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Episode 3 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 003 | Premier League, Golden Boot, Immobile, FIFA 21, Liga MX, Tyson v Jones, UFC


In episode 003 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Edgar Padilla discuss the end of the Premier League, the European Golden Boot race, the cover of FIFA 21, the start of the Liga MX, the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr exhibition, Vergil Ortiz Jr, and UFC Fight Night 174.

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R, you to Aisoi Adogotax, with EGE PDAand B, an this oe gnn, be talking about H, familar, getding man, U Madito Chengileag, thank God, UmWolves. I also wanted Wolfe to make it. But you know U: Hav is follow it. A seven fo worse way come onh. How does that happen? How do you go how to go down? Three places. Oon Tellme Excain to me Alazo Comeon, no, and I di I mean I feel like they failed. Imean they lost a Sheffield. They lost the RS, they lost the Chellse a butArcanal. Ur senals can happen these last coupleyears. They Bomiyang Feaboomang EPAA. I feel like it rushed from him. If hedoesn't play good, they don't e Tobl. I meanwell you think they ee epetation.You think theymet expectations I mean I think Okemen is o whatever I think theydid. I mean Yo minute ended up. I tri leaving I heard IMEAN. Hopefully 'cause,that's Wat I'like. He shouldn't stay on a team Li. The reach seventh placeTseven as pretty bad from expectations of being what fourthfit, yeah, Endedan,seven N. that's a big difference. Wel Yo was leading scuorrltough right. Allcompetition O Someinan. No, he was one to the top IC. He was Habty Oer on hewas, I thought he was up there with a NA 'cause number. One was Jamy Vardiyan an nhe's, only the second player inhistory to win it for lesses to SA, but was going to say it was so. It was Manu,Manyo, wont, Toszir and then Chelsea, polter C, O Tis Sock,Chas Sacasi a Te Bost. He was Wawas right e did it they didn't meetexpuccation. They they felt a seven Probi Miitiale Yeah Hink Sayn. We were saying th remember I saidlike last week or two ego. I said that recommentd Houl say one more season.You see if he's really like good enough, but I think if you should have bewasted time time can. I know thes already what twenty Ino nine somethinglike, Yeah Yeah. Definitely, if you watchit Wi on minute o get to talkabout it say yourself: Onow Hu Chelsea Chelse made its te Tempersh fourthplacethey just clished itthey got the last B. I mean it's Kindo, like you kind, O h.It look, it has to be every year. It should be man, you, man,city Liverpool and shels, an els. I fe like the for Arcienal. No boxlo came ana t. e anyonen't, even close, be R parcal hasn't been relevant, likeAversas like at and Eriginal fans out there sorry yeah so not cause look said a victim o'sidestuff like that notall right, so yeah, Chelsea,Pullisic, he's yeah. I think he's formous he's a best. COA Coplayer,really, I think, he's the best player on Chelsea really over comint. What yougot th, O g t thin Christin Polsati on is the best parn Al, just the Bestran,the cor O 'cause. I mean I compared it: legala competition, COF, CA, Rowsi,Benice and Chokilosana serio at about Ti o no in Ges Corona heasked her he diven play.No, I think definitely no you're, righ you're right he's he's at n veto be for sure. I eel likethe whole Roa who menis versus polictic. I mean I don't even care that theycan't even really compare the Eli. The whole thing out, look he's GT, he's astriker and then Um puice Hik. His winger, so why does thatmatter? They're boll forward, like at Messy Bo e, I as a winger snow yeah.You can't really you can't reoparbut even a Sylas of play, though polsage is a playmaker he's just like,given a blaw from the half and ot and he's going to makesomething ot, nothing ocumenda, ust kind of there in the Bo Cherry picking,Itletr Il T. I P way too pose Faer 'cause. He he I mean he creates placetoo yeah yeah. Now he does Ang. He Fashle Bollhe's a striker he's, never non yeah,...

