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Episode 12 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 012 | Chivas, Liga MX, Maradona, Mexico FIFA Rankings, Tyson vs Jones Jr, NBA


In episode 012 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss Chivas beating America in the Liga MX playoffs, Maradona passing away, Mexico being ranked 9 in the FIFA rankings, Mike Tyson drawing against Roy Jones Jr on Triller, Jake Paul knocking out Nate Robinson, and the NBA draft and free agency.

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Welcome back everybody. This is episode twelve of Goat Talk. I'm your host, Alonzo fries, and for this week we're joined again by favoring Maganya as a cohost, and the first topic I want to talk about is Chivas. A Medica. She was be America three one and now they reached the semi final for the first time in three years through. That's what a story man for Chivas. But I have to say, absolutely disgraceful performance by America and both games they just didn't live up to what headed, what they have been playing the whole season and actually the whole year, which they've been playing pretty good. They placing top three in the league and losing to Seventh Position Chivas both games. Like I just didn't think that that's how I was going to play out. I don't think anybody thought that's how I was going to play out. I don't mean us. That's like the main reason why to like that. I feel like Chivas already like overachieved in a way. I mean they came in seventh place and they already took out the third place team. Did it, they did it, I don't know, they did it to me in a easy way. In some sort. I mean they beat them one overall, but I mean me, I mean me. I had a medica beating Chivas. I mean because I mean you hit's a medica. And then Chivas was missing some key players. So it seemed like difficult for to us to pull this out, and they did. So I'm still kind of should to you know, because that was the main thing too. We're missing our top goal scorer, m see us the top of sister Alexei's Vega, and then the player who won that, I been China for us on Gulo also out, and then the also the key players on the bench and one starter, I guess, the Al Bando Guy Eto trophies. Like we were missing like six stable players on the roster, and America had harders and they were having had a couple players coming back even from injury. So there their roster was completely they had been at Etty, they had vinyas, they had everybody who was injured before. They had them like recovered a hundred percent exactly. So that's why America seemed like the favorite to win this series. But it didn't play out like that and it seemed like Chivas up played them in possession they were just they wanted it more than a Medicut, seem because the from what the Games we saw, Chivas was dominating on Medicuy and it's something nobody had anticipated do. And she got the do. Niqua said he got that guy just completely balled out to three bangers on a Choi Man what? And that's what I like she got. I've been saying this for what a couple years now. I feel like he got this the best left bag in the league. Mexican. Mexican, I think Mexican for sure. I don't know. We have hard of his siss to who plays on Medica. Yes, he had a pretty good, solid series, but I feel like she got the or. I don't even think he should be playing left back anymore. I feel like he's not. He that's playing game, and look what happened. Yeah, and I saw. I feel like he should definitely be a future call up for Martino on Mexico. Yeah, but yeah, I like you were saying. I feel like Chivas was setting up counters perfectly. They shut down the mid their best medical a cord of why you didn't see him in either leg they said. I mentioned that. I said to cord by was a no show in this series and then their old their transitions were good, their passes were concrete, they were just like overall good performance. They had a few mess ups here and they're like, I mean, but I mean either way, with the players they had, they made ends meet. They made more than enough to beating on Medica, like, and I feel like a lot of people don't realize, like wow, how good of a win this was, especially being the first time they make playoffs and so many three years. For a team like Chivas, it's a big and against some Medica, which the team they had never been in the question of a few not. So that's a big that's a big win right there, historic when I would say to yeah, and I mean starting the game with fucking or even Bet Outa, the worst striker in the league, to like I'm not even going into put out that he's Alfaha, hope he leaves, and I hope, I mean our players will recover, because I mean they're going to play let on your loan. Next they're playing with own Ya in the semi finals, which they just beat Puebla, but right three to which they struggled mat how you struggle? You're the number one team out of the whole season and you struggle against twelve place, the last team. They even clinch a playoff spot, and then you did do but look, all right, they played puebla. They lost the poet on the first leg, one one with the TAP in and a own goal to kind of mean, yeah, they should have scored way more. I didn't see the loan. Was it like very concrete in the taking third, like they were generating, but that last touch they just couldn't finish it. We saw, like I saw too easy one on ones yesterday. Missed that. It was boom. I had one and so did MENA and they both missed those. Like in Lelegia. I like you have to make those shots because those type of plays won't ever come back. And so playing at home, to play at home exactly like...

