like okay, as as a collect you know, we talked about team sports. So I think so everybody got better than and that's when they should have started it, because I feel like that's now. That's kind of unfair now. Yeah, but there's no respect to myself. Lan. Yeah, probably weren't going to win, but still they're there in the convitation comes. So like to make it fair, like you know, because I feel like it kind of devaluates the league a little because, I mean, look, look at their image to the other to the rest of the world. Lega Makei's wants to to me honestly, Leo makes the League that I watched the most. Yeah, definitely a right. And like do they are if they one day they want to reach the level? I mean, I'm not, I'm get flamed in the comments, but like say like one day they want to reach the level of the Puer League. I'm speaking like common. I'm not even I'm not saying they will, but I'm saying, like that's what we should be striving for, like yeah, reaching that level. And how bad does is look? We're literally almost every single team has a it looks. It makes you look irresponsible. Yeah, now you but the leg I makey's, it makes it seem like they just want to start generating money because all that, yeah, they lost really care and it's like okay, because look at the Luca, the whole the Lucas, the Lucas in the league, the whole scandal that happened with them, for Nandodobio, he tested positive for corona right, and the doctors, everybody gave him his results. He tested positive for corona and everybody that at the doctors and like the team management, they all made him go to practice, and so he took to social media and he said, Yo, the Lucas making me practice around everybody and I tested positive. And right after he put he posted on social media, he got cut from the team. It's the hot does that imagine? I Su the Luka wrong. So that's like only in Mexico, like we're us what that happened? Yeah, it wouldn't happen anywhere else. Here they're like they an't even want people to go out. That's what I'm saying. Yeah, and look at the MLS. Like the whole bid even go outside and get some sun, Bro and then without over there, there, over her. It shouldn't, because then also likes the under armor, their under armor sponsor. They didn't even get in new jerseys. Literally every single team Arong didn't like a new uniform. Are they just cut TAZM? No. No, like a new ut off all, like you know how like this season. Yeah, because they just came out with yeah, like literally every single team, every sing class, I, medic I, everybody got a new uniform. Yeah, even beat him out with Leon they got New Jersey. Yeah, and except under armor, with the Lucca, they dn't because the whole coronavirus. They're all so I don't know. So things like that just make and to me they make the Mexican League look bad and I feel like they won't reach that level. If they can, yeah, it's bead like this. They want to reach that level, but they don't basically be don't want to like do what you have to do to be reason. Yeah, I mean they have the players, they have the talent. Yeah, I think. Yeah, like we said before, they just need a they may stopped playing and the...

...value of the players need to like. I don't know, you know, because under the overvalue, players aren't they don't, and that's something people from Europe. I'm not trying to buy a player for what they could get, like and dudes from Brazil's for a suck of potatoes. And Yeah, you know how cheap players are, like from design up. I'm saying, I don't know, we'll see. I mean she has didn't look too good. Zero zero, but I mean they were missing a couple four players. Yeah, who can't make excuses, you know, I'm I mean I'm not your fan, but it would. Jersey is a jersey. Okay, yeah, right away, guys in, they collaboral poin. I see, they switch sponsor. Yeah, and they got the say of Rotha milk and the Leona Makeewe. Yeah, we laugh on is. Let me additional. I kind of buy it. Yeah, I kind of be able to buy it. Rom I tant to call me bro No, what I'Ma take all the money from this podcast and buy me a jersey. We go see who's got better be drip, was going to say, but I mean that's that's all I said. Pretty I mean three t and then three. Oh, yeah, three games got postponed to Monday because it's all corona things too. Oh, I thought it was because of the other not to marriage, but the hurricane, because that was only the because Terrell. That was that was only thing. I got set back for the because the hurricane. Seeing it to look again, their first game back, because they very good. Literally, everything can go wrong. But then other games. Yeah, because the corona thing must not line. How many kind not there were playing each other, but yeah, two separate. Yeah, WHA. What else the MLB's bag? Yeah, I feel like sports BEA's bag. sporses are just coming back. A lot of content for this podcast. Definitely. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. Let's have something like that. We're chanting the horse are just great coming back. It's I could give you something to look forward to right on the weekend. Yeah, you know, I'm even in the week especially because the whole corner thing. There's gonna be a lot of gasketball. Yeah, I'm so excited. Like's gonna be. I feel like I feet. I'll be playing like MBA to K, you know, with no fans, like it's gonna be all quiet. Let me see that new court side can yeah, the camera. It's like two things, though. Yeah, for sure, but I want to talk to you about let's talk let's talk boxing. Let's Talk Mike Tyson. Mike, I'm hearing Jones Jr war on the street. Is that Mike Tyson's fighting Roy Jones Jr September twelve. It's gonna be on trailer. It's like a new platform you've got. Is it on? It's like an APP base kind of yeah, this on. Yeah, basically, so they're just throwing money. So there's an exhibition match. It's exhibition match, but it's still twelve ounce clubs and it's only eight. It's only eight rounds, though, so it's really rules. Are doing headgear or something. They supposedly said there's not going to be any head of gearing, which, in my this where of my whole argument starts, about to fight. Like, dude, this these guys are like Roy Jones is fifty one and Mike Tyson is fifty four. Yeah, that makes some sense. You have to really trying to hurt each other. Now, like think about it and I feel like it's like a whole money graph thing. Like, Dude, Mike Tyson, he hasn't fun in fifteen years. That's the last time you, and I mean Roy Jones, all, Roy Jones also, he fought two years ago. But he's got, but he he got. He hasn't. They should have been retired a long time. But but you know, Roy Jones was trying to fight Mike Tyson back in the day. Yeah, but this is like this is when he wanted to do. You wanted to prison, right, he was in Britton thing. Mike Texton went to bright that's right. He was a prison for three years. That's why they didn't. It makes a fight of something and then also, I mean uney jump. He had a jump up point play thing. So it was a risky movie, but he said he was want to do it. Yeah. So for the people, I feel like a lot of people don't know who Roy Jones Junr is, which is like crazy to me because I feel like the whole hype around Mike Tyson, but Roy Jones, he's a four division world champion, Da Silver metalist. He was undefeated for six years at light heavyweight. Yeah, he was arguably one of the best. You never think like he all right. I think this goes for not just boxers, but I think athletes in general. I think they get, for example, to...

...a certain point and they'd like, okay, well, from when I first started till now, I've been a beast. Yeah, I'm keep going, and when they keep going, that's when, okay, you should have retired. Yeah, because first look at their age. They're both over fifty. Thing with Mike Tyson, yeah, my tension should have been when he when he got out of jail, he should have I retired. Then you're not the same, dude. Yeah, he was just like the weight he was up for three years. I'm saying like, I mean, but who knows? You know, like the beast in him, athlew and him wants to keep going. You know, I understand what you know. That's all. You know what to do, but then at the point you got to know when to stop the whole Cete. Injuries. Yeah, have and I think, Dude, you honestly think Mike Tight, like look at this prison. I mean I want to type shit about him, but look at his personality. They do you think he's really okay, like the probably talk to the Cobbi, like his demeanor. Yeah, I mean, I'm not saying it's probably. That's just his personality, because also has something to do with him fighting at heavyweight his whole career. In Mike Tychon, that his list word, like which person in the right mind would get that face test? Then Yahlis, fuck, hey, tend it out. This is one of the best boss post all the time. PUT IT in next to my next my head. Le Say that he put it. You didn't see. I was Jos's sorry cockpiting. He put a he put a gun to his head to Teddy Atlas, know, to Mike Tyson. Teddy as put a gun into his head to what is in one of his change. Yeah, it's like no, but to me it's like a money I feel like they're really I feel like they just need money. I feel like they're I mean my Tyson went bro Definitely gonna is. There's gonna be a lot write in this. You Seem Jake. I don't want to talk about Jake Paul just because he could anyway. He's gonna be the coming of him with was name Robins Robinson, the Ex Celtic NBA player. I don't want to talk because I don't. I don't, I don't even consider them. Box Yourself, I'm scratch that whole common event. Yeah, but just Mike Tyson. So my thing, I think, is just doing it for money. No, no, yeah, because any money. Because, I mean, good now you're now you talking about you're talking talking about hell, you're not even talking about like anything, because what do they need to like? Dude, like I can't even speak on the resume because what there was any means nothing now. Yeah, they haven't been professionals in years. Yeah, so what does it mean now? I mean what they're gonna it's an exhibition. Doesn't even go on the record. Yeah, so I feel like it's some money grab like Roy Jones, for example. He was one of the commentators on Hbo Boxing and which got cut a couple years ago. Yeah, so what income is he having? I mean he made a lot of money while he was a fighter, but then also you know the extravagant lifestyle that fighters have. Yeah, definitely, like Mike Tyson. He blew through how much money? Billions, hundred millions? How much it was the highest paid athlete. I won't pose it. He had like over two hundred million. Three. Yeah, and I think about him. Buddy, money back then was a lot more value, when the value a higher than what it is now. So I think about how much money. So I think it's just a money grap but honestly, if I had a a fucking tiger broi talking about the tiger bro he had a pit tiger at his