...but I mean Y. I feel, like you stillcompared B'cause. I mean they're, both they're both scoring they're, bothdependent on their team, okay, okay, H, who wo you want Ritin right now, rightnow, yeah boy, se, I take fullish part yeah fuckout O he you Thinko, O Anti. I the coach, Hes banch them. What do you mean?They plan all that money on hm a O, but he starked a couple of games and H,Hean Egon. Then he be Omethin 't, see what he was saying on. He was sayinglike o like what they all say. Oh Yes, II py lie. Who is eman, see what EA ton in the Brucin Orman? He was wrong, but then again, like I don't know. If people tried Dow playlike the Germanleaue, a little justbecause Barry, baron has won it foreight years in a row, yeah so whats the competition. I think it's reallycompetive thei speed of plays ridiculous yeah Yosa top the top tenteams in the League. There e phenomenan yeah. They could compete with anybodyhoesy but uh politic, so politic. I think por, sick yeah definitely polliCAS to be a BESTNO'CAUSE I'. U, I think, a five to five mearly buter touchingtalk to I Wuna, say: Tolk, five, a Aa t to fire toe in the Leaguea Lev Commonwho o you thins to firereally. I taught five players in the League right now:Yeah, it's probably Cavin de Broy number, one or ontingte number one, noteven maame clothes. No questions asked Cevin Te, Broyn ner on yeah, Ndi, who's,the Nax, oh co, boy youse. He he tied the record fror most assitn. I Ti Ri.He's only played tha doe it it two to the Tim five hundred in Europe and thenmerely he set the record for Mostas. He tied with Hinry twoeantad Twente is ascrazy. That's crazy, Baiso. Yet for me, IG Haing to Bo number one H, probablyBroomfe'cause. He he got there Hafwi. He got her. He daered towards the endlast I'll, say: Kevinde Bryn Sala, I would say Um Sergo, WEDL, number, three man, I myJag. No for me number fore it woull, be probably yeah, probably like Harricane iher Te bucs her he kind of yeah hekindof fell oft toward the end and I'd probably say: Oh, I don't know sterling starting thema I think robbers mind ever Siyce Chabby said that lacking Sterley waslike one of the toaares. Think it's like it's like a everybody. Kindo says: Oh Yeah he's sowrong and it's like he's. GONGTA Handin, the same thing he's been over lat everyear: Sayin E in Piy bad, but he's like hegot stagd he's staggeredin. Not Really. I don't know if he has to ge it's likea different. Oh, he has a reach like a higher potential like esos O heat Lov.I Love T. I agree. You know I'll put my na I now I pull my nail over oeearlyyeah yeah was it it was oi mea personally, but then I as true it'sKindof like the second half o the season that Chrisan Ol sagers P E reineployment cause you seen Pulisic before the Brak he adoin whe was do bad.He wasn't doing as good as he t now he's she's going onf. I think nextHehe's, leaving in a couple of years for Sureto like a top team. 'cause,look the whole thing too, like I'm saying like what do you considered Chut,he tampti no, not anymore, not like they ought tobe a top to so har from them. Where do you go Ronar, ded, Barton Amy,depending on how you isdpitting Howi, O 'cause, I feel like you can't reallycount that freshly but epenny what P does a European level like Chanpusi,depending what they do? That's where you could really set the bar. I O wasyour Toughi pemarely, Plas Hantosee. I have virgial Tran Ik number one, Ithink SOS. Like he's Craz, he was up there with Thos Yehav there for the WH. What or isit for the G for the Blano? I he was lity yeah. It was ter yeahrt. I Salayou had to have those two, my Firsti...

Nan to like to s fucking, O at justleft to ter fohe nonoe. I An' My name O mi, a yeah, AI, Mi Gadi, I'm sorry tostill less another. I ESS NO NOI O. No. I had Hoda for his packes. No, you have to have tose t dus forsure Causlo, Kevin de Boyn and all yes Numbe, four m four: do a ithing withChman Cidi Brom evere place they wuld' Leav, Yo, would', leave colas past himand then there's some that's Ben Consisni, tin,ut, Alamatore eskyeahhe. He in Brower, not he would do better on a better teamyeah I in Poa, but that'so I used to PA. You put Jamni Morin, FORAPPA D partyover a MINUCE and I think thats o a Eashualy. Looked that up to the gameofarty storyhe startd, as a factory worker N. Back Er fact thee workin andhe moved he w. He want to leav. Yes, it was like three thousand on one odd thathe would win the leag Wi tlee thousand. Imagine he would ave bed wwe would haveto do this pack at Alo Anh Weshould. We shouldhave been Mi Boky dotcom to makethat money pro. Imagine, Oh my God. But what about Um? We talk about honesty. Iseen t the whole Golden boot race. Oh Ith, now it's INOVELA and oalciit withthirty four CADO has thirty one. Thirty one two games Los Lat. What do youthink be the Toma Honesty I wan? I I would like formother win. He think Ihope so. He Di Sadimst pcte he misse pecabeys cord Hes Cote Cor Hoetse. Ithink I think I think he'll get it. I thio oes out of the race 'cause hisyeah is over so lower and then both mobill and Eo Asti have two games antwo gams a so I think o any uh, emobile or whatever his name is he's. He saidhe's a natiral Woll score. I haven't ealy seen him pleased like a nathoallike Jus, pose like some of Hi II, but not like atual Iseein playwife, nothe's good he's like a poacher like Jammie Hardy's, not way Bel Li Hel fasthe's more like technical on g on I like Whymei, acrse technical yeah. You gotto play Ta Clu Yeah, I tin, although I tho we're not o a to me. Mobitey I'll,go with Hem Mor IUT. You like Methew Li, a th two. So me we're not probably thebest par in the world he's the most complete player in the world to thesday