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Episode 20 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 020 | Chivas America, Barcelona Laporta, Messi, Mbappe, Ronaldo Juventus, Haaland


In episode 020 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Edgar Padilla discuss the Liga MX Clasico between Chivas and America where Henry Martin scored two goals, Barcelona electing Laporta and the potential departure of Messi, Ronaldo beating Pele for most goals scored, and the future of Mbappe and Haaland after progressing to the next round of the Champions League among other topics.

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Welcome back everybody. This is episode twenty of Goat Talk. I'm your host, a Lonzo, and for this week we got additor back. Ever since episode nine, son Grabb to be back. It's been a while. STIMMU was hit my bank account. So we bought. We bought your contract by but the stimulus shake. Yeah, you know, I was on the road experience and I had a company. I didn't like it. Other Joe Rogan. He's an asshole. He don't know about soccer and you don't. You don't talk about sorry, all right. So the first topic I want to talk about is we just had a CHIBASA MEDICA game. Would you think? Honestly, I personally think she was has to get rid of their coach. You think so? Yeah, I think she's just getting rid of half of the team. I think that's going to be the why do you think? Half a team? There's suck, they're drying. Is a coach there? Really? Because think about it, ever since last season two. Yeah, but how long did it? I Maya how long did it take on? Because then you have like this first season, it wasn't good, right, and like into the second one. Remember. Yeah, but then think about the team he had to like the mid especially the midway. They don't have them in there right with they had Pinella, Guyito and being. If they get, you know back, Nah, they need lack of Vela or peace. I don't in the back is. They just need a creative a creative player, because WHO's gonna somebody that? Everybody was hoping what trophies would be. Yeah, he a player that's just creative and actually can give passes on a consistent level. No, I don't think anybody on she was just consistent. Get the yeah, no, I must see Yus was. Yes, he always broke. He almost broke starty those record from most goals and consecutive games, but then he never did. Yeah, I feel like, even though today, man and I caught it to right when they took him out for some of them, like, man, the team's going to take and they ended up scoring two more goals after they subed them out. And then we get it once a we go once. Who I've been saying is fucking trash, I think. In my opinion, he he only played like what ten, fifteen, twenty minutes, and then he's got a red card, straight red, and then that just that. Also fucked up a lot of the momentum of the game. I did, I think. I said I think if I'm Goulong, would have scored that goal in the beginning. I think the whole man was that. Would it change game? Would have been different? That would because, bro it was like the first minute, literally, yeah, and it was closed to and I mean he had a he even had a good shot on. I mean he had that defender on his back, but he was able to get this shot off and it just wasn't it just wasn't good. But then a lot of things to is like Handy Martin, who I think should be the starter striker for Mexico and upcoming Games. These are because you don't think that. A year though I did. I've been saying Henry Martin Been Rot well, no, I'm just saying only because round humanace is injured, because it was always going to. I mean last year I would even throw and she shot heat to even though he's not billing good. But I feel like now, because it's Charny thought obviously like Bulilo and all them who are in the MLS to haven't been playing, and then drowley menace his injury, I feel like Henry Martin should be. There're starting strikers. What's the game? It's in two weeks, two weeks. With the weeks. They're playing Wales, wells and coastad. So I mean they're pretty I mean wells, depending on who they take to like maybe even though girls brows kind of showing inconsistency, I think. With Tottaham I've really even playing good recently. You think? So, he played. He is, because the thing too, like even Modenyo, how was criticizing. Will Not criticizing, but, like we said, he wasn't like at his top, se at his peak. Yeah, but then I'm like man be garrel's bill. Think about he's not the youngest guy either. He is. I feel like his peak was at Raw Madrid, but he was hurt little time. Yeah, and I mean when he won't they scored the bicycle kick in the Champions League. I feel like that was that was like his peak. And then I just feel like the coaches that came and coached them, especially with Z don, how he kind of lost his yatality of being that player. That can be depended on basically happened to like commas are to. Yeah, and it's also with se done. Yeah, borrow, I'm good,...

