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Episode 6 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 006 | Messi, Chivas, Transfer Window, Chelsea, Juventus, Tecatito, Raul Jimenez


In episode 006 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Edgar Padilla discuss Messi staying at Barcelona, Chicote Calderon and Ronaldo Cisneros on Chivas, the European transfer window which includes Ziyech, Werner, and Havertz to Chelsea as well as Weston McKennie to Juventus, Tecatito Corona winning La Liga NOS player of the year, and Raul Jimenez winning players' player of the season for Wolves, among other topics.

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All right, what's up everybody? This is episode six of goat talks with Edgar Padilla and Alonso, for yes are so this week. Come on, it's hot, I'm sweat, I'm sizzling. Is Hot now. But the first thing we talked about this two weeks ago, but then literally a couple days later everything went on and then it ended up messy. Staying. Yeah, cause you're right. You know how you said like the one of the first episodes, you said, Oh yeah, like there's always like what is speculation, seculation every single season that he's going to leave. And Man, every weird like kind of like scared for a bit, like, Holy Shit, he is gonna Leave, and then thank God he didn't leave. What's because who was going to pay? The whole thing was that he didn't end up leaving, because Barcelona one to seven hundred million euros and that's never going to happen. Who is? Nobody would beg not seven hundred million. Now I don't think any player ever, you know, I fascinated, make that money back. Don't think about it. We haven't hundred million. Some they have made some MLS teams are worth half of that. As a team, like structural wise, everything, the franchise, everything, I think mess you could got any team and just change the the whole dynamic of it. But seven hundred million. Now you right now mom ktting through the highest patting Mahomes, five hundred million back, come on, and that's like, but it's ten years. It's in your contract and all. Am I a you right, right, and that's only for like that's one Aldo shown why Watson just actually signed for how much? It's like a hundred and sixty something four years. But think about the NFL. Is Only one league. Like there's no other relevant football league anywhere else in the world. His is his yearly earnings was going to be forty million, though. That's what was five, five million lesson Patrick Mahomes. That would be a round will mess. He would probably making us a lot of my salary. Wise, because think about it, they wanted what. It's over. So what was the whole thing? Why did what was so it all came down to messy wanted to leave. He wanted to activate his clause that stated that he would be able to leave for free. Barcelona said that that clause was canceled, because WHO's only supposed to be in June? But I whole doing in June. If there's a season still going on, it's because the league. You know how I got extended because of the whole coronatuy. So it was supposed to end before, before then. Yeah, and so the clause would have been active. And then also the lead came into it, La Liga, and they also sided with Barcelona and they said that messy can't leave. But then, while, why would the league not side with Barcelona? You think they would. They already lost for no, Aldo, they lose messy too. Lose Messy. Damn. Yeah, they don't really have any of the stars. Wrong you think about well, they do, but they're just not they're just not good at it. has there never lived up to expectations. Agrees one kind of. I mean Gotho came back to Barcelona. That's something good, but that's something a little bit later. Champions. No, I seen that mercy was talking about. He was saying how how the president he wasn't about his word. That's what I'm saying, because supposedly the president, Bertha Knowl, had told him that he'd be able to would be his decision to leave, and so he had told him, he said, I guess a whole year. He told him most season, yeah, I wanted to leave, and so, like he came up with the receipts. He's like, Yo, you told me a year ago I could leave if it was my decision. And then when it came down to it, well, I feel like it all came down because, like, dude, he's a president of the team. He's got to look out for his business. He saw like they didn't win anything at all and then, plus losing messy and getting nothing out of it. Let him walk for free, because, I mean, at the end of the day, it's a business. Would you lose out on having the best player of the world for free? Damn well, I think it gross still gonna leave at this season. Yeah, now it's for sure. Well, no, actually, last they there. That's what I was going to say. A watch. They signed like two or three good players and then when, yeah, if they win, everything been okay, then I think he'll stay because look at but look how bad he talked about no duty. Exposed everybody. He explos everybody. Like, Bro, how are you going to even exposed? You me, I got nothing to hide, just your passes. I let an assist angles anyways, I wish I would have highlight...

