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Episode 23 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 023 | El Clásico, Real Madrid v Barcelona, Champions League, PSG v Bayern, Arteaga


In episode 023 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss El Clásico where Real Madrid defeated Barcelona to top La Liga, the UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal matches with Madrid, Liverpool, PSG, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Porto, Chelsea and comments made by Mexican National Team player Gerardo Arteaga about Mexican Liga MX players.
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Welcome back everyone. This is episode twenty three of Goat Talk. I'm your host, a Lonzo, and this past week we had a lot of European soccer. Yeah, we had. Most recently today was classic go from Religa between Ro Madrid and Barcelona. Ram drew took the one win at that. Fellow Lea Stefano obviously a big win from Madrid in terms of Chisae and ILIGA. As it narrows down, they took the first place lead over a flipical. But what did you think of the performance from Barton today and how do they bounce back, trying to, you know, keep in the race alive? I mean, I feel like they had a really bad first half. I feel like that that formation they started off with, playing with three center backs, I feel like it just didn't work against Ro Madrid, especially because have really good, not even I don't even say really good, we just fast wingers that move the ball around a lot and their fullbacks also come up, just like Lucas Vascas. We've got that assist, and I just feel like, I don't know, just the way they were set up, it just wasn't enough, I guess, to beat Ramadud in the first half, even though they had a lot more possession. They had seventy percent going into the first half, but they had less shots in Raal Madrid. And then something to point out to again with the three center backs they've used out. They've used that formation in the last five Laliga Games and they were all wins. But then they came against Ramagdor really, I guess a tougher squad or just the way that they planted themselves just it didn't work. No, yeah, I mean, if you look at who they played in the last couple games in La Liga, they were coming off wins. I believe it was like, pull it up, I have right here. It was by on the League, the last one. Oh Yeah, there was a zero with them, belly right. Yeah, well, they scored literally in the last minute. Yeah. So, I mean you haven't played with against an attacking as good as ro Madrids, with Benzema and Niss is junior, who I mean who's had a pretty pretty good week for you know, himself. We'll talk about that a little bit later, but by better day, who started over a Sincio and who was who? I was like when I saw the line I was I was like, well, why is that, since you're not starting after his performances week, but I mean it's because by better day also like started the last time that they beat Barcelt U Zero, and it come now, early in the season. So I feel like that's what it don went back to my better day and he's kind of he can also play more of a defense and then he was more like a P has a. He has better defending skills. And I think too, and I mean it kind of worked out because in the first few minutes you saw Ro Madrid getting those counter text going quickly on the defense and then going swarts offense, and that's how I got their first two goals. But very almost had that third goal right before the second half ended. Could have had a three zero if it hadn't not hit the post. But I mean, but I mean Barsa also had those two plays before the first half to that post and then that blocked by courtois, which I think towards the end was kind of like off sides. But they had their two best plays right before the first half ended. So I think they just they got going a little bit too late. And I mean the the goal I've been by Benzamo. That's it was a great goal. And then the free kick, I feel like it could have been avoid because, I mean it was. It wasn't an own goal, but it was like deflected in. Yeah, so I mean I would consider that a mistake. But just the way that they were defending, I feel like said, you know, desk didn't really make much of an impact, which is why I believe he was subbed doubt half for Griesman, and then things like totally change, like Barcelona was totally dominating the second half. They ended up getting a goal, which I kind of have complaints about. Mean, guys, I scoring, because if your center back is a player receiving the ball in the opposing teams area like that means you have something wrong with your offense, and that's something we've been talking about forever, I mean ever since we saw it. Is Left. There's not really like an aerial in... player. And I mean mean guess I was there for the for the goal, but other than that, I feel like them bad. Didn't have that good of a game and griesman had some good plays, but nothing really like transcendent, and that really changed the game. But Way I, like you said, how since Suadeth left. They don't have like a reference line for them to, you know, look for in the box, and that's kind of what why they also struggle to score in the first half was because they were setting centers. But who are you setting it to? You're not going to have messy beating. Maybe Thou and not with two headers them. Bell is not going to be a much of a heady guy's more playing on the floor. Like centers like that are useful if you don't have somebody to header it in the goal. So I mean, that's why also, they kind of just wasted attacking instead of going towards goal. Besides, like you said, those two opportunity that they had they were just looking at center, but that didn't work. That