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Episode 15 · 9 months ago

Goat Talk Podcast 015 | Liga MX Review, LA Galaxy Vanney, Inter Miami, Barcelona, Pedri, Real Madrid


In episode 015 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss the 1st Jornada of the Liga MX. They review the Chivas vs Puebla game, who signed the best coach between America with Santiago Solari, Monterrey with Javier Aguirre, or Cruz Azul with Juan Reynoso. Another topic was LA Galaxy signing head coach Greg Vanney, and Inter Miami parting ways with Diego Alonso. Alonso and Fabian also debate on whose a better duo between Pedri and Griezmann at Barcelona or Lucas Vazquez and Asensio at Real Madrid.
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Welcome back everyone, we hope you allhad a safe and good holiday season. This episode, fifteen of goat talk onyour host Alanzo Frius, I'm here with faviand once again, and the first thingI want to talk about for this two Thousan, an twenty one year is myfavorite league, came back to League Imak started this past Friday yeah we had the first game of BaranChevas Ufter, the O, the new season, Ol much I could say about, I feel like she was I feel like this isgoing to be the story. Thi Season, then they're going to compete against semiaverage teams because come on Dude Ou. They were losing a PEVLA and they endedup saving a tie. They only had fifty three possession and then I feel likethat's just what happens when we don't find anybody. Every good team in heleague sign players Lone who won the title: Fine Players Amedica, who alsohad a stack team. In my opinion, they signed really good players, Becul, ateam, that's the most fucking stack team in the League signed one of thebest forwards in the League, and then she ofas Bron. They just put up playersfrom their youth academy, and then they just brought a couple players back fromlone, which didn't even start so I feel like it was all pointless I feel like I don't know it was just, but then they also goin to have MCS ORega, I mean to start yeah. I mean Vega still comg back from Andre. He came inn, the second half and then maseas out of all the players who could have gotcovid the top goal score and most important play on the team was out withCovid Damn, but I mean they had a chance towin. MORLINA missed the penalty. DO ALLRIG! That's something again. Iwanted to talk about. Why do you since, when does Molina? Take penalties? Wasn't that, like his first pounty yeah,that was like I first path, Ye ever taken whith she was and I'm like dode.Why would you put your CDM to take a penalty? An you have on tuna, evenPerautta WHO's. Like fifty years old, I would pref. I would have preferred forhim to take a penalty over Malina, but I don't know I just I feel likethis is going to be a story. If she was a season man, they should have signedat least a couple players, especially since they didn't get Victor Os Monback from last season who they were supposed to have, and then all thedisciplined actions that yeah the players left. Other big teams also played thefollowing day. On Saturday, we had to start off with pilion and degress yeah.So how do you feel as a Leon and they lost a lot? I mean I Hav Solyou for thegame. IIS Yeah. I thought they was going towin by a larger margin, but I mean it was only two zero I did to I jus likeas a Lon fan like I saw the the starting landup and I told myself I'mlike you know what like with this starting line up and then bigeress fullon attack. I was like I'm not going to get mad at like no matter what thescore is like. I didn't have my expectations high, especially playingwith mostly other subs and theire. Two new signings AAs probabllikeactually Tho, zero thet,one IUD have been more when they put in their like starter players in thesecond half they I feel like they play worse. In my opinion, I feel, like themomentum of the game really dropped like it was just boring. I feel likeyeah ecause. I saw that the when the starters went in, like they weren'treally in rhythm, and then I thegaus, who had been playing with that sameline up poll game already had like they readly, had a rhythm going as a team,and I felt like throwing the starters in just like that,like especially against Tigatis, like really didn't, allow them to get arhythm, and we saw that they created, maybe