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Episode 17 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 017 | Super Bowl LV, Brady, Buccaneers, Tigres, Neymar, Messi, NBA All Star Game


In episode 017 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss Super Bowl LV where Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, Tigres reaching the final of the FIFA Club World Cup by defeating Palmeiras, Neymar signing a new contract with PSG, Messi's contract with Barcelona being leaked, US players in the transfer window, and Lebron James stating that he prefers there not to be an NBA All Star game.

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Welcome back everybody. This is episode seventeen of Goat Talk. I'm your host, a Lonzo, and we just had one of the biggest sport events of the year. We had super bowl fifty five, and the first thing I want to ask you Tom Brady's ago. Right, I'm disputed goat for sure, by winning this super bowl making his seventh ring, he does. Cement, I believe, is the cement who has the greatest football player of all time. I think there's no after what he did and the way he won, there's just like no debate, unless you're probably like an old head who watched football like fifty years ago. You could probably throw in like Joe Montana players like that. Now, I don't give a fuck with you're an old a dude. Set Seven rings, Dude, that's yeah, it has more rings than like Su Super Bowl to I mean there's superb winners, but then the New England patrons and the Pittsburgh steelers. So him alone, he has the most rings. So that like that alone. Like if anybody tries to discuss that, why he isn't the goat, like he could just say I have seven rings and that's enough for conversations over yeah, and he has five Super Bowl mvps. With that, it's like what else do you need for him to like, for you to not acknowledge that he's like the go of football and he really outplayed the next upancoming star, which is Patrick Mahomes. Oh Yeah, he patrick Mahomes had a rough super bowl. He had. He did not throw for a single touchdown. He threw for two interceptions, even though he he had two hundred and seventy yards, but he to twenty six passes though, twenty six completions out of forty nine passes, which, I mean that's pretty it. Those two interceptions, like we're also like, yeah, they were probably like batted passes, that felt to the defense. But I mean you have zero touchdown passes in the Super Bowl, like you can't. That can't happen. But also something I want to throw into like the chiefs chose the worst time to have their worst game out of the whole season. Yeah, because, think about it, they won every single game in the regular season except to the raiders, which I don't know, was maybe like a little hiccup, a little yeah, what do you think? Like it wasn't really like I just I don't know that, but it was just like, you know, those one games where they probably don't play like as themselves, like where they just take it. They don't take it as serious, maybe just because it's a regular season game and they already knew for sure they're going to win their time. They played them again shortly after and they beat the raiders. So I mean yeah, it was our only lost, but they made up for it. But that's just what sucks like. Imagine doing so well in a regular season and your worst game on the biggest stage. I mean time I've been I mean yeah, Mahomes like zero touchdowns. But I gotta we gotta give credit to all. Me I believe should be for the passing of the defensive line, for the bucks for putting pressure on Mahomes the whole game. Do was scrambling for his life. Where was the fucking old line? There was no for those section from Mahomes, and I get that's why I'm giving credit to the the Bucks d line for doing their job and going to pressure homes. And also you saw that double teaming tyree kill really made it hard because that's his number one target. Yeah, Um, yeah, I Kelsey had a few catches he had. He caught. He caught for a hundred thirty three yards. He had tenant receptions, but obviously wasn't enough, although on the other side we had Du grounk having to touch that that's crazy and nobody expected him to be like the especially for to be receiving the first catch for the touchdown. Nobody. Who would think that he would go to ground exactly. But I don't know, I feel like that was just that old, that cannon Ley England connection, because look, they broke the record for the most they threw food and thirteen touchdowns. That's the most in playoff history between a duo. So that's something. They were just breaking every type of record to ground. Also the first player to receive a catch and five different super bowls, another crazy stat. So I just feel like that connection, that chemistry. But then speaking about the Patriots to so do you think this suit will ring diminishes Bella Chick's importance in Tom Brady's career? Do you think Tom Brady could have done it without Belichick by winning this? Yeah, I think I do. Think that's I'm not taking of I'm not taking away that blot check is a great coach because everybody always...