fucking crazy but honestly, yeah, I just think it's a money graph it's just and the thing is too old. The thing I want to put out. It's on September twelve, which you think you know what it is. Can All right, Cannell Olvereras, he's that's his set day. He fights every year on Mexico independence weekend. Yeah, so there's not looking to I don't think. I don't think he's gonna file on that day because to me, like, look how much look how it went training on twitter im Mike Tyson because of that fight. So you know how many could actually gonna buy that pay per view? Because it's gonna be a pay per view on triller. So canell was not that. First of all. CON doesn't even want to fight to begin with because how much money he's going to lose. Yeah, I think they should look, Bisi, just I think I know your fight, but I seems like it probably isn't, because not that I'm texting. Arey is gonna Watch that, Mike Tyson is. He's not going to want to compete. Yeah, you don't, even though it's not even a real fight. Yes, it's Mike ties and like the amount of casual boxing fans that will tilling. It's don't watch anything. Yeah, but I think they should a structure, a contract to where, okay, look, I'm gonna you know, I'm gonna pay you this amount this fight and okay, you know, the whole covid thing you shoul understand is messing up sales. Obviously we can't sum the tickets. Yeah, if paper you numbers probably going to be that high because Mike Types to fight.

Yeah, well, next time I don't want to pay for next I will pay you this amount of money to make up for this last time. And they should just moves in. Yeah, but they're saying that they're low balling their opponents. Yeah, and yeah, it will be good. Like, what do you mean? They should understand as well. Know there's gonna be no you know, and right or whatever wants to like Oha beat every body, then take the money fight. Yeah, but I mean they're gonna know, like if they take a canal fight, like a two or from O, they're not going to make the same as they do this year because the whole coronatum. Yeah, so they want to stay, stay that out, but then the whole canal, who doesn't even talk to his promoter, he goes and he does everything a lawyer. They need to like I think they need to fix that situation in channel with vertible and before they even move forward. Honestly, yeah, what's happened? I come on now, like that's like you're not talking to your manager at work. I mean, which happens, but I mean this is like it's my cord will talking around you like my check when my check it yeah, Oh, you didn't pay me to these twenty bucks or whatever he said. You're gonna pay me something that over time on. So, yeah, I feel like Canello that whole Mike Taxon and I think because my time it's already it's everything's already signed. It's gonna be like a twenty part yeah, video series on it really like on that John triller really has gonna be interesting too. is going to see like the lead up to it. Yeah, it's like the Chiny campus gon seven, basically to sn was the best. Yeah, that was the May weather the best. Maybe I was ever funny, but yeah, I mean hopefully we'll see what that does. I mean I think. No, I don't think I was going to fight. Honestly, it's been this hardy. Would it's sorry, about to be August. I mean, I wouldn't want try to man as you supposed to be the fire that's supposed to carry the sport of boxing after me. Yeah, so you never mind. I could I better fight. Better fight, honestly, do it for me. I don't do if anybody else dos for me. For you. I'm Afra go talk do for Golody have something to talk about on the podcast, and merge will say some coming soon, coming soon, but I mean, yeah, other than that, human that's all I gotta say. I'm one. That's just the fight. That shouldn't be happening and we had a we also want to talk about. What else are we wanted to talk about? Virgil teams all virgular Tis just fought just fo try to argue in front it. Right. Yeah, he's. He's never got overord. You never got past six rounds, right, and he's sixteen to no, sixteen knock out. He's coming out Danny Garcia. He's are one time turning. I think I think you could take both of them. Honestly, I think he beats both. Honestly, he's twenty two acting. He beats both. I don't care. I mean that I think he's I think he'd beats errol spans. I think he put them with anyway you can put hey. I think is maybe too super earl spence. Yeah, Ye're right, right, but I'm you never know how errol spence is going to come back after yeah, contract. I think he's better than the whole other gang and all the other like one thirty fives and one Loma. I think you can't, but you you have to put virtual tis still in the prospect group. Okay, because he's never he's never fought for a war title. Yeah, but he doesn't mean just built. All right, it's like a regional title. It's not. It was. It's for like the same organization, was a Wa, the Wa, but it's like a regional title. Is Not like an actual world title. Oh yeah, it's like a step to get their base. It's like a junior title. Yeah, basically. So it's like an interim yeah, but no, not inter him. This because boxing. Somebody's hurt. I need to get rid of somebody else. Absolutely, someone don't even really matter. Yeah, it's just so. It's just so companies can get sanctioning things, because whenever you have any type of bout, you have to pay a section feet to that organization. Okay, so I feel like the Wa, for example, has tons