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Episode 18 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 018 | Champions League, Barcelona, PSG, Mbappe, Juventus Ronaldo, Liverpool, Haaland


In episode 018 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss the UEFA Champions League round of 16. They review Messi and Barcelona losing to Mbappe and PSG, Porto defeating Ronaldo and Juventus, Mane and Salah scoring for Liverpool to take down RB Leipzig, and Erling Haaland scoring a brace for Borussia Dortmund in a win over Sevilla.

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Welcome back everybody. This is episode eighteen of Goat Talk. I'm your host, Alonzo, and this past week we had a lot of important Champions League Games. Yeah, we had four games, the biggest one being barceer versus PSG. What was your thoughts on Mors has performance on Tuesday? They I just think psg just help play them in literally every way possible, and Bob Bay had a really good game, scored a hat trick. YEA, PSG ended up winning fo two, one and just you can really tell all of Barcelona flaws, especially how they couldn't even keep possession in the mid Bousquets, I think, isn't made from big games anymore. He just can't keep up. I think Barcelona needs a new pair of center backs. It's just a lot of things that went wrong. Yeah, there's the Parson. He's a lot of pieces and, like you said, the midfield for Barcel wasn't really intact, but at the was, for me, was probably the second best player behind him, Bob it, but at the had was really controlling the midfield and setting up plays for his wingers. He would find and pop it with through balls that he that wouldn't always like always be a goal, but they would certainly create like danger place for three, four PS G and Barsas defense was having a hard time, especially pque. He was getting dusted. I'd be like yeah, that they definitely need more center new center backs, younger ones, to to like keep up with the like new talent that's coming up with the young kids. It was if, I felt like the midfield for Barcel was getting, you know, asphyxiated by PS g, and then also like the defense, or Pezu, was actually pretty good and keeping, yeah, keeping messy intact. And I feel like if they, if Parsa would like have some plays, you know, it's a great danger, like they'd always kind of be like a step behind and not read the play, especially gree's mind, like I felt like he would take to an either pastor shoot and it would just end up fucking up to play. The thing is too, with like griesman and them ballet would they would have to come back a lot because the to the right back end, the left back, George Olive and death, they were getting be every time too. So they had to come back and defend a lot of the times. And I mean like them ballet, he had like that one shot like right in front of the goal that Matt gave the past to and it was like it was way he just passed it right to the goalie. That should have been like like a like a top bench shock, because the goalie, the goalie, was already out of this box, so he wouldn't he could have just kind of easily chipped it over to but I feel like somebody else had a really big impact. was little by Ellis and the mid. He was probably aggressive, I feel like him and rate they were just just dominating against Bosquet, Beattie and the young and like the whole thing with be get to how that meme that came about. He's pulling him BOP HIS JERSEY. I feel like that just summed up the game basically. They yeah, but with him BOP it and bop it was also destroying desk on the right and it was just like they...

