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Episode 13 · 9 months ago

Goat Talk Podcast 013 | Liga MX Leon, MLS Columbus Crew, McKennie, 2021 Boxing Hall of Fame, Canelo


In episode 013 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias discusses Leon winning the Liga MX final, Columbus Crew winning the MLS final, Vela and LAFC reaching the final of the Concacaf Champions League, Weston McKennie winning the 2020 US male player of the year, Floyd Mayweather, Andre Ward and Wladimir Klitschko being inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame class for 2021, and Saul Canelo Alvarez beating Callum Smith for the WBC WBA and Ring Super Middleweight titles on DAZN.  

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Welcome back everybody, this episode,thirteen of Goat, talk, Amalonzo Frius, and this past few weeks we had a lot offinals. Recently yeah, it's been an interesting week for sports to startoff. We had the Lega and make's final do. For that I mean I feel like the right team, one theo one. They hadforty points in the regular season. They were the most consistent team.They beat Boulmass to be the one in the final, and I feel like there's notreally much to say about that. The best there's just the best team overallITWAS, their favorites you've expected yeah. I mean they have a good core withKota Navaro Mondesand Gigloti, like just a good overall based to the team.Ther Coach Natural Buis also has a lot of experience, he's basically coached,like every fucking team in the league. At this point, yeah- and I feel likehe's coached big team- he's close big teams like Che was- and I Madi Past, soI feel like he had a lower pressure with lawenbecause, I mean say: Leandlose the final like there's not that much backlash, even though he came infirst compared to like, if he had done it with Chevas Aramedica yeah. So Ifeel like he dealt with the pressure really well. He exceeded expectationsin my point M, but I feel, like I don't know the best team one easily handsdown. He got his well deserved title. The Mexican League Yeah Because He'sbeen coaching, Thats Ow, I'm saying he's been coaching forever and I meanit. Finally, it finally happened and then also to I feel, like theMexican teams. You have to step it up in the CONQERCALF Champions Leaguebecause Lafc they just eliminated three Mexican league teams in a row. ThaFirst Act back back wit, low one CRUSASU and Amedrica last night. So Idon't know is e MLS JUS PA it. His next tink t is next or because I feel likeVela tea, just carrying the team on his back scoring against every Mexican teamhe's played in the playoffs. So that's that's something. We got to look outonto yeah speaking of emiliss teams. We also had the MLIS final. What are yourthoughts on Columbus Takeng? It DA ofos...

Yeah Columbus? They won their firsttitle since Tho Thousand and eight they be Seattle, sounders through zero, andI feel like they did really good, also Seladayan. He I feel, like he's,probably one of the better players in the league. He really cemented himselfin the playoffs and then it's crazy to because and then I don't want to hearthe excuse of how people were saying. Oh so, the best player in playoffs wasa sub in the Mexican league. Oh yeah, because remember he was as Ieoer t hewas a sub on Thetis, but that's only because Tucaaretti Tigais his coachnever played him like he just didn't like how he played it's, not that hewasn't good. I feel like he just didn't like his playing style and he neverreally played consistently under Tuka, but he's a top player signing of o theseason yeah, and then he won you seen that he won the MS signing of theseason. Oh Yeah, yeah o what the fight you mestioned that Shit but yeah. No,he actually won. He actually T at was that's an actual award and he won Dah.Signing of the season will deserve and I feel like Columbus crew. They did areally good job with signing people to they souned Darlington Nagbe, who alsoa really good player Zardes, who won also second top score in the League,and they just had an overall good base of players too, and then their coach came a porter. He has one to amalesttitle before two with the Portland Timbers he's one coach of the year andhe won that against Columbus last time yeah. So it's crazy to see how, likeeverything, comes back full circle. They had a really good coach. They camein third place in the regular season and they beat Seattle, sounder who'sbeen in the final or four times in the last five years. So that's that's crazy.The defending chairs, a senda Rella story for Columbus crew. You Know Godathey're about a break out. They were about a breakup about like two yearsago. They were going to get relocated and then their fan base started like awhole movement, a petition and everything to keep them in Columbus andthey ended up, staying and ended up...

...winning the championship. So I waswe're saying American players really stepping up their game. US nationalteam named their playerlhe year and Wester mckinney. You agree with that ort should have been somebody else. I think I don't know. I think I feel likeit could have gone both he ways with mckinney and politic, but I feel likeoverall, I feel like mckinny deserved it in a way politic. I mean he won it last year, soI feel like. Maybe they wanted to give it to somebody else, and I mean wasn'tmckiney. He had a really good year. He helped shock it fight, reg relegationbefore he moved to Juventus and then once he moved to Geuventus he's been areally solid, starter m and then for the US national team. He want playerthe match, he's just been solid overall and I feel, like the US, hasn't, had asolid midhfielder in a really long time, because when you think of US stars, youthink of London, Donavan and Clint demps, who are more of strikers in away yeah even pull icico plays on the wing. Jovanni Dreina, who I feel ikcould probably win. This award next year also plays uptop, so I feel likeWeston mckinney has just opened a door from he thelaters in the US, yeah,probably the next man up in the Midfield, oh moving on from Radley Huhyeah, because I don't know Michael Bradley. I never really seen him like.He was good, but he was never that player like he never stood out inEurope, yeah even remotely clotes, but he was really. I mean he was captainfor a while, but he wasn't that millfooter that really gave that confidence of bringing us sockersto the next level. True true, but pully sitch had a good start of the year.Yeah I mean he was on the shortlist and August for primierily young player ofthe year. He ended that season with eleven goals and Tennessis and allcompetitions, but I feel like what Mark Politic forthis year was that he had a lot of he. He dealt with injuries for majority of the second half of the year I mean,even though he did, but on December fifth, he became the fastest Americanto reach Tengos in the Premier League, which is also big, but then again hedealt with injuries. He didn't play any...

