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Episode 20 · 7 months ago

Goat Talk Podcast 020 | Chivas America, Barcelona Laporta, Messi, Mbappe, Ronaldo Juventus, Haaland


In episode 020 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Edgar Padilla discuss the Liga MX Clasico between Chivas and America where Henry Martin scored two goals, Barcelona electing Laporta and the potential departure of Messi, Ronaldo beating Pele for most goals scored, and the future of Mbappe and Haaland after progressing to the next round of the Champions League among other topics.

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Welcome back everybody: This is episode.Twenty of goat talk on your Hossalanzo and for this week we'v got editor backever since episode, nine onine 'goat to be back, it's been a while tat, Tinis Im my bag account, so webought we byt your contract by, but the stimulus, sho yeah. You know I was onLik o experience and I had a Comi didn't like Itneanao Hedo know aboutsoccer. You doN'tyou, don't talk about Soryeah Ai, so the first topic I want to talkabout is we just have a CHWAS EMEDICAT game? Would you think honestly, Ipersonally think she was has to get rid of their coach. You think so yeah. Ithink she just get rid of half of the team. I think that's going to be the.Why do you think have e team thes lick is ce cause think about it ever sincelast season to yeah, but how long did it Amaa? Howlong did it take O ma? Because then Yo have like his first season? It wasn'tgood right and like into the second one number yeah, but then think about theteam he had to like the mid, especially in the mid. They don't have the thereYoue right wit, they HAV BINELA GTTOAN. They need Likoela ao in ther backis. They just need a creative, a creative player because WHO's gonnasomebody that everybody was hoping what tophies would be yeah. He a player that 's just creative andactually can give passes on a consistent Awell. No, I don't thinkanybody on Che was. Is jus consistent, you t yeah, no e was y ha Bro. Healmost broke SS record from most goals and consecutive games, but then henever did wea. I feel like, even though today, man and I caught it too rightwhen they took him out for a SOMF Hem, like man, the team's going to Taink,and they ended up scoring two more goals after they subbe them out, andthen we get a boincin. We go once a WHO I've been saying is fucking trash. Ithink in my opinion, he he only played like what ten fifteen twenty minutes.Aand then he's got a red car straight red and then that just o also fucked upa lot of the the momentum of the game. I did, Ithink, like I said I think, if I'Mgulon wit, a squor that gon the Meinning, Ithink them homeaman that would ha ch iy would have been different. That wubecause Broit was like the firstminute, literally yeah, and it was closed to, and I mean he had a he evenhad a good shot on W. I mean he had that defender on his back, but he wasable to get the shot off and he just wasn't it just wasn't good, but then alot of things to is like handy marthing, who I think should be the starter striker for Mexica and upcoming Games.You think so because yeah think that year ago I did I'm jes saying HendyMarthin Been Wron. Well, no, I'm just saying only because ro he menace isinjured because it was always gonna. I mean last year I wouldt even throw in CChatis, even though he's not doling good, but I feel like now because Chenethought obviously like Bulilo and all them who were in the mbst haven't beenplaying and then drol Humenis is injury. I feel like Henry Martin should be Leye.Starting striker was e game. It's in two weeks, two weeks, wortwo weeks,they're playing Wales, Wales and COSADICO, so I mean they're, pretty Imean wells depending on who they take to lik bill. Maybe even though Gards Riis kind of showing inconsistency, I think with taught him. I feel he's beenplaying good recently. You think so he played he is ecause the thing to likeeven Morino. How was criticizing? Well, not criticizing, but, like WHEU said hewasn't like at his tough Shi at is peak yeah, but then I'm like man bugars bill,think about he's, not the youngest guy either. He's I feel like his peak wasat Romadrid. Bute was hurt, litle time yeah and I mean when he wan, theyscored the biccle. Kick the Champon E. I feel like that was that was like hispeek and then I just feel like the coaches that came and coachd them,especially with Zidon how he kind of lost his thementality of being thatplayer that can be depended on. Basically, what happened to like CommiEr to yeah and X, also with se, done...

