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Episode 19 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 019 | Canelo vs Yildirim, Teofimo Lopez, Triller, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Lebron James


In episode 019 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss the knockout of Canelo Alvarez over Avni Yildirim on DAZN for the WBC and WBA Super Middleweight titles, Teofimo Lopez fighting on Triller against George Kambosos, and Zlatan Ibrahimović telling Lebron James to not mix politics and sports.
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Welcome back, everybody. This is episode nineteen of Goat Talk. I'm your host, Alonzo, and we just had the number one pound pound fight in the world defend his title. Yeah, Cannell over as, with the third round TKO win in Miami today. Well, I mean pretty not a shocking result, but I mean the way it ended was kind of I told you, everybody, I feel like everybody, well, I mean everybody who really knew who yoo drum was, knew this was going to happen, and I feel like people are I feel like people are mad ath for the wrong reasons. I feel a lot of people are like blaming Canello for this. That why is he fighting this trash fighter, when all the blame should be on the WC. It was a mandatory that all the fuck. How the fuck is a fighter who's been an enactor for two years and then lost and his two fights where he stepped up in competition be ranked number one in the WC and become a man and Tway for that? Every mother from intent for a Canello. Yeah, so I feel like all the blame should be on Modisi Wul a mind, who was the president for the WC, and I mean Canello. He just he just took her of business. I feel like he he could have stopped it, I think even in the first round, because he they never really sit the pace. In the first round they look kind of slow. Yeah, and then they kind of turned it up in the second round and then third round we had that knocked down, which was to me kind of a flash knockdown, but then it turns out that he was actually really hurt because when he came back to the corner, his coach, Jeral Diaz, told him like, you know, if you don't show me anything in the fourth round, I'm gonna call it off. But then it turns out that the free stopped it, which I think Jeel Diaz, I think he did a really good job. I feel like y'ldrum was taking a lot of punishment. He wasn't hitting back at all, and I didn't overall, other than the game plan, I think you'l drum was just in there just take hits. Yeah, I know. Yeah, and then Cannello also didn't feel the y'l drum was much of a threat. He had his guard down most of the match and I mentioned to you, I'm like, he's not even trying to like defend. He didn't have any like hands up to defend himself, like he was just taking jabs and your drum was just kind of just eating them. You know, he was just getting he was taking the hits and I mean he was doing really good body shots and uppercuts.

I feel like that was the main thing that Cannella was focusing on for this fight, where as to say that your drum was supposably he was to be putting pressure on Canello, that he was going to make him fight on his back heel. But I saw none of that at all. Like he was a hitting back, like he threw some jazz, but it was nothing. I mean they were both fighting Orthodox, so I feel like it was kind of easy for Cannellison's never had problem with an order Orthodox fighter, but it just seemed like an easy night. No, yeah, I mean it wasn't easy. I, like you said, I could have ended earlier. I remember like in one moment in the second round where you'll drum threw a punch and Cannello like step back. He like dodged it and he the counter with the right one, and that's when you were like, oh, he took a good hit and yeah, I mean I thought he was that was going to be a knockdown, but you're drum like a handled it. Well, okay, he took it, but I mean that that third round punch, I think that's the word he got on the knockdown, really kind of days them a bit. But I think the main thing too, is that jewel Diaz, who I really appreciate as a coach. He's coached fighters that I've really liked watching, like Omarfi Garoa, Abner Mars and Timothy Bradley. I don't know what they worked on for training camp. Was it? Maybe they had a game plan? And then neo drum, once he felt canell's power, he didn't want to go through with it at all because he himself has always been a pressure fighter. He's got a knockdowns in the first, second round and his past fights, but even from the beginning, from the opening bill, he put no pressure on Cannello at all and it was just it was easy night. That's his sums it up right there. Yeah, was it a shocker that Cannella one was expected. Everybody had this Cannella winney be at the first round, third round, but for sure wasn't going to go to twelve rounds. We both predicted that that probably be an early round finish, and I mean that's that's how it ended, and I mean the whole thing is to like people got to know to that. I've talked about, I think, the last time when they had announced the fight that, like, Canella wasn't even supposed to find in February. So I feel like we should just take this fight as a stay busy fight for his upcoming bout against Billy Joe sounders in May. So I feel like we shouldn't be complaining because, I mean, at least he's staying active. A lot of really big...