...talks like when somebody mentions Tom Brady, they always seem to mention bill belichick and how great a coach Belichick is, just not not in football, but like in sports in general, like how the coach has like that recognition as being a coach with six rings. Just, yeah, outstanding. Oh, yeah, yeah, I know. That's why. I mean, I give him the credit to Cuz he I mean, yeah, Tom Brady, I give him credit for the coaching, the like come back against the Falcons. Yeah, Tom Brady was on the score that, but I feel like a lot of that had to do a bill pellot check. Bill Belichick's a great coach. Yeah, he had a shit season by me and the Patriots really didn't have any good players. Yeah, but I'm not I'm saying that I feel like the winds that Patriots got were more for Tom Brady rather than bill belichick. But I'm not saying that Bill Belichick's like a bad coach, like dude, like he's a for sure one of the best coaches in the whole time. Yeah, and BEA I mean, my bad, I found that dry. I'm driving now. But on all seriousness, like yeah, like, I mean Tom Brady winning this shows that he doesn't need Bill Belichick. Some when's that's gonna say now on the other side. Yeah, no, he doesn't. He doesn't need bill village, because, I mean he wanted Bruce Arians, who didn't win, who like probably really I'm pretty sure. I think he has one superabowl reach, or if not, it wasn't. It was a conference championship with the cardinals, but he had. This was his I don't know if it's his first or second time coaching in the Super Bowl, but Um, yeah, that's it was a completely different coach, new system, new players, aside from Gronk that Tom Brady had to come and work with. But he was. He surrounded by really great players to I mean, yeah, leg and Mike Evans, fucking Godwin or net for Nat. Shout out to Fournett, Dude. I don't know if you guys seen on twitter. He tweeted when he was a senior in high school, he tweeted, can't wait till I play in the Super Bowl and then look at that. Now, look at him now start and he had a teata rushing touchdown. So I mean shout out to him. And he got cooked from the Jig were cut from the Jaguars picked up by the bucks and he kind of had like an head down season regular season really because he was he I'm he didn't start as a starter. He was a he was in the second slot for a running back and then the first, the first ring running back, got her a few times and he know, he got his minutes and his show, because the first half of the season really wasn't really for Fournett, but he really picked up in the second half of the season and in the postseason and you know, he hoped like establish a running the running game for the bucks in this in the Super Bowl match, and it really helped because Tom Brady was able to get those good looks down to the ground and as wide receivers to help him get down the field. And then especially another player, one that I mentioned who a lot of people you either hate him or you love them, Antonio Brown. He has a ring now are he does have a ring. That I'll be after. After all, he did look at out of the raiders. But that having that story, like being in like all the drama, like off the field, being suspended, getting arrested, to gets what, gets another shot with the bucks and I mean paid off. He Cut. He had a good I'm pretty sure. I think he I don't know if how many times he cut, but you know, he got sixteen yard past I remember from Brady and it was it was like I set up, like a good first down. But it's amazing for Antonio Brown, for everything's been through, to come out with a ring. I feel like, I don't know, I really hate when players have those stories outside of the game, but I feel like we need players like Antonio Brown, and he's really outspoken. We seen him on the barbershop on HPO with Lebron James, how outspoken he was, even talking shit about his old team, the steelers. But I feel like we need those characters, we need those stories, and in just not in any sport. Yeah, so that's that's kind of crazy to me. He got a ring after all he did to get out of the raiders, out of the steelers, and he was out for a good about a year leak so was growing. That's why I mean I was right. Time cannot retirement. Dude just said now I'm gonna get win a super bowl, and he did it. But I kind of hope, and something another thing too. How long you think you got? You Give Brady because, speaking of Grunk, I think he should retirement. I feel like he's not all the way there. I don't know if you people see his interviews. I don't. I