...yeah re good, that whatevertim yeah with Oh yeah, man, yeah, he'shes Ron,because they're like they're doing good everytime. That's what I'm saying eversince that traster window that they did really they signe, really good players.Yeah, that was a steal for hom, is now butback to Henry Martin nd, then simking to like he even said that he knew hewas going no score against. She was that's crazy, like after the game, hesaid he already had planned the celebrations which were like in hommageto Otomo Lanco yeahit's, two celebrations both of Themand, I'm likeBr, like that's how you know she us Sik Yeah. Imagine you already. Are YouGOINTA score? You have your celebrations clanned out thats. Do youknow how embarrasing that is like that? That' Soo respecful now, but he's Nhe soid and I feel likethe mid, the middle s controlled. I feel like by Petrarcino forty sevenpases completed ninety eight past effectiveness and he had ten recoveries.I feel like he just covered the mid completely, especially with Molina andthen Beltran, who I feel like hasn't been looking his best. Hers is CovidYeah when he got covid yeah got Covi, he Gotshan't been Abe to ut same, and Iremember so. I seen somebody cominto that ever since he got a raise thathe's been playing bad because be wanted to secure the becase yeah andthen now hey. That could be true. I don't know I don't knowbecause, Irmember. He was blaming it on the whole cob stuff yeah, because you saying howonce he recovered from Covid, he still felt like he couldn't like breathenormally and he would get tired quicker and then the thing is too. He hasn'tbeen starting at all. The only reason he started this game was because LaloThodas, the starting centermit he got covid. So that's the only reason heeven started tha, even even though he would have started, they still wouldhave last yeah an they could have started. They could have done any differentcombination and they still would have lost what happened Ho. She got there.He went in second half to, but he didn't do anything. But then, if you look at the lineuplike on paper, I'm throing e, See U Righ. Like brother. Looks you reallythink about it? Like I'm favorite, I like Bin, you know like last season. Itwas good but then like. How far will willy get you against teams out or havelike a solid bench to yeah? They n't ry have AAn Lik. Think about I, if itwasn't for that game, where I Maiki got three points taken away from them,because the whole thing with Venias and Atlas Amedy cus been first placebasically for the past month. Yeah know so that's like crazy to think to likeespecially Eten Onon, four of the last five games, yeah and so they've beenalready knew like even before going to the game. I was like not, I think, I'mpretty sure she wasn' going to lose, especially guess when Theyre goingtotie at least because there I don't know they have any time at th, thees a Cho.They have they've tie damner every game yeah,they have six ties: six Tis, er, tw, six and three. That's ridiculous and their thirteenhplace that they're out of the yeah playoff spot right now they would have won this game. Theywould have. They would have been all the way up to fucking eighth place, sothey would have been secure with this one but fuck oncto. The next we'll see what happens? What do you think about the ChampionsLeague? And I think especially, I don't knowthe first first. I think I want to talk aboutBarsa I mean Barsa it just so. Oh did YEU see they got the they got newpresident right, yeah, Lat, Por ththink about him, Hes, saying that he feelssecure about having messy back next EON. I mean I feel, like Guet's a lot ofthose things that president say just elected and then they never live up toany of the expectations they present. So you think mis living yeah, I thinkso, especially if they don't win they're out of the chame e Yeah Wyeahthey're. All right I mean they made they for the COPPA there. They cameback against Ha v, so we're going to see if they can win that cut, but thenalso a Leagu. I looks like a Letthey Co, the my three the's doing really welltoo yeah. They gave up alook Ita, I s go and that's the thing to lisat is isso he's so raw, yes and they're, like R...