to the thing I just like, don't understand how he's doing it, but atthis age r you started playing when you'ere at seventeen right right, butit caus like Ain like Tu, think about it. He ates like fine en, but I'msaying how do you not get tired got soccer brobut, I'm seventeen to thirtyfive ike, no fucking chill res I o Cusi. I retire Ro, no 'cause, Ie he stl. He has that motivation and the whole thing with his dad andeverything Oo. I get too depe to it, but, like her whole dad thing and Ohe's always Dr he's always had driveto do it he's always been yeah. Not, I think Hecu keep going for like tenyears. I don't think he is, though, think I think I got I get into likeforty five, honest. No was I saying I ten years shor no from no, I don'tthink he's Gont. I think. If I him, I would at least plainsize for ththousandos he's already not even that seven hundred its ust the same, and noteven that Mori anes like two hundred and somen gold and that's the Perso todo that. Lang, three seasons, s or honesty. Maybe he place hois plan ornot cause. I think I don't know if you noticed the first season, Yoeu played,which you went to as a scor. It was a newt back in season. This eason now he's Doinghe's doinggood nowis IAD. He just keeps getting better he's machine, an whatar esupposed to be and any profession you suppos Sri to be better strive forgrained. I alway tried to do at her, but then my argument against that isEventai one, the title in the last nine years. So what is he I feel has to domore? Yes, when the hampey ocy, like te to me, the ress 'cause, he already went,they wentnt the title today. I don't now how they diden win last year forthe champions a they had: The squar man,...

Theosti Ajx, so a sub twenty three Higscol high school thimg, basically Awhen they lost the army. IAR YOU COSE FONME GOS by Nobut, theyd yeah.They lost, I mean a wcause. I you can't really imeasure er N, all those seasonby they said Yo, Hu 'cause. I mean en ha title for the last night yeah. Youknow you're right, you're right. So the only way that you're goin to be able tomeasure it is if they want to chase aveything Y, they lost an apple in the phone fo, thecutrond. I don't really tell Yousa cooking his first title in Italy: Runina fish Om, kiding O. No, he did he didmaybe s to get out of there. That'Wa, but oh in th, the fever cover the fever. Coverin BAFE, you agree. Whowould you have theoecy DD Iveever, since he started playing like there'sthat, like I find out who he was like yeah, I think he deserves he. He everAy a Woll Cot. He became like ev before ne with Onei. He was etalking about ThiMoi when he was on NI aid. I co he wanted to Lee at season that h justthat he sart he took off when he first started. Til We just got her. He's gother butoy eating Bregan them, but from then till now he's been gradually justkeep a hoing op. You know what I mean 'cause Lo had one CUF. He already won aWorld Cup at his eighteen right Y, a eighteen magin like when he gon backhome and tell your parent I an't want to work. I won workout. I tell my a I'Fren Ho, the father o the House. Now I jus on the World Cup, I'm Eightee, I oI'm not ing the Bado, no more dishes an I wash hem on Pho, I Wan Worko, no D.'cause, I'm AE. I think it is career so far, O only ecause, AIS, CR he's acceleration Iwasaccelerating and his Thi Gan. Inter view e Oneday we're going totalk to him I'll, speak French, O she's, English be or Spanish, but we gotgoodle, Transli, metion everything so and I I would like I would love to talkto him. I want to see ti thinking process. I want to see what you knowlike like w: How are you so young and that good, what separates you am from players fromfrom here from California, Rom Fairfood, local players? Do you know what I meanI feel like his 'cause? He was always set up. He was seer for greatness. Ifeel like he was someo ex. I monical he was surrounded by really good playerslike funked outwat. A lot of experience not was as ye likeher O ran a lot onhim. So I feel like he's in the on pglohowmuch talent. He has around him,Aymari garly Dimaia a AE and he stood a I' saying he I so lands and he standsout above all of them an there are all oars on him. So I feel, like he's,always been set op for greatness BA a benship. I think he's going to blow Omeos Call Meo Thisi think he's goingto be he's. Gonna he's going to get the biggest bag for forlies career eveforlike like the biggest contract. I agre, I agree. B'cause, I feel he's not goingto stay up his D, His ole cream. I think it should be more than twohundred million easy iots how today's market is not county. The whole CoronaO e Ho Coni? U Everything! All players, look down. You think just sai three hundred we said to INDE:Do you think Theyre Hundred Thinr Miln? If the market goes back up after thiswhole conthy Ait Leest? I mean I still go ome a couple more years. I don'tthink it's so appeas you! No, I don't think, don't think he's going to. Ithink they sai around n good riter partel yeah. I see Hem more out omaderthan I do a bar so but Bron Jen has all those players on althose Weir, the butthey're going to give bail. Bellsr I'm going to stay. Adin hazard is in whats.She any SANGTO, meears Ro Giro I wouldn't leave, and the MEA ASR at ithasn't had em bed expectations that romant yeah it noteer tat. MILTAT tellsI mean who woul Tou all that money I mean en all there messy I bo lit e, but he became like a Yeh. Ibecame like a generational player like he's like the image has get. Etter toois fun and crazy. Like Tho, like I don' to me, it's crazy how like how much ofimpact a player c single you know what I mean just one player and that's whatname e talk about is a tea sport Ha.