I felt the defense did better for this game then the one that they did and at Puebla, but the attacking still needs to be better if they want to have any chance, to even have a chance to win the title and get past the semi finals, because, I mean they're facing chivas and she was defensive. These a pretty good team. I mean they held and no Medica team to only one goal in two games and I'm let it got mess offensive of the League to exactly. So that's why, if it's going to be it's going to be hard. But as a Lephant, I'm say loan's going to be Chiev us. I think it'll be close, but land's defense not going to let she got the scored three goals on them like that. But the thing is to that for the second leg. It seems like my sis is in a come back. So I don't know, you guys have to deal with that too, and I mean Lan's gonna get Yado back to dude? WHO's gonna get back left back? Who is God? Who is that dude? Colombian left back, dude now and then the other. The other thing is too that well, when they play in the regular season, it was zero zero. Yeah, it was row zero. And then that's what I'm saying, where we saw that game where loan could have won that if they had score goals. And why? So men, I missed like three tappens. Yeah, and it was kind of like that's not the men or used to see. So I mean, I don't know. I feel like for Chivas, the the like the key players at might make the difference would be obviously chicled day. He's going to continue to be that best round in the midfield here if he can outplay Chap beat the months. And then obviously the striker, in my Sass O Regga. That, like the would be the chief US will on. All you gotta do the shutdown months and MENA. That's it. That's it too. That's the only two players. I make every player for yeah, like everybody for them, basically all the team's been trying to do. that. Has It worked? She was doing and work for? What I work for? The twelve place team. The first leg, the first leg, but I mean then thrown co Confienza. But I mean, I don't know. We'll see how what types of preparations loan makes. Now get they have achieve as they play on Wednesday and Saturday. So that's going to be it's going to be good. And I don't know the other time I final game, boomas is right now waiting for an opponent's going to be either red, yeah, you cay be Paula, which is probably going to be crusool is already up one. They scored three away goals, so it's going to be pretty tough, DA to pretty tough, because I think school. Yeah, Pumas, but I don't think who must makes it past semi finals. Yeah, me either. I think the fool only one goal against PACHUCA and they tied Zeros row at home. In the game actually, Patchuka was dominating. They just couldn't get the on the net. And I mean they be they missed the first I missed the penalty in the first game to yeah, because it was mine. The cheer of the players said, have been playing for Chivas. They but yeah, I don't think. I don't think who must gets past whoever comes out of the era a teakers or crusiss wool from saying right now. I don't know what she must as the final. So I'm say. I'm say Leon Creusa School, and Leon's gonna be crusis school in the final and they're going to stop. It's good. It would be like the matchup that crystal last one, but it's going to be a different outcome. We'll see. I mean we'll see on the coming weeks. I mean we're going to know in about a week or so how how that final pens out. True, in and Gulo will be back for chivas. I don't think he's going to be back, and I mean Vega. Vega was already on the bench this past game, but I don't know how. I don't have to want to. Rust was active. Yeah, didn't see any minute though. Yeah, but we'll see. And in other news, to Madelonna, the Argentine and legend, just passed away this past week on November twenty five. He was sixty years old. And Yeah, the shock to the I feel like, to the whole world, not even the just a sports world, but just the world as a whole. Yeah, we saw athletes from all over the world, different type of sports technology and how great of a player Madelonna was and how big is legacy was as a player and as a person. And we saw how Ligat macky's in the the Guya, along with other leagues, were commemorating Madelonna Pre match with a minute of silence and especially, and I said, yeah, we're Madelonna played on Apuli and gave them the only two titles that they have. They were pretty devastated and they all had to earn them in a great way. And then we also Barsa Mars one day. He scored and when he scored, he took his Jersey off and he had the Madelonna's News Old Boys Jersey on. That's it, that's crazy, that's I mean that's the team that messy played for. That was his boyhood team. So that was that was good to see messy showing some respect and remembering Madelonna wearing his jersey...

...that he also played on the same team for. Yeah, and as an Argentinian player and legend, messy is kind of like the one who has taken the torch that Madelonna had, as you know, being that Argentina legend, messy is that player now and I feel like the death of Madelonna is going to probably push messy to play and probably be the type of player Madelonna was, and how that sort of push to not only just went for Bar Sot, but hopefully brings some future titles Argentina, just like my alone, I was able to do and see, I guess too. So now, with Madelona passing away, now the question is, where does Madelonna rank at the top three or top four best players of all time? Because me personally, I mean, all right, so Madelonna, he won the World Cup as Captain Argentina, he wanted in Mexico. One thousand nine hundred and eighty six. He's a top five all time goal score for Argentina with thirty four goals. He played in Europe. He played on most notably will Boca Juniors in Argentina, but in Europe to play for not belie, played Barcelona and he played for Savia. But honestly, I think, I don't know. I think messy his career has been more solid, like, after everything that Madelonna did and after everything that he cemented into his legacy, I still think messy at the end of the day, when he's retired, I think his his career is going to be more than Madelona's personally. So you think like messy is more has created a bigger legacy than Madelonna had in his career. I mean, I don't say or actually because actually to the word legacy, I mean Madelonna want to World Cup and that's something messy has never done. He came up short. He a loss of final against Germany. But I don't know about legacy, but