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Episode 5 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 005 | Champions League Final, PSG Bayern, Koeman, Messi, Chivas, Doncic, NBA Draft


In episode 005 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Edgar Padilla discuss the 2020 Champions League Final between PSG and Bayern Munich, Koeman selected as the new Barcelona coach, Messi leaving to another team, the Antuna and Vega suspension by Chivas, Luka Doncic, and the NBA Draft among other topics.

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So Youtube. Welcome to episode five of goat talks with EEDIOPADIA and Alonzo freees. This week, I think it's gonna be crazy this week. or it was crazy. It was. No, it is. Oh wait, the TWAS Games ended, Song, the TSA said. But first, first topic, Bro, the Champions League just today, the final. Oh, let me tell you, I fell asleep. You fell asleep. I seen the highlights. Well, Bro, wasn't boring, but it wasn't that boring. I was right. I don't even know why. Name I was crying for you would cry after losing the Champisz he final? Bro, I would have just cry for the World Cup, like Matthew. He cried. Yeah, what do you mean? He was happy that he lost the fucking final. No, I really cried over you, Bro. I would much try to cry from what cume in the fucking Champions League. Fuck the champions Dross, the highest tournament he went as a player, Club, Club Wise, Club wise, my national team was. That's like. It's a little fucking bitch, Brok. It is. I means, for those who don't know, so bad mutich played psg the two thousand twenty Champions League Final Lisbon. So Coleman, minute fifty nine, the header. You seen that pass by Kim Mitch? Yeah, you crossed the HIG show was magnified. Bro. He's put PSG right, who call me home, and that's where he deputed. He's because Youve with academy from when he was like eight year old some r yeah, and he's won the they debuted him. But then, like as you were saying, it was kind of I mean, I feel like the first like twenty minutes, Bro, that should go because think about it, bro Bairn ended up with sixty two percent possession. Sixty two, that's a lot, considering the squad that dude and means he has. And BOP is Miss Nay Mars Ms. so then Bob, I feel like I'Mbopa, was worse because he was right in front of the goal and he ain't. It was a first touch, Bro, you're in bopping right. I know he didn't play it. I think he was just nervous. You not understand. But how could be nervous if he just won the World Cup? Yeah, that's as a starter star, and he was younger to he was like what nineteen? Yeah, that's Z two years ago. So that thousand and eighteen PSG messed up from the start, like their lineup brought lel bye this in seventeen games he has one assist, no goals. I think right. They had bottles at I'll be on the bench. That had a at the on the bench. Yeah, dracs are on the bench, but I think it was her right. He came in second. Huh. This is he could have started. Bran saw what I'm saying, especially against Bairn. Bearn has probably one of the best line lines of defense in the whole yeah, but Davis, Alfonso Davis. So he didn't have a good game. I feel like it's because he's still at the age where he just makes a lot of childish mistakes. But he's really, really good. He's probably the he's the best left back in the corn cough. I mean he's the best love bag in the world. And we're over and you, Robertson Liverpool. You what the what a Liverpool do? They got shit on it the league. That was like, Damn, relast, this isn't even count. But it was like that was like last month. But I'm saying, okay, sorry, let me reiterate, he liverpool from when they got back from the winter break and feel like they just started kind of like going fell off. Yeah, they jumped off a cliff, Bro, literally, because I feel like they're I feel like they probably have the best for in Europe. Event Jake. Well, I feel like I thought that leave. I heard to Barcelona, Ben Jake, the coach on Song did he did? Good luck. Are Your new adventure? There's someone that WHO said that. Yeah, why, love, what would he say that on Instagram? Why do you care so much about your coach? Right? How to get that national team call up? Brow, he's trying to go play with Barcelona. That hell, Evangelis a bar Subri. Hell, no over for everybody. That will not happen. Message stay, bro Think. Oh, mancy, the next topic. Messy. That all you gotta say? What the Champions