wasn't working. Again, with the weapons you have, you don't have any aerial threats for that shit to work. And I mean I feel like even Real Madrid panicked a bit, even like around minute seventy, when Barcelona was really dominating, a Zaddan made three subs at the same time, so that was kind of like in something of little panic in there, and then Gossamito also a double yellow in the span of like one to two minutes, like there was panic by Roaldrid or Barcelona should have I don't know if they would have had a Ford. I feel like they just because they could have capitalized a lot more. Yeah, because, I mean when when all the tension of defense is drawn to messy, there's only even so much you can do, and that's what they basically had. They had messy and check from most of the game. So it can really play through him, like you said. I mean guy thought wasn't one to score the goal, and I mean that comes off. What who assisted? I believe it was because gree's my and we see the ball. But Hey, let it go for mean guess how to tap it in. But I really those like surgey tore breath, those one who crossed it. It was Geordy Olwa to the ALDWA. But I mean, you see, like when you when it's just messy out there, like it's hard to get him involved, especially with the defense like Ro Madrid, like you can't really you can't really do anything much about that in terms of, you know, trying to create some offense when messy's the only guy there and he's been surrounded by five dudes. But I'm what do you think? What do you think about Tony crews to hey, what's your bold, let's say, Lam it on Tony Crews? After this week that I've seen from him, you know, he's definitely up there for the best midfielder in the world right now. It's say, is he or not? Is He? Yeah, as of this week, yes, but that's that's like recency bias. Somebody has a really good forerformance, you forget about everybody else. But I mean we've been seeing Tony Curch play for like this for seasons on and he still consisted the same level. I'm I'd still put them like up there being the best midfielder. Are you going to say Bruno Fernandez? Yeah, I mean Kevin. He's like Kevin debraun to to. I mean, Hey, Tony Cross is consistency can't be denied. Im Yeah, he's been really good. I feel like he had a decline. I feel like like a little bit after like when all those players I having decline out ever since like Ronaldo left, but then I like recently he's doing really good. Same with like mother each well, I believe, also had a decline, but they've been doing really well. Benzema, I feel like even but better. That wouldn't really consider that solid, but I mean he was solid in there. Lucas Vasca's he leads round with rude in second for most assist and he gave it assist. Like I said earlier. I mean I feel like a lot of things are just coming together from within and I mean, I don't know, I think they might be able to take this league. Hey, I felt to go choke that lead hard. They saw a couple games, I so we'll see what happens with that. We'll see what happens with that. But yeah, Madrid get the win today and they also got to win in Champions League against the Repool on Tuesday one they want to also at home with other let there from Venissa's junior and...

...the third goal was from my Senseio, shout out all the haters. Now, were you like again to by Tony Crews? I feel like he was the main man right there in the middle. And but then I feel like something that I want to point out. Liverpool is out with any of their starter center backs, which is the Liverpool's like main focus over the last few years, with Vangike, with Mario Gomez, with my te even favino like that. That's been their pillar, that's been where they start out, most of their places from the back. So I feel like that really hurt them. And then that mistake, that assist from true rant to a sensio. I feel like that really affect of the game as well. Hey, but you're telling me a Madrid's missing their two starters, center backs, to playing with without almost and but on. So, I mean, what the heck, come on, now are then? You compare them to Liverpool Center backs, though. Oh, Matt Rammo's one of the greatest center backs of all time, versus Van Jake has maybe one good one or two good seasons. Don't going this peeple card now, but like the people I get replaced, like the people that replace those player. Well, I mean, I mean, I like you said, I don't what do you mean? These allback was got some of them their academy. And then who else? Who was other center back? It believe it was some Dudem. It was Phillips. It looks I don't know who the fuck that guy is, but I mean no, who the fucking me it? Doubt Bro I actually only Madrid fans will know who that is, but he is like projection. I feel like really dozands little center backs is going to be there for a long time, especially Ramos is gonna Retire soon, and that's told. Don't that's just been like a second street in center back for this whole count for years. Like, come on, do and especially if you have a front three attacking with with your Meno or jolt, and then you have sidline my now on your wings. How is that? How can you not score goals against the Madrid defense? But then Ben's a mom and this because in a sensio can and you have at least one your goalkeeper, like a come on now, like you're not playing with it's not bums. I mean, I'm saying that now. I do agree with that part about how I feel like my nay, and especially they were jot on the first time we ended up getting subbed out for for me know, I feel like you didn't. Did it set up plays as much as they should have, much as they have. US, a cousin toos. We've seen my name, the wing, destroy everybody the Premier League and then, I don't know, they just didn't. They