I believe like a better career because I feel, like many Madelona, he cemented a lot for his nation that he was the main player for Argentina for many, many years, like decades. So he was the first person there to like say we talked about basketball, like Michael Jordan was one of those. Yeah, hurricane players have cemented a legacy that I feel like they're always going to be in the conversation, since they came, so says Madelona came before messy, he's always going to be in the topic goes, Oh, he did it first. Yeah, no, yeah, but I feel that my atona had a bigger has had a bigger impact, I mean on Argentina alone. Like, yeah, messy has become probably the best, if not like best, player of all time. But like as far as like, in terms of having an impact on the country of Argentina, like we have seen that Madelonna has given Argentina more of those old Huios that like happy, those titles that have, you know, made Argentina a top ranked competitor and they're like one of the world's toughest teams. But that, I feel like that's what Madelonna created. He gave Argentina that that, you know, that like that we're one of the top teams. We can compete with anybody you know and they've proved that, and he proved that by winning titles. I mean, yeah, in the most notable was the world up, but he was like the first one to do that and I feel like maybe that's what messy has lacked with doing with the his country and his cluss, like his natural team out with Argentina. Response Time that improve that. But I feel like if he doesn't win a title with like Argentina, like I don't know, like I don't I still feel like my Aldona's impact would be bigger. I like at the country is Argentina. I'm not talking about in the sports world alone, but like on Argentina, because I mean, like at the same time, I mean messy won an Olympic gold medal with Argentina. I count that, because I mean, I mean I count, I believe, the one that Mexico and was really impactful to the country into the soccer world in Mexico. And also what also helps Madelona in terms of legacy for Argentina is that he played in Argentina for like years and he beat one of the biggest teams, which is what I junior's and I've since messy never actually played like competitively or want anything in Argentina. That also helps Madelona's legacy in Argentina. Yeah, but at the same time, Europe wise. Yeah, my Alonna played in Europe for about eleven years. He played on not pully, Barcelona and Sevilla. I mean will not pullie. He won a U F A Cup, but that you have a cup. That was when like the whole before that whole Champions League thing happened, and I mean in that you have a cup that he won. There was English teams were banned. So I mean they didn't have that competition and then they didn't play with the Prem Yeah, and I mean all right, the last year you put in Europe, he only scored one goal with severe and I mean messy's been doing it since two thousand and four, which is the year he started. He's been doing it for so many years in Europe, playing against from England, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, everything, and...

...he's won multiple Champions Leagues. So I feel like that also cemmens messy above Madelonna in terms of being like his career. Yeah, being the best player to come out from Argentina. But then I feel like a lot of people are going to be like, oh well, my Alonna have been there, done that. He want to, he actually want to. World broke up, and I feel like since everything happened, like right now, like he just passed away, everybody's going to be like, oh no, but Madelonna, just because of the fact that he passed away recently, I guess. Yeah, but and then if you look at it, Madelonna, you know he i. You said how he only he played a, he said, eleven years in Europe, but also saying that he played the most Jority of the time in Argentina. What's your right? I can see why you'd say, like messy has a bigger thing, because messy he was. He grew up in Europe and he came out of Barsa, so competing. He's been basically competing in Barcelona his whole life in Europe. Yeah, but I mean it's still like, but you can see what I mean is like Madelonna played on Bolka, right, but even we can see how even river plate fans, like the rivals of bulk, they hate each other, like they have love for Madelonna, and we saw that this week, that we saw the the rivals coming together for one player and it's I don't know, it's just incredible to see how one player can bring such like a right, like a hatred. Just remove that those barriers and they all come together for him. And I don't know that just that that kind of showed me how how Mad Alonna had an impact on Argentina as a country, and I mean I'm pretty sure messy can have that similar impact, but I don't know, I feel like I haven't seen that yet. I mean, obviously we have. We curt messy. His career still has a few years left, but I'm just saying my Adonna's and we like the way we saw from people reacting around the world, but specific in Argentina. That just showed how much people, how much the love Argentine and people love Madelonna and how much do he has brought them. So, I mean, I don't know even coached. He coach Argentina and a World Cup in two thousand and ten and yeah, most different teams around the world. We Seen Him coaching here in Mexico and without others, which is like a I want to say I don't know if a joke and its own, because of Madelonna's history with cocaine and he came to like one of the yeah, see, I know, and seen Alloa and then he I'm but I mean to I want to also, not in like a messed up way, but I want to mention too, Maddonna's like troubles, all the health issues he had because of his hug abuse, because its alcohol abuse. So that also marked his career in a way too, because he used. Yeah, that sainted us in a way. He and dude, he was using cocaine for like decades while he was still professional playing in Europe. So I don't know, to me that also puts a blemish in his career. I mean, don't get me wrong, yeah, he's one of the best players of all time, no question, but I mean things that happen throughout his career also make them, I don't know, drop down, I guess. Yeah, it's sort of these like a stain to like the type of player that he was, because as much of a great player that you are, you're also judged by how your actions off the field, and I feel like those type of actions kind of hurt him in a way. It was unfortunate, though, to see a player of that caliber falling big them to drug abuse, you