of belts and all those bellolders have to pay serf percentage for every fight. Little, yeah, look, Youtube, go talk would subscribers. He's given gag. I don't even know this. Yeah, thanks game. Thank you. Appreciate it. I don't know. You how to give a fee. Yeah, you have to. Ever, every time you have a belt, you have to give a fee to every single every time you defend or fight for a belt, you have to pay a certain feet for what they'll to hold the bell. Yeah, no, wonder canela vacated issue for they also had a problems with the WC for a certain time because the whole thing you don't want to fight for one of their belts. Yeah, but yeah, I mean I think keep there, man. I mean look, he fought once in TWAS existing right, he's he fought one time in twenty seven. I like him though. Fall they should fight again, Danny...

...and I think they should fight again. That was a good that was a close pays a fight. But it's Meryl Streans is gonna Fight Danny Garcia. Right, that's the word. A supply and man love SONA WHO's gonna Fight Ten Davis and Davis, you're saying talked about it. You're saying tank. Right, thanks, gonna. I think ten guys too big. It's because Leo Santa custard his career. He throws one you can start to put look, there's weight class for reason. Leosanna creus started his career like one and twenty two, one hundred and eighteen, and he they're gonna fight out like one thirty five poindred and forty and tank day. That's like ten dames in natural way, because he never makes weight. Yeah, how are you a Profana? But yeah, I like them, but that's one of the fights we have. Virgil or Tis, to me he's the top two meet and the honesty and I feel like he's like he's someone drated because not the star, because I Garcia, but this, because the whole thing, because he's not. He doesn't have like that, like he's not like writing. Garcia has like a whole YouTube channel, instagram, yeah, twitter, following, and virgin she's isn't out there like that. But if it now seem like golden boy was gonna push him out. Yeah, because they because I hope, beef for Ryan Garcia. Talked about the last podcast. Check it out, episode two, and so time we talked about Ryan Garcia. But I feel like he's he doesn't have that like charisma, that personality to be able to promote like that. He's just a really good fighter. I mean he fights ten times better than Ryan Garcia? Yeah, right now, in my opinion. Yeah, so you think he's a who do you gonna add being a better boxer him, like a couple years from now? From me, Ryan Garcia is younger than yeah, right, she's a lot younger and he's with Canos can't right now. Yeah, and IT'S gonna BE Training Way. But Virgil or teas, because we trains with my favorite or Robert Garcia. So I'm he's and he gets his best barring alley, but he's on going to boil. Right, he's golden boy. I thought he was on adferent. Now he's going to boy, he's a Robert Ron. I don't I don't know. He was saying rowers. Yeah, he didn't traded it for a couple of years. Yeah, but then Robert Garcia got corona too. He says a positive, but then he says a negative for this litterally yesterday. So he wasn't able to be there. So virtual teases. Dad was a trainer for that fight. Damn. Yeah, so that's crazy. Old Corona, the whole false negative test hole. Yeah, that's that's crazy. The world we live in. No, it is. And also, what about a USC this last weekend or not? This last week and yesterday whitaker, whitaker, Darren until it was technical, not probably like a lot of fans are saying that it was too exciting as I thought. I mean to me, I think when you like the fight game, I think you anything it. Well, there's technical it's kind of boring. Yeah, but I mean the whole thing, to the whole thing. I always say styles make fights. Yes, I did make fights. Even Robert Whitaker said he's never fund anybody like dren too. Yeah, you know where he could. He had them. He was kind of guessing. He didn't really didn't know like what he was like. Well, he's kind of lost for a bit. And Yeah, he did land like an elbow first round, Dar Ntil, and he kind of caught them. And then after that that, I feel like dare until kind of like he got a little too far ahead of himself. He got ahead on the carts and as well. Yeah, but yeah, he thought he was head but like I think he thought that he was just gonna like, okay, I'm gonna just like be calm and I'm because I'm already hurt him. He threw an elbow and he got him and I'm dropped, thenishow, you got a didn't finished, and then Robert would have drop there until like round for I believe. Yeah, and then after that it was just Robert would have. Yeah, and the thing is all like the judges. Man's judge it now, ever since at Max Hallway fight, and I feel like the the judges, they really need to like bring former UFC fighters back into the seat. Hey, that's something. That's argument. They're like boxing bottom all, like it's annoying that how like the judges aren't fighting. Yeah, you know, I mean, but then that's I like the already they went. They went rounds, like there's really trying to kill each other. Yeah, and a judge going want to mess up. Yeah, judge is gonna give it to another dude. I just feel like they just need to be better testing for judges to become, just to be certified, and they need to go to more like they needed to be be able to. You have to have some sort of history fights before I get that, some sort of histories in the game. You think so? I think...