...taps. Are you now? I was gonna say. But yeah, he was saying how the Barcelona president, that he just whenever something happens, he just covers holes. He never really yeah, it's like they've been having like problems, and I mean they've have had issues for the past couple of years, like all it, and I feel like I agree, like they just cover holes, they just fire coach and expect the next coach to be something. Then they fire him too, and then they sell players and then, by sad my average players think about it. Every coach kind of fuck them because of the team or like I think, well, what they're doing, like they don't have they still they need to change their vision the project, Bro. Then you start some new they still do the whole Tiki Taka and I never worked ever since Chubby and yes, I live. Yes, it's peppe was there, Bro, but part of the old line. That's what we was trying to get back with. You know. I mean because he doing that in my city's honest. He kind of has it little, a little bit, because it can really but not really. Yeah, they know, they just play it through him. Yeah, but it's because it was like it was like an era style of play, because and bars of stolding onto it. It's been over ten years. Yeah, and I mean Spain, even Spain. Let go of it, Spain. What a World Cup playing like that? And not anymore, and not any other play. It's a whole different, more different thing, and with similar players and players. Yeah, so I sis it's not going to work out anymore, and I feel like this true. Like say, they just start feeling holes, like they sold Danny, obvious to me, probably the best right back of all time. Who they buy to replace them? Some medal? He never lived at the expectation. You see, how we got cooked by so babies. Who Else did they sell? They sold in the archery. Are there? What did they ARC Y'alls? That's how enough. So I agree with messy. How they did? They just him, plush and holes. Yeah, and then it never lives up to expectation. They needed like, okay, they've never they need to fix her like defensive problem, because that's geared to be gared. Get like get Virgil and get rid of the whole for back line bra because, thinking about it, he's always hurt. Pe Guys, old Geordi Ottama was getting old. Yeah, medal he got could buy chugging sound right. Remember that? He beat him. He beat him in a race. But so, like, Samelo's not that good. Langlet is somewhat. I those never had a couple good games when he first got into Barcelona. He's playing pretty guys, like he's really good. But if you're on Barcelona, you gotta have a good season. I just got a good Games. Yeah, you know, like Usagara, I feel like during the season there's always that one game where you have like a really bad like the whole team. They just don't connect and I don't know, they just don't play well. You know what I mean. Yeah, why is it? Why is it, though? Why can't you just have like, okay, you see, messy were and although they have a bad game, hus will score, though. Okay, it lose a game, but they still scored. So basically, still they still did their job, like when all the like would you enter. Is How they got, you know what I mean. They still lost this loveby court had a game. Yeah, like you know are you probably have the best game, because remember the the shot that hit the post. Yeah, remember, they would have been a hat trick and they would have won. But you see what I'm saying, though. Well, I don't understand, like I've always seen that, because I feel like it's just a systematic thing how Barcelona has been structured to play a certain way for so many years. Yeah, and then now with dude like Coman, like, what has he ever done? Coleman is played. We talked about this in the last Pat. I don't want to like repeat a lot of things I said. We already repreated like two things. Yeah, but he's life has but he's only coach, like small teams that he can't really do anything. He need they needed buy players in the mess he's I don't know. I just think mess he's right. I think Messi needs play over and although that's it, that's what I'm hoping, man, that's but he's gonna already say gonna leave next year. That's my city. It's for free. If they continue how they're playing now and they're continuing to not win. Well, I don't see him getting better than I don't me either. And let me who knows. No, no, I'm not gonna Jake's laudaniels back, but then also I think this is this is a breakout season for them. But Len geisman and Kutna on Barcelona, should you gotta have, you said, but WHO's leaving sides? Left to do this? is going to lease to Juvent to? I'd be that. Don't leave me to way. That was even s inter them. Melan didn't remember he sees the amount or not..., but I had rere something about Medica wanting to buy. Oh, because we that in the interview. said that he had talked to Nico Castillo, who is also from Chile. Yeah, and he played for a place from Medica. So he had asked him like, Oh, what team would you play for? Mexico and bed I said that he would play for Medica because of what his Chilean national team members have said about the team. Che Che Che Le Bebo Chile now, but that's not that. That's like that would happen like five years from now. That's so. What do you think? What about our let's talk. I want to talk about but something I want to say quick though, like do you ever like something like seven hundred million, like how is the market now comparedion? I personally think messy is worth so seven hundred. Why? Think about it. The first play to get signed for a billion dollars. It's a business. Yeah, but fuck bro He's bringing that. How much he's bringing for the team. But year million these bringing more money than a seven hundred million just messy alone. Yeah, what's crazy to see how the market has changed, like say, like seventeen each market is made to keep on up. That's what I'm saying, because think about a seventeen years ago when David Beckham and Ronaldo giving you off free gems. By the way, is he come bra this is business class. You don't need to go to Salano or naper. WHO's anything about? Well, now what I was gonna say, like seventeen years ago when Beckham and Ron although went to Real Madrid, the only soul for forty million. Yeah, that's a crazy look like them back then. Oh my God. Now was like a lot of money. Now, like you get an average player going, you but a fucking bet lair la Hollywood hills and you find a house for forty million. You know I mean. But like player wise, like like the status, like funny back. Well, I say like begging. I make you laugh. I left I'm just saying, like Beckham Wise, like he was the player to get Rinaldo the best number nine of all time. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. They were only worth forty million and it's an art and a although was bro he should have when he left Brom Madrid, he should have be should like his he should have been worth like way more. It's just a market and I don't understand why. I like, Oh has, he's aging, like his values decreasing, but if you think about his now, he's Bro, he's just staying the same, just because you didn't have as many goals. Yeah, but bro, he's been like halfway through his career at Ron Madrid, he changed whole style play, you know, or he, like Chrish, like even said it. He's like yeah, you know, I get older, like you start learning how to like use your body differently. Yeah, and I mean he had different players around him around the Jud compared to Juventus, but like someone th for sure, he's always been a goal scorer, but I feel like he kind of put it in his head the play like this. That's Damn my job. That's just what I have to do, just score goals, you know. I mean I really got to do this little joking, even though he's still we used to do it, but but it's nothing. I mean that. N Although like Man United when he was a lot more like doing fair player of all time, all time. Problem. No, MoD hole, he's the one who got it started from mere see is his return to Che us now. He was all right, he wasn't that bad. Do We got audio? But I'll time. That's not even that's tense hour. My problem. When you went to see he was like thirty something, thirty two, thirty three. I look at all those thirty five right, Bro, you go. That's orange is look a sunny league. There's players are thirty, forty years old. You think com parallels Ronaldo too? I'm just saying they're probables. That's what you say. They got one job, right. You're talking about all right, let's talk about let's. Are you done with with messy? Yeah, I'm done mess I'm talking to talk to you talk about dumb ass. What's teach all, zomb man, you are dumb man. So I feel like that. So we talked a lot and something, I feel like something house with you, as every other week, dude, is always like, always something. She was. Yeah, now, but the right so this week she was dressed news, just come from...

...a medical fan to song which somebody go friend, nobody know my life, ha ha ha ha ha. So this week, this past last week, after the game, we'll it teach, she was his coach and now in that Christian called it on. She got there. And know, they paid a million dollars. WHO, yeah, who, they played eight million for, and Naldo Se's neos are going to be sent to the second division to play for the top of the deal team, which is like, dude, that is the dumbest bro Think about it. For confertre fire was brow fires at these wrong. You think it was a small move? I got a better coach Brow who alaws of Frieze? Oh, nothing, yeah, for sure. I feel like I want to make good. I mean, I don't have the mindset of a no, but I see, not even a blind mofucker see a blasted dumb bras the dumbest decision ever brought like it was. Basically, how do you pay a million dollars for some dude? And if you know what I'm a second division just so you could get in shape, basically, and that's the thing, like the reason he gave was Bob was Scott Reed Moore, which means to like find rhythm of play. But it's like broad you guys not practice during the week and what are you just fuck around? What do they do? It about girls? What are they talk about? The problems, because they for a job. We were like, as a coach, like the way to find rhythm is, I mean, obviously make realistic, like make practice really yeah, we'll get a game, scrimmages, things like that, to be two, three V threes, stuff like that. So you're telling me you can't find rhythm in a professional player, especially coming from a coach like was a theater one at all. He took get that Tho to the final, which is on its own. It's something like I don't understand. Do these, these people be tripping? Bro, he just got hired. He's already fucking up. That's all I'm saying. So I'm saying they don't win their next game, which is today, right today, against the Luca later today, look at the US they're playing. Take this today, the this, and they don't beat them little, beat them then, Bro, already after three game. What is the three games? Yeah, well, how many points? I have now this season. After now, I knew as soon as portrait was mine didn't come back, season was over. They all know where to depend on. Myself, I don't understand how they don't have Alexei's Ye playing either, playing center back. What? Why do you Che Wis? Why do you but get the m? Yeah, we gotta pulls. HAS IT Brown relevance? It's that way. Let you chopter. That most must knows. I went on and he's represented northern California race for Seg Yeah, we're not from SAG well, Sacramento B and that's like forty five. Bro. What is there? Do out and say where? Come on, he goes. And you got that bridge, that yellow what is it? I don't even know what it's called. That yellow bridge. The Yellow Bridge, the game, the cheap gooding gate. You gotta pay here a toll. The Forman boarding game now, but yeah, like once hasn't been. I feel like the what was the last like lookative in terms of like national team was? She got the Colleton has been playing on Mexico recently and even a starter. The man, you're fucking retarded. Wrong, like that wrong. You know reats are, especially since she got brought she got that feel like can he can play? Laugh, that he play like left wing, that you are. These are just play. They have to play through hand wrong, because you can't depend on the covid symptoms or whatever. What it is something. Yeah, phenomenal throws, not and said, though, it symptoms. He said that he hasn't felt like he could run like he would be able to before covid. Yeah, because he's saying his lungs aren't the same or like they haven't recovered fully, but he's still playing like complete games. Yeah, but he can't run this. I mean you kind of see it though. Yeah, but I'm usually he's he's a beast in the mid since you said he was the best, but you said the best player in the League as the best Mexican, plainly the best player in the world. Imagine if you thought that like really what you know, people be Delusional, bressoh yeah, I want to...