know, and it's who knows. We don't know if, like, if his death could be like, you know, a result of that, but it's still my Alona's leg you see, still, still, will forever live in the sport of soccer and he's obviously left his impact on the thousands of athletes around the world that play the sport and other sports. I mean he coached. He coached in like every continent basically. So, yeah, damp and all around the world. It's really unfortunately news that we had this week about mid alona. You'll truly be missed. The sport of soccer will miss him, not only just on the field, but the cut type of character in Chris mck he would bring in the stands, because at Argentina Games, you know, I'll remember that goes wild or he was like flipping off the reff with both hands and Argentine again, one passionate dude and a but that passion that aspecy would give up to the players and the fans. You know, that's what I feel like is left with a lot, like we don't see players like that anymore, like, yeah, we don't see Ronaldo going up as the Games and like now we're only is this is when a joe what is in prison now. But I'm saying like to like you see the brawls, that when he knocked out that goalkeeper with his knee. Oh yeah, we're he would pick hit on the floor. Yeah. So he was like always involved in like he was just passionate about the sport, and I feel like that's what's missing a lot. And...'s game, yeah, it's like more of the I feel the players are more kind of for the money rather than the sport. Might Alona, he's always liked shown love for his sport, like his love. He had like that certain type of Lover Sport. We're like you could have some players probably will never have because his like his left for soccer. He showed it while he was coaching. You know, he would kiss, and I was a player. He would kiss the field, he would walk it here. It was like this the ball and he had a relationship with the ball that we had not seen other players have. So he he'll be miss for sure. We missed. And then the next topic I want to also mention is how Mexico ranked number nine, their highest since two thousand and eleven, in the feet or not I feel about that really. So the rankings came out this week. So Belgium, France, Brazil, England, Portugal, Spain, Argentina would have why Mexico and Italy make up the plan, the top ten. I discigree. I disagree with Mexico be and I I don't disagree with them being top ten, but I disagree with them being number nine because I yes, they've won there for they had good games this one. They beat Netherlens, they tied with Algeria, they beat South Korea and Japan. Right, it was south dare in Japan. Yeah, yeah, those were the only four games they had this year and they did win. LET GOP out on two thousand and nineteen. But like, I feel like they haven't really they beat, like they've beat solid teams, but I want to see them beat the great teams for me to consider them. Like in the top ten, Croatia. We've obviously know that. They made the World Cup finals and they've been playing pretty good in the in the nation's league. They're obviously and Italy. Italy's playing pretty good. I don't think I want to. I don't. I wouldn't say Mexico is better than Italy maybe better than Croatia, but I don't know about Italy. I'm still if fee if they're better on Creatia, obviously. Yeah, we're looking at number twelve, Denmark. I think Mexico is actually better than Denmark and Germany. Will we know? Germany is kind of going through a rough patch right now. They lost six zero to Spain. They they didn't make another group and didn't make out of the group and the World Cup, which in the Mexico. Yeah, yeah, Netherlands, fourteen. Mexico beat them recently, which was I can't see. So that's why I would agree that Mexico is ahead of Netherlands, Germany Denmark, but I don't know yet if they're better than Italy and Croatia. See, and that's the thing too. All right, man, right, so one thing you mentioned was that Mexico. You say that Mexico shouldn't be that high because of the nation's league. Right, yeah, all right. So you want Mexico to move continents, you want them to sho move their whole country to Europe. See, that's the thing. I've always had a problem with people talking shit about Mexico because of the competition they play domestically, like nationally. All right, well, that's where fucking Mexico's located in the world. Like there's no way for them to play in the there's no way for them to play in the UF, the nations league. They're fucking country isn't over there. And then something too Mexico, right, so you mentioned all right, yeah, they beat a Netherlands, they tied against the champion of Africa, they beat Japan, the beat South Korea. Their last twenty two games they have nineteen wins, two ties and one loss, having fifty eight goals scored and only twenty one against. And you're telling me, to me, they probably even deserve a higher ranking, maybe top you seven, top yeah, I think top seven. I don't but top seven, you're so. You're saying so, you're saying that they could be like they would be able to get past were white Argentina. Yeah, but I mean we saw the one loss that they had was against Argentina's beat team. That was a four zero loss. We seen also doing nest at our whole. That was basically nest or at home making mistakes. And I mean Kroyt, you mentioned Croatian creations. There in third place, in their group in the nation's league. And then, I mean, yeah, Belgium. Belgian came there and first of their group. Italy's in first of their group and then Spain is also came in first for their group. But these other teams, like little why they could? They're in fifth right now in the club would I think Mexico would beat them. Even Argentina. I feel like they've struggled playing against teams in the club world and I feel like Mexico like they're just solid. They're going with the rhythm right now. I feel like they finally found a style of play with Martino and I feel like they're they're beating good teams. We saw it this year there they were undefeated and they played against really good teams. HMM. And this the feeful world ranking is bait. It's points base, right. So if you look at the if, if we're looking... the rankings, Mexico is only about out, like twelve points behind. No, no, not even twelve points, my bad. That's seven points behind little white. They could probably take top eight in the next rate games when they have more play and they play, and I mean Mexico to or I so Mexico, the last major