League, though? You feel like the right team one, because we said it. Oh, we see, said, he has. I said Bear Nish. I should have bad bro. I should thank you. I bet you don't got faith... PSG already bears to do something. Hey, but for everybody was listening, if y'all would have stayed stay tuned to episode of which episode do we talk about Champion League? What I said the final is going to be? Do you also said messy wasn't going to leave and he's supposed to leave now? A topic? Hold Up. Well, I said. I said PSG baying was gonna be the final like a month or two ago. Look, Bra that's why you got to listen to go tip the quote. You Bright. That's what you got on the comments and quote. You do it, Bros on good cloud. Now I feel like barn. They're just they're just stacked in every single position, like look at Dude and I are right there. They were the better team, brow honestly, look, it was basically like Meymar and Bopa and d might, yes, on my little bit, like the probably the best player from Psz today, carrying the team. Brony Moore had like a lot of mistakes, a lot of fellows. They fought him hell of times too, but I don't know, he just it just it sucks because he's kind of on that and you really think about these kind of the one that was he was involved in a lot of goals this season. Do you seen his stats? Are saying that's is like like all the Barcelona players that bars a ball after nay more all them combined didn't have the same stats as nay, more like assists and goal was we doin then go back to Warsh, I think you should, because I think he thought that the grass is greener on the other side. At psg it was yellow, Bro it was yell, it was fucking Brown. Right, that's what they win. They just won the league. They've never really want anything else other than a shadow cow fire. We're putting out them fires. I'll folk with 'all for the first respond yeah, that's back a strong honestly, what are you saying, though? I just feel like he thought he would be able to lead like his own team, like he was in messy shadow and Barcelon. Then he kind of ended up being an imbought this shadow. Yeah, honestly, but I mean, but I'm you living, you learn. I feel like, yeah, I think he's still what did he twenty seven now? Yeah, Young, Nice, young, but I'm saying like twenty seven, that's still young to me. I guess it's about problems. Like thirty something, Bran. He's like they're gover all. You're not gonna you can't compare name my Romama, you name are does that train like Nama. He did not were a Allo play till he was was forty five bro Yeah, I think so. It's like remember this, that this level, because he ages like fine wine brow, no home and no and he even said an interview, like you know, I don't do all that like stuff that I used to do like anymore, like as far as like more of his strength. Now joze be training like crazy. Brown people need to. That's needs to be the role model of any player. Yeah, but what were you're saying? Like let's go back to Barcelon? I feel like you should, because I mean in bars is just held them belly, because then Bella do. He gets injured, he's not gonna leave it. I think it will give him more. One more season. How many opportunities he need? Right, he gets hurt like every other week. He'll come back and play like one game and then you'll get hurt. I think he's good. He was hell looking with Bruce it dorman brow. Yeah, but when is that ever? There's so many examples were like you leave the team that you're good on and then you but I think it was just a system. As Song Barcelona. I didn't this is gonna switch it up. Thisney coach s shit up coming. That's actually the next, next topic. He's gonna sit sh I that way because I feel like, do you think Ronald Coleman was a right choice for Barcel honestly? Well, he's just us on Anotherland's coach. Right, he was another his coach. He's been the coach for two years. He still had two years on his contract, another ones, and he turned it down. But he said Barcelona's always been his Dream Team. When he took coach, right, he played and he was the assistant coach from one thousand nine hundred ninety eight to two thousand. Was Wooing Ere. What do you know? What do you never coach Barcel he was like, you know, he was. He was like an assistant coach something. I remember it online in one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. I don't know where. You let me look it, because I mean I feel like Brough. He picked the worst time. He Day. They look