...that whatever. Tom Yeah, with Oh, yeah, man, yeah, he's duty. He's wrong, because they're like they're doing good every ten. That's what I'm saying, that ever since that Trans from window that they did really, they sound really good players. Yeah, that was a steal for promised now, but back to Henry Martin, and then same thing to like he even said that he knew he's gonna score against you us. That's crazy. After the game he said he already had planned the celebrations, which were like and homage to Goutumb Oblanco. Oh, yeah, you know, it's two celebrations, both of them. And I'm like, Bro, like that's how you know she was sex. Yeah, imagine you already are you gonna Score? Yeah, your celebrations climbed up. That's your embarrassing. That is like that. That's so distreful. Now, but he's he solid and I feel like the mid, the middle was controlled, I feel like, by bet or Quino. Forty seven passes completed, Ninety eight pass effectiveness and he had ten recoveries. I feel like he just covered the mid completely, especially with Molina and then Beltran, who I feel like hasn't been looking his best versus covid. Yeah, when he got covid. Yeah, I'm got covid. He got just hadn't been able to play the same and I remember. So I seen somebody coming to that ever since he got a raise, that he's been playing bad because he he wanted to secure the yeah, and then now, hey, that could be true. I don't know. I don't know, because I remember he was blaming it on the whole cover stuff. Yeah, exause, saying how he once he recovered from Covid, he still felt like he couldn't like breathe normally and he would get tired quicker. And then the thing is, too, he hasn't been starting at all. The only reason he started this game was because Lallo thought is the starting center mid he got covid. So that's the only reason he even started the even even though he would have started, they still would have last. Yeah, they could have started, they could have done any different combination and they still would have lost. What happened? You? She got there. He wouldn't say can have to, but he didn't do anything. But then if you look at the lineup like on paper, I'm throwing off the guy. Let's see us, right. I brother, that looks you really think about it, like I'm favored. I was like, you know, like last season it was good, but then like how far will really get you against teams that are have like a solid bench to yeah, there, we haven't been Chid. I think about it. If it wasn't for that game where I'm manicat got three points taken away from them, because the whole thing with vings and at last a mighty guys been first place basically for the past month. Yeah, I know. so that's like crazy to think to like, especially even when they won for the last five games. Yeah, and so they've been already knew, like even before going to the game. I was like, I'm not. I think I'm pretty sure she was going to lose, especially against what they're gonna tie at least, because they there. I don't know. There they have any times on that shows? Have they have? They've tied damner every game. Yeah, they have six ties, six ties or two six and three fast. Ridiculous. And there thirteen place that they're out of the yeah, playoff spot right now. They would have won this game. They would have they would have been all the way up to fucking eighth place. So they would have been secured with this one, but fuck on to the next. We'll see what happens. What do you think about the Champions League, and I think especially, I don't know the first first, I think I want to talk about Barsa. I mean Barsa, it just so Oh, did you see? They got? They got a new president, right, yeah, laugh part anythink about them. He's saying that he feel secure about having messy back next season. I mean I feel like it's a lot of those things that presidents say just get elected and then they never live up to any of the expectations they present. So you think MIS leaving? Yeah, I think so, especially if they don't win. There are of the Champions League. Yeah, well, yeah, they're all right. I mean they made they for the cop out there. They came back against the VA, so we're going to see if they can win that cup. But then also the LEA. I looks like I let the call the madree is doing really well too. Yeah, they gave up on loose, as this should, and that's the thing to lose is is. So he's so...