...were just all over the place too, because I feel like I minute seventy eight, where they made the subs where they took out be camp with skeets. I feel like that was that was too late. Are you going to take out the two slowest guys that were fucking up the whole game until minute seventy eight where there's only like twelve minutes left. Yeah, and then also like on Coleman's part, like I didn't hear a lot of criticism about it, but also like Beguet was out for I think it was around three months, started training a color like probably not even a week before the match, and start speak Ay of like against like one of the fastest players in soccer, and I mean like, how can you, like, why would you start somebody WHO's first game back after three months? Like it's I don't know, like he was just setting up his defense for failure to I mean one can make the argument that maybe that leadership in the back, but I feel like when his leadership end up overtaking like overall skill, because because leadership is, I feel like levels above his skills, especially at the age is now and even a leer. The whole argument he had with Gresman were yode him saying that they were just running like crazy, they couldn't keep a long possession. But the way I see it, the way I've personally see it, I feel like, especially when it's not constructive criticism, when he was just giving he was just giving up straight up criticism to griesman. HMM, like it's not respected unless you're doing better. But you can't give criticism to another player or your when your performance isn't better than that player. Giving criticism to yeah, like it's kind of like hypocritical, you know, in a way, because he was he was getting his shit, that'sted by him pope and letting them score those goals, which most of the time was empopped, just being less wide open, you know, like they didn't follow their mark, and I mean like, you know, why would you give shit to Greaseman who, yeah, like probably could have had maybe a few more bigger impact on the game, but I mean you can't that. PSC defense also isn't like fucking trash, you know, yeah, like a really good team, and I'm like he just I feel like, just Grez when we just got accept he's never going to be that player, that it wasn't a Pletico, because he doesn't have that that leadership by himself where he everything went to him and Barcelona everything goes through messy, everything goes through the Jong, even sometimes in the mid, and Griesman isn't the main target. So I feel like he's just not going to be that player. Like people expecting to be that player, that he was an athletical when they won the league, for example. Yeah, well, it's certainly a different reason on and we've been saying that since he arrived at bar so how he would adapt, but he has it really adapted to help. People expected him too. And the thing is too, did you see how he took like a private flight after the game, like he left by himself? Yeah, he went straight to the airport and did. But I don't know. Supposed he that Collma have given them like two days rest. I don't I don't know if that's true. I'll... you can go wherever you want. And he were both Bartson for real, because, I mean, because I don't know. I just feel like that really fucks up the team, because even Geordie Oliba jumped into the conversation and said to just like just keep on playing when that was going on. Yeah, Jordi Alba to. I don't know if you seen how with him, Bob and BOP it was talking shit too in the end, the on the corner kick. Yeah, he was telling he told Jordi the Otam if he ever saw him on the street or if he saw him on the street that he would kill him. And something that really like caught my eye. Jordy Olwa told him you're learning from the worst in terms of like talking shit. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he was talking about nay more that embop is learning bad habits from Neymar. Yeah, and then, and then he also says something about like you're getting your your acting too big for your boots or something like that. Yeah, I work. Yeah, and he's like kind of implying that, like y'all, like you're thinking, like you're really up there. But then, I mean like he is up there. There's a world champion, like he has every rights it, like kind of have that sort of mentality, like yeah, I'm the best, and I mean if you want to be the best player, you got to think you're the best player. Yeah, yeah, I totally agree. And I mean, looking BOP is young. He's twenty two years old. I feel like he still hasn't matured to that player that he could reach the heights to, especially if he's just starting off, especially when Naymar is not on the pitch, he's always going to be the main target and I feel like he just has a lot to learn, but he's already knocking on the door of messy and Ronaldo saying like, Yo, I'm here, I have a World Cup, I win the League in France at like every year and I just can develop into that player that can become a by Lon Day Oldo winner or just the best player in the world. With now like argument. Yeah, and then you seen how he was drawing like their they were making comparisons how it maybe Bob Bay and Howland will have kind of will be like those two fighting for how like it's like when all the way and Messie. Yeah, you think that that's like a valid point or come comparison? I feel like it's. It's not too soon to say, because they're already doing really good things on the big stage. They're both playing Champions League and they're both have really good records in the Champions League, something we're going to talk about later with Hailan. But I think it's still too soon, as say, to keep out messy and Ronald from the conversation, because I still feel like they've been doing it for decades. And let's see, that's the whole reason that Messi and Ronaldo are so great is because they're so consistent. They've been doing a year after year after year, and there's been players in the past we just kind of keep up. Let's for example, like Edin, hazard one else. He was a really good top, I don't know, top three player in the world at one point and he just couldn't keep up. Naymar has all these injury problems. Every feels like every year he has multiple injuries. They're just players who are really good, but they are consistent. So let's see if in BOP and high line can keep up with the consistency that messy and Rollo have been implementing into the game for decades. Yeah, and they like they...