it up. The fuck is Jamie Joe Roman? I don't want Joe Rokan grow. I only listen... go time. Yeah, you're right, you're right. Yeah, now, but I was saying, like he chose the worst year to take his dream job, because, br you took Barsa in the worst at the worst time, man, and especially like you had a, you had a good running to use. He was littland's coach. They qualified for the euro, and I mean you. He had a contract up until the World Cup. Yeah, the next one, the next World Cup, two thousand and twenty two. He said, another two years and you're gonna throw all that all the way to go to a fucking bar. So that's ran into the ground that you don't even know if messy's gonna be there. Yeah, and then I seen this also another interview where he himself, like it's like a couple years ago, he said in an interview that players like bousquets and BK and messy over thirty years, that they're not going to be there for that long and that bar should get rid of them. So that now that he's coach, do you think that he's actually gonna come through with that? That's a good ass question. Damn. You know, even comment. What do you guys think? It's gonna be like zero comments? Yeah, yeah, I'll go on the comments. God Make Hella fake what's called burner accounts, I think. Look, I heard he talked to messy and he's he was like I don't want to be I don't want to I don't want to have somebody on the team that doesn't want to be here. Yeah, and messy, I feel like, for the first time ever, been he said now and then there's another one, sources say. Sources say that supposedly he told messy that he's basically the base, like the foundation, of that new project, because then he also, I feel like he comes. He's been conducting himself a lot. But is it him or they just a media? Could media can make up any of anything, because there's another interview that supposing comment said that. Yes, Pan could come out with some saying messy just he wants to go play for Cheebas and people will believe it if yeah, but I'm mean, it goes for a long process of like actually getting be a viable story. You see hit it was with some jams. It has to be passed through like a bunch of like copyators, all in fact checked. But the point is I feel like he had said also that he doesn't want anybody that doesn't want to be there a hundred percent, and messy does not want to be the hundred percent. I think he's a fifty right now, honestly, or he's more out than in. Right now. I feel like he's more out than in, honestly. So you're not gonna be Barcelomore. Maybe he's. I don't know. I'm not wash him. Go to Chust. I never like men. You like my city just because to plan the where they oline, but I feel like they have too many winners. But he would either way. He would still be the starter. Yeah, hell, yeah, but I mean like you think, after what he's taking his fine brow? Yeah, nobody. I don't care. He could be he could be forty and he's still going to be stupid. Wrong. Maybe coul if he keeps up. You know, and especially, I don't know. I don't feel like coman can make him like. What more can you do? Like Barsas do? This is the worst. I'm just tired of look, I'm just tired of Barcelona plane, but they're not going to change their style. Play Bro that's just work. That bet part of the old stuff. It just work back in, like back when they want up. That is because jobbing in. Yes, I dude, after chop, you can't. Theyre generational players. You can't come back from that. Yeah, look at the Midfiel, sold Arthur done and then pegonic, he got. He has covid, got covid. Come on, covid now, like, man, what's the do you hear about astroy hit earth? Like, honestly, we're dumb. For Brow Sons. Everybody done for man, I hear that's I'm tired of message. Better Leave Boston. Going to get hit by a fucking yeah, Oh my God. But I feel like Coman knew like he's do. He's cool. This is eleven team that he's coached. I feel like he's never the only the second time he is ever coached his Spain he coached by Lency and two thousand and eight. So I feel like he doesn't really know Spanish soccer like that. I mean he played for parts. was that we the a that we'd be? Yeah, that was around when he was let me see, lots urn. Yeah, yeah, that's what they're good and they won the league once. Year two they were the Europa League. Yeah, like right time ago, he was on the team, right, for like a year or two. They had yeah, they used to be good, like two doll I remember two thousand and eight on a nine,...