That was one of Claersn a no and hejust changed the whole. The whole Bevena Doyou Jane Balvin Yeah you'reWir Asur oe amount of TLA gues smosin, a video anyperson, bord anybody, but umI saw we had a wewere talking about e May Mes Com back yeah. Well, Iprimarly Jusind, I somtia just starting so leameki suggest sarted er mix, sothe whol my whole thing was lm. Do you think it should have restarted s every?I think everybody, every single team had somebody test positive for CRONA,except for, like twote Mi didn't have any money N T H. somebody ended up Om hen tasn to me just Charlos and Puma a ended up. ralling anybody, butliterally every other team had e has like eight or something somethingliktTi Gat. Like sixteen right. My Lin had my a O ecause they're team, botheyt eSete people gave in the league and they oftes Funin they just autisan POSIIV.Basically, so do you think they should have restartedly h? Would Ave juststarted qok yesterday? I think Giveng the circumstances that weere inright now, I think, definitely like, for example, like Muss Lan couple of teams that have ahigh amountof players or people in their stafps as even Coch. A lot of COCI STA got I. IfAit, then a Le An Che Washis coach, when the main coach got chron yeah, Itinkthey should have just waited until they got better. You know what I meannow, it's like. Okay, as I it's a collect. You know we talk about teamPor, so I think so everybody got better than that's. Whan. Hey should havestartd. I 'cause, I feel like tnot as kind of Afairno S. I o epect, O MylanYeahif. I weren't a win, but still they theyr the competition of t e Compiso solike to make it fair. Like you know, 'cause, I feel like it kind ofevaluates the league. A little 'cause I mean Lok look at their image to theother to the rest of the world. Lega mankees wants to me honestly, Lea Mekeis the league that I watch the most yeah, definitely riht and like do theyif they one day they want to reach the level. I man, I'm not, com, get flakedin the Commons, but I say like one dayt: they want to reach the level of theverly. Il Speak, an lie, I'm not even I'm not saying they will, but I'msaying like that's what you should be striking for like reason that level andhow bad tha his look were. Literally almost every single team hasn't, itlooks it makes you look, irresponsible, yeah, O, but Leguy Mikees. It makes itseem like they just want to start generating money, because all that yeahas really care- and it's like okay, look at the look at the whole. The lookat to look at us in the League, the whole standal that happened with them.Fornando d. He tested positive for corona, rightand, the doctors,everybody dim his results. He test e positive for crone and everybody, thenthe doctors and like the tea management they all made him go to practice, andso he took to social media and he said Yo. The Li got making me practice, Aroneverybody and I tested positive and right after you put he poste, t osooeat. You got cut from the scene hot as imagine pey s so to Lookso, that's likeonly in Mexico like where else woill that happen. Yeah would not havebeenanywhere else here. They're like Dny want people to go out. That's what I'msaying do a d look at that maless Li the whole bad even go outside and getsome sun tough and then, without over there, there Overi 'cause hen also liketh underarmore, ther uneurmmer, sponsor they didn't even get New Jersey,literally every single team aing like a new uniform or they just kept Ta, not alike a new Yall. You know how Li s yeah 'cause, they just came out heae likelittally, every single tea, every thin las. I medic I already got a new UNFORA,even Binama, with LE, and they got new jers and except under armor withTheluca. They dam cause the whole crone of Iros Therar, O Etur O. I don't knows things like that. Just Maketo me they make the Mexican le Lik bad and Ih liket they won't reach that level. If they do, they want to reach that level, butthey don't basically te on't want on Likht do what you have to do. I mean they have the players. They havethe talent yeah. I think yeah e we sad before it they just need, then ye stoppplaying and the value of the players...