competition they played in after the World Cup was the Gold Cup cut, which they also won. So I feel like the point system that the FIFA rankings do Mexico is perfectly fine. At nine, there should be nobody talking shit about Mexico being that high, like if you really think like you just I hated like all those people comment team on the instagram comment saying, Oh, why is Mexico that high? I'm like, Dude, look at the fucking stats, like it's that. It's just that simple. Look whol they've played, look at the competitions they've won. To me, I don't know. They did pretty good in the World Cup, even though they just lost in a round of sixteen, just like every other World Cup. Yeah, but I mean the teams behind them, Denmark, they also lost in the round of sixteen in the last World Cup. Croatia made it pretty high, but then they didn't do good in the nation's league. They have one win and five losses. So I mean they haven't been playing well enough. I mean, yeah, you're you have a point, but I don't know, I just I want it like, yeah, you said they play good teams, but I want to see Mexico be great teams I'm talking about, but I'm like Belchio, but they I know, I know they can. Yeah, they're not right now, but I don't I I just want to see, like for me, it's just like I don't feel confident, like yeah, they FIFA says are nine, but like all I'm saying as me personally, like on my own ranks, like I don't know if I want to put Mexico yet in the top ten. They like they're like I have them like maybe being top ten, like they haven't have potential to be there. But I just I want to see more, like I don't feel confident and seeing that like they're within the top ten teams of the world. They have the they have potential. I'm saying that like they do. They do, they do have the weapons, they do have the coach, they do have the style where they can compete, but I just I want to see like them actually win. But, like you said, we can't move the continents. I know you can't, and I just that's what sucks, because it's like that. It's like on got got you. The only really competitors that you have is USA and maybe used to be Costa Rica. But, like I just wish like we could see Mexo compete against like these great teams, because as much as I want to, I want them to be up there. I want them to compete against those that Argentina, that I wanted to compete against Spain. We saw them compete against Portugal and they actually play good games against them. But I just want to see that. I'd rather see them as my appointments then rather seeing like Guatemala or Trinidad or you know, like yeah, but we can't if they had. They haven't been playing teams like that to though, because when Martino became coach, he told the Mexican Federation that he doesn't want to play against those trash, yeah, teams that they've been playing against for the last a hundred years. And we've seen base not this year. Yeah, they've been play only had the only played European and Asian teams, which I mean is good because they're actually, you know, they're competing against the teams over there. But I like in I just want to the Netherlands. I thought I was like the good game. Algeria was a good opponent, the champion Boyant of champion of Africa, and we see how the town. However, Africa. We see how far African teams make it in the World Cup and they just, yeah, be for a reason. Yeah, yeah, and I mean they and maybe a south last who were, yeah, the last two opponents. I wouldn't say they were good. I'd say they're a decent, you know, decent match. The I didn't like how they struggled with South Korea was in South Korea when they're losing. It has a good team. I mean South Korea they beat. They also be German to the last World Cup. They have, they have, arguably son. So that's all you mean? I know son is argument that probable. Eleven positions. He's like the top two or three left bag, not left bag left winging in the world. I mean, yeah, do, but I mean he's not playing goalie to you know, like why'm the best day? It was struggling. I can see the same thing with Mexico. You don't see their lineup wasn't the best. They don't have play's in Barcelona and Tonham and all these other teams. I mean they're attacking three R reler top. Yeah, they're competing in Champions League and Premier League. So I mean, I I wanted to see more from them. I did it. Unfortunately, the Goatito had to what's up? Doubt we didn't. That's when I'm doing. I came on and then we saw a real chains oring. But I don't like something. I want to mention too, from the rankings, just real quick. USA stayed... twenty two in the world, and I mean I can see why. The whole I guess I want to call it like a hype of having only players from Europe. They struggled against the mix of an a and AB team of wills. They didn't even have Garretth Bell, their best player, and then they be Panama, which isn't even they don't. Yeah, it was six too, but I mean that's that's what the score was supposed to be. It was it was expected. It was expected, but am players at Panama has players at USA. Had All playing in Europe, you know. Yeah, so that was expected. But we'll see if there's the USA turns into that team that everybody says they're going to be. But I feel like they're good at twenty two. Yeah, they still how they still have a long way to go. Like as a team. They're not. They're hoping a way up to really we haven't seen them like you know, we want, like they're they're putting ahead already of like where they should be, but they're still like working their way to get to where people expect them to be. So that I don't expect that to be anytime soon either. Like we won't see them like when like jump like rankings and suddenly be good from one game to another's is like takes. This is like at least a couple year progress and we probably won't see that sort of USA team against the next one until the next World Cup, you know, when they all hit their experience. That's if all these players are into adapt and play well together and exactly years, because you could say it's a good team on paper, but you also need to adapt and play together as one. Yeah, I mean we saw good things from Sebastian Soto, Giovanni Reina, but you guys actual real competition, or even against Mexico locally. Yeah, because those are the two head ones. But we'll see, we'll see how they play. They have an upcoming match December nine against all solid or in Miami, which I mean is also, I feel, just like another arm this another trash opponent just like a warmup