like one or two chances but tike us when they want to zero. Ithought it would have been more. They had more chances, but I don't know I feel like this wasmore in briece took it as like the trying to get his subs minutes early inthe season and then just prepare them for the long hall. Yeah see like that'ssomething I don't agree with like...'re. The champion of the last seasonare you're going to start off like that. I feel, like I'm brece kind of showssome not like. I don't think that's a good tactic like you want to give youryounger player minutes, but do that in the later part of the season, where youalready have that lead at the top of the League, where you already assured uspot in playoffs, but right now, you're already starting off bad and you'redefending the title. True, I don't know, I don't know what are you speaking? I mean he hadthat two weeks ago too, that he would start the bench and he like he keptthat he actually did. He said, probably for the first one or two games, soprobably after maybe next or another they'll, probably just start with theregular landup, no Varo manind. I also did it trouble with the team. I don'tknow, I think ther were suppose it was injury. Wise Navado had the offseasonSurgeritas tow and probably man in Yo, I don't wearn a hundred percent. Idon't know it's. A first game could have been worse, yeah, we'll see howthey react next week against Bathuka and then something I also wanted to ask.You is: What do you think signed the best coach? We had three big teams withnew coaches. We have America with Santeo Solari Montere with Avragire andthen cusasor with wondering norso to I hate all that hypeobit about Salaribra,like Oh man, they're going to be like Oh yeah, they wone yesterday bro You upplan salwes chill out yeah and I, like I didn't have like that good of a gameI feel like they still need to work on set pieces. They were getting beat alot and corners and free cicks, and I mean that's how San Luis Scora goal m. It took a last minute quart Dovago towin, and then the thing is to Corto wasn't even he didn't Hedi Art and thenhe didn't play good. I mean that's. That was, I feel like one of HemMedica's, better players in the past few seasons, one of the those playersfrom Mexico that I believe has the best future, but I believe it was correctfor him to not start because even when he came in in the second half, hewasn't really doing much until that last minute goal where he got thatbeautiful pass from Betrockino who just yeah one of America signings and then Idon't know I feel like Sondavil Saladiso needs work to be done and thenhe switched up to formation to for since when Migalaretta was coach, hewould always play with two forwards and now Solati he only plays with one whichmoved vines, which I think should be started to the bench and and e guy sawthat to arder and then Ji Losantas playing cam like Ruis like two thousandand ten. Like probably I don't know man but so odoen. Something else too wasSolati. It was his first game and he wasn't even able to be on the pitchbecause his work ves hasn't gon through yet yeah. He was up in the in thestance, Huh yeah and it's like dfeh. How do he? How do they? How dos thisworkvissa not bro like this is a this is the topleague in Mexio and they weren't able to acquire a work visa. Quick enough. Iguess not now we're going back to what you as Woas the best coach signing. Iwould say Monterey, yeah, that's do it. I Like I, like I gi, get it I feel likeHawe Yeat I get is the coach from Mecto who has like the best experience out ofall any coach from Mexico. He coachat Ledi Code Mari. He cose Mo he coashedEgypt. He coased in Arabia. I feel like he just has a really good resume andthen his I don't know. I just feel like his mentality is really good. I mean helook his game against Atlus. I know it's at lass. I Know Atlas Sucks, but Imean they cored in the very first minute they want to zero. Fon is modywho's, probably going to be the top goal. Scorer I feel like this seasonscore yeah holes and then they want to zero and then at the end of the matchhe still said. Oh, I E. I didn't like the game, I feel like we played badstill. Work still needs to be done and I feel like that's going to be greatfor Montere, who hasn't had good seasons in the past, and I feel likethat mentalityis going to really help...