...we're, depending over here on theBellan like breathwait, for goals, ethey're inconsistent how yeah,especially the balet yeah amount of money hat for him. He was so wrow withBruse Ornan and especially that was when he wasfirst coming up too, and I don't know what happened he just was it injuries,Hein McDonalds, remember thesthis avorite food on mcdald, yeah I'msory. Idon't know, I don't understand. Rit, like I feel like if youwere a professionalsoccer player or any athlete professional athlete in general andyou're, not given a hundred that it's like Bro for any team you're gettingpaid. That's your job, do it to the best of your ability there. No theseplayers aren't doing that. Barsa chievazs they're, not no! You know, Imean they're, just it seems like they're just there to get the check andgo home. I D, I don't know and somebody that I believe sets the example forthose young upand coming players is in bopbe. He became the youngest to reachtwenty five goals and he's twenty two years old and he's single half. Likehe's single handedly, I mean not to knock any other player yeah, because pgplayed really well really well rounded team. He did a M, he did a lot to knockout Barso and he scored even that penalty in that he stop him yeah,because Yos MN, where pkue was puling. I yeah and that's basically like sumsup the generation right now were these older players are trying to catch up toplayers like in BOP and Hogland yeah. We also ask people on twitter if theythought that Marcelana would make a comeback which our twitter handle is atgoat, talk under score media and fifty five percent. I actually thought thatBarcelina was going to come back against PG, which was kind ofsurprising. To me. I don't know it's the first time, SI two thousand andfive, where CR, seven and messy don't make it to the next round in theChamponsy man. Well, I think fersly next year next year, I think they'll beback. I think Dontin er done Barta. Well, I don'tknow about Barso. Well, O you see who they want to sign yeah they wanted well,they they want to sign wha his nameoh Hiland. I mean I kind of hope, becausethat's another thing to like Ai, no weton yeah ecause back to the wholepresident thing. He said one of his things that he said was that he knowsall the super agents of Europe, so that could make it easier for the team tosign those big name players like you just mentioned, but then at toes. Theywant to heard of the wone to Sorr for cut, but I know they want to like. Doit transfer with basically one exchange players Devalinfor gooes man. I would I think I would take that because the bullis an beenplaying, I n insesenly, would you went to see. I don't know it's like Ro, likeOtena. What happened a OO thing? It' Er he's been U for like months, because hegot hurt and he's also to inconsistency. Yeah, but remember when hit was onfreaking byhere, especially against Barsa, I score Gols to goals and in aSia as a bench player mangement ban coming off the bench to so. I thinkpersonally, like I said I don't know if it's the coaching stuff, I don't knowwhat the Coachn like, what kind of coaching stylethey they do with theseplayers or they have these way. I don't know, but it's just Marsa hasn't beenthe same for a while for a while, and then I think too, like back you spif LaPorta is a good president and he was there during Barcelonas kind of Pekersto where he's the person who signed Ron Aldino he's the one who signed RafoMarqez, he sinterion re. He was there when Barscelono one all six titles. Hesigned Wa Theola, so maybe he can yeah bring hit back to bring it back, butit's going to be, Shard is going to take so much and especially with I feel,like Coeman the coach right now. He said that Barcelona has a bright future.I mean I don't know whach fucking games he's watching, but I don't think so. Unless they bring it,like you say: highline Sar your Werdos GNA Besan. I think not as yes up onItyou just sayingkis, Cochla tehireally means that likeand, especially he'sbeen doing a lot of changes to like in...

...that game against PG WUS playing thefive in the back, basically with like dess and Dorty Oova kind of playing alittle bit in the mid, but it would basically haven like five defenders andthe thing to is Frankie Tha Jong was playing center back and then udthe an actual center backwas on the bench and I' Oa, Saint Good, rid of them, and that's what I'm sayinga world cop champion an he dote's good. But but I mean it Jis toand, the samething he's not consistent. Yeah yeah and I feel like jhust Coman- isjust experimenting just he's like fucking. I feel like at the point wherehe's like panicking hes trying to find any way to see how Barcelona Conflucxon,like that's. The thing is when, like these di, I don't know an feel like Iwas rusfor like Biron Man City S, because they have the squad to do it.Barsin doesn't have the spotsnow because they already have like anidentity where it's like. They still do the little dumb fricking passingeverything five seconds, and we saw that in PD in the PGKM Didi. They didlike a thousand passes in front of the box before they would take a shot yeah.What is that going to do like you know? I mean nothing literally. Remember they ed to o Eebu w all the what he you woul say like the passingthe control of the possession, like, I forgot how he said he put that above,like scoring basically, and so, Barcelona hasn't changed hour identitysince two thousand and eight two thousand and nine and I feel like,but should there be a change if it like it's one of those things where like? Ifit's not broken, don't fix it, but do you think is broken like Ata, everybodyfigured out how to play gains, yeahbcause! Think about it. What if Itold you two years ago, three years ago, P's going to be barteong in thechampions like wil, you believe me and not even be but like demolished. Now I probably would havebeen like not because PG always oh they're, almost there yeah and thensomething happens, but I feel like they finally found it with like in boppinyeah, because they would always do maybe, but I think literfool round dredany of those top teams. But then the thing is to NAM are just resign. So Ithink if NAM are resign, I'm pretty sure BUP isgoing no want to stay specially if they just came from reaching a chambsy final,and if messy ends up going to PSG that front three, I feel like they win itall the wast ite going there. It's all it's for sure, between PSD and men city.What about Renaltough, you think he's leaving, because that'sanother topic to overnaltough, supposedly he's going for twenty ninemillion, is what Juwentus would off Wuld ask for Romalo. That's a good Priceony,nine millon! I mean that's cheap if somebody wants to buy Hem, but I don'tthink he's worth that thinkhe's worth more more, especially with like howinflated the market was before this whole covid thing how players weregoing for ridiculous amounts, you think so still at his age, I thinkYo more because Thi Abo, yet he has one year left the contract to so you can gofor free in June of two thousand and twenty two, so you think events isgoing to maybe try to get some money out of him now, unless I think I mean,I think I kind of know, I persoally think HEU can leave youthink after this. I think fter this season, because he said Wersjust keep sayingyeah his agens talking with Romadra, sosomwhere or PG, something you know. I mean Yit'd, be cool to see thim to manunited. If messans are going to man city and seen that rivalry again,especially Erealli ther, their performances yeah, you know with men,city and Man United, because Manar is also doing pretty good right now tothey are there second place theyr like what six points awayseven yeah, butit's do. I said he got a big ashlete to and I mean Bernado. He said thatthere's so much to win with Dubentus and Portual. Let me come on. He justsaying yeah you today ID want talk about the howthe ASE. He was likeshaking his finger like no, I'm not gon to talk today after the game. Oh boutthat caus port a hatchicn, the ASI and...