...raw. Yeah, and they're like, Bro, we're depending over here on then billy and like Braithwaite, four goals there. They're inconsistent, is hell. Yeah, especially the ballet. Yeah, amount of money they paid for him. He was so wrong. With Bruce Dorman and especially that was when he was first coming up to and I don't know what happened. He just was an injuries. Even McDonald's, remember that? Remember you said that in a podcast. His favorite food is McDonald yeah, yeah, I'm sure. I don't know. I don't understand, brother. Like I feel like if you're a professional soccer player, any athlete, professional athletes in general, and you're not giving a hundred, it's like Bro for any team. You're getting paid, that's your job. Do it to the best of your ability. Don't know. These players aren't doing that. Barsa Chivas, they're not. You know what I mean. They're just it seems like they're just there to get to check and go home. I don't know. And somebody that I believe says the example for those young upandcoming players isn't boppy. He became the youngest to reach twenty five goals. He's twenty two years old and he's single half, like he's singlehandedly. I mean not to knock any other player. Yeah, because PSG played really well, really well rounded team. He didn't well, he did a lot to knock out Boston and he scored even that penalty in that they don't stop him. Yeah, because he's not really mean. We're PK was pulling it yes, and as basically like sums up the generation right now, or these older playsu are trying to catch up to players like him, pop and highland. Yeah, we also ask people on twitter if they thought that Barcelona would make a comeback, which our twitter handle is at goat talk, underscore media, and fifty five percent actually thought that Barcelona was going to come back against PSG, which was kind of surprising to me. Borrow. It's the first time since two thousand and five where crseeven and messy don't make it to the next round of the Champions League. Man, well, I think, firstly, next year. Next year I think they'll be back. I think. I'll think done. Barsa. Well, I don't know about Barsa. Well, the SE's who they want to sign. Yeah, they wanted will, then they they want to sign. Was His name? How on? Oh, highland. I mean, I kind of hope, because that's another thing too, like backchat on. Yeah, because back to the whole president thing he said, one of the things that he said was that he knows all the upper agents of Europe so that it can make it easier for the team to sign those big name players like you just mentioned. But then at this they want to heard of, they want to sorry for coming up, but I know they want to like do a transfer with basically one exchange players, diva La for griesman. I would, I think I would take that because the balays and been playing consistently. Would you went to see these? I don't know. It's like Bros like Couthinio. What happened with the YA? It's her. He's been out for like months because he got her and he's also too inconsistency. Yeah, but member, when he was on freaking buyer, especially against Barsad, I scored goals, two goals and in a sinison has a bench player manage event coming off the bench too. So I think personally, I said, I don't know if it's the coaching staff. I don't know what they coaching like, what kind of coaching style they they do with these players, they have with these players? I don't know, but it's just Marsa hasn't been the same for a while, for a while, and then, I think, to like back. So you asked me a flap. PORTA is a good president and he was there during Barcelona's kind of peak ears to where he's a person who signed on all Dano. He's the one who signed Raffa marks, he signed Tierry Henri. He was there when Barcelona won all six titles. He signed warter Theola. So maybe he can, yeah, bring it back to that, bring it back, but it's going to be so hard, it's going to take so much, and especially with like coman the coach right now. He said that Barcelona has a bright future. I mean, I don't know which fucking games he's watching, but I don't think so, unless they bring in, like you say, High Line, Sarah Yo Weddo's inb see and I think is over now this yeah, give up on it. You just saying give up? Make his coach his players who later? I don't think he really means that. Like, and especially he's been doing a lot of changes to like in that game against psg, who's playing the five in the back...

...basically with like dust and dirty out of a kind of playing a little bit in the middle, but it was basically having like five defenders. And the thing too is, Frankie, the Jong was playing center back and the new DT and actual center back was on the bench. And I'll say what days good, rid of them, and that's what I'm saying. A World Cup champion and I'm duty's good, but but I mean interest to and in the same thing, he's not consistent. Yeah, yeah, and I feel like just coman is just experimenting, just he's like fucking. I feel like at the point where he's like panicking, he's trying to find any way to see how Barcelona could fuck like. That's the thing is when like these big well, I don't know it. I feel like I was rush like Byron Man. City was because they have the squad to do it. Bars it doesn't have the spots, don't because they already have like an identity where it's like they still do the little dumb freaking passing every five seconds. And we saw that in PG in the PG king did. They did like a thousand passes in front of the box before they would take a shot. Yeah, what is that going to do? Like, you know, I mean nothing. Literally, remember, they member body at all, the the what Dore's you say, like the passing, the control of the possession, like I forgot how he said. He put that above like scoring, basically. And so Barcelona hasn't changed their identity since two thousand and eight, two thousand and nine, and I feel like, but should there be a change? If, like it's one of those things where, like it was not broken, don't fix it. But do you think it's broken? Like that's what everybody figured out how to play against, and like yeah, because think about it. What if I told you two years ago, three years ago, ps he's gonna be Barcelona and the Champions League, we believe me, and not even be but like demolished now, I probably would have been like Nah, gone, because PSG always all they're almost there, yeah, and then something happens. But I feel like they finally found it with like him bopping. Yeah, because they would