...feeling ten. Well, let's say we're like when round with Jeh Hellas Balactic goes the second like the second version. Yeah, they were, they were pretty wrong. But I feel like a coach, like I don't know, man, I feel like they could have bobby. Who else would you choose as a coach? Because it's not the problems of the coach, Brown Chiva to glory, because I feel like, Dude, look at the vertebal column of the team. You need to have a good goalie, a good center back, a good center mid and a good center for his proms. Always been. There's never had good like a good center back who, Yo, okay, just him. That's what I'm saying. So after there, but think, okay, look, the thing is all right. Well, like what I'm trying to get it. I feel like it's affect the palms. Always been picking. Yeah, because he's never not, for Michael is better than him. But yeah, but Danny I was good. Damn ass of solid or. The album was good. Solid Yan, who was right now is WHO's similar. Samellos are right back. Link get of him, get linked to he see he got destroyed by Alfonso Davy's ben't yeah, the Damn Near. But then, like a quick like dude bar said, I feel like they hit rock bottom. Broad there's like you can't go any lower than that. You lost eight to two to Bayern Munich. You want nothing domestically anyone. They didn't win shit. It's embarrassing, Dude. But, like I said, who knows wrong? That's what happens with teams, Bro you know, it's like the warriors. The warriors do they w from the finals to the war. Bro They were the first team to be eliminated playoff contention. But then back to dude, but I feel like he gets hit the end. Dude, he played a two against Baron Munich. Bra, it all started there. You as certain to Bert the playing right mid. Bra You had bisquets in the mid against Bayon munishes mint. Do you just asking to get fucking destroyed? Yeah, the Germans, they play fast. Dude. Mueller Meler's the best cam in the world. I know he's like thirty tens old, right, and he's the best came in the world. Yeah, yeah, he's so got it. He could still gone for years. I'm not he really cannot. I think. I think they need, they need to get rid of that. That like, do you know that? It's like a myth. It's like a like they're saying all, like all, once you hit thirty something, you're like declining, for example, like we're in all those value oh, Bro, what did he see? He's carry carried you into the Champions League this whole fucking season. He's seen he scored goals and how you fucking were seventy mill what the fuck? This motherfucker is worth like a hundred and something, Bro, if maybe he shows up, if Ronaldo was there, he would have brought he would have demolished, he would have killed Byron because that's something else we were talking about, like like if messy were to leave, how much you think he'd be selling for? Something saying, I think they said he's like a hundred mile right, something like a hundred thirty seven on transfer market right now. Really, I got a website. I was less. So that's what I'm saying. But then, dude, if name are the highest name or has been the highest transfer of all time for two hundred and twenty two million, yeah, you think messy. I think messy with Solf for like three hundred. Honestly, after this way, clock that clause. No, he's I think he's. This is last year. He's a free agent next season to two thousand and one. Heard Man City was willing to pay anything the client. Now, yeah, there's a clause right now, but it two twenty one who'll be free. Imagine getting messy for Free Bra. That's like Bra Messy for Free Bra. What, if, what? Do you want to go find them for sunny league, Bro that's this price for friends. Come play with us. Brought me and you in the mid sponsorships. For Real, just passing the ball. I'm pretty sure you pass him the ball. Good. ha ha ha ha ha ha alas, is I hello, this is best season. Who keeps kind of tracking? Bro I, my mind is like the Champions League broke now, but Um, let's talk to you. I was wrong. I'm getting tired of this. Oh, I'm day. They torn ACL HE's out. SUB COMES IN RED guard three minutes into play. Me...