...champions these days they only fight two to one time a year. So as long as we see Canella more than two times a year, I'm all for it, and especially if it's a mandatory to keep his belt, to become the only fighter to ever unify all four belts in the one hundred and sixty eight pound division. I feel like we should all be for it. Like, if there's someone to blame, like I said, it's the WBC, and I mean Canello. He also made history. He's the third Mexican with most wins and world championship fights only behind legendary fighter, if you nit the Lopez and Julius as our Chavez. So it's something that he keeps on doing every fight, is that he's reaching new goals and it's something that we should be, I feel, like supporting, and I mean you're drum like how much he made. He made two point five million to fight for three rounds. That's crazy. I mean two point five million for just being a punching back for Pinelo. I mean, I would take the same money too, but, like you said, he he's like China, chasing those that top Mexican spot for fighters. They asked them post match, like how it does, how is it like comparing him to like Hulus is, our Chavis, you know, to all those great Mexican boxers, and he said, I all, I'm just I'm trying to create my own history in my own unique way. Like respect to those boxers. He like admires them. There his idols, but like he wants to do his own thing. He's not necessarily chasing them in a sense. But it's funny too, because even during this past week, in an interview for ESPN, they asked him if you would have be since I chavis in a fight when they were both in their prime and he said he would have beat him. So it's kind of crazy now that he kind of changes it up a bit, I feel like he kind of like thought about it. Like all people are going to think I'm like being Hello Cocky, you're like overconfident, but I don't know, I mean I would be a great fight. I mean they never believe. I feel like both of their primes were at two different weight classes. So I don't know how that fight would have turned out. But he shout out to Knella's he's reaching new heights. Yeah, he is. I would probably had set the same just because for confidence was, you know, believing yourself no matter what. So I mean I probably would have said the same thing. Hey,...

...but fuck Jovin is. He was like eighty nine and no until he finally lost. But I don't know, that's a whole. It was a different it was a different time period. Yeah, I mean we'll see him fighting. May See how that goes. Hopefully another kind of the win in the from the books for him moving on to another boxer. We had to him a Lopez. Yeah, so, because he wasn't able to reach an agreement with this promoter, top rank, to defend his IBF title against a mandatory and so ended up going a purse bid, which, crazy enough, the winner of the purse, but was triller. For those who don't know trailer, they're not really in the boxing scene. They just had that pay per view with Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr and they won the purse. But they bid six million dollars, which sixty five percent of that bit is going to go to your female, which is approximately about four million, with top rank is going to take twenty percent, which is about seven hundred eighty thousand. And that's crazy to think too, because top rank, which is to a female's promoter, had only offered him the minimum, one point two million, and till female got like pissed. He said that there's no way I just became one of the top fighters in the world after being a Limon Chanko and you'll only want to offer me the minimum. So that's the whole reason why the whole thing went to purse bid, was because your female felt disrespected by the way that Bob Aram, his own promoter, president himself with that offer and he just wanted to explore the open market. And the crazy thing to is that this fight is probably going to land in April on the same card as Jake Paul and been Ashton, which I think is a disrespect to the sport. But I don't know, put it how you see it, trailer, put up the money and that's where the fight's going to land. Oh yeah, that's on top rank. How are you going to disrespect the guy who just Beatlemonchenko for the boat? You can offer him a minimum like he has every right to be paid. And I mean, yeah, you might say, Oh, it's on thriller and Shit like or celebrity fights, you know, exhibition matches, but I mean on box this, I mean it's not boxing, but it's also like you're not going to take a pic cut off from your promoter. You can chase them back to because you...

...know, you know how much you're worth, you know your status as a boxer, and I mean why would you be lowball like that? And that's something too. We're top rank has at a notoriety for player, for boxers leaving. So, for example, floyd may weather, when he was still pretty boy floyd, he bought out of his top rank contract for seven hundred fifty thousand dollars and then became a billionaire. Same thing Oscar de la Joya. He was promoted early on by top rank. He ended up leaving again, became a millionaire, started his own thing with golden boy, and that's something I feel like till female started to notice, once you start reaching a certain level, it turns into a business for the promoter. You're not seen as that prize fighter, you're seen as just a business figure. Basically, they're just going to make money off of you. If they know you're going to be bringing the numbers, you're beating top ranked guys, they're going to try to get more money off of you. And it's somebody like Bob Aaron, who's been in the game longer than anybody ever has. He's been here since fucking Muhammad Ali. He promoted Muhammad Ali, he prome it, he promoted Mandy Pack Yoh, he promoted fucking floyd may whether he's promoted all the big names, but I feel like when it comes to fighters like these, like to Fem who are young and upand coming, I feel like he starts to lose track of what they originally planned. Maybe he had told you a fee when he first item. I'm I'm gonna make you the biggest name in boxing, because I feel like two female. I think he's one of the main fighters, other than like Virgil Ortiz, to become the future of boxing and to offer only the minimum, even though I know maybe because of covid or ticket sales, or maybe because the money they've been losing in recent months and over the past year. Maybe that's one of the reasons, but come on, you got to do something little's a little bit more than just the bare minimum. No, yeah, your most important fighter too. Yeah, other than Terence Crawford. Oh Yeah, yeah, you, you're right in every aspect of that. But this could probably be like an eye opener for to a female to start building his brand, like the same way that may weather was able to build his career and business as a boxer once we mean top rank. Same thing with else, for the way when he created a golden boy. Maybe to a female goes similar route and buys his way out...