...matches with the US national team toclose out the year, so I feel like that, also hurt them a lot, but I meanpolitic to me is still the best player overall, but just for this past year, Ithink Weston MC Kinney deserved it. He deserved it. I agree with that. Yousaying that towards the end of the year he didn't play, he did miss a couplegames to which ell see an which elsea yeah so and then he lost his startingspot for a couple weeks. Yeah Iten, yeah well deserved for wasn'tMickinny Congressd to him, yeah, switching over from soccer to Boxscenethe two thousand and twenty one boxing hull of fame announcedter threeindecties. For the year we ere thoughts on the people who they chose yeah, sothey went with Ford may weather of Vladimir Clishco and Andre Ward. I feellike the only one you could really argue about to me. Personally, I think,is Andre Ward. I mean flodma weathers, just there's no way he was going to bea a first ballot hall of Famer on thefirst year he was alwagable, so that was my bother was for sure, going to beelected and I think of Adamic CLISHCO. He had the most heavyweight titlefights in history. Olympic gold medalist also had a long rein at heavyweight along with his brother, and he even stayed active after his brotherretired. So I feel, like also Clishco, was just somebody else who for sure how to be inthere, but I don't know Andre Ward. He was out for nineteen months when he wasfeuding with his promoter Dangusen. He did win the super six against Karrofrag,who was also one of the people who could have been elected this year, butI don't know I just feel like there was better fighters and fighters who did more forhistory, especially because Andre Ward was out for so long and then, when hecame back, his only notable fight was against Coveleve, which I think he lost thefirst fight and then he ended up winning in the rematch. But I feel likesomebody like Migo Koto who's, only Puerto Rican to win four titles andfour divisions. James Tony Who's, the best figt in the world, a heavy weightand then somebody I watched I remember growing up was one of the first fattersI would see on TV was Horhel Taveso...

Arsa, who, as also always came to thetable, always came forward. W also won multiple world titles, but I don't knowI think I'da go. I would have gone with Megokoto just because what he did forPuerto Rico. He B he destroyed Antonio Margerito. He gave may weather andPacka really good fights. He put Sirgeon Martinas into retirement, eventhough he had a bad leg. He just had an overall, I feel like a really goodcareer and he ended up only losing. I feel like in the later part of hiscareer to like Canello, because he was like at the later part of his prime,like e yeah. He was old already, but I don't know that's probably one ofthe only ones I wouldn't agree with his Andre Ward. So you would you put OndreuWard still, maybe if you would have chosen my go cador which you have puton, maybe in a few maybe few years ahead, put them in the hall of yeah. Ifeel well, I feel like the next next year's class is going to be trash, so Ifeel like maybe next next year for sure, because they're not going to be thatmany good fighters who were tired three years ago, so I feel like yeah he go.Cad was going to get any of the way next here, we'll see, we'll see whalwhat they decide. Sticking O boxing. Yesterday we had the Canello versusSmith, fight pretty easy dove. I say Fricnello. Whatdo you think yeah? I feel like I thought and thiss something I talkedabout before to I felt like Colimn Sith is going to do I a lot more like he wasthe best fighter at hundred and sixty eight he's a ring magazine champion. Hewon the world boxing super series against George Groves. I just felt likecome on ro. You can't be the top dog one O hundred and sixty eight, likethat's your division and then put on a performance like that, like I just wantto say to like. First of all, what the fuck was your game plan. You have highreach advantage and you use none of it to help you and your fight and then hismost important, I feel like weapon in his arsenal is the job he broke, therecord for most jabs in a hundred and sixty eight division, and then hedidn't the job was nowhere to be seen.