...also develop some sort of riperry. We see that last they're the last Champions League edition where they played each other and pshd limited highland and we're in bopping and any more the whole team, as they did the celebration. Yeah, they were lucky the celebration and I mean I feel like that, like that's good, though, for the sport, because it's creating a rivalry that, I mean it would be fun to see. And now those two people created with messy and rather where their friends. They're cool with each other, but everybody has always made that comparison of them being rivals, of them like hating each other, but in reality it's not like that. But maybe we could see that with em Bob Band Holland. Yeah, and I go for sure. For you. Do you think this? That was messy's last game? Come No, for the Champions League with Barcelona? I think for sure, even if they don't, cause I mean they're out. Come on, they have four away goals and bop a hat trick at the camp. Now I feel like Barcelona's out, because what's going to change from this game to the other? I feel like even name Our Name are might come back for the second leg, so that that's going to be and worse. I honestly I think that was Messrs last game with the Champions League, especially if they're looking at things, only can bad in the league. I to they're not going to win the CHAMBIS league and if they're not winning any trophies, message for sure leaving, like I feel like at this point, used deciding where to go, especially since he just got beat by one of the teams that he probably wants to go to because he always said he wanted to play with name are again. So I think, I think so yeah, so I don't know. We'll see in the summer. It's going to be interesting transfer window for the summer. We had. The other game on Tuesday was our be lip set versus little pool, where little pool pulled out a Tuzero win with a goal from each other wingers alone money. That was a good one for them. It was basically two mistakes by lace bag and then just Liverpool was able to capitalize on them up on mccondos, the center back fucked up, and I mean it's a really good win for Liverpool, especially since Jusian club basically said that they gave up the chances of winning the Premier League again. So I feel like there's just a breath of fresh air. Maybe Liverpool can make it farther in the Champions League. Yeah, they have a chance to close it out at home next week. Two zero winner to zero win and it was a to go to. Away goals should make it easier for them to close it out, but we'll see you next week. Wednesday we saw a big game in FC Portso and Juba, were Julia lost to one. What were your thoughts on that one? Thank there's a lot, a lot in that game too. I feel like Bortho, porth will played really, really good for a team of their standard. They pressure the ball really well because she has me. He even after the SH's he made that bad pass where they scored the first goal. He was still fucking up on passes from the back. I feel like Bortho was just transitioning really well as a team and they scored a goal in each of the first minute of the first half and the second half. So they they scored right away and I feel like that Emmy and my way got they just took advantage. Yeah, I think... was when, but that core who fucked up the past did he try to pass it back to test me, but the past was to ahead of nest. Need to get it and the forward press, press the ball and just LD cycles for them to like get to the ball first. But yeah, it was two defensive mistakes for Jubet, like one bad passing in the back, especially with the Ford right there, and then the second or in the second half, was bad lack of marking. Defense wasn't aware of where the where the player was going to be and they kind of just let him walk in to the box to shoot. But yeah, I saw I saw a Jupid team who struggle to get up into the attacking third and if they did, they the last touch wasn't there to like create any chances. Ronaldo, how to, thought it was pretty it was pretty bad game for him, but he couldn't get really couldn't. He couldn't get anything owing. I feel like it was a pretty quiet game from him, especially since I feel like one of Dervens's mistakes, or let's say Peerlo's mistake, was it didn't start with like a number nine. I feel like when once point, I thought, came in, he was playing really well, like he was one of the target men and he was able to get a couple good shots on yeah, no, yeah, I agree. I don't Bear Loos starting eleven. When I saw I was like there's really no attacking there besides Ronaldo, and I'm like that's not enough, especially if Porto is going to have a