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Episode 13 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 013 | Liga MX Leon, MLS Columbus Crew, McKennie, 2021 Boxing Hall of Fame, Canelo


In episode 013 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias discusses Leon winning the Liga MX final, Columbus Crew winning the MLS final, Vela and LAFC reaching the final of the Concacaf Champions League, Weston McKennie winning the 2020 US male player of the year, Floyd Mayweather, Andre Ward and Wladimir Klitschko being inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame class for 2021, and Saul Canelo Alvarez beating Callum Smith for the WBC WBA and Ring Super Middleweight titles on DAZN.  

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Welcome back everybody. This is episode thirteen of Goat Talk. I'm Alonzo fries and this past few weeks we had a lot of finals recently. Yeah, it's been an interesting week for sports. To start off, we had the Lega and Maki's final do for that? I mean, I feel like the right team won, Ley one. This had forty points in the regular season. They were the most consistent team. They beat boom us through the one in the final, and I feel like there's not really much to say about that. The best there's just the best team overall. It was their favorites, you expected. Yeah, I mean they have a good core with Gotha, Navado Montes and you guilty, like just a good overall base to the team. Their coach, natchembdize, also has a lot of experience. He's basically coached like every fucking team in the League at this point. Yeah, and I feel like he's coached big teams. He's coach big teams like Chivas and I many guys. So I feel like he had lower pressure with loan because, I mean, say Leo and lose a final, like there's not that much backlash, even though he came in first compared to like if he had done it with Chivass a many gay. Yeah, so I feel like he dealt with the pressure really well. He exceeded expectations in my point. HMM, but I feel like I don't know. The best team won easily, hands down. He got his will deserved title from the Mexican League. Yeah, because He's been coaching. I saw him saying he's been coaching forever, and I mean if finally it finally happened, and then also to I feel like the Mexican teams, they have to step it up in the Conka Calf Champions League, because LAFC, they just eliminated three Mexican league teams in a row by first back, back to back will on Rusassoul and I medica last night. So I don't know. Is the MLS steak? It is next, it's tick, it is next, or because I feel like Vela Vela just carry the team on his back, scoring against every Mexican team he's played in the playoffs. So that's that's something we got to look out onto. Yeah, speaking of mless teams, we also have the MLS final.

What are your thoughts on Columbus taking it? Dang all froze. Yeah, Columbus. They won their first title since two thousand and eight. They beat Seattle sounders zero and I feel like they did really good. Also, set out I yan he. I feel like he's probably one of the better players in the league. He really cemented himself in the playoffs. And then it's crazy too, because, and then I don't want to hear the excuse of how people were saying, oh so the best player in playoffs was a sub in the Mexican league. Oh yeah, because, remember, he was a Fer Peek. He was a sub on theatas, but that's only because duca Ferretti ti its, his coach, never played him, like he just didn't like how he played. It's not that he wasn't good. I feel like he just didn't like his playing style and he never really played consistently under Duka. But he's a top player. Signing of the season. Yeah, and then he won. You seen that? He went the MLS signing of the season. Oh Yeah, all, what the fuck? You mentioned that's it. But yeah, no, he actually won. He actually that was that's an actual award and he won dawn signing of the season. Will deserve and I feel like Columbus crew. They did a really good job with signing people to they sad Darlington Nagby, who also a really good players artist, who won also second top score in the League, and they just had an overall good base of players too. And then their coach, Kayla Porter. He has one of MLST title before, to with Portland Timbers. He's one coach of the year and he won that against Columbus last time. Yeah, so it's crazy to see how like everything comes back full circle. They had a really good coach, they came in third place in the regular season and they beat Seattle sounder, who's been in the final four times in the last five years. So that's that's crazy. The defending champs the Cinderella story for Columbus crew. You know, they're about a break up. They were about a break up about like two years ago. They were going to get relocated and then their fan base started like a whole movement, a petition and everything to keep them in Columbus and they ended up staying and ended up winning the championship.

So I was we're seeing American players really stepping up their game. US national team named their player of the year and West the mckinney. You agree with that, or should have been somebody else? I think I don't know, I think I feel like it could have gone both ways with mckinney and polistic, but I feel like overall, I feel like mckinney deserved it in a way. PULLSTIC, I mean, he won it last year, so I feel like maybe they wanted to give it to somebody else. MM. And I mean Western mckinney had a really good year. He helped shall get fight right relegation before he moved to Juventus, and then once he moved to Juventus, he's been a really solid starter, hmm. And then for the US national team he won player the match. He's just been solid overall, and I feel like the US hasn't had a solid midfielder in a really long time because when you think of US stars, you think of London Donovan and Clint Dempsey, who were more of strikers in a way. Yeah, even political plays on the wing. Joanna Dana, who I feel like I could probably win this award next year, also plays up top. So I feel like Western mckinney has just opened the doors for midfielders in the US. Yeah, probably the next man up in the midfield. Moving on from Bradley, Huh? Yeah, because I don't know Michael Bradley. I never really seen him. Like he was good, but he was never that player, like he never stood out in Europe. Yeah, even remotely closed, but he was really I mean he was captain for a while, but he wasn't that midfielder that really gave that confidence of bringing us soccers to the next level. True, true, but pulleys, which had a good start of the year. Yeah, I mean he was on the shortlist and August four premier league young player of the year. He ended that season with eleven goals and tennisis and all competitions. But I feel like what marks politic for this year was that he had a lot of he dealt with injuries for a majority of the second half of the year. I mean, even though he did, but on December five he became the fastest American to reach ten goals in the Premier League, which is also big. But then again he dealt with injuries.