So how are you going to have how youGOINGNA be one of the best jabbers in boxing and not even use it againstCanello? Who is a lot shorter than you and then also, I feel like I mean I haewhen boxes clinch during fights, but I feel also calling Sinmith yhroughexperience. You Got Ta Clin sometime to stop the momentum of Kanelva comingforward, because during the first half of the fight Canello was landing. Sixtypercent of his power punches. That's that's fucking crazy, punching bag, Tan.Basically, the just look like a punchy bag. I mean Canella was doing a greatjob, cutting off the ring getting on the inside his defense. Ever since hefought folling, Moer Hem, I feel like Canalo's defense. It just got throughthe roof, he's probably one of the best defensive fighters in the world. Rightnow and I mean look, he was upercutting on a taller fighter. He just overallput on a fucking clinic against one of the best fighters ind in the world in Europe in England. So Idon't know I feel like COMSMOT. Just didn't he just didn't.Well, he wasn't there. He looked like a deer and headlights, true true,probably the spot like Figting Cinolo, like you said, I asked you about if heiwould play difference, and you said it well, basically didn't because can Elojust work through that shit yeah because remember I told Youbecause,remember you asking me if hi would be an oused? No, I already knew from thestart. To that I know. Cani does a really good job of fighting in theinside, and especially with this fights against rocky fielding or Chaba's Junorfighters who were Tauhter than him. He does a really good job of just stayingon the inside working his job and just being successful against tallerfighters, and it just showed I mean I thought Smith was going to have abetter fight. I mean it was basically a shutout. I gave Smith probably one totwo rounds. If that, but I mean like, did you see how to Canello he didn'teven sit down before the tolth round? Then I was just that was that wasfucked up was basically saying, come on Ri'b trying to go home already, likedos like just warming out rea like you, CIDn't even sit down before the twelthround, then Rocky Fotis over here with...

...the cut bruises up fucked up, breathingHeav, you yeah and then is coach even said like give me something: Russon,probably going to throw in the towel. It was just like it was just a clinicand then to moving forward. He canello mentioned how he wants to unify everytitle in hundred and Sixty Eh division, but thenhe has that mandatory. He has took me in ninety days for the DBC, which isYodram somebody we talked about and the previous episode whois fucking trash. Idon't even know why he's at mandatory, but then I see it happening onlybecause Canello said he wants to fight in Mexico at the Stalioteka. You think!That's what hey'll do it. I think that's for sure, because it's a trashupponent, it won't be expensive and then I feel like if y say February,when he has to fight thim with then because he hase to find him withinninety days. I feel like. Maybe they can have some fans, especially with atsuch a large stadium yeah people could be like knock so close to each other.So I mean I feel, like I see that happening, I mean I would have wantedto happen because I feel like it's a trash mandatory, but I mean if he wantsto keep that belt and win every bill in the division. He has to fight you DREMand mean if you want to Unifimen, I'm pretty sure hill end up doing the fightjust for that reason, yeah I mean I would rather much seeng him fight theBC champion at undred and sixty Jomal charlow and then ask for an extensionto Fight Tho hundred and sixty EIGHTWC manatory. Will they give them that? Imean that's happend before. If you fight somebody from a differentdivision for the same belt, you can be granted an exception, which I hope, butI don't think ill will fight Charlo. That's one of the fighters who fightson a different platform was under a different promotional company, but nowthat he's a free agent, maybe he can work with other companies, but I don'tsee it happening. I mean he even said himself. He doesn't see himself goingback down to unded ND sixty anytime soon. So I don't know we'll see himprobably fight Yol drum in February and Mexico, hopefully, hopefully itw'll befans because I mean who doesn't want to see kind of look light, especiallyEsliko Ticka. No, that's not huge,...

...especially like in reminds you of whenChavis fight that guy who caught him a a fucking, because when chais fought,he fought somebody who said that he only fought cab drivers and then soshavas foutom and they stuti stack inm just obliterated. In so I mean that's,probably going to be something similar, we're going to see Whit, Canelo againstyoudrum. True, though I would o mean if it's a Mexico, I'm dope- but I want to-i- want I'd rather have kind of Lo fight in thatselvs that o like for abig match and have that shit filled yeah. That would be awesome that Yosome movie type Shit. Some Shit, you seen creed, but I mean if, if that'swhere they'd want to fight, I mean go for it, but I'd rather see like abigger fight with Canelo involved in it, and then that's Ho is stick o. Thatwould be historic, not just some like little focking yeah, but I feel likewith the market how it is now and how Canaas been finding I, the UnitedStates for the past. I don't know last decade of his career, I feel like forany big fights always going to be in Vegas, or it's always going to be inTexas just because of how much more American fans pay for tickets here inthe US, because you know everything's, cheaper ton, Mexico takees are reallycheap in Mexico, the television networks, all the fights, are free. Sothere's no pay per view. So I don't know I feel like for any big marketfight have to be here. I mean, but I do I agree with you. I feel like I'drather see a big fight having in Mexico, especially since Canello is Nexicanolike say, fighters like Ryan Garsia who ar Mex American American, but theydon't even speak Spanish or they don't they just don't represent the cultureto me, Mex, that's kind, Olo E. Yesterday, that's Nello, yeah c alwaystries to have the culture involved in his bring entrances just as the way hecarries himself. Hes always represents Whil, a Lahara where he's from Mexico,Mexico as a whole, and I feel like he does. I feel like a lot of fans backhim up with that. So I don't know we'll see. So that's aboutall the topics that we have for today.

God to hear your opinions on thesetopics, we'll see you guys on the next one yeahmake sure the liht subscribe share and we'll see you guys next time, peace.

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