lot of pressure on the ball and on Ronaldo, like you need and you need to do some another player to help him out. And I mean I saw the bench more I thought was there depot I was on the bench, but I think he wasn't. He wasn't fit. I think it's a play yeah, so, I mean that makes sense, but I feel like beat low, he hasn't really done anything to make this Juba team any better than what it was with Saddi especially, I feel like, the mistake that Piolo Mane. I mean I don't know. I mean I wasn't there at the fucking game in the dressing room. But at the same time, like, what is your halftime talk, especially when you got scored on in the first minute, like, should I hear you talk of been like, all right, let's defend the second half. The first minute really, well, that's how we got scored on. Let's transition the ball. Well, let's get the ball up, let's keep it out of our defensive half. And then the same thing happened right away. They score on you in the first minute again. So what what was talked about and the dressing room at halftime? Yeah, true, I don't I don't know. Just I don't even know why they got beat all in the first place, when you had a chance to sign a guy like Putchettino, who's proven, who's a proven manager. I mean, I'm not even I don't like that bullshit where they just sign somebody because he used to play for the club, like like that's looking stupid like it does. He's not approven anything as a manager, and if you get if you fucking sucks, then they get all but hurt and fired him. Like, if anything, that's more on the club for not getting somebody WHO's more experienced. Yeah, but I mean that's not lock on Porthos Game, I feel like Sarah Joliveta played a really good game, much as seen, played really well. Mateoso Eva played really well, and it's crazy to... to think like a champions Eue game, where too really good bass players for the team came from a Medica and they but yeah, it's like that's just something to think about. Like March Hasina Ordiva, played really, really well, the main will obviously the starting goalie after gust he has left, and Mateoso Eva, who's been a starter in the midfield and played really well. They both came from a Medica and they just be a really good team in the Champions League. No, yeah, my fel city with did a solid job locking down the midfield like the like. Even the commentators keep saying that, like he was holding it down and that drew it couldn't really play through it because what eva was doing a good job and not letting them play through their yeah, the dude for the like. They did a pretty good job defending to on props order for doing that. The second game, though, I don't know. Do we got that important goal, the way goal Jessa? Yeah, he which goal better that? Which one? Touch? Yes, I or BOP it, I pop it come back to yeah, yeah, this is good. That was wrong. That was a good finish. Yeah, it was going too I don't know, I just I feel like I'm bought. His own was better because he it was still running and he didn't like it was top bins, I guess. I tell you, guys, arguably one of the best goals in the world. Yeah, I don't think. I feel like that was even better. And it was the cap up a hat trick. So I mean like, Damn, what are you fucking do it close it off. But then, yeah, I don't know. Speaking of hat tricks, so Ronaldo, he did it into does and nineteen, where he came back from losing the first leg, and secondly he scored a hat trick. So when you think we're going to see that in the second leg, I think so. I feel like Peter will adjust to starting eleven and it helped. Like helping all the more out if he has another player who can hall out of Marka for him. So like do is sting and because it's something that we saw, like to like to, for example, in the Phg game where he got the like teams really need a good number nine on the field at all times, because he cardi when he was back, was towards a goal, he received the ball really well, he did a lot of aerial plays, he played with aggression, I guess the center backs. I feel like teams just need that number nine on the field, something that Barcelona lacks, and I feel like that Jewishould have started with what at I said earlier. No, yeah, I agree. I think you will come back to feel like Mr Champions around, though. He'll find a way to maybe they they need at least one goal. Does I think one goal sends them in through because on away goals, right, if it's to one right now? Yeah, so, I mean a zero win, lets them go to zero win. For sure. Those secure it. They didn't really need a hat trick, but I mean I think they could win it off. There a hole. Yeah, they're playing at home.