always do. I don't leave. You know, maybe, but I think Liverpool, Roaldrid, any of those top teams. But then the thing is to name are just resigned. So I think if name are resign I'm pretty sure about is going to want to stay, especially if they just came from reaching a Chambions, league final, and if messy ends up going to PSG, that front three, I feel like they win it all. D Wait, so you think he's going there? He's it's all. It's for sure between PSG and ment city. What about Ronaldo? You think he's leaving, because that's another topic to Rinaldo. Supposedly he's going for twenty nine million. Is what you went to. This would off with a ask for Ronaldo, saying that's even possible. Easy. That's a good price. Twenty nine million. I mean that's cheaper. Somebody wants to buy them. But I don't think he's worth I think he's worth more and more, especially with like how inflated the market was before this whole covid thing, how players were going for ridiculous amounts. A hundred million? You think so? Still, at his age, I think you will more because think about yeah, he has one year left the contract to so you can go for free in June of two thousand and twenty two. So you think juvents is gonna maybe try to get some money out of him now, unless I think, I mean I think they kind of know. I personally think he's gonna leave. You thinks after this I think after this season, because he said we're just keep saying, yeah, his agents talking with Real Madrid something, something that, or psg something. You know. I mean you'd be cool to see him to a man united, if a messy ends up going to man city and seeing that rivalry again, especially up there. Their performances. Yeah, you know, with Man City and Man United, because manyard is also doing pretty good right now. To they are there second place there. I what, six points away, seven, yeah, but it's a man city got a big asslee to and I mean Bernaldo. He said that there's so much to win with Juventus and Portugal. I mean, go on, he just saying, yeah, you know, today he didn't want to talk about the have asked him. He was like shaking his finger, like I'm not going to talk today after the game. Oh but that because he scored a...

...hatching Yat aashic and he beat but les record for most goals. And the thing is to like he said that he didn't want to announce that he beat play because he still felt he had he needed a couple more, couple goals more, because, look, he said that the goals that be less quarter with the Brazilian military team and the South Balo state team. Those count as official goals, so we're not the one to score a couple more to actually beat that record. But I mean, come on, haws he, you want to count the goalsie scored in your backyard to and in practice and yeah, come ons, well, just yeah, and you're sleep at that point. I the military team. I'll FIFA. But yeah, he reached seven hundred and seventy and that's I don't. Don't understand what goes on through these people's heads. A like put the price on these players. How's he worth? Twenty nine million, will feel like all because of the whole everybody got evaluated because of Covid but I think, yeah, come think that's twenty nine is crazy, especially for the amount of player a mount for like Naymar went like over two hundred. All the prize eye on all these other players, especially we're not all theo who's been consistent for what I say, like ours be honest. Yeah, okay, Nay Mars is fancy this, fantasy that, and the sign whatever. What I have ever mentioned money. You're not going to tell me he's better than Rolla Nah, and I feel like saying, Oh yeah, well, he could do more, like pass more, more plays more this than that. Bro, you can't even tell her normals, thirty seven, thirty six, because he's still at that level. He still practices like like he was in his twenty. Yes, so that's I'm saying. The fact that he's at twenty nine million is ridiculous. And the thing is too, like, I feel like, especially that game with Porto, he was receiving a lot of Christmas criticism. Yeah, like Fabio Cappello, legendary manager who's coached England, Ra Madrid. He criticized Ronaldo and Morata for giving up that goal, that free kick. That says you a score. Yeah, he said they were like scared to be in the wall and he just criticized Rinaldo and a lot of people said he liked disappeared that game. Generally, see, he wasn't in especially too like players like yes I, who've been standing up and recond I think. You know, people are saying, Oh, is it over? That's what for like two days, that was all the all the freaking articles, everything online. Yeah, all the post is it over? Is that it? But I feel like it's a in of an error it's only because I feel like Hailand, highland and Bob are are starting these conversations and this like also stats wise to it's the first time in fifteen years that were not theo has failed to reach the quarterfinals and consecutive seasons. So I would think when people start seeing these stats, they start think like, oh, maybe it is over. It's been it's been fifteen years. Why can't it be over? But then at the same time we're not the players on the top club. He's still a top player. would be different if he wasn't performing. Yeah, okay, it's like, what do you gotta say now? He just got a Hatrick today in the first time and the first half. Yo, you know I mean and a conversation. But I feel like people aren't really subjective, especially when it comes to Ronaldo, because I feel like we're not all gets a little bit more hate than messy does. Yeah, it's a certain level. Yeah, that's true, but I think it's because because the way that he is. Yeah, if he wasn't how he is, people wouldn't be Oh, you know what I mean. They find excuse us to AH, no, you know, he's doing good. Just let us slide as less, and especially that portal game. I feel like one player who really stood out too, was like peppe. He won a hundred percent of all aerial duels and he had the most clearances out of any other players. He and he's old, he's fucking old and he was, he's still solid after leaving forty yeah, and after leaving Real Madrid. I feel like a lot of people die. His career was going to decline and he's a captain of Porto and he just helped take out Juventus, and so it's something like that too, like sorge se Julie, Beata, player you don't really hear about. He scored both goals for portal. I mean it was too set pieces of penalty in a freaking but he was really solid in the mid and it was just, I...