don't know, man,...'s a lot of hits, but I still I give Brady, like, I know, the three years and probably another ring. Honestly. Yeah, I give me a three to four years for Brady, at least a ring. I mean, I don't know. You grant didn't really play that many snaps either. He wasn't the number one tight end for them, but it was usually bright who got those. He hadn't yet like he had more snaps versus the packers. But I guess in this matchup Bruce Arians wanted to trusted more the duo who has been like the most rouples consistently with each other. So, I mean he went with them and it were paid off, you know, to touchdowns between Brady and Gronk, and I mean Gronk had said that he's never going to play with any other quarterback that isn't Tom Brady. So maybe he'll, maybe he'll wait, he'll wait around until Brady retires. Maybe because, I mean, he did it he yeah, you're right, he did come out of retirement just to play with Tom Brady. Tom Brady. So I mean that says a lot about who brady is as a teammate and as like a friend. You know, they have a good connection. But I mean, just to close out, I just I don't know what's next for my homes, just I mean my home. He's not done. You he'll be back to the super bowl because he's younger. People still don't forget, like he's just got into the league. He just and I mean your is. It's not like he's not like Brady just beat drew brees or no, yeah, you, he just eat. He'd be pat homes, and I mean that's what props to him. He had to go through breeze, Rogers and my homes to get to the seven super bowre ring. So I think that makes a super special but for my homes he'll be back the chiefs. So the best. Yeah, AF seen, they stole this. See, this team won't be locked in. Sure, they have a bunch of like salary cap issues at the probably work into the offseason with contracts. But Um, if they can keep the core intact, I'm pretty sure they'll be back to super bowl. I mean, I don't know what happened. Mahomes probably got a little start straight playing, but that's what all'm saying. But he's been on that stage before. He just won the super bowl last year against a really good defensive team to yeah, so I don't I don't know why. Maybe it's just a bad game, I guess, but I mean a lot of mistakes, a lot of he got sacked multiple times. Probably maybe it was just meant for Tom Brady to win this one. Yeah, we just anything other than that, I don't know. And then his brothers. Really's just not making fucking too Jackson Mahomes, just stop, please stop. I'm not, I'm all. That's all I'm asking you. I'm tired of seeing your shit on my tick tock feed man, like fucking but on to the next the next topic. Another team who made history, the EGANS. They became the first team from Mexico to ever make the final of a club worked cup. They just beat Pinn Manas, which I think is huge, because but I made us one, the coupelie worth Anas, which is the best, hardest, most important trophy you can win. An all come to bold which is South America. North American teas have been participating, but that's just like the that's like the crown jewel, that's like the biggest tournament you can win. Indeed, is knocked them out. We had a fifty fourth minute penalty by Gin Yak, who the best foreign player to come into the League in the last like, Shit, man, I give it like last fifteen years. Yeah, he's their game plan is passed Segniak, and I mean it were it works. It worked. But but they got a stack team as well. They they've had the best, they've had the most stack team in the League in the last what ten years? Yeah, and then they added on Silas from Poolas, which is something we talked on. Stack team gets more stacked every year. Yeah, and I mean the score was one zero. I felt it it should have been at least two, maybe three. Zero. They're do that, but made us going due fucking reflexes. A spider man was out here. He too, like you, cares, yes, and yeah, like you, he was out here doing like two headers. I clearly for one from men Ya can one from one silas. I like thought they were going to be goals and this do just fucking stretches out of nowhere and like this block it, and I mean like that fucking he kept them in the game. But I made us had that. Almost had that like scare for I mean Pikas had that scared, but I'm almost score, like in the last few seconds of the game. Yeah, which that to the corner cake. But I mean other than that, dude now where it was kind of just chilling his goal. You only have much, much work to be done. Yeah, but then something...