...need to like on t. You know: 'cause Ono,the overvalue players as a and hat SOTHIG people from Europe a're nottrying to buy a playfor what they could get like, like I do from Brazil for asec of potatoes and to yeah. You know how cheap players arelike from Tosina Whatan, but I don't know we'll see. I mean shea didn't. Look too good. I zero. I mean they were missing a couple. Fourplayers Y can't make a Suso. You know I mean I'm not a s fan but Wal jerseyithought Te, O okay, Ri a Guy, is any collaboral poor.Oh I see they sitch Ponso year they got the Thea Roo, an milk and L UMAKYEA. I limit Ditin, I ci a Bin. My eys on tell me pro. No, we I'm going to take all the money fromthis pottestid by Majersey. we O see who etter better was going tosay I mean that's Ao, like Isai Piin Te Akes, I mean threetanhe. Three, Oh yeah.Three Games got postponed to Monday, because Orona tin to ohithought it wasbecause of the VI, not the Mir, but hurricane a was only the Aga MontareTruagi Othatas only Ini, O se back oe til, the Hurricane Se. Let Tho lookagain. Her firs gave back ae very a little. Everything can go wrong, butthen t other gays, yea 'cause. The cronid thing must not lie in that manykin. Not they were playing each other butyea to separat yeah wel what else the ML BS Bab? Yes, I feel like spor BA'sbag, sporteshave, just com back e o be a lot of content for this Pak, asdefinitely I'm so excited. Ias So excited, let's tale Soti at Um, W th noin horse as just greatand. Comingback a give you something to look forward to t e Har on the weekend. Youknow I'even during the week, especially B'cause of the whole Crtiin. There'snot e a lot of Glassin, I'm so excitedi he's Gon t I feel like afte. I goingtabe playing like NBATUKE. You know with no fan like Os Goin a be oite, see thatnew courtside CA, Yo Hav e camera, its Li to o yeah for Sare, but I want totalk to you about Um was talkt. Baton was talking Mike Tyson, Mik Iam, herJons Dunor war on the street is Mi Tyxis fidy in Ragal Jun Septembertwelveh. It's going to be on triller's like a new platform. You go is us it on.It's like a AB base, anallways Oo, a like yeah, eon, yeah, basically sothey're just throwing money. So Um there's a exhibition, its exhibitionnatch, but it's still twelve onth glove and it's only G. it's only eight Roune,so roles, er, ven, hange or something they suppose Sai that there is notgoing to be any headger which, in my this, where my whole argument startsabout to fight like dude. This, these guys are like Roy Jones is fifty one atMike Tytnis. Fifty four make t you Hav t e CR Hurai now, like think about it,nd not f like it's like a whole money. grapthing, like D, my iin Yean fininfifteen years that'st last timeand. I mean Roy Joys Roy Jones also he foughttwo years ago but h, but he he got. He hasn't. They should have been retired along time, but but you know Broi Jons ere trying to fight Mie Tyson back inday yeah, but it S 't like this is when he wanted to you Wen it to prison. IAin Britinmy tax in one PRA used the prison for three years. That's why theyIAEI somethingnalso. I mean he a jump. He had a jump. OPI E Lkdo so hit was arisk O, but he said he would want to do it yeah. So for the people like a lotof people, don't know who Royd Jones doner is whichis like crazy to me,because I felike a whole hyperound Mike Tyson, but Roy Jones Heas, a fourdivision world champion silver metalist. He was undefeated for six years, Otlight heavyweight. He was argueably one of the bathe, never hangit oi like he all right. I think this goes for Majistpoxers, but I think athletes in general. I think...