...feel like a lot of players two thousand and four Porto. Yeah, with Monyo when they won the champions Leque, but they've, I feel like they just played really well. Yeah, and they just they just were the better team over two legs. Yeah, and I we'll see what happens. Honestly, I think freak. That's how we got to wait again for a change. It is boring because it's without reelso mess. Yeah, because now I feel like Bay Muna is going to I think they're going to win it again. Well, why is that? Happens? Works for them. It works for them, it works for you know. I mean they always have a stack team. Yeah, it loaded every year. Know, they just know how to sign players, like, think of it all started with getting let one Dawski for free, the bead, the best number nine in the world. Yeah, you got he free. I'm stoppable. He will score like three goals in like twenty minutes. Yeah, like nothing. And then I need myself. Let me rush of the next game. You know me, like I don't get a subway sandwich. Yeah, he's come back to the bedge. I need some wings. But you don't think like Halan E, don't. He's twenty years old. He was the fastest player to reach twenty champions eguals. But I think, I think for him personally. I mean I'm not saying he's not great, I'm not trying to take anything with him that, but I think look at the size he's and that's something I fuck, I fucking, especially with forwards. I always point out to like that helps you so much dude, he could just use his body to to vanish. Yeah, because it's like the frame such as like Lowandowski. They're like fucking huge. Six to sixty three. That was like six five, six four. And the thing is to like his he's like bill. Yeah, and so like he's goody's and they're fat. He's fast, like Howland is probably low and dollscount thinks really that, but highland land is fucking fast. He has headers, he has shots, he can use both legs, he's really smart. He knows how to pass you, knows how to try try to scare here. But I'm just saying, you know, he's he has all that on top of actually be like a like a killer striker. Yeah, and it's the same thing when Ambopa, I mean the upson that talks like fi hundred eleven. Yeah, but he's fat, one of the fastest players in the world. So imagine fast, killer is bro Everything. Yeah, you can't stop that. There's no Oh, how do you defend that? You can't move fucking your especially with the type of center backs that are going on right now. Yeah, it's all because, yeah, man, then, because my little brother will take the good and I feel like that next wave of like really good center backs is still like on its way there. Yeah, it is. It is there because it's not really cause the best one making us. I think Marquez is funny, one of the better veteran eat but even then, how does he know? Yeah, he's always he's been playing for ps you for a while now too. Yeah, and then there's other players to like get will see, but he's on his way out. Bought, thank was on his way out. All these older players will who when consistent, don't get me wrong for the past years, but they're kind of like on the way out, and especially against these new, faster, smarter players, hord having all this new technology and practices. As like teams are getting gaining more and more money, they're getting trained at a different level than when, say, p CAM first started off. They don't have the same training facilities, they don't have the same nutritionist, they don't have the same technology to track like all of their trainings. Yeah, you're right. Now, you're right. You know, I'm gonna tell you this. I don't know if you really like I don't realize this, but I feel as if we're talking about center backs and all that. I personally think that they're is going to be like more goal scored, like it's going to be more like soccer is going to be way more offensive. Yeah, I agree, I think so. You know what I mean. It's so fast, it's Bro I really feel like, yeah, I got who knows, maybe that might be in for center backs and they have to switch like a whole new it's gonna be a whole new thing about it, the whole new system where, you know what I mean, like these not start playing with five defenders like for Reh. No, think about it. I just think...'s getting so fast and so like offensive. It's like, you know I mean, it's the NBA deep line, the three health curry change the whole the whole game up, and that's something we can see too because, like I said earlier, how because they about land, always care he's the fastest to do this and Bop with the fastest. You know what I mean? Yeah, and especially with how today's game, two little the right back in the left back, tend to go up really high and something not drop down in time. Yeah, kind of kind of center backs are kind of left alone against these fast players. You will we might see a line of five more often because that's something you don't really see often, a line of five. Yeah, my right, you don't. But I mean we'll see as a as years go by. But do you think last question, Holland and Bop it? You think they're the