game, you know, just to have a game, you know, so they have rhythm. But I don't know we we were. We're not expecting to see any European players, I think. Yeah, they're just going to Bour with MLS and I believe a couple from Europe, and I feel like mls to it's probably going to be players that are not in the MLS playoffs. Yeah, because not a lot of there want to give up the pen. They shouldn't. They shouldn't go whether player. Yeah, the shouldn't. So we're going to see a molest players are out of playoffs and probably been some some youth players from MLS. The next topic I want to talk about is Mike Tyson. Just felt Roy Jones and an eight round exhibition at the stable center in La and then in a draw. And the only reason I'm even mentioning this fight I hope that all the might me. I hope that all the attention that this brought some boxing. I hope it helps upcoming fighters and the just helps the sport of boxing to attract more fans, because literally do there was no reason for this fights I even have happened this dude, this was. I think this is more of a publicity stunt, dude, like I don't really even know why this fight even happened. Um, I mean it was your never you see a lot of people posting it, like on their stories, but then I feel like people are dude, if you paid. Dude, I've never seen and do this people that post. I've never seen them post any other boxing fights. Dude. They literally just put Mike Tyson because they were probably like, Oh, I finally get to see iron Mike, you know, fighting, which I never got to see the thing, who the thing is not here. They thought that this is going to be like Mike Tyson and his fucking prime dude boy don't know here and that was never going to happen. Well, I mean he if that attracted money towards a business of boxing, so be it. With the fans that thought that they were going to get Prime Mike Tyson from two thousand and twenty five years ago, you're you got what you deserve. Man. The fight ended on a draw. There was no knockdowns, there was nothing like that. And I mean the California Boxing Commission, they didn't even assign judges to the fight. So there wasn't even supposed to be. There wasn't going to be winner. There wasn't supposed to be a winner, but then the WBC assigned x boxing champions to just score the fight for fun, and then they were giving to if you've seen this, and then we were giving they were giving away like ten, ten rounds for no reason. Vinnie PAS had had it shut out for Roy Jones when Mike Tyson was giving all all the momentum of the fight was mostly with Mike ties and he was looking good. He has some pretty good body shots. I mean Roy Jones has a pretty good hits here and there, but Mike Tyson control the fire and then Vinnie Paz scored every single round for Roy Jones. But I mean a... was a fun event. I guess they had different rappers performing. It was a yeah, like you said, it was all it was. It was more of an entertainment thing. That's what I feel like it was. It was just, you know, like for people to have something to watch. Dude, like in the middle of a pandemic, when there isn't a lot of fights except for other than USC Ufcq. was only more like WHO's only pew like Dana White has only been consistent about putting up fights during the pandemic. But I feel like this was just more of like a entertainment people can watch, you know, and the people will watch because they're going to be eager to watch something. So you know. But yeah, but I mean my thing is that the people who thought this is going to be like a fight of the year with the knockout of the year, you're shipping, but they they didn't get what they're expecting. I hope this brings more times to the fine I hope younger upcoming boxes have the same opportunities of being on a platform with pay per view buys and stuff like that. We'll see. And then also, we saw the CO main event. You want to talk about that or no? We got jake for versus Nate Robinson. It would fuck no. I mean it was a knockout, but they don't even want bro those memes again. Were Against Slam Dunk champion. Nah, love it. Move on next. Let honestly about that Shit. We can of Nate Robinson with time. Our MBAA. We had the NBA Free Agency Start and we had the NBA draft about week and a half ago. Your reactions launch to the NBA draft and the top three picks. Dude, I'll but I thought, I honestly thought Lamello ball was going to go first. Dude, you really thought Minnesota would choose them? I think so, because, look, Lamello ball brings a lot more to the table and just basketball, like his media attention, his sponsorships, especially with Minnesota, who hasn't been in the spotlight for years. I feel like, Huh, they're like Lamella Vallda, bring more attention to them and even bring good basketball. Like, come on now, like he's a top three pick. He's been the top three pick for the past and all the mock drafts since he was announced that he would declaring, he's always been top three. So I mean, I thought he's gonna go first. Honestly, that was my like I say, okay, so I I knew he would go top three, like he wouldn't go anything below there, but I didn't think top so you said that the that let balls should have gone number one. Right, but I disagree. I feel like number three makes sense, but because timber wolves already have D'Angelo Russell, so picking a point guarden, Lamello ball didn't really see makes sense, especially if they wanted somebody to add to their starting lineup. Shooting Guard Anthony Edwards made more sense going. For me, it made more sense for him going number one to the timber wolves. But do the also with the Hornet though. They have two point guards already on their team, but I mean none of them are stars. We Got Chemi Walker, was true. He's with the Celtics. He was only started point guard that they really had and they made that plade with the Celtics. Yeah, so lamelo balls of the Hornet's for me, makes perfect sense. Though people are hating Michael Jordan, saying that as much of a good player he was on the court, as a as an owner, he hasn't really done anything. He's treated as an owner, which is true, but do you a matter of draft picks he's had and hasn't drafted one like star and the players he's passed on to? He had the opportunity to have like one of the better players of last like out of all the seasons that have passed, he's had the chance to get at least a top five player, exactly because the Hornets obviously were in the lottery for good amount of good amount of seasons, but they didn't. So