...the team yeah and I could see why hesaid that mclass had more possession than MONTERE WI thirty two percent overforty eight, I think, feel like that's what he alsowants. He wants more possession to a lot for more chances, because I mean,if you like, you think of Montere, like you would expect like done to Anie lateaglass. The to zero also could have been easily like for zero because withthe roster that they have yeah. So I can see why he would say that Wul, Idon't know I'm expecting Monterai for show will be NBAH yeah, but I mean I don't know I like how hebrought back Penshito one silis, and then he also gave Jonathan Anallismites players who maybe didn't play as much in the past with the other coaches.But I don't know we'll see we'll see where that goes, and then I feel likethe worst one was cusassul man, quandering Nowso, who has literallylike Ri, Know No coaching experience. You bring him on to the team that is th. CRISOL is the most desperateteam, an win, a title like soon. It's beenlike over twenty years since hey last one a league title: They chokeliterally every single season, if that, if they even make playoffs ff, theyeven have a good season, and then you bring in Quanri Nolso. Who was the onlypositive thing I see from that is that he was a player when Chrisal last one atitle, but how does that help thers? I don't, I feel, like I ven, no betteroptions they had because they had rumored. LoSanchus Lis, on Mesa and, like you, went from those to Omnoiv like what itwas like a whole. It was like a whole show because Ogo Sanchiz had said that he was goingto be the coach, but then last minute they wanted to reduce fifty percent ofwages for his staff and then that's when he was like no there's no way butthen because, as soon as directors latersaid, that was a lie that that wasn't true, but you never know who's reallytelling the truth. I mean Wowas, sanchis kind of has a big ego. He'salways wants to make himself look good, but Idon't know, but still why do I know something an I don't know. I feel likeit's gonna be the same story again with Chrisa Co. Yeah there was way betteroptions. I don't know why they start uff, her less yeah. They did. Theyreally did they played later we'll see how that goes. andmoving leagues, somebody else whoalso got a new coach is La Galaxy. They hired Greg Vanney. He was a player forthe La Galax for six years. That's where he debuted and he retired, and Ifeel like that- was the best option they could have took. I mean vanny. Hewant od MMOLESS Cup in two thousand and seventeen with Toronto, and I believehe has a supporter shield to under his under his belt. Yeah like that, was areally good option. He's a really solid coach he's had a good project thatToronto. He was there for years and I feel like they made the right decision.Yeah Yeah. I agree with that. They they brought in somebody who also has likethat La Galaxy background. So he knows what kind of pride and the this type of club needs where theyneed to be back into the top. So I feel like he will he'll bring some like. Youknow some good, some good things, so this team moving forward, but somethingalso wanted I mentioned, is that we had sabathion leget on our last episode andhe opted. He preferred a Dominan caneer to stay as the coach, but yeah LaGalaxy couldn't afford to have a coach without a big name, because Li galaxyis just that team. Theyre Te team from La, even though L FC, has came on tothe scene and had better seasons. I feel like Lla galacy has that history,where they can't afford to have a coach without a big name like think about tot in the past, Baroscaloto Rena they couldn't afford to just have nobody,and I feel like Greg Vanny, was one of that coaches- that fans in the amalest respect for whathe's done. Yeah he's a heavily...

...respected coach for what he's done Bhat.He do it its for Ronald, too, Hey, but what I want to mention the only titlehe didn't wint with Toronto CCHE US in the COCAF champions. BigFinal! So that's that's all I got to say: Let's see, let's see if you cantake Lla gallysy to to the next litte picked op champions, but then he alsoon a interview. He said something I don't say, and this is some somethinglike when you're a new coach Bro. I mean he was the right choice but come onbright. He started offlyine. He said that alltough the pieces are there tobuild a foundation. Bra. No back line is trash Bavon WHO's.Arguably your best player is probably going to leave back to Bolcons ise.There's a lot of teams in Europe who want him and his salary and contract is really expensive,but they're still negotiating, but it looks like he's leaving back to Boka,so I mean what pieces Chi Charito is not in his best form. Jonaton Dosantosis having injury problems like I said your backline is trash. Ifeel like there's a lot they. They should have a really big, offseason andsign a lot of players. So I feel, like I don't know man if you're starting upas a coach, you should set the GETCO that Oh, I need players. I need aplayer, I need a CDM. I need two center backs. I need O set a foundation.That's actually going to work because Yeah Odlla galaxe came in tenth placein the conference. They were nowhere near playoff contention. So I don'tknow, that's something I just didn't agree with starting off yeah. Heprobably she probably just said that that jost seem like a total big likesaying that he probably doesn't believe the team that he has right now, but