...too, I want to say, like Davias is always getting made fun of because they're that keep what Chico like? They're always getting made fun of because they're people don't get se them like a huge team, which is, I med cut with a whoop pool must and Chivas, but at the same time, like, look at what they've accomplished in recent years. Yeah, they haven't won any international trophies, but look at that. They're the first team to make it to a final. I mean, I don't know if they're gonna win. They're probably gonna most likely play Bern Munich, which is the best team in the world. If they can keep this like with some like maybe a one score difference, like, I mean that's another yeah, you know it. Munich is beer, muniched there. They're taking all their starters to the teams who. Yeah, I mean, I don't know. I think, yeah, I don't know about winning the final, but reaching the final like also, like you're telling me, like I'm medicut couldn't reach the final. And this is the thing. Until they and many teams like that, like where Chivas, they got knocked that on the first round, and then, I'll many guys too had. They've also got a knocked on the first round. So they're doing what bigger teams couldn't accomplish, and that's that's a lot. I mean, yeah, I have a stack team, but they're they're we I wish, like me, as a chivas supporter fan, I would want Chivas to invest the same way that theaed is does, because, I mean, how long are you going to fucking compete? Every other team is buying players and data's look, it's paying off. Yeah, they're reaching new heights every season. Yeah, some they played that, they'll play. They'll be participating in the final, which is this Thursday. We are waiting, obviously the winner of Byron and Alla l Ali, but obviously Bayern favorite to win that one by not even like you go. You don't even have to watch the game of far now he's gonna win that and might be a surprised even even the commentators on Telemundo. We're saying now we could know Fox. They were like. Now we could just take the day off, like they're even have to watch this shit. I Ali, who won? They won their Champions League, and quotes they want, like the WHO they gay? They want, like the African Champions League. Basically, they play against like the Pharaohs and Legialla. Now, no, that's now. But yeah, Tigres, props to them. Congrats you. I've reaching the final. Good luck and the final wherever they play. If they win, it will fuck, I'll be damned. But obviously we'll see. We'll see that. We'll see on Thursday. But other big news to is a Namur. He signed a contract ascension for four years. He his contract was going to end in June of two thousand and twenty two, but now it's up until two thousand and twenty six. Damn Yep, PSG secured one of their best players for the long term and I think that just messy. Was for sure leaving. This is even more because I feel like messy. One of the big reasons messy would have stated is if they would have brought nay more to Barcelona and after if you think that nay more is probably staying because you think the PSC convince them that they're going to have a run and bring me seats PSG. I think that, and also that. And Bope is probably going to end up staying, even though, in a bay he only has eighteen month left on his contract and he hasn't signed to renewal. But NYM are said that one of the reasons he renewed was because he hopes that embopy signs a new contract. So imagine that front three. That front three wins a champions EU and pop. That's like. That's like an ultimate team runer. That's on FIFA pace of pace up users face again. Ninety nine pays average. Fuck. But I don't know. This is just name are who, at the time, when he first sign with PSG, signed the biggest contract in history. And but I mean the terms weren't disclosed, but I'm pretty sure he's making fucking bank. Yeah, he's making bank. There's no, there's no fucking yeah, you can't deny that shit. I mean, obviously we look at messy's contract, was probably the biggest contract in sports history when they leaked it copays ago to so mess pretty sure name or probably top that Shit. They just don't want to say. I mean, you know, I don't know. I mean messy. It is because mess he's had a lot of clauses. So like he even had a clause for like a loyalty like just because he's loyal to the team, they paid him like millions. What the fuck? cuss like crazy. And even Messi's contract, think about it. I mean it was six hundred seventy four million for four years. That's more than lebrons, bradies, mahomes and trout combined. That's crazy,...

...that's insane. And that contract, to which was leaked by newspaper at Mundo and Barcelona said they we're gonna they're going to sue them for leaking that information. I don't know why they don't want to, why sack teams don't want to like talk about the contracts. I guess it's a privacy thing, but we look at NFL teams and their and NBA teams, they do. They do give like they give details about the contracts. Yeah, like my Holmes last year. Yeah, the woman at half a billion. Yeah, yeah, so, I mean I don't know why they don't want to say it. I guess it's just personal issues, you know, privacy stuff. But yeah, I guess if they, if they they're suing them, is for a reason. But I mean, I don't know, it's just the waste of time. Messy's leaving either fucking way. But I mean to money wise, and a lot of things with these big contracts is amount of taxes