...they gev, for example, to a certainpoint and they like okay well from when I first started. Til now 've been abeast yeah, I'm Keebo, and when they keep going that's when okay, you shouldhave beetired yeah causefirst, look at their age, Overi Anday with my Tysonyeah, my taten should have when he when he got out of jail. He said I was: arethen you're not the same dude. He was just of the weights he liv Er fer threeyears, I'm saying like I mean, but who knows you know like ththe beast and him e athe an him wants to keep going. You know you know,that's all you know what to do, but then at the PLO, Yoa, no Gwon to stopthe whole Cte, injuries, yea and, I think, O. you honestly think my ti.Like look at this person. I ean I want to talk. Shid have O, but look at hispersonality hit. Do you think he's really okay like in how he talkd to thecobby like hs, demeanor yeah? I mean I'm not saying it's. Probably that'sjis personality buts. It also has something to do with him biting a heavyweight N. His whole career, Mi Tein, his Lis wor, like which person in theright mind, would get that face. Thatce, O cut them out Ala a EA I lit EI tendeda IC one of the best water. I O A AO O put it in e, my NEC, my head. You say that he put it unisy Ou Saspito,hes, Ey conemeing. He put he put a gut his head toteldyalis O my Tisa tenny ast put a gun into his head. I what he was one of hischain, yeah it w's like no. But to me it's like, I feel, likethey're e, I feel like they jus e Muney II. There I mean my Tison lad protatone go E. There's going to be a lot of Ronu Tisw, you seem Ja. I only wantto talk about Jake Pla, just because e I goin to be the Colwith at name RobinJ Robirson to xl T N B, a player. I don't want any time ecause, I I don't,don't even consider the Botcher, so im gin scratch that whole coman event, butjust my tison. So my my thing, I can resuit for Miney, no o a Min 'cause. Imean Ma now. You're talking about you're talk talking about help. Youknow you daging bow like anything 'cause. What do e need like do like? Ican't even speak on their resume. 'cause wh there res Ma means nothing.Now they haven't been professionals in years Yeso. What does they mean? Now Imeanwhthey'e Gon. It's an exhibition, H, Dosn't even go on the record. Ofte likeit is o money grab like Roy Johns, for example. He was one of the commentatorson H, b, O boxing an which hotcut a couple of years ago ago. So what incomeis he? Having? I mean he made a lot of money while he was a fighter, but thenalso you know the extravagant lifestyle that figters Havtei likemy pesentpeople do ho much money, abillions hundred a how much as e liest paidathlete it wont, Pos t he had like over two hundred million than Gook Bout. ItButt Bundy back then was a lot more Valuwu e valueway higher than what itis now. So as how much money Si, I think it'ss some money grab. Buthonestly, if I had' God a fucking tiger, brow a talk about the Tiger Bo, he hada pet how you'R atitis fucking crazy ban yeah. I just think it's a money.grabed is just, and the thing is too old, tin, Aon, P out until September,twelfth which yout you know what at is Canar Canel Alveces, that's his set day.He fights every year on Mexico independince weekend, so there's nolorking. I don't think I don't think IET's going Na file on that day. 'causeto me like look, how look, how it wint training on ter of Mike tizing becauseof tha fight. So you know how many coproialy going to buy that apor view.B'cause, it's Goin ta be a paperview Ontrul, so canels not got firs oan. Idoesn't even want to fight to begin with, because how much money he's goingto lose, I think they should look. They shouldjust. I think I al should fight, but I seem like it probably isn't: 'cause nowtaxanever Ho's going to Wasch that migtisoting Hehe's not going to want tocompete yeah, even though it's not even a real F AERI MI tielike proessionthere, nout of casual Boxian, Thot dont watch any yet, but I think they shoulda structure, a contract to where okay Oknow I'm goingto pay you this amount. This hight, okay, you Olthe whole Oi Tin. I understand is messing up sa Sy Becam soml tickets,yeah pop nomes- probably going to be that hig because of Mi tes Ih. We nextore. I don't want to pay for next boy... you this amount of money to make upfor this lasson and they should JST Lok o tat they're, saying that they're lowballing their ponents yeah yeah. It would be good. I whoma they shouldundero as well. No ther's Gointo, you know an or whatever wants. I like, ohwell, bet everybody b then take the menti. I you know what I mean, but Imean they're going to know like if they take a caneiht like a two yoar from nowthey're not going to make the same as they do this yer because of t wholeGooni thing yeah. So they want to stay stay that out, but in the whole canalhe doesn't even talk to this promote or he goes and he does Everda her lawyerHetheyneed to like, I think they need o fix as situation intern with perfanforty, even Mo fowrizingwhat Tyon Maelin. That's like you got talking toyour manager. I wor I mean which happens, but I mean this is t lanes onmy Cor r talking my a o lie: Hey my Cha. WE MA CHECK IT YEAH! Oh, you didn't payme toe twenty bucks