Ido. I do think that he will ask for some some new players, because if youwant to compete for playoffs lite alone, like the championship like you're,going to need more than what you have right now yeah but yeah, hopefully Ho can bring Cototoback to his goal scoring ways I mean I, how Hoa huge supporter better, be nomore wars zone for that dude, Bat Til. I see U a Lonas, get him back topractice and putting the hours in. I got no problem with hip playing warzone, but at least go back to the momentum you were at before yeahbecause you know he needs to be there and then another club that also signeda new coach or is going to is Inter Miami they get rid of Dvon adonsafterone season, Wer Eve on that saying I hase o disagree with so yeah, InterMiami, they parted ways with Dvol Lon. So, after only seven wins three tiesand thirteen losses, but I mean it wasn'sn'n, as it was his first season and a lot of the big name players thatthey acquired. They didn't play the whole season like at all. We had likeMatuiti, Iguin and then Iwaan's brother Feterico also came like in the laterpart of the season. So I feel like the didn't have like that: Complete teamfrom game one to the end of the final game. Yeah they didn't it's like they didn't theydidn't. Let give him time to like get this team to play with each otherbecause they also did they lacked cachemistry, and it's not on him,because they've only had like C, they only had a couple games to play witheach other and so base that off. Like those couple games like yeah, you gotbig signings, but you. This is a it's a process that takes a while and likethey just looks like Intermia. We just didn't have like the patience for thatand I feel like they're, a franchise player which is Bisate, which I alsoreally I feel like he's a really great player. O've supported him in the pastyears II just feel like he's just not that same player, he was on Chewasterthat he was on Bachuka and I feel like he just hasn't put thatteam on his shoulder. He hasn't shown that leadership I feel like at times heshows signs of an experience. He doesn't make the correct pass or hedoesn't take the right shot, and I feel... that too. I feel like Theya Lon,so could have had a conversation with him to support him to have experiencewith them to see him Dain and day out of practice for just not one season,yeah yeah, I don't. I don't agree with him being sacked. Is there you know about any rumorcoaches that tee looking at yeah, so they're, probably going to sign PhilNevill who played for Manchesteu? Not Everybody knows he was a player, butthen again it's another he's. Never had it real, like had a coach experience. He was atMancheste Nigter with David Moy's, and then he was also a Vilencia in twothousand and fifteen andtwo thousand and sixteen as like a assistant coach,but he's never really had that role of being a head coach, and I feel likethis is where David Beckhams inexperience shows like this is hisfirst year as like the president or se. Youlike the only yeah and like I just feel like Hes, is bringing inlike one of his friends to be head of coach, yeah ecause because yeah, because hewent his background with men united. So I feel like he'srelying on just that, like that Man United Connection Yeah, rather thanlike looking at actual experience, because the thing is to Deoalonso inhis last two teams, he won a title with each in their second year. So withPachuka he won the league and then wit Montere. He won the KONGACAP championsthey both in their second year coaching. So I feel like they're all Lon. So isone of those coaches that doesn't get settled in right away, so yeah DavidBeckum could have took that into consideration. But I don't know it allstarted it ow. It was back ecause. I don't know if you heard to like acouple months ago, Derell also had a meeting with the Inter Miami likedirectors, and he thought that he had got en fired and he even told playersand stuff like Oh, I just got fired, but then the I guess there was like alanguage barrier and then it was just like a misunder misunderstanding and hewas still the coach. But then months later the same thing happened.They had another meeting and then this time they did agree to part ways. No, no, that's yeah! I I don't. No, I don'tknow ithose. They were back on great great player, but I don't know men likebeing managing a team. I don't doesn't prove anything OL different story yeahbecause he like the Sidis he's getting yeah thet yeuropean, but do they'relike pastor prime yeah they're, like my, I feel like my tweet is solid, but I oknow man Tet moless is getting younger and younger and really good players arecoming forth and especially as a CDM like you're going to get dribbledyou're going to get dribbled past by yeah. They, I don't know he's relyingso much on past talent. Now it looks like that's what he's trying to do fromEurope, rather than probably finding younger talent from here, which I thinkthat's what IM OAS team should do if they want, if they waren't, like thistype of like country, Tos, move forward and soccer probably find more homegrown talent rather than just bringing overseas older players yeah. But I don't know: Wei go t a long, longways until the MLS comes back, yeah, there's still probably to March.Hopefully they get back undeir way and then well see something else I wantedto mention to close out. What do you think is better Lucas, vaskes andASENSIO or Bedry and Greesman? Do