didn't do well against Real Madrid. So I gotta go but it was all fuck. It was a offer, rebound row, like so right to him. I would have made it. I know what I'm saying, like in terms of producing their own their own shots, and I don't like it wasn't like really produced. It was just a rebound that fall to him. You just have to shoot it in. And I mean van this is due. He was playing like, nay more on his prime, the next Bazilian star man. I don't know why, I don't know about all that, but he's been having good, good plays, I mean even today against Barcelona. I feel like sometimes he, he'd relies a lot on his speed, but sometimes his speed doesn't really get him anymore because he doesn't have enough time to make a cross or even take a shot. Or maybe his shots are sometimes they're really off target. So I feel like he should work on something that's not always relying on speed and maybe working a little bit more on his fundamentals, like shooting and passing. Hey, but he the past month or so he's been on social media, him and finesse, like, you know, making fun of his like his finishing, like all I do. has like ninety nine drippling and like fifty fifty finishing, and I mean he went scores two goals like Golassos against Littlepool with that like excellent touch and finish, like come on, Dude. I mean it looks like he's really paying get the informed card on FIFA. Dude, that day he's gonna get it, I know, but I mean that's good for him. I feel like he's really progressing as a player and hopefully you can develop into one of those star wingers that we've seen in from the past few years. Yeah, we see also Benz in my praising recently to the press, how he's saying that O vinish because... a great player and that he's always screaming at him. But most of the time you don't. He can be hard on him, but he like he says that he does it because he can see like potential inver this because, and I mean I feel like that's Bush. I feel like Benzam is only saying that because he got caught talking shit about him. Remember, yeah, when they call him saying that. What is it like? The don't pass even as another team. Yeah, he said don't posit him, because it says if he's playing on the other team or as if he's not part of our squad, and I'm like, Bro all right, we're gonna say that especial if you're a captain. Bensam is one of the captains for around Madrid. We're gonna be saying that about when your team is think come on and say like Oh, he's this good, I'm hard on him, like now I feel like you just saying that because you got cut. I don't know, man. I mean being a being, not a captain, not also like you know, being the captain, but he's also leader to like attacking three. A sense, he was still young finish, because it's still young. So I mean I feel like he's also has that. It's kind of makes sense because he's serving that like the mentor. He's like one of the older people on that team and he's sort of mentoring that, like the offense. But I mean, I don't know, we'll see. They have second leg on Wednesday. If they play how they played on Tuesday, I think that they can. They can take out Liverpool and move on to the next round. Yeah, especially Mensam is really informed and the last five games in the league that rummaged is played, he scored seven goals. So he's on fire right now. Hopefully he'll take that into the Champions League as well. Second best reker behind Lowa. Just wanted to put that in Fuck Harry Kane for now, for I, for I agree. Nothing, not the Fuck Harry came for. But Yeah, have two forwards are and we're going to move on to the next match up we had in a Champions League was the big one was PSHG Byron. PSG beat by iron in Germany. Munich three two, with two goals from Embaba and one from our kingos. What did you see from that matchup? What are some takeaways? I think that was the best game out of the hole, like Champions League fixtures that were last week. It was it felt like a final, even though Lowandowski wasn't playing, but there was a lot of shots, there was a lot of goals. Bare Mutich was down two goals and then they had to make two subs for defenders in the first half, which I believe hurt them a lot, and then Martino's winning Marquiniscor repeas he then he got hurt and then came two goals by Bairn, by headers where which Marquinios because he wasn't on the field. He's a captain. He plays center back. He couldn't really move his defense around like he's accustomed to since he's that star player in the back. Oh, I feel like those two headers, I think came because Martinez was on the field. But then in Baba's third goal, I love, I love those topic goals. He cut the lines in between the defense and then shooting it to the goalies post, which I always say that's that's one of my favorite goals, when you aim for the goal the goalies post. I don't know, I just really like those goals. But I feel like with him BOP, it to like we say so much about him, like it's not even when he's going to become that star player, it's if and when people are going to start recognizing him as like that top three best player in the world. I mean, he's clearly showing is he has. He scored a hat trick against Barcelona and Kempt know, and then what he's now? He has here. They let the against the reigning Champions League champions in Munich, I mean and it's it's not against Shitty team. It's like the defense is pretty good defense. You saw. Has He fleek making that sell putting Davis in, because you know, I'm Baka was dusting old ass. WHO's the left back that started in this place? It was hern on that Huh. Yeah, but I feel like something too that helped out was, yeah, Davy's helped out a lot. And then I feel like Thomas Mueller was making a lot of good passes to he was really in there and I...