you're going to be paying. And Chief of Aliga, which is the league that Barcelona plays in, he said that that's something wrong. That's something that's wrong with this Spanish government, where the taxes are too high. That's going to help messy leave Barcelona because, compared to like the Texas, so say, if messy were to go to playing like, say, Italy, the taxes will be half compared to what he pays now in Spain. So that's something that also might want to have messy leave, because the amount of money he's paying in taxes is yeah, we huge and we saw like Ronaldo and messy get, what's it called? They get caught up for tax evasion. Yeah, like met Ronaldin, remember, although had that big story where he was getting like sued for like tax evasion. Yeah, and like this, because they played in Spain and you know, ever since he left, but to Italy. You know, he none of that's happened, like brought up really anymore. So me I it is why that happened. I don't know. We'll see. I mean I still think for sure MESSI's leaving. I think, yeah, especially if they win no trophies, and they are. They're already like in a bad financial situation. I mean throw away the champions ee. They're playing PS D. Dude, I don't know about I don't know about getting past. I'M gonna be a first round exit, honestly. Yes, I don't mean, I don't know. We'll see how that they play either. Next week is a next week it's the February sixteen. Okay, yeah, it's like some weeks. Yeah, two weeks out. I'll be a fun game. Yeah, but I mean we saw also, we gave a couple of shoutouts last week or two weeks ago, and for the the performance of US players. Yeah, but then also, I want to mention really quick the transfer window close and we had a we had a lot of movement with US national team players. So Reynolds, he went from New York credibles to Roma. That's really big. ARIOLA ended up joining a Morris to swansea. Seventeen year old kaid and Clark to lace, big seventeen year old Justin Chad to Bayern Munich. And it's something too, I want to stand out. Justin Chay he was part of that player development program that also set richards, the center back to Bayern Munich. He was part of that program that helped send them over there practice for three weeks and have bay Munich like them. They get to keep him. So that's something I feel like a lot of US national team players, youth players, should take advantage. Go be part of that program, go get tested out on big teams and you end up staying. HMM. So that's that's big. Yeah, and I feel I feel like by iron they're like one of the teams that has been keeping their eyes out on like young town young talent, and especially in the United States. You know, they taken out of the cond they took Davies as well from Montreal and they developed into a pretty roll player. So I don't know, if prediably, arguably the best left back in the world. Maybe I give him a few years to top top three for sure. Yeah, I just feel like, yeah, really hyped up after that sham music final. Hasn't really, you know, made any other findself. But yeah, I don't he can work. He can definitely become one of the top top left back in the world. I think so. Yeah, you just gotta stay healthy yet. So we're going to switch back over here to the NBA where we have the leak, leak, because not official, but it's pretty sure, pretty sure, going to happen the All star Game March seventh... Atlanta at the Atlanta Hawks arena. Voting has already opened and BEA released like the first wave of voting ballots, and we for the Western Conference. We have the the three leading front courses, Lebron, James Joke kitch and Kauai, with to the two cards being steph curry and daunchitch. And those are all players who having crazy season so far. The all I feel like all those players are in the talks to be an MVP. Yep, they have Lebron led voting. Lebron and Kyd let the led the voting for like both eastern yeah, for all of the players those are talked to leading the votes, but then those are also players. Will Lebron? Lebron has spoken out as saying he doesn't want to be part of the the All Star game. Yeah, because he says that the Lakers only had seventy one days to rest until they had to start the season again. Yeah, he feels like it was a thing where they should have canceled it, just like they canceled the pro bowl for the NFL. Hmm, because especially just that small, that small break they had, and then also with all the covid cases that have been emerging. Yeah, Kevin Duran, who just he didn't even test medause. Yeah, because a tracing I I don't know why that. This the NBA is kind of, I don't know, having this shit kind of stupid. Like you're a healthy KD is sitting out for a week for no real hell, because I's racing, because there's a trait is that he doesn't even have it. It's Tracy, like that's fucking stupid, like come on, do like let him play. And he's Katie shoulders frustration by saying free him because like he's kind of bullshit this because he did in the middle of the game. That's having crazy, having the game. But he he was there for half of the game and then they hit him up, telling them like a Katie needs to get off the core. And this is stupid. He re play two quarters looking the different. You sweating on the court, playing close contact with the players, like what? You might as well just let him play the whole Gamer ready, like there's no, it doesn't stupid. The way just take him out halfway through the game doesn't