I don't know. We'll see if lamellow ball can be the star that the Hornets need to put them because as a market place, or the Hornets, like can lure any big with any big players, big time players. We had warriors sign, not draft, center James Weisman at the number two overall pick, which I expected that was always going to happen. Yeah, there was no doubt that they're going to drop wiseman because, I mean, they don't need a point guard, shooting guard exactly, though I was sort of wondering if they would change because couple hours before the draft clay, there was news that clay had tore his Achilles in a workout in Los Angeles. And Remember, I hold you. Remember I told you I was like there's gonna be at least one all start to get injured, like it was one of those seasons where it was just too good to be true. But I mean like you coming back, Kevin Durant, even John Wall coming back, like there was. I told you all like this just too good to be true of a season, like it was too complete. There was going to be at least one all star to get hurt. And then it turned out to be Clay Thompson, and and it hurt me that I was worstime, but also a basketball fan, because you have a guy, if was coming off an acl injury, missing the whole last season, you know, probably grinding it out, working, trying to get back to this season and, you know, try to get the words back, because they had a trash season...

...last season and for me good reason. Their stars were practically out the whole season. But you know, like seeing a guy like clay who the NBA miss watching because, dudes, he can, he's a great player, start player, you know, shoot slights out, then bea wanted to see him. For him to get injured a month before the game the season starts again, it's like devastating not just to which fans, but also basketball fans because I mean like, dude, somebody like that getting injured missing now was going to be two seasons back. Guy, he misses back to back. See, and that's destine too that you mentioned. Since like it was announced before the draft. I feel like the wars should have just said fucking and either well, since Anthony Edwards already taken, they should have drafted Lamelo Ball, because I mean that's what I thought. That's what I said. I don't know if they were, if they're going to change their their plans for draft, because I do if they would develop Lamella Ball, he could have started here. I feel like he could have started on the warriors. Just move, yeah, curier, him to shooting guard. And then you also never know how clay is going to come back. Those are two career ending injuries for a lot of players. Yeah, so you never know how he's going to come back and then having that backup just in case with the top and I don't know. That's why. Yeah, I thought that they would make like changes to the way they were going to proach draft night, but they're GM BOT Myers K' said right before draft at their draft night plans, we're not going to change that. They were going to stay the same, which kind of I was kind of like y'all, like with an injury like clay, like how can we like prepare, because we were expecting to get him back? Like how can we prepare and change our plans to like kind of you know, now it's going to be trying to fill the not only that, that's starting spot a shooting guard aside from trying to fill out your bench, you know, like you thought you had your starting line upstet but then now you have to worry about that like that just changed a lot of the warriors offseason moves which made them. It forced them to trade for Kelly Bray, signing him from who was from the Sun's and when the trade it to Okc and then traded from okc to the warriors, which made was designing makes perfect sense. You need a shooting guard. He's most likely going to start with step currying the back court. And the thing too, I've I think the warriors are probably going to even struggle to get an eighth seed, in my opinion, to it see you think, though, with a healthy steff curry dude, all right, but look at you look at the teams in the division, in the conference. Lakers, clippers, nuggets, Houston, if, if James Harden and Russell Westbrook's Day, or if Westbrook ends up leaving and they bring another Allstar, they're going to top the Utah Jazz with Donovan Mitchell, who now has a Max extension, the mavericks with Luca Nantick, Portland is still good, memphis with John morant developing. And then the Phoenix Suns. They got Chris Paul and Jay crowder, Jay crowder. So I think they're I think they're gonna struggle for either a seventh or eight seed. See, I disagree. I disagree for the reason that I think that with clay going down, you still have steph and dre. Yeah, Draymon is not the same player who he was. Sucks. No, dray one isn't the player he was four years ago, but with step back on the court and you like he's gonna have a little bit more of like freedom. He's like the push and signy could Kelly whoubra. This why I think it's a good signing, because the warriors transition, it's going to be able to go fast again with a guy like Kelly Oubrey who can push down the court pretty fast. Their transition is going to be key, I feel like, if they want to succeed. But I still think that the warriors have a better team than the blazers do. The Blazers they've really only added Robert Cummington in a trade, which they have. I mean it's good they have dude, but the same thing, dude, they all right, Dimmi Lillar can play good in the season, but when it comes to playoffs, like the plazers as a team like they don't live up to their expectations. We've seen that three years and years girds. He made okay, see freaking rebuild do and then look what happened. I up to that, though. Do you played a Katie less warriors team? Could wish. They had twenty three point lead and three of the four games and still got swept. But the thing is two with the suns. He seen our devern booker played in the bubble and then adding an experienced player like Chris Paul to all right, so we're talking about a bubble game where it's eight games trying to get seated. Devin book has do that for Seventy two games. You don't think he hasn't like any play like that, dude, because when you're acting like games, you're acting like he's fifty years old, dude. But I'm saying with that type of energy, like eight Games is nothing like you could obviously do that for eight games. But what what about like in the long stretch, like when you have well, you travel, you have, I mean have played different...