B but lets record for most goals, and thething is to like he said that he didn't want to announce that he beepen itbecause he still felt he had. He needed a couple more couple goals more because,like he said that the goals that Palesscord with the Brazilian militaryteam and the Soubalo state team those count as official goals, so we're notthe one that a score a couple more to actually beat that record. But I meancome on hows Yo. You want to count the Goso scort in your backyard to and anpractice and yeah come on, not as well as yeah and your sleep. At that point I l the military team IlFIPA, but yeah he reached seven hundred anseventy and that's I didt, don't understandwhat goes on through these people's heads at like put the price on these playershow's, he worth twenty nine million Walc like all because of the whole everybody got evaluated because ofCovid, but I think yeah coithats. Twenty nine is crazy, especially forthe MON ofplayer amount for, like Nammar went like over two hundred, allthe Priceez on all these other players, and especially Wernaldo's, beenconsistent for Wat like Ris, Gonest, yeah, okay, name, Mars, fancy thisfasty that and he signed whatever what I haveer much money. You're, not GOINNA.Tell me he's better than no no, and I feel like say Oh yeah. Well, he coulddo more like past mor more plays more this an that Bro. You can't even tellhe'r noble thirty, seven thirty six, because he feel at that level when hestill practices like like he was in his twentyyess. So that's I'm saying thefact that he's at twenty nine million is ridiculous and the thing is to like, as feel like,especially that game with Qarto. He was receiving a lot of chrisas criticism:Yeah like Fabo, Capello, legendary manager, whoas coachd, Englandronmadred. He criticized Mornaldo and Morata for giving up that goal thatprekick that Senoa sport yeah. He said they were like scared to be in the walland he just criticizing Renaldo and a lot of people said he like disappear,that game yeareall seehe do as it and especially to like players like yswho've, been yeah standing up, and we, I think you know peopleare saying: Oh,is it over? That's W A for like two days that was all t e. all the freakingarticles, everything online yeah, all the post is it over! Is that it, but Ifeel like it's Onin of an era. It's only because I feel like Halan,highlandon and Boper are starting these conversations and is like also statswise too. It's the first time in fifteen years that renaltoas fill toreach the quarter finals, ind consecutive seasons. So I would thinkwhen people start seeing these stats, they start think like. Oh, maybe it isover. It's been it's been fifteen years. Why can it be over? But then, at thesame time Wenalo plays on a top club he's still a top player itd bedifferent if he wasn't performing yeah? Okay, it's like what do you got to saynow. You just got Ta Hatkick today, in the first time in the first half Yo,you know I mean and the conversation, but I feel like people aren't reallysubjective, especially when it comes to Ronolo, because I feel like we're notloo gets a little bit more hate than Messhe does yeah a certain level. Yeah,that's true, but I think it's because, because the way that he is yeah, if hewasn't how he is people wouldn't be, Oh, you know what I mean they find ExcuseeAso, Oh no, O! No He's doing good just let us slide San, especially thatportal game. I feel like one player who really stood out too was like betpat.He won a hundred percent of all aerial duels and he had the most clearancesout of any other play and he's old, he's fucking old and he was he's stillsolent after laving forty yeah and after leaving Roum madred. I feel likea lot of people thought his career was going to decline and he's a captain ofPorto and he just helpd take out Guventos, and so it's something likethat too. Like sorge Sa Joli Vada player, you don't really hear about. Hescored both goals for portal. I mean it was two set pieces of penalty and aFreki, but he was really solid in the mid and it was just. I feel like a lotof players, two thousand and four Porto...