or whatever said you're going to pay meing o overtime, so yeah. I feel like an e tha whole mytaxand, I think 'cause, my t everything's already signd Er's, goingto be like that twenty part Thepideo series on it like on that John Traller,really itin e. nothing too isn't like the lead up, Toyes Li to Atin campes, OGin, O Tan four, seven. Basically te twenty percent was the best Taamaywether was s funny, but yeah I mean hopefully we'll seewhat that does. I mean, I think, N. I don't think I was goingto fight honestly. It's been Tis ardy. What sorry about be audioust, I mean Iwodn't won. I ither wastring to SA man. E Alver is just supposed to be theFIGHTR. That's supposed to carry this wort of lacing after me, yeah. I sawyou tere m EC, bio honestly. Do It for me not you going to do I or anybody ato do for me for you, I'm I'm very gon. Talk O go, have something to talk abouton the Plackn San K, Arreb, merch, Coi, so Comin, son Oi. So but I mean yeah other than that M, anthat's all I gotto say I'm on. I Tha Shouldn' be happening and we hada. We also wanted to talk about what else. Oh we wanted to talk aboutVirsualareorte is'. I he just fil ti I ar frin right he's. Se Ever Goo, youNover Oun, past six, orhous, right, N he's sixteen and o sixty knock o IonIOS he's calling out Danny Garcia and her wotim turning. I think I think hecould take both of Hem honestly how Di he beats Bot honestly he's twenty two,no thin Yo beot. I don't care, I mean, I think he 's, I think he' Bes EralSpans. I think he put Hem with anyone bu I thinkit's, maybe too SOM for Ollspt, ut EA, you never now how rsbands is going to come back after you, acontracin he's better than the whole other gang and all the other in onethirty fivers and WN OMON. I think you C you have to put vtorteet still in theprospect. GROP okayuse he's never fought for a wartime, but he doesn'tane ger to belt the right. It's like a regional title o I tght Tait's Ro likethe same Oran Wa, but it's like a regional time. It's not like a actualworld tileoh. It's like a step to get their as like a junior title. Yeah so is Ik. Can Interim Yeah? No, not interom this CAS boxingsomebody's hurt. I need to get rid of somebony BELS Asomein, don't reallymatter Ye, there's just so there's this Ole companys Canave, sanctioning tesecause. Whenever you have any type of boat, you have to pay a sention to tothat organization Oer. So I feel, like the Wa, for example, has tons of biltand allthose bellboads have to pay sericenge wher, we fight it. Anlook, you too go Tam Loksuscriber he's giving a game. I didn't even know this yeah Ey Sav Oun. Ga.Thank you appreciated. I now you had to give a feet: Yeah, Yer Aver! Every timeyou have a goat, you have to give a fee to every single. Every time you defendor Yolife for a belt. You have to pay a ser. I Wat t to hold the bell. Yeah Owonder: Canie vacated ALS HOD OF PROBLEMS WITH E C for a certain timebase the whole thin. You don't want to figh for one of their bills. Yeah yeah,I mean I th Kep Thero me Lookin fougt once and Trei Asistin right. He, I eFou One time and Twenty Cet. I like him...

Ho a I ike ee. They should fight againthenhe ear Anthi en comtee I tis fede GAM. That was a good that was a closepasical fight, but it's Merol's frianes is going to fight Dandy, Gart Rih,that's WHA, the war DANC supposedly and then Lov Sanuca was going to fight tankday. An Davis you say talked about it: Youre Sayng, TAK, right thanks Gon, Ithink tank Ge to be Leo Saacasart. His coree do os Voi Hele, O o o e looktheres, wait; class for reason. Leo Sanicu started his career like onetwenty two on eighteen and e INA fight ou like one thirty, five foint fortyand tanked in I like ten gas, an Atura way because he never laves weet YeahHoware Youman, O yeah. I, like Hem, that's one of the fights we have regorts to me he's the top to me modesty and I feel like he's like sounrated, butYo'r, not the star es Iar sis is the whole thing. 'cause he's not. Hedoesn't have like that. Like he's not like rigt s has like a whole UTUchannel in Seroun whover following evergencies. Isn't out there like that,but now seems lit golden boys going to push him out. Yeah 'cause, because thewhole beef was riing. R Swich talked about the last poka ti out episod too,and something we talkn about. RAING E H, bife, like he didn't, have that likecharisma, tha personality to be able to promote like that he's just a reallygood fighter, I mean he fights ten times better than ruing carsein. Myopinion yeah, so you think he's who yo going to Hav Bein a better box.Yeran Qike a couple of years, O noi mean IAR. She was younger than yeah. MyHe's a lot younger and he's he's. Looking all his campergh now he'll betraining. Matbook Abraer CSE get some things with it. My favorite Orin Rober. I seet so he'sGn Ge his best boring he's he's a Odeboy. All right he's Goe B Otat hewas ony, differenhe's got Hes Roe, I don't know o Chan or oers. He didn'tTan Hir for a couple of Yeara, but then Marbet Ga sa La Carona too. He tess itpositive, but then hetes innegative for this liery yesterday he wasn't able tobe there so virtil teezas Dad was a trainer for them. I ah as crazy oldTORONTA whole false negative test home. It's