...see it past people bay, but that's the chiefast news for this. It's always something. That's probably something else. We talk. Okay, little, so let's I want to talk. Let's talk. All right, I want to keep talking soccer, but let's talk. To have the best transfer window. I think Chelsea tells it is not even close. Well, I see you, Barcelona signs wrong. That's what I was going to say. It all them spoke too soon. What the Hell? The next one you're gonna be like, Oh, yeah, you know Barcelona have the best chancel window. Why them get version? But who would they even get? Marcelan, although there the offer is this fucking dianny offer. Room is agent. But I feel like that was cap just to like raises stock or something, Dude, because just go up, did it? I think it did at all. Exactly, because, dude, Chelsea's out here playing career mode in FIFA. You see them. They basically bought like they have the team change the settings to like the money. Yeah, come on, billion dollars. Could look at their dude. Well, the top three, I guess, shaffers that they bought were Zich Werner and Howard's, yeah, which are like three really good not players are out, are old, they still have a lot to give, and players well, like they've on the teams they played for, they've represented them. Well, they've scored goals, I've assisted. Yeah, so it all depends, I feel like this money wise to them not. They spent they basically made all their money back, because I don't has. They sold edit has her for one hundred and forty three million. And basically, how Zach they got for thirty six? Were fur hundred and forty seven, and how's for seventy two? They basically spent ten million, basically. Yes, so that's like that's business right there. Hey, Murmur Howard was a their Guinness World Record for the most lone players. Ever, was Chelseas a group bigger, Bro because they're going to start learning players on? Yeah, especially players like Mason Mount. I mean that probably. I feel like they'll still be on the team. They just ride the bench. What was that? One Who's named Charlie Mussanda was named the forward the order. Yeah, the short dude. I know. Yeah, he still sell. See, I'se. He's loaned down. I think he's gonna be loaned down because think about it. Was Wrong. He was good, but he just did a little up SIS. He's just in a move. He live up to expectations, because it all depends. I feel like Chelsea had a really good chansfer window, the best trasfer window. But then how are they going to play? You're saying, what are you what are your expectations for Chelsea? I think top to premierly really, or champion? No, not Champions League. Who Cause Win Champion League? And I was by iron, Byron just got they got son that, they just got better. Basically they were already like old P and then they just got another, like one of the top wayer and they went to the settings. So I feel like I mean other than that. I mean was had a good, a decent trasfer window. I feel like Juventus, who swallows Louis Watts, is pending, like Kenny Western mckinney, who also wanted to mention the first ever American to plan on Juventus, which is really, really big. Yeah, I feel like that is big. Actually, honestly, I didn't even who do you playing for? But for shot game since two thousand and seventeen and then from shock he's on Juventus. I mean it's a lone move, but they have the option about striker, right. He plays CDM CDM. Yeah, Oh shit, so he's gonna play for Robb Yo or whatever. He can play for Rosie old there he can play Inner Midi can cover. I'm I feel out there. Why? Why do all these teams have players? Are fucking useless. Barcelona has their whole teams. Fucks jument thus has Rabio. What the fuck? Ben Like Core Bro? They're either are he's a trabual. Was Do real built? Is Young, Bright Rubet this twenty five, but he's not, like he's not like that progressing. Yeah, he's not like developing into a but I don't understand how, though, like how you're that means. Obviously you're not putting in the word. You know I mean, because I mean he's always put on like systematic teams that aren't really what do you say? is He using is no fans? Nay more. I'm talking to you, buddy, and don't they don't think I didn moted to Hawaii either. Shot, I'm a Luma. Oh, I use that. I'm a...