...yeah with Motinia when they wont theChamponsy, but they I feel like they just play, really well yeah, and theyjust they just were the better team over two legs. Yeah a D O we'll see what happens.Honesty I think freak. That's we got TA, wait again forTei, I oits boring, because it's without Weha cause. No, I feel like Bamuni is Gonta.I think they're going to win it again, but why somthing have is words for them?It works for them. It works. For you know, I mean they always have a stack team yeah here loaded and thatyou know they just know how to sign players like think it all started withgetting Leandowska for free the bear. The best number nine in the world, yeahyougot free, I'm stoppable, yeill score like three goals in like twenty minutes,yeah like nothing and then alii need myself. Let me rush the next game ymean like ILO OT, a subway sandwich, yeah e come back to the BANC annee somewings, but you don't think. Like Holan Youen he's twenty years old, he was thefastest player to each twenty Chambions e goals, but I think I think for him.Personally I mean I'm not saying he's not great, I'm not trying to takeanything wit or that, but I think look at a size he's and that's something I Ifucking especially with forwards. I always point out to I at helps you somuch through it. He could just use his body Teni tominish yea becauseit's,like the frame such as like Lewandowski they're, like fucking, huge yesh, six tsix three. That was like six five six four and the thing is to like his he'slike built yeah and so like he's, Gady and they're fat he's fast like Hollon.Is I beieve OOne DOS co? Don't think is really that, but higland maline isfucking fast. He has heaers yeah shots. He can use both legs he's really smart.He knows how to pass. You know how to I'm not trying to stay. Try O SCR hebut IM. Just saying you know he's. He has all that on top of actually bn likea like a Kille Strik, it yeah and it's the same thing I an mop bit. I mean theMOER ISN' hat tals like five eleven yeah, but Hees Fan one of the fastestplayers in the world. So imagine fast, killer, ISN, Bro Everything! You can'tstop that there's! No. How do you defend that? You Cant Fu Yo, especiallywith the type of center backs that are going on right now, yeah its up Beca N, because y ittle brother will takemega, and I feel like that next wave of, likea really good center bags, is stil like on its way there yeah it is. It iscause it's not really, because its the best one noking is. I think, marking isfuny one of the better veteran, but even man. How does he mail, yeah, he'sold because he's been playing for pig for a while now to ye and then there'sother players to like GAYWILL SEALBA WO's on his way out, bought thank whoson his way out all these older players, O whowen consistent, don't get me wrongfor the past years, but they're kind of like on the way out, and especiallyagainst these new, faster, smarter players who are having all this newtechnology and practices as like teams are getting gaining more and more money,they're getting trained at a different level than when say bka first startedoff. They don't have the same training facilities. They don't have the samenutritionist. They don't have the same technology to tract like all ohothertrainings, yeah, you're, right, O right. You know, IwasGoingtao tell you this. I don't know if you really like. I don't realize this, but I feel as if we're talking about centerbacks and allthat. I personally think that there's going to be like more goal, score likeit's going to be more like soccer, is going to be way more offensive. Yeah. Iagree, I think so you know H. I mean it's so fast. It's Bro, I really feellike yeah like who knows. Maybe that might be it for centerbacks and they have to switch like a wholenew. It's going to be a whole new think about it, a honnew system where youknow what I mean like they got so plang with five defendersto like throw no think about it.