...of top rank because he knows that he's come, he's more valuable and he can, you know, make a an actual name for himself, as all was a business. But I feel like I don't. I mean I don't think that's gonna Happen. I think he's gonna stay with top ring, but I feel like this is just it was an eye opener. I don't think he's gonna end up leaving, I feel like, just after this, especially since Bob Brown has said there was going to be no more fights in an actual like bubble. He was going to try to stage fights where there was going to be a fans be able to go to the fights. But I don't know. I mean it's crazy to me just the fact that trailer won the purse bit that they and they bid way more than anybody else. Match Room with Eddie Herne. They were the person who came in second. Then top rank came in there. I just want to see how they end up doing it, if it turns out to be on the Jake Paul fight or sorry, I hope not. Yeah, I mean I hope not to. Or what musical acts are going to have. We just had fucking Jay Bob and saying with Kanello Canello, so probably something similar to that and we'll see where that goes. But I mean, good thing for Jill female though he's making this. He's going to be his highest purse ever of his career and he's coming off also the biggest win of his career too. So we're going to see. It's just another mandatory, another I think he's going to be easy when, too, is finding Camboso's and I don't know, hopefully after this he will see him fight another betolder, maybe like Devin Hani or Jerwanta Davis. Yeah, we'll see how it plays out in April, hopefully for to female Lopez moving on to a different sport or sports, or because it was to superstar from different sports. Some controversy soccer players let on. They asked him about Lebron James and his like involvement in political views, and this is what slept on said. He said Lebron James is phenomenal. I what he does, but I don't like it when people with some kind of status and they do politics at the same time as what they're doing. I mean do what you're good at, basically saying stick to your sport and don't get involved into politics. We had Lebron react yesterday post game. He said there's... way I would ever just stick to sports because I understand this platform and how powerful my voice is. What do you think? Who Do you think is in the wrong here or like whose perspective is right? slapdowns are Lebron and I think it comes back to the well, first off, I think slot on is wrong in many reasons. It kind of goes back to the time where Laura ingrams told Lebron James that shut up and dribble about political things. Yeah, and I feel like it just goes back to that. I feel like sometimes athletes are viewed in a way where they can only talk about their sport or they can only talk basketball and promote basketball. But I feel like athletes, when they have that type of platform, they should be able to promote things that are beneficial to the rest of the community, because it's not just basketball. Think about it. Lebron James, he does a lot. He has his own foundation, the Lebron James Family Foundation, which is a based in Akron. He does charity. He's worked with the boys and girls pub of America, he's worked with the Children's Defense Fund, he's had an eye promise school. He has a fucking school that gives scholarships to kids. Yeah, a lot of kids from Akron and that can't afford college. And he's worked with also he's worked with the University of Akron to to give scholarships to kids to go to be able to go to college. Not even kids, but fucking yeah, and agers. Yeah, to go to kids. So it's not like it's also not like saying, like Lebron has never done anything outside of basketball to he has, like he's in tremendously. He's done a lot. He's he's donated two point five million to the Smithsonian, the National Museum, so he's done a lot mass. I feel like slatimes in the wrong well, yeah, I mean, I guess it just comes from the different backgrounds we had probably slept on, you know, where they come from, the European mindset, where it's kind of like, since the way they it's like things are more stripped over there in a sense that a lot of the countries are more strict out like what people can speak about the government what they can't, and I feel like maybe he kind of grew into that. We're like you kind of just hush about what politzers going and just stick to your sports. But in the same thing too, is like Sweden...