...the rules the well, the UFC boxing is different, obviously, because boxing you could well may whether do hey, don't get hit in has been. Yeah, I mean that's people. Woun't like it style. People always running, always worn. No, it's smart. That's boxing. People don't understand that. A normal fan is just going to be like, HMM, all, he's a PUSS borring. Yeah, he don't. You know, that's the thing, the whole thing. But if you are real boxing family, you know like, Oh Shit, look at it, bobby leaving. You mean he's blocking all the he's blocking all the shots. You know what I mean? That's ways your death, death to every single style. That that sounds saying. Who's done that before? Nobody, you know. I mean and people to the day did he walder? Yeah, but yes, I mean I don't know. Feel he's gonna go through test and Thenn't go through better certification. I just think they had that some short history in the sport. I that's what I think. That's same thing. We like, songer, if you want to be a coach like you in this day. It was a coach from the World Cup, from Mexicool, the last World Cup. He he was right, but then that's the whole thing. Like he just the philosophy to sorry, yeah, but then the whole thing is to like journalists. Like, okay, journalist. There's some journalists never played the sport. They talked about seven A. is that so? Does that means even nice man. But look at Steven Na Smiths trackerer. Look how look where he started off, even nighting for the was it bout more Ramons? Was it no? But like how he started for like who wasn't high school with anyone? High School Rant? Yeah, yeah, he did for free. Right, that's a whole journalist. US to the sandwiches and cool a CLEOLA. I Love Cool I love Terry. Cool a prob drinks of all time. I love. But without the whole thing about journalists, like I'm okay, okay, who different did he see? How? I don't be seen, though. He got into the UFC. Seen who? Steven a Smith? Yeah, and all the fans Joe Rogue, and everybody's like, yeah, how is he gonna voice his opinion if he has he knows nothing about right. Yeah, and he goes on Instagram, his story, makes a video of him training hidden pads. Everybody like, makes me good one. And now everybody just thinks he was a joke. Like why do you have him calling? Not Calling, but yeah, he's broadcasting, he's doing it. Yeah, I agree with that, so you should. Yeah, I totally agree with that. Max Coleman or something. Yeah, Clement Mac Tillham is like one of the best, if not the best, I think, boxing, boxing analysts. That sure definitely easy, you know. I mean so I feel like, yeah, stick to your sport and don't talk about sports. They don't really know. So I yeah, I agree with that. Look, because I think Steven Nice Smith, football, basketball. Maybe he's really, really good, but in the serence, like even boxing, he does not know what he's talking about when he talks about boxing, but I mean teaches on't I think it's just since he's such a big story at ESPN. You know, you could. You seen his contract. I think he's just like that's like the I want to do. You have to know and he can say no more. He's the he's to the time of his crew where he can make those two. He can make these choice that sometimes he calls the shots. You see how much money he makes. Imagine, though, if you broke out of ESPN and he had his own go talk, go. It's like Joan is Stephen A, you better remember Steven A. I'm come on, come on, Steven A, I want to debate with Steven Al Boxing. I feel like, yeah, come on, I'm dog. What's up? Where you at? What you are ahead? Said location. That could be. Oh and it's a location. you talking about Connor, conment, rigor, but that kind of wraps it up on me and up. Yeah, I think that's it. All right. Well, that wraps it up. Youtube for episode three of goat talks is Atypodia and also free. is please even comment, like, subscribe, share and catch you guys on the flippity flip on the next episode. Thank you and.

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