I just think it's gatting so fast andso like offensive. It's like you know what I mean. It's the NBA Di Ai, thethree hell, curry change the whole the whole game up and that's something wecould see to because I like, like I said earlier: Hel ecause Te Ilin,always caur he's a faster to do his and Bo for the faster. You know I mean yeahand especially with how today's Gatime to the right back and the left backtend to go up really high and something not drop down a time. Yeah kind of tkind of center backs are kind of left alone. Against these fast players, wemight see a line of five more often because that's something you don'treally see often a line of five yeah Mi right. You don't, but I mean we'll see as a as years goby, but do you think last question Halan and Bopa? You thinkthere's the next they Takan renote on messy out yeah. I mean I don't think mess en Ole're Gon to get. I don't think they're just Goinna like leave, O Getta leavepeople sitting ahead of themselves. Yes, they are because, like we're, knowledjust provit today that people are getting ahead of themselves. Yeah AhadTrick, you know wh I mean so. I personally think they are. That's. That's the nextgeneration. That's that's they're knoc, going on the DOORGH now yeah andthey're knocking they're, not even knocking they're fucking, they just teDor, O, say yeah and Wer all those just it's not your turn, not your time. Yeahfeel like Omet. We still got to see because I think portrugal has a reallygood chance of winning the World Cup, because if you think about it, you putit on paper. Like you said: Doug their fucking stack, Bernao Silva BrunoFernandes, joal fail leages, Betpan, yeah yeah. You can't even knock hem outTAT. We still playing good ut still solin at his age, especially for th. Hehas those faster players around him. Yeah well, they've always had a goodteam. I, like, I think personally, I think, is mentality when it comes towolkup honesty, because I feel like I personally think it is because beforeFrance won the World Cup, oh they're good, but they're, notGointo, Ol, cut n they're not going to win the game or they not Gonta Kno meanbecause they were fucking stagged like that. It is if I sexin ro sincethousandand ten, twenty, no two Thoun and six, not even before n Hunne, InetEigyeah, but this gave a Mexico Beata reer. Doesn't s tten Wen sho, yeah fromMenolik Whald, you say from men, so even that team was kind of stack. TheyHade met e yeah had all these great players to they had been Ama to rightyeah, but this is like and then help Bens. Also it's like imagine, Francewith Benzema, because you know he has like beef with the whole French he'spaing he's like enominal. He I feel like it's Hes, still not better thanloon Dosky, but I feel ESA second yeah he's best striker in the world rightnow he's playing really good. I think the since Wernovel lef Yo kind ofTikeinto, like you know you kind of Hade, a Steo somebody has sub hazard in,has a set O, no hazard, Dude, don't even ye know like Emberteetho. He hadmore, he averaged more goals, yeah and less games and HA AI hazard. That'scrazy and I feel like see. That's Everyy Talk Shin about you, ca thou,but they don't mention like these other stats, a they just ignore hem yeah night right, but I mean I don't know, but even alsolast thing to speaking of like Anan Hazard O, you think that's going tohappen with like Holland and like and Bopi, because there's been playersbefore who are set to we're going to supposely pass up. MesinRenaudo, like addan hazard like Marko roys players, who just did it end upliving to that Hipe, but we're still solid so a I luk. If you rea thinkabout it, those are really the only two players Imean Sancho. I don't know it's like so there's a couple players that you couldyou could tell they're putting in the work yeah. You know not just training.Her half ass MI, what happened: o Chrison posstage Tas, the coast,probable when Yo got insured and he came back.

But aside from that, if you really payattention, there's a couple of players, you, you kind of Tell Hem that areplaying right. Now, okay, they're going to be like they're going to be the nextones, an Holland, an bopar. Definitely, I think, theyr their discipline. Theygot theythey're showing they have what it takes ow far they get, I feel like Myeah. Definitely they gotta get out of the team that they're they're out right now. I feel like theycal keep a form like that, an yeah and has to be over like years like DidessiN, all the we know we might not ever see something like that ever again,yeah, I think we're not so ISOW, I'm glad we're living in this Arowimnessing around loo ifee like we're. Never I would want to go back fiveyears or six. They were really in there break like when messy core. Ninety one,I feel, like I didn't appreciate, like I Didi- saw that season, but, like I'm,just tired of corng yeah, like I d I feel like, I never appreciated yeahseason the moment. Yeah, you weren't Li really like living in the moment. Waithen thik. When is somebody ever going to do that PLN oever I mean were Ot, was out fiftyto gos fifty games. Fifty two co city, two games. WHAT IS HE GOINGNA Fuckini?Don't know wewas GNA years calendar, though right yeah, it wasn't a yearsCalleso, that's like fucking, that's harder, yeah, we'll see eethat's oflfof this this week makes you o like share, subscribe and we'll see Ol nexttime.

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