Got ASIATICA. He's not leaving Brad Lee Eve. You know, Nick, having ass seen this suit like a shit'll fit his magnic table brea and I don't know. I like how he is I guess I like if it's a medicome bra not anymore. Get rid of the rid of him. I feel like they had a lot of I mean go up, I needs me at Grupadi. They mean me. Would you see? Probably Start Your want of those on till Brown. Hell, no, I'll play player, career, player, manager, player mode. Brothers say FIFA bread, put it now, but then all right, Cheah Chiev us. So I want to talk about this scandal in quotation marks. Okay, so for background, people who know don't know, would yellanduna and Alexei's Ba guy. We're celebrating out a party and I'm doing I was holding like a sack, I don't know if it was like a sad bottle, and he was taking like shots. And then Alex she's bag. I'll posted it on his IG story and they were I got a party with like multiple people there and, like everybody knows, like you're not supposed to have parties right now because the whole quarantine thing, especially like in Mexico, to with like the high amount of positive test she has decided to suspend them in definitely, yeah, and removing for the team. Do you think that was all there finding them to and they're finding him. I think that's not fair. They're grown ASS dudes. Dude, you're representing Chiva whatever. It was a memory? What if it was a memory? What if it wasn't that day and it was like from a weekend before? It was then, I don't now. posted. Oh, bucking on, when I see it and he's with his wife and his kid. No, Bro, that's its bad it, brother, because they went through a thorow, they went through an investigation. Bro, you don't think they would, brother, as chief has brother say't like that's what I know. But then my point is, Bro, like these players gotta do this. Chief has brother. You got it. You're representing a whole camera institution. But then Jack will, sure, he's huge. SMOKE CIGARETTES AFTER Games. And where did he end up? Who The fuck is Jack? Yeah, he's a Y. don't even know a fucking TV plays for. I don't either, but that's not the play A. Get it if he was still popping. No, and see, look at the point. What have you ever seen when, as a partying player, ever succeeded? Bro Michael Folon plays on watt his bro Naymar Bro Hey more don't party like that. Do you not look at what I got right Friday, and I got right. Fine, you got fired from barbs up for partying, okay, but hey, he still took off when they some one. Do you watch that Rama Drid Champions League game? I was like, what fucking season? Really do he play on? Good at the Brook, come on now, and he took him to the final. Oh, do you mean he lost many? He didn't take books at each tuck him, brother. Think I'm talking to a wall right now, man, you think so now, because that's like the whole thing with me is like, dude, especially if you're not playing well, like she hasn't been playing well. Right, party if you're doing fucking good or if your partying, but don't fucking post it. You already know the consequences, Bra, so you'd have been okay with them partying, but not posting it. I mean the no, no, I mean I'm saying, like, baby, what do you guys think? Like, be smart about him, bright and if you're not, you're not playing dude. They guy has played one game and he came in as a subny, got a red card, like Bro, go fucking train. Yeah, you're right. As my point of view, man, because especially like dude partying. I don't know, man, I'm just fling. Am I gonna? Right? I'm just telling gonna rocks time. Bias on the topic. Yeah, not understand now. I feel it. I'm I'm either or. You know, I could go either way. I just think they're grown as dudes. Mr Free Time, come on, they train, but know what to do in your free time? Yeah, you know, it's eats on. You know, like maybe that's why they have been playing, when that's why we play. Gets a rock? Right, come on, sir, rock. It was like a rock. Right, looks how to surrock, Bro, which is the Red Bar? I don't drink brow. It was a rock, man. Go be a comment. Alexi's Bagga's face. Bro, you said...

Rock. It's the Rock. Question Work, question work. You think you should have been a different bottom row? What the Fuck said the Nadio talk about that? That's a soul. Come on, are you millionaires? This is big hell of money. Buying a twin on time, man, like we could joining the Santo's bright. He's been like one of the most alcoholic players his care Bro, his careers on yeah, and a and he wanted to go an Olympical metal. Right, all right, but look, look, his careers like opposites, like opposite day for his career. Rear. He started on Barsa ended in a MEDICAP Bron. That's like the reverse his career, which is started a Medica Bank Barcel. It was the opposite Bra that's what I'm saying. I feel like I don't know these players. Man, they're not. When have we seen messy postal? The fucking s rock bottom. Does he even drink? He drinks that cocoa shit. What is that? That coconut with the Straw coming out of it? Austin my th Bro Damn, I the smack for other good, but I don't all the South