...hit, so slat and Ibrahimo, which is from Sweden. And yes, I don't feel like Sweden has never had the same poems that America has, especially in terms of like social justice and stuff like that. No, I mean, Oh yeah, you're right, and I mean Lebron growing in a black community and obviously we're in playing in basically night like mostly black athletes, because that's what basketball is. They're stick enough for. Obviously, the biggest one was black lives matter movement, and then we also had the it was for a while they were kind of helping the W NBA for their equal pay, but the main reasons that was saying that was because of the black lives matter and how Lebron has been like an advocate against trump and against like the Republicans and all that. But I mean it's, like you said, like Lebron has a connection to the communities, and I mean with being the biggest NBA star, most blocally known last like decade. Yeah, you have a platform that many people can look up to you and look, could people look up to Lebron and when they see like with a simple post, Bron could post about black lives matter and everybody's going to be on that. And I mean like it's just using your platform for yeah, for good, you not. It's if it's politics, good or bad, like it's there's never like you can never have some there's always going to be an opinion about politics. And I mean, yeah, it's you could just say shit up and dribble, but I mean that politics work their way somehow into sports and you got the national national anthem. I mean, like, if you don't want sports and politics intertwine, I mean why integrate something something like that? I feel like the only reason where politics shouldn't and for trade sports or sort of say when players affect political things into the game, is when they decide to sit out, sort of like Kyrie Irving, like as long as you're not sitting out games for not dumb reasons, but like just for like social movements. I feel like that's where I'm kind of like, if you on the subject,...

Becau is, think about are you getting paid millions of dollars? Like there's millions of people out there who want to be in the position you are, and I feel like sitting out a game doesn't really do anything. No, yeah, it's like what the sitting out of a game for like an hour make the president change his mind on maybe something he did or like cause government action that as doesn't really do anything. That's where I feel like draw the lines, and I'm not trying to say like even, for example, again Kyrie Irving, who has had different I want it's not like problems with like his mentality, where he's dealt with stuff like anxiety and stuff like that. I'm not saying with that, I'm saying with like other issues where he just decides just to sit out because of something that happened outside in the community, in politics. I feel like that shouldn't happen. Like you shouldn't set out a game. Yeah, no, I mean you shouldn't if you want to try to like advocate for a message that you're trying to, you know, get across to your nation. I mean it should be like through like as a whole, as a whole organization, not just a team, but also the NBA as a league. That's for you all get together and like make a message. They have like the they had that movement going online, know where they're doing the black lives matter, and then every player was kind of like they showed their they showed like they're, what's it called their support, where they put the Dan on the back of the yeah, their jerseys. Theyre you like that, like see, you could plague all these players will. Majority of them had that little slow games or little things for the movement on the back of the Jersey and they played. And that, I feel like, and it was in the playoffs, and it was in the playoffs. I feel like that pushes a bigger message to everybody out there instead of just sitting out. Yeah, because I mean, if you're sitting out, then it doesn't I feel like it doesn't really attract any attention in a way because it's just going to say all that they say. I'll due to of what's going on. But I feel like, no, you should use that your let, you should use that you're on TV, that you're under the spotlight, to advocate what you want and instead of like just sitting out.

Its kind of if you're sitting out, you I feel like you're just being quiet because you're not using your platform there. And I mean think about his slop on Ebrahim. Image only lasted about what two years in America when he played for an. He lived do he lived in fucking La as a millionaire, as a soccer star, as the biggest name and all of MLS. So I feel like he didn't get to see any of that. He didn't get to see any bad and what Lebron has seems like his entire life. Yeah, in America. Yeah, and then we had baron Davis earlier today. He sets a slapt on saying slapt on, stay your Westide of La Galaxy's like anyway, which I mean I don't know what that to do with anything. And he said he's gonna else, and you're dumb as hell. Take that stolen Zoha look and give it back to Sandler. Now, let the king speak. I mean it was kind of a weak come back. I'll bean that could have done better. I mean it was more like a laughing theme. Yeah, but I mean you could see how there's other NBA, former NBA and former NBA players who are kind of backing up with what Lebron and soccer players to. I see we're commenting, like on bleacher reports post about to what comments that's not that made. But I mean slot on is always been known to just to say like stupid to like he says random shit. Yeah, I mean I feel like the only thing that's laugh and has ever said that went against something was when he said that club soccer and America's too expensive. I feel like that's a hundred percent truth. I feel like that's the only thing sloughing has ever opened his mouth and said something fucking positive or like that was true. But Hey, I mean, slot on, he's entitled to his own opinion. We are not supposed to say it's true or falseter this is just our opinion. You had, didn't you guys can fucking say the same shit about us, about what we're saying right now, but it is just our opinion. I feel like slaptown was just in the wrong, you know. Yeah, that's all. Yeah, it's our opinion. He has his. We just don't agree with it. So, I mean we're not going at him, we're going that maybe has opinions. You know, he's still incredible player. Nobody takes it away from him. But yeah, this too definitely disturb some controversy in the world of Sports,...

...and I shake up a lot because, I mean slot and is a big name, even though he's never won a champions either. He's played for a bit really big clubs, and you're another shot. Very Babysh said that shit too. Shit, but I mean it's Lebron James. What do you expect? All right, so that's all the time we got for this week. Make sure to like, share, SI scribe and we'll see y'all next time.

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