Pras in the world. We I no. It is,and also what about USC this last weekend. Oh, not thisLastan yesterday litacer, what a CR darintail it was technical, notprobably like a lot of fans, were saying that it Wasn' to excitings. Ithinkin I mean to me. I think when you like the fight game, I think anythingwell, tere's technical and it's kind of boring, but I mean the whole thing too.The whole thing, I always say, is styles. May fight. Yes, do make fightYoot, larer woiiker said he's, never find anybody. Ike Danto! You know wherehe cou he had. He was Kindo. Guessing he did really didn't al like W. He waslike what sheas kind of lost forbit yeah. He did Ling like an elbow furstround, Dntie kindo caught him and t after that, they're after, like they'reuntil Kindo, like he got a little too far ahead of Ansoheohead on the car and is Wel Yeah be Y, a Toh. You was head, but I think he tatthat he was Goingto like okay, I'm just ibe calm and I'm S. I'm already hurtHem to a elbow and you got an I finished hi. You got Ta Yo, Didt,finish, wit him and then Robert would a Grood dop there until Li like roun four,I believe and then after that it OAS just probbl so yeah and and the thing is all like-The judges, man now Eversisen a alway figt e like thejudges they really need to like bring former USC firters back into the SAE.That's a o Ha at a arguments eit there, like boxing bottoe all like it'sannoying that how like the dids aren't fighting youknow what I mean, but then I telltheyi they lenround like they trying to Kidleach other and the judge n an Essin yeah judge is going to give it toanother. Do I just like they just need to be better testing for judges tobecome jest to be jetified and they need to go through more like materthey', be able t you have have to sort ix, er fight before I forget Hav somesort of history in the game. You think... I think the rules, the old T,you've, see theating ther, O 'cause las you cul, wha Ma Wather, do hey, don'tget het a its gin e at people at like a style. People are always running,always warn. No, it was mart. That's woxhing. People on' understand T at a anormal fan, I's going to be like hm O Hes, a puzzloring yeah, you don't a tin,the whole thing, but if you real botic family and a like, Oh Shit, look at itBot, O enhat. I mean he's, locking all the he's blocking all the shots. Youknow what I mean and a Wa o death tapt to everything tile, an that's whot, I'msaying who''s done that for nobody. You know what I mean n people to the day,dte moter. But yes, I mean o a US. Go to testing,then o go do better certificate. I just think the had that from sort of historyin the sport. I that's what I think like soccer. If you want to be a coachlike N, a Ta Whawas, close Fron Te wokup for Mexco the last wo, he was The was N, O playeright, but then that's the whole thing like he. I tePhilopophy S Arbut, then my whole thing is tol. Like jouralist, layin, Juliss,there're somtliss never play the sport. They talk about Se, a that that O thatmean, but look a see. Wha, a ISSS tracker o look how liquer an startd otuiniting for th. WAS IT Botmore Rimons? Was it Nobu like how he started forlike life s? I want a cool ith anyon. I O ran yeah yeah. He did for free rightsaw hol journalist, you had N toe sandwicches in Pua Cue. I love to Ilove Terrycoolato Ila enks, all time no yeah, I loally, but but hathat's thewhole thing about Jouralisti, okay c. How on have Youv Seen Theu you goteinto the UFC C, O Sevan aeman and all the fans, Joe Rog, and everybody likeyeah was Yo going to voice his opinion. If you HAV, you know nothing of y Yaa,an Ye gos on Isterge on his story. He makes a video of him training Kitnyn,pats. eveybody like makes me good one, and now everybody just thinks he a jokelike. Why do you have him calling knoc Callin but yeah he's broadcasting NJdoing it yeah? I agree with that. Yohu yeah, I totally GE t have maxcolon orsomething Ni. Mactoum is like one of the best, if not the best. I think I'veseen boxing I watching analysts there, Shor Efninyou, know what I mean. So Ifeel like yeah, stick to your sport and don't talk about sports, you don'treally know so. I yeah. I agree with that. 'cause. I think seanacementfootball basketball, buthe's really really good, but in Thi Serc like evenboxing, he does not know what he's talking o en he talks about boxing, butI mean Taes ar I think Ius to see such a big sorry at Thespia. You see hisconr, I think he's justlike, that's like the I won do o you know, and he asay: no more hes t the h time this group, when I can make those to He, canmake Thi Otime. He calls he shotsimagine, though, if he broke outof yes and he had his own go talk. Gotsike join is do that, but I rememberSemay I've comecome on come on Stephen Iwan Toba with semenr boxing I fee likehey. I do what' O wherere you at Wer, you Arsaid location eck of you, OA location, Ju, talk about Tha, Kino, Co, Rigr, butyeah at KINDOF, wrapes. It out on the ines yeah, I think that's it. I willthat rast up o to for episode or three of gold, taks APIDEA, an Lon, the fesdo Comon liht subscribe share and catch Yo, guys on a flippty flip on the nextepisode thing.

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