American players. Oh all right, but let's change topics. You know I'm want to talk Dallas Mavericks Clippers. Do you watch the game? Yeah, I seen the game. Luca Loca Blazzer beat him, brow youngest player to ever do that. Do you think? I think not every one. I think Mavericks taking anything win the series. Not Clipper, but if they have a healthy porzingis and roughty. Look at that check it just pot Jos. I've been playing good here. You too good. They all over do you see his stats? You see his three point percentage, his field goal percentage? Did Celtics stings swept? They sweat. They set the same moment without Ben Simmons. Yeah, the still Joe and bet said he didn't want to gets sweet. Their swept. Sorry, late Bro we all want things, not to have aen with bay back life. That's light broke. It is what it was. Sometimes you guys sweat, yeah, but I mean, yeah, next season are you can't really do much. That same miss is the one that they just pull. The point that Ben Simmons. You need be Ben Sims to like, you know, run everything, even though his three point shot is well, when he came back down before he got hurt, he was hit in a cup. Yeah, he was shooting more threes, but I mean I feel like Luco dodging. He's going to end up being one of the what, top three? I think, like there's no this is very early in his career. That's white player. Ever. He's seen how, not on what. Never mind. I want to get into the ties, like a sense of not a sensitive but like you see, how the best white player of all time. I don't care. Lady Bird at me, come on, was good over who managed you, Noble, he's pretty good too. He's already yeah, but he's white. But you can't, okay, look at dodging, because it why he's like, he's just fame, isn't he know? He's from? He's like Croatian or something. What was he from? Brother? He's white. He's Slovenian. Okay, but you play with round, they don't real. Madrid. Yeah, so he carries the nationality to he's good, though I think he's sold. He's so dope. I don't know how people are trying to get on the on the hawks, because they traded that PIC and so tray young and it Tra but I feel like if I feel like if it worked out for both teams, because traying has been really good on the hawks. Yeah, it's hid their plan. He did it. He's basically how I look at them as I mean, I don't want to compare him to Steph Curry, but he has a you know, since he's small, he has a small frame. So what can you compare? I think Luis John's gonna be and probably the top three like foreign players of all time in the NBA when it's all sometime white player of all time take her to leave it. I feel like it's too early to say all that. But the twenty one, he's already hit and buzz of beaters. And on the clippers, bro on the on Kawhi, Leanderd Bra not I mean not on Kawilet, but like on Kawhi letters team. Yeah, you know what I mean. But Oh, something that's also like the lottery picks came in. He Seen Timbers. Timbers...

Number One, Warriors, warriors number two. WHO got number three? CHARLOTTE? Yeah, Hornets, then the bulls, who got forth. I think, what's gonna before? I think the Nicks always got left there. Only I remember eight. Yeah, something around there. Now I'm like, Bro, that's crazy. Next, always get the short end of the stage. Is They just want the just want to. I think the NBA wants the next to get sold by that, by their owner. You think they're like have you seen? But they're like the mold. There's like their team is in most valued, like an then me and the yeah, from New York. I mean they suck. Number Five, cleveland. Yeah, six is hawks. I love this. I think. Next, if he's good to have options. Timber Wolves got options, warriors got options. CHARLOTTE, the Hornets. They got options. But look, who would you if you're the whole, if you're the NIMBER Lotles, who would you? Mellow ball or that one, Anthony, Anthony Edwards shoeing guard? Because why would they get a wiseman? They already have a center, what's called Karanthony towns. Yeah, I don't know. I feel like they I feel like they're going to get Anthony Edwards out of Joel, I think. Honestly, I don't know about you. I hope the warriors pick up whiling. Will they actually? Because they need a center. Dude, that's what did you want to see somebody like Lamella ball develop? I know, develop under steph curry and Clayton. It would be. And the thing is, because he's like six eight. He said, yea six seven sixty. Some people espns a six seven. Thing is people try to say that is defense. Is kind of lousy. That it is. He's seen a scout report. Scout report was saying how his defense kind of aside from that, he could run the whole thing. Yeah, he's a running offense. That's really good place. He has really good I don't know, I feel like the warriors would help them. But that's the thing. Thought worrige already have Andrew Wiggins, but his anthony, he's not, you know, and I feel like Anthony Edwards. I feel like to Anthony Edward was really athletic. He's really, really good shooter. I think the best fit for the worst. Look. I personally I don't know. I like, obviously Lamelo