...feel like they depend on him when Lowandowski isn't there too, and I mean they were without Novioty too. They're starting right wing. But I mean, if you look at this game in terms of the stats, had they had maybe one of those two, I think Byron would have tied, maybe even one it. We're looking at thirty one shots, which twelve were on goal for in favor of Byron, as opposed to PSG, they had six shots and five of those wrong goal. Yeah, that's I seen that stat and I was like that's fucking crazy, like you don't even see that, especially like in a Chambis a game, having thirty one shots and then you you. I mean they scored, they were able to score two goals, but compared to ps g only having six and that's going three. That's that's a crazy stat to me. So that's when I feel like a lot of people can use that, especially like very Munich fance, to say like, Oh, look at the amount of shots we took, but we didn't have our star, best forward in the world, and so that's probably one of the reasons why we lost. Yeah, it. I mean it's a valid argument because thirty one shots and I'm pretty sure if you had that will, who's the best striker right now in the world, pretty sure those more than two goals would go in and by it would probably win. But I mean, since he's not there on the field, you know you're missing somebody who can finish it did with his head or with his feet, left right. You know he can scoring you with so many ways. Without him on the field, you know you're really missing that, that finishing which is more important. You Yeah, you're taking shots, but it's about finishing and putting it in a net, as will really counts us with. The whole point of it is, but I mean, yeah, that's the numbers tell the story. But you know, the scorer says another they got a couple days to prepare for the second leg in Paris with Hallowen Dawski. I still think now I had Byron, you know, passing, but then since so I went down. I think because she goes, they go through now and I think the thing that is going to be really vital as those three away goals after that's going to end up hurting buying a lot and the next game. Oh Yeah, I forget that they're playing. You know, that is yeah, the way it goes. Always make it much tougher on you if you're trying to bounce back. We had, you know, other Games. We had man city be Dude Montu one which you know we kind of saw, had on nowhere to be seeing, because I mean man city defense is better than any of the defense he scored on recently in this year, and that was a really good game. That really shows how important keeping possession over a team that depends on their attack. N City were able to move the ball around a lot. Halan only had one shot on goal the whole game and then he had a really good, tough battle with DAS. I feel like him in Diaz deals did a good job of Marquam, even though I don't know everybody's going to talk about that one play where he knocked him down where highlan not diaz down, but I believe man cities defense did a really good job of keeping highlight under control and something I had pointed out, like I want to see how well hell on does against elite defense, and it showed it too. But I mean we can't all just depend on him. I mean Royce ended up scoring and then de Brouin. De Bruin at somebody, I said WHO. I still think I don't know. I'm always back and forth between him and Bruno Fernanda's for the best, and I mean he scored, the Bruins scored and then that following week he renewed his contracts, so we're going to be seeing him for a long time. I men city, fucking oil money, man, shit, Hey, but it's I feel like he fits into the system, though I'm not really complaining in that much on the oil money, because I feel like a lot of teams have the opportunity to buy to Bruin when he was playing in Germany, and I mean Manchester's Manchester City, took the chance and live will be he became. I mean if you have when you have pep as yours, your coach, I mean he can make it work. Basically for anybody. But yeah, that in the one next I think the next leg is in at the third months home so I still think men city would go through on that one might be complicated just because...'re playing in Germany, but perhaps going to find a way to pull this one through. We had the last game was see port O, Chelsea supporter who came off of knocking out on all those Juventus in the earlier round, based Chelsea this one, but they lost to zero. We had goals from Mason Mount, who scored a brilliant finish and I'll turn around second post shot, and then also been chill will. Those were the two scores and I feel like Mason Mount was probably the best out of the bunch. With the upcoming now I wouldn't even say golden generation of young talent, but just this group of really good young players like Phil Folding and Mason Greenwood, I think probably Mason Mount was probably the best out of the three. I don't know, maybe again it's that reagency bias, but I mean I really like how Mason Mount plays. I feel like that was a really good goal, the way he had that technique to know to turn around and shoot that ball, especially having that pressure on him. I feel like it was a great goal and then we'll hurt me from the chillill goal. I got theeth like I think the fucked up a seven, but then at the same time chill he was able to go around March to see. I don't know if he' seen that. He dribbled around March to see and was able to just tap it in. But I mean still think I think the fucked up. He got to take full responsibility for that goal and but I don't know how I feel like portal. I feel like portals dark horse momentum and Champions League got. Thing is going to come to an end. You think they just got this round and after that they're they're out. Yeah, I mean its Chelsea to I don't expect Chelsea has just has of those like zero for the past. That's