...states like me. Time Management and I mean the Games aren't going to be as backtoback as they were before. Are you sure? Because they it's a shorter season and it's starting in December. They have to finish by July. That's including the playoffs. Yeah, I know it won't. Still not the same as a bubble. They were playing like games, very like in a couple days. I mean I still think. I still think like. I mean style warriors. I think they could finish between five and seven seed. But I'm expecting to see Stephen Orry having an MVP caliber season. He's going to show everybody why he is the greatest point guard to ever be alive. Him playing the game of basketball. All right, you said to all right, what's the top right? Was gonna be the top five in the West. All right, we'RE gonna go. I'm going number one. I'm put Lakers because they added Dennis shooter and Mantras Harrold Montres hell being the freaking to the six men of the year. I clippers hell. Is Wrong with you guys for laying this Guy Walk? He's also across the street. They also got the runner up to six man of the year too, exactly, Dennis shooter. So you're adding those two players to your bench is incredible addition. But I that's why I still see them being number one seed. All right, number so I number two. I have clippers kind of number. Who? Number? Number three? We're gonna go with nuggets. It's nugget nuggets. Yeah, nuggets. I had a nuggets number three and number two. Word Google. You saw you talk. Yes, yeah, number five. Five, number five. What's the warrior's right? If you're saying words, tough. I said five or seven. I'll put them six. I'll compromise. I'll throw them at six. Number Five, I'm gonna go with the WHO is other team? You said that was good. The E ricks? The Mavericks? Yes, there you go, Mavericks. I'll put the number five, just because they're gonna have a healthy portizing giss and then Luca Danchich. Yeah, now I'll put six warriors set. WHAT ABOUT HOUSTON? WHAT ABOUT HOUSTON? IS THE HOUSTON? If that ll right? But that's hard because that's if they stay on the team. Yeah, I mean the way things are right now, the things wait, things right, if they're, if they're staying on the team, will put Houston. Will put Houston at see, actually moved that. Move Houston to five. See, like you're gonna keep moving the warriors down. That's what I'm saying. Five, all right, warriors seven, then sons, blazers make a see sons barely miss playoffs? I don't that's what I have. I will see. We'll see. But yeah, that's that's how I have it. That's why I have it. How do you have it? Let me get let me give yours. Let me hear years since you heard mine. Number one, number one, Lakers, number two, number two, clippers, number three, nuggets, number four, I think, Mavericks. Okay, number five, if everything stays the same, Houston, SIS UTAH, number seven, Portland and number eight sons to or. We'll see, dude, you can maybe rich switch that. Maybe the War I said. Hey, I said the moriors go. I can hide it for that seventh, right. See. So we're going to see how either Portland or sons. We'll see. I don't know if if step can be healthy, that's what I can see them being in the playoffs. If he's healthy. Without step, yeah, this team is not going to make playoffs. That's why the only reason I have them in the playoffs because, like Steph cur you can ever count him out? Yeah, well, you know what I mean. M around them isn't isn't all that, but we'll see. So you an you have policans missing the playoffs. Yeah, a Lonzo Ball, please get the fuck out of New Orleans, Dude. Dude, I don't know. I mean, like, I think he'll stay. I mean who all, who can tay them for? Yeah, he's gonna use you holiday left now? Yeah, no, but I'm just saying, like, but he's not. He's not going to leave. Nah, he I don't think anytime. So when he's not going to leave, it'd be they didn't have to trade them, but I don't know what team would want to trade for Alonzo Wall. You want to crick run down for the East? or I'll give my top three. Well, I got number one. We got the nets with since they have Kad and Kyrie. Number two, I'Mna with the bucks, and number three Miami Heat, since they're keeping most of their their their team together. That's my three. So not I'm not going to give my three because that's had the exact same thing'll be good. I'm like those playoffs. Yeah, because I or I was going to say Miami Heat number two, but during the regular season, the the the bucks, the bud. Yeah, I see that all...

...the time we got for this week, so make sure to like, subscribe, share and thank you for joining this for episode twelve. We'll see you, guys in the next one.

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