make any sense. But speaking of the Eastern Conference, the votes for those, obviously we have from first to three. We have the front court being Kadi Giannis and Jewell and bead. The guards would be Bradley Beale and Curry Irving. As it stands, I would be the starting get Bradley Bill Out of Washington. Dude, he said, he, he said he's a fine out around there. Say That with all crying, dude, like Hell No, tell me that with by telling me you don't want to ring. Basically, yeah, like what? Why stay there? Like what has the front the Front office given a Bal so he could stay with Washington? Nothing. There's no reason for the stay because it's a conversation entert to like there's not a lot of loyalty nowadays in the NBA, so that can maybe be something he wants to pursue. I mean, yeah, if you're looking back, I believe it's a two thousand and nine, two ten, Joe, or you remember what your stuff. Curry was at is two thousand and nine. Steph curry is the only player from that draft, draft class who has stayed with the same team. That's crazy. Two doesn't nine. Yeah, that's and that I mean the I talk about loyalty, about you can't compare him, because curry has. He's reached five finals consecutively. One three of those Bo has been with the Washington Wizards and one Jack Shit nothing. But I feel like that also has to do with John Wall getting injured when he was with the wizards to and I mean they brought in Russell Westbrook, who it's really much of a team player, who I personally think he's really good. I think he's in stands good, but as the team player he's not good as a team player. He's good for individual stats. Yeah, but I mean look, why do you think have usually shifts his ass out of there? Yeah, I mean they shipped hard and not too but hardn't want to leave. Yeah, harden didn't want to stay. Yeah. So I mean I don't know. We'll see if there's an Allstar game, because even players like Jian is Kawhi, Leonard, Darren Fox, they all said there's no point in having an all star week. Yeah, I don't want money talks. There's a lot of money involved and it would it would be like a whole week off for the NBA. But the the players competing in the Allstar game or the best players, they yeah, they would. It would just be a oneday thing. Usually it's a twoday thing where Saturday night you have the it's like...

...the US versus world game and then you have like the the Taco Bell Skills Challenge and then the three point, you know, three point Dune contest and all that. But it would just be a one one day thing where they just do the skill challenges, probably earlier in the day, and then, yeah, like they close it off with the Allstar game. Obviously I'll feel like that would be done without fans. I don't see why they would allow fans into that, but I mean I don't know. The NBA could just pull out some stupid shit and that the fans in to get more money. I mean, I don't know if if Lebron is what? If Lebron is voicing that he doesn't want to all star game, everybody's going to piggyback onto that and say they're going to say that the specially if other players that I just had mentioned, two of their also speaking out. I mean, yeah, maybe owner should look at this and and the but the good thing about this is that if they, the players, really don't want to play, they have the National Basketball Player Association, WHO's in the negotiations for this game. But they had said yes, already. Know. I don't know they hadn't said yes. They're like they're they're debating it. So it's some progress. But and I believe it's and Drake Woodala, who's a president of the National Basketball Play Association. Or No, no, Creev, three, two, pet three. Yeah, and I think Andre's the vice president. But yeah, that I'm pretty sure. See, like all these players are voicing their opinion to Chris Paul, who's representing them, and Chris Paul is going to be letting on that. Yeah, they'm like probably the majority of players don't want to play it and then I don't know, but they'll still probably keep the votes up, just like similar to how the NFL they had their pobo votes, and that's just like as a nod for players doing that the season. As far as playing the game, I don't know, that's still up in the air. We'll see if fans of happening though. Yeah, I mean I kind of want to see it. You know, last year's was pretty fun, the way they set up. Yeah, it was. The game was fucking intense for the first time like that I can remember. But I mean if players don't want to play, you know, I respect that. We're in the middle of a fucking pandemic. Yeah, and they had a like the like he's like you said, the Lakers have the short offseason. I mean, I guess they could work out that they don't play it. I don't mean, I'm not complaining either way. The season still being played. So I mean, yeah, as long as it's not halt, they could give them a break. I don't mind take a week off, but then not going to do that. They probably won't. The probably just crank up the fucking schedule. Yeah, because they trying to get this shit done before Tokyo and the heavy start to get through the finals and Tokyo and the them pics and all that. So I mean, I don't know. We'll see how they try to squeeze the schedule and already short and season sending two games. Yeah, I don't know. We'll see. But that's it for this week. Makes you to like, share, subscribe? Yeah, we'll see you guys next time.

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