Your Askino Maritadud? Obviously I'MGNNA go with. I sens you on Boscus. I just for the one reason that I feellike the pedry recreseman Doo, like I'm, not saying anything from greesman. Isee more from pedric rather than Resmon, but OISMON. Just he scored two goalsyesterday and I mean he's Com, I feel... he's getting that formback, you think he's eneough forback I meannot to like athetical Maerid form but like what we expected at least to give that's yeah. That's true, I' ready bet,he's eighteen and I mean he kind of has the same stat right now as look asVaskas. He has two GORLS and to assist but again bette's eighteen he's juststarting off. So I feel like he's already like think of think about it. Lucas Vasus isthe same age as Grasman they're, both twenty nine and I feel like when theysigned Lucas Rascas. They expected a lot more of him, but I feel like he'salready like not old, but like twenty nine, isn't young either yeah? No, no he's not that's kind oflike prime age, but I don't see prime, but just I'm saying in that duo. I'veseen lust like thevasca assent, you do it when Vasscus plays right back and weput Asen right wing. That's when I sent to actually likeperforms better, so he he understands more with Bascus rather than havingCaroa Hall right bag. And that's when we see us since Youl being like a goalscorer or even creating more chances, because him him and Bascus on therigted site. They justunderstand each other so well, and they create a lot ofdanger for popposing teams but yeah peatheing Breasmon, like Ilike. I see yea the CREE resman SCOL, two goals. I don't know pedy's actually like kindof shown, he's kind of shut me up in a way because I remember when they signthem, and I would do you guys Shiit like who is that guy. The fuck is thatyeah, but he's actually turning lout to be like a actually a solid player,because, because he's actually consistent and his connection withmessy is really good too yeah, which Soi'm kind of surprised that I don't even know who the hell that wasactually playing really well. I would rather say if you wante toargue now. I wouldn't even say that, but better do o pedi degrees. My Wapesit be messy. That would be a better doin, but I feel like like in terms oflike those todous yeah no, but I feel like messy, can't even enter thatconversation, because mets no yeah, that's why I said that Leue and I feellike y message better than the whole starting eleven for Adrin Yeah Tt. So Iwas just like now that can even enter the conversation but like I meant likeoverall, like Barsaduo yeah, and I mean bevery he's given away he's, giventwenty six key passes, Thi season and the only player who has more is bessie.So that's that's another crazy step because I mean think about it. We havethe Jong. We have both CATWHO's old and slow as fuck, but he tageanic reallygood passes paganic. So I feel like there's other midfielders, but it's batat he. Bettat he's the second player on the team with the mostkey passes, madeyeah no yeah, that's true, so I don't know thot expect that I don't know. Ithink I don't know, I think bettery. I think better thin reasonin, we'll see we'll see how it goes. TeDown the stretch for the LADIGA race. It's going to be a close raced forLaliga. Now that Barsa moved up to the third and then they have. They have two:It's a three game, not three point differential from second place, madredand then four point diffrent or from first PLAC, O Hetti Co. So we gottighter, again yeah, but it's crazy to think that atletic os the three gamesbehind and theyr first play. So that's, actually that's that's creat! I feellike. I could really gain a weed. That's true! I didn't and then and thenBarson moving on from lose car is Dude Lik, a Wa Ete, worst mistakes. Youcould have made because Lese wo. This is like on fire, he's really stillscoring goals. Yeah Het's going goes like in every single game and then evenin the couple o the day he's showing out. So I feel, like I don't knowBrathwie if you have no other striker to play, who get that gay now, butbrakway was doing good for a couple... but he's not to he ust, not leaseOtis and it's Barson. You have higher expectations when you're on Barcelona.You can't just have two good games and then live off those performances andthen do nothing yeah and then least foris. I saw graphic, he has more goasand, as is greesmon and tem belly combine yeah. Is it Temso yeah likeDamn Saim, even bete, don't even really hasn't really playn. So that's also, Ifeel like a factor true, but then also vars, es sayingthat in a way seem that he can't that can'tbe there their striker and their goal score anymore, but he's still scoringplenty of Goas with astepico. I don't know it's kind of. I was kind of hopingthey'd sign somebody during this winter transfer window, but I don't think so, and I mean especially,is ie going to play PSG in a couple weeks in the champions Ig, I don't know I'm kind of hoping theydon't get destroyed that bad, but wellso you doyou think they're going to make it past PSG, no fuck, no hell! No, if in BOP and Nay, more healthy and allof PSG's back line is informed. There's no there's no way. Damn I don't know Wa we'll see. That's that starts February, I believeso we'll see in the next month or so how that plays out all right guys, the last all the timewe got this week, maksure o like share, subscribe and we'll see you guys nexttime.

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