Ball, but I don't know. No, I'm also, yeah, I feel like I love want Wiseman whisman to go to would be more, something more. They could do it. They're sorry. Of could it serve cant off, but I heard they're trying to. They could, they could, they could day. They probably not even gonna do a beat or something. No, for Yannest. Are you honest? So I'm seeing like trade. It was like the PIC, like damnrage, Raymond Green, the orkal arena. Now another chase center. It was who else? It was like twitter players, probably those and it was gonna be like another pick for two thousand and twenty one. They're going to give up that pick as well. So I don't know. You know, the bucks don't win this year. That's what I heard right. Yeah, would johannas wants to leave to a team was actually gonna have like a but you think you want gorbal lawyers. I feel like he's but he should know it's gonna be another. He's gonna in. The media is going to portray him as another. So that's I kind of don't wonder where's to do that, because I did another thing. Super think this year they could really cut. They can kind of get away with it. This year, you know all they made it to the finals and they went only because everybody's hurt. Yeah, so now it's like, okay, now that you know, that's the whole storyline. Ah, the warrior is a warrior that they already had. Old think fans are really that dumb not to think that. Like, well, all right, you can let the thing like he's gonna be that good next year, the same team. Yeah, they need to get run of a fucking Danny Green who can't shoot for his life. Gets some another shooter, get another point guard. Raja Lando's Hert AH, he's coming back. He's old. But think Anthony Edwards. I feel like Anthony Edwards. His like his since Georgia isn't really like a basketball school and they're not really like good like that. And I feel like since lamelo balls already been playing pro for a couple years and it's Wush. Watched a Lamella ball be like Luca. You think I mean Dude, not saying he's talk for a point guard, saying like he played pro already. You know, that's what I mean, and he was doing good. He's put enough numbers. He's were not numbers jail. You're right. And especially like players are going to want that player that has that is like guaranteed Jersey sales sponsorship. I'm saying that... I would will press up. Any team many goes to is going to be supported. Both found together dasically. Yeah, so that's what I'm saying, especially if vlazzil ball as a playing together with him. Do you think? I feel like he's only the pelicanist if he gets the right deal to play with his brother. I don't know. Born know, I feel like. I feel like same way. I feel like Lamola Bolsha go first round, first pick, I mean over Anthony Edwards. Donnacy probably is gonna go and then Wiseman is going to go to I would just I would just be disappointed if you win. He just became like the biggest fucking superstar ever and the warriors and again all like in then regretted later. Yeah, but then I was. I was. I seen an article where Penny Hardaway was like not worshiping but he was praising the why? Then from the Memphis oh he was saying he was all against me. Seven seven one center said he was really good and he's a pen and he was I'm he had his own shoe. Pain have a shoe. Oh for real? He's like. I mean, yeah, we'll see you. How the NBA is going so far? I mean looking like the what the Lakers are gonna make is going to beat the blazers round damn time, Dame towns, only for game one. Bro, he's good, Dude. How I keep hearing that? He's like he's likely way he's gonna ever win is that he goes to the Lakers. You think? I feel like that would fit, but he would not something that I feel like he's always going to because he's always said like two about that. He would never go to like the super team, but lay a la don't even a super teams. If you think about it, Anthony Davison. Yeah, well, like like the I feel they should be the moshing every team. You think about it. What? Because the other players don't come up, like Hu's Mus sucks. Yeah, he's not consistent. I feel like men of the Danny Green Sucks, quint cooks, players on the on the team Lakers, are consistent. Yeah, at all. They should have kept Brandon Ingram. That would have been raw. Yeah, I know Brandon Ingram was the one that took off on the Pelicans. Do you see how you row he was doing. They just do. It wasn't enough to make playoffs, but I don't know, I think that's I don't know, you think like you're so stupid funning. Well, I feel like they got either way. They got Anthony Davis Bro Brandon Ingram was looking like a Kevin Durram. Bro's say, any over skinny version of Kevin Duran? Can you he's Hella skinny's run the probably way, the same or no, hell no. But yeah, that's it. That's it for this weekend's podcast, as if this weekend. I will thank you for tuning in. We'll see you guys next week. Make sure they'll share subscribing lyman sure to your friend, even if you don't know about sports. I feel like we damn see y'all hi.

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