Luma Hey, but he I don't get the whole des Loum my baby. So they any boy names with Bluma's Ex ass the streets? I don't know where the streets are at right, unless it's faithful avenue now. But I feel like that's really big for the US. I mean they basically have a team. They could basically have a starting eleven that plays in Europe. They got mckinney, on your bent to this politic on Chelsea Reina, on Borussia, so gem des on Ajax, yeah, Zach Stephen on Man City backup goalie, and then Tyler Adams, unless big Josh Sargent in Germany, Holler, I'm good, and then deandrea let Yadline in Newcastle. IVER's Mexico's all that to get smoked by Mexicore hundred and two, with plans from the molest with players from the MLS. Now, but I feel like us is getting to that point. Where is this shit, where MEX s Goo the point to where Mexico got a couple years ago, because look at Mexico squad like in the twenty, like what six, Ten World Cup, it was basically all players in the Mexican league. And Look at Mexico's team now, taking me six World Cup, yeah, it so the six. They had basically a squad of twenty old six, since he's a twenty Tho six. The same shit. Twenty two, hundred and two nine. Am Na, sorry, mathematician now, but they like think about man ahead, like how Mexico they all like had players from the Mexican league. Yeah, and then look at their team now, like they could easily make a starting eleven a whole, like, yeah, a bench with players in Europe. So I feel like USA is getting to that point, but just not yet, because I feel like a lot of these players haven't developed. Unless like polls shrike, I feel like it's done really good and then we'll see how Western mckinney does on Juventus. Wasn't that? Feel like they're young and they're haven't reached their potential yet. Yeah, I think they'll prist pass Mexico wrong and they keep wantinking. So, Bro, what do you mean? I want to go that far? Because there I feel like there's still years behind. I'm saying, to keep putting out players in Europe, like as if we like, as if they're supposed to. Like it's still crazy to me. How. Yeah, like there hasn't been an American on Juventus. There hasn't been an American on Barcelona, like we talked about in the last podcast with Conrad. Yeah, I will honestly long prayer. Back then was landon Donovan and he never even and he never bro. But that was that was barn before it was cool, Bro, like before I was like a thing, and he even play that even he was on there. I mean Mexico beat them in the two thousand and ten World Cup with everybody. You're right, but are you know what? I've been hearing a lot of speculation about Takati too. Oh, so that's in the next point I was going to be the actually the last topic. So takatito. He won players the League in Portugal, which is something like players like whole Bruno Fernandez, every a lot of people down play that league, wont, but it's been not looking from that Lee of Freddis came from that league. Nine he came from that league. A lot of the beast, as my fornovol seas one. Yeah, a lot of top, the top Portuguese players have came from that league. And for a Mexican player to be the name, the best player over all the league, over players like BC over play. Even Bruno for Nunez was nominated for that award, but since he I mean I don't know if he could really consider him, since he left like halfway through, but I'm he was still nominated and he topped him. Yeah, yeah, not mean he did have a he had a good season. He was consistent, Champions League. Ah, goals, had assists, playmaking. He have four goals and eleven assists. So I mean I especially a neat. Majority of the season he picked right back to right back. He played right back majority of the whole season. They take a detail. Yeah, played right back back. Yeah, well, I know. Yeah, it was like a wing. Yeah, and then he ended up going back to his normal position, but he was still playing good and right back. Yeah, Damn, he has it all and you can then road. He menace. Also, you know, I said Chuckottle do Huh, Oh, yeah, there were time earlier. How...