He didn't play any matches with the US national team to close out the year. So I feel like that also heard them a lot. But I mean polistic to me is still the best player overall, but just for this past year. I think Weston mckinney deserved it. He deserved it. I agree with that. You saying that towards the end of the year he didn't play. He did miss a couple games, to which I'll see and which else. Yeah, so, and then he lost his starting spot for a couple weeks. Yeah, I agree that. Yeah, will deserve for wasn't mckinnick. Congrats to him. Yeah, switching over from soccer to box seam the two thousand and twenty one boxing hall of fame announced their three inductees for the year. We are thoughts on the people who they chose. Yeah, so they went with Ford may weather, Vladimir cletch go and Andrei Ward. I feel like the only one you could really argue about to me personally, I think, is Andrea Ward. I mean flood, my brother's just there's no way he was going to be a first ballot hall of Famer on this first year. He was always able. So that was my mother was for sure going to be elected. And I think of Vladimir Cletchko. He had the most heavyweight title fights in history, Olympic gold medalist, also had a long rain at heavyweight along with his brother, and he even stayed active after his brother retired. So I feel like also clish go was just somebody else who for sure how to be in there, but I don't know Andrea Ward, he was out for nineteen months when he was feuding with his motor Dan Goosen. He did win the Super Six against Cairo Froch, who was also one of the people who could have been elected this year, but I don't know. I just feel like there was better fighters and fighters who did more for history, especially because Andre Ward was out for so long and then when he came back, his only notable fight was against Covlev, which I think he lost the first fight and then he ended up winning in the rematch. But I feel like somebody like Meg Koda, who was only Puerto Rican to win four titles and four divisions, James Tony, who's the best fight in the world, the heavyweight, and then somebody I watched, I remember growing up, was one of the first fighters I would see on TV, was Jorgel...

Travis, so I say, who was also always came to the table, always came forward, who also won multiple world titles. But I don't know. I think I'd go. I would have gone with me go Koda, just because what he did for Puerto Rico. He beat, he destroyed Antonio Margarrito, he gave may weather and pack out really good fights. He put Sergel Martinez into retirement even though he had a bad leg. He just had an overall, I feel like, a really good career and he ended up only losing, I feel like, in the later part of his career to like Canello, because he was like at the later part of his prime, like he was, he was old already. But I don't know, that's probably one of the only ones. I wouldn't agree with his Andre Ward. So you would you put Andrew Word still maybe, if you would have chosen me go Koda, which you have, put them maybe in a few you maybe a few years ahead, put them in the hall of fame. Yeah, I feel well, I feel like the next next year's class is going to be trash. So I feel like maybe next next year for sure, because they're not going to be that many good fighters who retired three years ago. So I feel like, yeah, the Goo called. I was going to get any other way. Next year we'll see. We'll see what it would they decide sticking a boxing yesterday we had the Canello versus Smith fight. Pretty Easy Dove, I'd say, for Knello. What do you think? Yeah, I feel like I thought, and this something I talked about before, to I felt like column Smith is going to do a lot more. Like he was the best fighter at one hundred and sixty eight. He's a ring magazine Champion, he won the world boxing super series against George Groves. I just felt like, come on, Bro, you can't be the top dog at one hundred and sixty eight, like that's your division, and then put on a performance like that. Like I just want to say to like, first of all, what the fuck was your game plan? You have high reach advantage and you use none of it to help you in your fight. And then his most important, I feel like, weapon in his Arsenal is the JAB. He broke the record for most jabs in a one hundred and Siixty eight division and then he didn't the job was nowhere to be seen.