next to take a Ronaldo and messy out? Yeah, I mean, I don't think messy and all they're going to get. I don't think they're just gonna like leave. I don't want to get to leave. People are getting ahead of themselves. Yes, they are, because, like we're, I'll just prove it today that the people are getting ahead of themselves. Yeah, trually, you know. I mean so, I personally think they are. That's that's the next generation. That's that's they're knocking on the door right now. Yeah, they're knocking. They're not even knocking there fucking they just get the door down. N't Say Yeah, and we're on all those is. It's not your turn, not your time. Yeah, I feel like ibness. We still got to see, because I think Portugal has a really good chance of one of the World Cup because, if you think about it, you put it on paper, like you said, dude, they're fucking stack. Bernardo Steal Vab Bruno, Fernandez, Joel Feliks Bapen. Yeah, yeah, can I? You can't even knock him out. That is still playing good at it, still solid at his age, especially if he has those faster players around him. Yeah, well, they've always had a good team. I like. I think personally, I think it's mentality when it comes to the World Cup, honestly, because I feel like I personally think it is, because before France won the World Cup. Oh, they're good, but they're not going to World Cup. Yeah, they're not gonna win the game. Or then I got Yoan, because they were fucking stacked, like they had. They been sexes Bro Since Two Thousand and ten twenty, not two thousand and six, not even before n hundred and ninety, NY, but this gave of Mexico beat him. Remember, doesn't six it out ten when shake just go goon. Yeah, from men on, would you say? From men told? Not even that team was kind of stacked. They had anybody. Yeah, I had all these great players too. They had men's Emma to write. Yeah, but this is like and then how Benz also, like, imagine France with Ben Zemma, because you know he has like beef with the whole French he spent. He's like phenomenal. He don't feel like it's. He's still not better than that one, Daski, but I feel at t's are second. Yeah, he's a can best striker in the world right now. He's playing really good. I think the since Ernadal left, you kind of taken try, like you know, you kind of had a sup up. Somebody had to step up. Hazard has a set up? No Hazard, Dude, don't even you see, not like Hamburg ted, though he had more. He averaged more goals. Yeah, and less games than HAT EDAN hazard. That's crazy and I feel like see, that's every touch shit of what you charity, but they don't mention like these other stats. They just ignore him. Yeah, I know you're right, but I mean I don't know. But even also, last thing, to speaking of like Edan Hazard. You think that's going to happen with like Holland and like embopy, because there's been players before who were set to we're going to supposedly pass up medicine and Ronaldo like added Hazard, like Marco Roy's players, who just didn't end up living to that hype, but we're still solid. So maybe look, if you really think about it, those are really the only two players. I mean Sancho. I don't know. It's like song. There's a couple players that you could you could tell they're putting in the work. Yeah, you know, not just training here. HALFASS. My Great, what happening? A Christian postage, but he has a coach problem. When you got answered and he came back and know. But aside from that, if you really pay attention,...

...there's a couple of players you kind of tell that are playing right now. Okay, they're going to be like they're gonna be the next ones and Hollan them. Bought they are. Definitely, I think there their discipline. They got there, they're showing they have what it takes. See, but we'll have far they get the see. I feel like I'm B yeah, definitely, they got to get out of the team that they're they're are right now. I feel like they could keep it for my that than yeah, and has to be over like years, like they was messy and although who know, we might not ever see something like that ever again. Yeah, I think we're not. I Say I'm glad we're living in this Arrow when messy round, because I feel like we're never. I would want to go back five years or six. They were really in there brick like when messy scored ninety one. I feel like I didn't appreciate, like I didn't. I saw that season, but like, I'm just tired of scoring go yeah, and we like I didn't. I feel like I've never appreciated. Yeah, that season, the moment. Yeah, you weren't really like living in the moment. We didn't think when it's somebody ever going to do that? Trying? Never, never, I mean we're all those on my fifty two goals, fifty games, fifty two goals, forty two games. But is he gonna fucking I mean, I don't know. Well, it was gonna years calendar though, right, yeah, it wasn't. The years calens last like fucking. That's harder. Yeah, we'll see. See. That's off of this this week. Make sure to like, share, subscribe, and we'll see all next time.

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