I like, who would play right back from Mexico. Now you go. You know, I got the toil. Would want to think about it, because then you could put him right back. You can put in Chicot them right or, if I can guy out of them on the last the least you can have, you know. I'm yeah, center back brother Ain't. She was right. I'M gonna with not be you can have you can have fucking Alexei Span Yeah, other center back, Eva and the US A R, I feel like, called up one time ran. They think he's the best fucking center back in the world. She was. Fans like the way he plays I would rather have what he's saying, you know, I'd rather have my smooth the run. I want to go. That is probably one of the worst center backs I have. me, Bro the last time playing right bank center back. Man, if I was on the other team, on hat trick, Bro, how you have your legs broken? They would to be from so much running, running past, you know, and then, Robbie, babies run and then you wake up. My legs, I'm but I live my dreams, Bro now real talk. And then rode men is one the players, player of the season for world awards. Right. Yeah, so think about it. Mexico's at here winning the war. They out here on this Mexican Tacos, best Burrito las for things. They should already be West Me July. Now. You're right. The Um, they got theto needs to get the hell out of porth. He needs to go to his school. Better team. Enter the INSER one, enter one, and to get him right. Yeah, but I wouldn't really play. I wouldn't really go to inter because they don't really they don't really use fullbacks. They usually play like a three, five, two. Yeah, so what? I would probably go with the team. He's got to premierly, I feel like, yeah, the permissions dog. Everybody is. I think he could, even though the partly is lot more physical. He's and he's doesn't have really the height, but he his abilities. Saying match, I think in the Premier League is it's AFECT. They focus a lot on like like your high, your way, your way, your speed, kind of like, you know, you have all those attributes. It's like they want you to have like a yeah, like you a even aggress you don't have to be that scietally. Yeah, gifted, you know. Yeah, like skill wise. I think it. Look at Harry Kane, for example, in the striker. He do this finishing, his crazy though and easy, fast left and right. Is he technical like that? Not Really, not really, he just is just a finisher, Bro's finisher. He's a brother's here. Might me of like a knockoff Robert lowd Aski, but he not even know Youkay, not not. Let One dos part like the JACO. Remember Dodenko? Remember? Yeah, that's wrong, like a knockoff Lewandowski, but here we don't know. People on a Roma, played on Roma, but before Messay. Yeah, he found a mensiny. Ever, two thousand and ten. Yeah, that's what he was brow. That's crazy. D Easy D went and wanted to get him. Yeah, but I feel like another's getting sweats. They just sit. See Why and who you way in. You seen that. He why, should have played like Swis, but you wan, he's fat, Bro. You see, he's going to into the Miami. It's like almost done. Basically, I'm going to my yeah, which is crazy, I feel like. I mean, but yeah, he hasn't been this prime. And how did it for all these players, Bro, money of the table, but getting paid cash, not ha ha, not this twenty, Bro, like you why? He isn't really the player he was even five years ago. Bro, they should have gave up on him when he missed that. Go on the champion in the World Cover Cup. Finally, as just you should have gone to Introdu I don't know why he didn't like the Miami Backman, like. I mean, you gotta be an his shoes to bust bro, like no, he just stopped the ball, and you see how he's to think. I still think, Manuel Neuer, that was a redcord when he taggled them. That was bro. How do you even get a cord? The it was shorter to shoulder, not bro he jumped and smack them. How do you house a fast of record, Bro, that's automatic PK. Outside the box. The fuck. What... there the rules? Because it was so it was so terrible, Bro. This was next, a cory kick from the other side of the field. Yeah, R what the Hell? He fucked them up and he still played. Yeah, that's when they have a member. What's the dude with the Jedi tell? Oh, there you go, Pla, he played her. Yeah, I don't. And then why do you put any missed the God to the saying this to go to bro and maybe he must. Good byle on the bench. And then he cutti didn't even go. Well, that's one before we Kardi. was really that there so much, but still like the same thing Argentina had. They have their own answers, Bro, they know what that take your own advice. Goddamn, because they have score. If you think about it right now, are you Seena has a lot of good players. Let that outto do. Like if they don't win the next World Cup, mess, he's never going to win a World Cup. If they don't, I feel like, the next well, then it's like realistic, like there's no other way. Now feel like this is this last chance. He's last and likes exciting the last dance. Same thing with Barcelona, is last dances, dance, and I'm not he's gonna be the first art foreign player to go poach you. We already have let Chelfies, but we can't have to man. I'm gonna talk to me about trophies. Are you seen it? These two going a little backtracking little. He said he lost for kilos, but what is it like? Why does it matter? But a pounds? Holy Cry, wowaze. It's like all the let's say, like when you wake up and your skinny, if you got that morning skinny. They wait a min like after he ate, and then wait a minute, like the next morning. That's probably the reason you drop for kilos. All right. Well, that wraps it up for this week's go talk with Edgar Padilla and Alonzo. For you is all right. Will leave a comment. She thumbs up. Subscribe the scribe. Share. Share it to your Moma, share it to your granny. See your girl, see your girl, to your girls. Grow always so she's Lessian. Thank you.

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