So how are you going to have how are you going to be one of the best jabbers in boxing and not even use it against Knello, who was a lot shorter than you. And then also I feel like, I mean I hate when boxers clinched during fights, but I feel also Collins Smith, your experience, you got to clear sometimes to stop the momentum of knella coming forward, because during the first half of the fight knella was landing sixty percent of his power punches. That's that's fucking crazy punching bag down here. Basically they just look like a punchy bag. I mean, Cannella was doing a great job cutting off the ring, getting on the inside his defense ever since he fought flat with him. I feel like Cannella's defense, it just got through the roof. He's probably one of the best defensive fighters in the world right now. And I mean look, he was uppercutting on a taller fighter. He just overall put on a fucking clinic against one of the best fighters and in the world, in Europe, in England. So I don't know, I feel like Colin Smith just didn't he's just didn't what he wasn't there. He looked like a deer and headlights. True, true, probably the spot like the fighting Camello. Like you said, I asked you about if height would play difference and you said it will. Basically didn't, because Cannella just work through that Shit. And Yeah, because I remember I told you'll, because you remember you asking me if hike would be an outset. No, I already knew from the start to that. I know Canella does a really good job of fighting in the inside and especially with this fights against rocky fielding or Chaviz, junior fighters who were taller than him. He does a really good job of just staying on the inside, working his job and just being successful against Holler fighters. And it just showed. I mean I thought Smith was going to have a better fight. I mean it was basically a shut out. I gave Smith probably one to two rounds, if that, but I mean, and look, did you see how to Knello he didn't even sit down before the twelveth round. And then this. That was that was fucked up. That was basically saying, come on, ro I'm trying to go home already, like Du's like just warming up really like you didn't even sit down before the twelve round. The rocky footing is over here...

...with the cut, bruising up, fucked up, breathing heavy unit. Yeah, and then his coach even said like give me something orse, I'm probably going to throw in the towels. It was just like it was just a clinic. And then too moving forward, he knello mentioned how he wants to unify every title in the one hundred and sixty eight division, but then he has that mandatory he has to meet in ninety days for the WBC, which is Yo drum, somebody we talked about in the previous episode, who is fucking trash. I don't even know why he's a mandatory. But then I see it happening, only because Kanello said he wants to fight in Mexico at the Estadi Astecca. Do you think that's really do it? I think that's for sure, because it's a trash opponent. It won't be expensive. And then I feel like if by say, February, where he when he has to fight them within because he has to find them within ninety days, I feel like maybe they can have some fans, especially with at such a large stadium. Yeah, people could be like not so close to each other. So I mean, I feel like I see that happening. I mean I wouldn't want it to happen because I feel like it's a trash mandatory, but I mean if he wants to keep that belt and when every belt in the division he has to fight Yo drum. I mean if he wants to unify, then I'm pretty sure he'll end up doing the fight just for that reason. Yeah, I mean I would rather much see him fight the WBCCHAMPION, a one hundred and sixty, jrmal Charlo, and then asked for an extension to fight the one hundred and sixty eight that we see mandatory. Will they give them that? I mean that's happened before. If you fight somebody from a different division for the same belt, you can be granted an exception, which I hope, but I don't think can. Hell will fight charlot. That's one of the fighters who fights on a different platform. It was under a different promotional company, but now that he's a free agent maybe he can work with other companies. But I don't see it happening. I mean he even said himself he doesn't see himself going back down to one hundred and sixty anytime soon. So I don't know. We'll see him probably fight Yildrum in February and Mexico hopefully, hopefully, they'll be fans because, I mean, who doesn't want to see kind of low fight, especially in a stegos Tika? I know that's not huge, especially like it reminds me of when child... fight that guy who caught him a fucking because when child is fought, he fought somebody who said that he only fought cab drivers, uh Huh. And then so chivis fought, I'm in this other Stacon and just obliterated him. So I mean that's probably going to be something similar. We're going to see what Canello against you'ldrum. True though I would, I mean if it's some Mexico dope, but I want to, I'd want I'd rather have kind of low fight and I still sticka like for a big match and how that shit filled. Yeah, that would be awesome. That view, some movie type Shit, some Shit. You seen creed. But I mean if, if that's where they'd want to fight, I mean, go for it, but I'd rather see like a bigger fight with knello involved in it, and then I say stick. That would be history, not just something like little fucking. Yeah, but I feel like the with the market how it is now and how Canella has been fighting in the United States for the past, I don't last decade of his career. I feel like for any big fight's always going to be in Vegas or is always going to be in Texas, just because of how much more American fans pay for tickets here in the US. Because, you know, everything's cheaper in Mexico. Tickets are really cheap in Mexico. The television networks, all the fights are free, so there's no pay per view. So I don't know, I feel like for any big market fight have to be here. I mean, but I agree with you. I feel like I'd rather see a big fight happen in Mexico, especially since canello is Mexican. I like say fighters like Ryan Garcia, who are next American, American, but they don't even speak Spanish, or they don't. They just don't represent the culture to me. Next that's Kanello, yet yesterday that's your Canello. Yeah, Canello always tries to have the culture involved in his ring entrances, just as the way he carries himself. He's always represents while the Lajarda where he's from, Mexico, Mexico as a whole, and I feel like he does I feel like a lot of fans back them up with that, so I don't know, we'll see. So that's about all the topics that we have for today. Glad to hear your opinions...

...on these topics. We'll see you guys on the next one. Yeah, make sure to like, subscribe, share, and we'll see you guys next time. Piece.

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