Hopefully the battle will probably be fit so well. We might see him. We'll see. The last big game that we had this week was Severe Dude Mon we saw the let them from Hallan. We scored two goals and one assist. He he participator in every goal. I think that just proves that Hagan is indeed the real deal. Like he isn't just, you know, probably like a one season, two season winner, but I feel like he's going to be a salt, he's gonna be a good player, great player, in the future, and I thought said Yeah, I thought something was gonna do a lot better, especially they just incorporated Babu Goll mess into their starting eleven. I feel like they have a really good team, as was navas captain, another great player. I could teach, but I don't know. I just I feel like highland, how long just pulled away with Royce and Hailan. Now he has eighteen goals in thirteen matches. That's a goal every fifty five minutes. That's crazy. He's twenty years old and he's putting up these numbers, and these are number if he's at at this pay something. We talked about consistency. Maybe howland can end up being the highest goal score of all time for the Champions League, because right now it's Rinaldo with one hundred and thirty two and messy with one hundred and eighteen at the top two. But they're averaging zero point seven six and zero point eight one goals per game. But that's because they played fuck man like, almost like Ronaldo has a hundred and seventy three appearances and Messi has a hundred forty six. So I mean it's totally to say, but I mean if how long is keeping up with this, he's at least going to come close to that and if not even surpassed them in years to come. Yeah, he's showing consistency at this young age with it. Doubt that he doesn't that he doesn't like keep that consistency. I think he'll keep it. So if we had discore early on, they had an early lead, but I mean wasn't long before thou moon strike back and they took a one lead and then they s y scored. It was like the late go to make it three two, but that's three away goals for the month that they're taking back to Germany with them. It's something that I don't know. We talked about before to how is highland and Baba the next players coming up? I think so. I mean the provenier right now. Wells is there up there. That's like it's just them. I feel like it's just them to because, yeah, I do like Lewandowski is not he's not young. I feel like he's already keeping up. He's already putting a bigger numbers, like goal wise, and a lot of players at a similar age well, like in terms of like the future highland and Babe, hopefully we get that rivalry after MASSI and Roldum. I don't even want to talk about that because I feel like they still have a long way to Goo. No, yeah, that, though, they'll definitely do. Yeah, when you look at like young players, younger than twenty two, that are like make a big ays difference in their game, scoring goals, being consistent. Yeah, you can only really think of him pop in high line for the for that conversation. But yeah, they it...

...looks like the future of soccers and good hands with these two stars. I don't know where they'll end up. By the highland stays at month, I feel like you'll go somewhere else, because, I mean he went. Wouldn't he like. He has the potential. There's going to be teams dying to have a player like that on their team. So we'll see where he lands. You never know, he might even end up at PAS GAM with him popping player like, I don't know, one of the targets for one of the candidates to be president for Barcelona. He said that was one of the main targets to buy. But I don't know. No doubt of messy isn't at Barcelona. I don't see why how I want to go to Barcelona. I feel like it's like a dying team. HMM, the he would want to go somewhere there where he can win. Now, not like the not like because he isn't a player that would want to be a part of like rebuilding. That would just be wasting his ears. And it's something that, like, I feel like Royce really had to deal with, because he was only only like notable player to ever stay with. What else had dormal? Because they've had a history of selling every good player they've ever produced. Well, that what that Wandowski, and it was crazy to they they got rid of Lowandowski for free. Matt's, humo's mightyo goats Goundugun, Goundugun, who's fuck man, he's doing so good right now with Manchester City, who they just they're up by ten points in the Premier League. Just a quick set. Gunda Gun, amazing player, scoring goals. But yeah, I feel like, I feel like I don't think how that stays at Dorman, especially how every other player has left and really exceeded expectations. I don't see him staying there for much longer. Yeah, and then, with rumors of suchral leaving to essentral these, I'm pretty sure how lone would not stay back there and D my by himself and see how USA player Jomantia train also produces without these players too, if he ends up staying there as well. Yeah, I feel like him. He probably might be a little bit more time. I would want just to develop more and get more attention, because I feel like as a right, like if you were to enter the market right now, I mean probably wouldn't be like a big team, you know, yeah, or it wouldn't be like a smart purchase. Yeah, it would. Yeah, because it's kind of like he's proven like good, but you want to see it for like consistent seasons, maybe like one or two seasons. So we'll see. If we'll see what hellng but as of now, let's let's see. Also, I don't think they'll get that far in the Champiz league with dormant. But Hey, he's if he's putting up these numbers, a great for him. It adds to his resume and it adds to his transfer fee, which, you have goes up after the whole pandemic where everybody really got evaluated. We'll see if he maybe breaks the record for a transfer fee because, especially since in Bob, I think he's going to stay at ASG especially if messy ends up going there. Yeah, so, yeah, yeah, he has all, he has everything to to break that feme become...

...the most expensive player. But yeah, like you said, we'll see if you can keep it up. He should be easily one of the best players and highest selling on the market. So that's all the time we got for this week. Makes you to like, share and subscribe. Subscribe and we'll see you next time.

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