true. But I mean, you know what those us a fants who were saying, oh it Takatito led to the goal and all, yeah, they got that today, man, you know, and they gave from Madrid the second goal and got his ass ub that at halftime. So I guess we're even now, hey, but I mean what's a goat talk podcast without some Gonka Golf News. This one this week was Mexican national team player Art Fiaga coming out with a bold claim against the typical athlete from Mexico. You have the quote with you want to summarize it for us? Yeah, I mean he really said a lot, but I mean to summarize it. He basically said that players in Mexico they complain about everything. They complain about practice. They can paint that they're tired. They complain about how long training is because that there is there to they get tired. And he's saying that him being because he now he plays on Europe. For those that don't know, he plays on gang, which is in the first division of Belgium, and he played for Santos for four years and then he's he's played on the Mexican national team since the You, twenty one level, and now he's on the senior team. But he basically said that and everybody like in Europe. They're really professional, but every being their diet, how many hours they actually rest, and he feels like that's just something wrong with Mexico's with players in the in the Mexican league, to be more exact. I mean he's not like we've seen plays some players like geovanny Losan Thos, who who seemed like one of the promises of Mexican soccer, turned his career low key south real quick after Barcelona. I mean that's something. I mean, I don't think he really was attacking players like you know, because I mean Geo was, I'm not gonna say, all right, I'm not gonna say an alcoholic, but Geo you could see when they took him out of that club and Tonham when he was like held a drunk something. Geo was. He was surrounded by alcohol and all these other distractions in Europe. He's attacking more of the players like that cool Willie Benya, probably like yeah, probably like Gulie Paniel, probably with that whole Val Bando jophies, guy, eat like he spenac case.

HMM. I feel like he's talking about players like that, how they don't really take practice seriously or they don't watch what they eat, because we've seen a lot of players come in overweight after like preseason in Mexico. So I feel like he's attacking that. But then the same time I kind of think, especially the Belgium league, I feel like some teams from Mexico could probably beat teams from that Belgian League, but I mean it's Europe, and I'm mean maybe that Belgian team was going to export him to a topper team and in Europe. Yeah, knowing that quote. Well, he said, look, he reminded me of Lenon Donovan when he said that how his time alone. He said some players will go out and like he'd like, you know, have parties and stuff. I'm like, you know, go to eat a hell of food. I mean, that's that's kind of what like his he's sort of that's what he's kind of saying to about like in terms of like what he sees in like me, my league, I make. He's so did like run on doom and that's what he saw. But I mean do you're like okay, man with the fuck, like I yeah, people can go party and shit, but I mean a little that of what made it seem like it was like something like what like the chess players are doing. But I'm pretty sure like it wasn't even that bad. But you know, he always probably just trying to talk some shit, you know, because he's just is Donovan, and it's League on Makis. But I mean he's I feel like after has right, though. I feel like a lot of players don't really take it that serious and I feel like even out there I said like having all those bad habits aren't going to have you be in Europe anytime soon, and I feel like I care has things to defend himself by. When he went to Europe he was only twenty one and he even though he had a lot of game for Santos, he was still young. I feel like a lot of people don't really know who he is. I mean I personally, I would probably put him, even though Guy Yadlo isn't playing that well. He's probably be the next player up and I would start for left back. And I don't know, I feel like a lot of we see it's because there's a lot just a lot of indiscipline, and I feel like a lot of players don't take it seriously. They don't know the position there. And I said it last last podcast, right where I said that. How was it? Theach said that a lot of these players don't know the responsibility carry. You asked for an example. I'm like, Bro, you you gotta Know Your Responsibility Roll. You're on the one of the biggest platforms of your nation in the sports world. I mean, I guess when you're famous and you have everything, you got money and Shit probably can get your head and if I mean if you're not really guided in terms of like how to balance social life and your athletic career, I mean you get shit like that and it's something that I take. I said that, look, we're getting paid to play soccer, which is the dream of a lot of kids. This is this is part of the quote to he said that it's the dream of a lot of kids that they get to do what they like to do and it's the only thing they dedicate themselves to, like they don't have three four full time jobs, they don't go to school and go to work at the same time, that they just play soccer. So that's what I feel like is stopping a lot of players from making that jump from Mexican soccer to Europe because of all these disciplines, because they get to practice, they start complaining about practice, they start complaining about them being tired, and it's just all these things that feed into them not being able to reach that level of playing in Europe. I mean, yeah, I could see, I could see what he said that, but I mean we can't also act like, you know, Europe. They don't have their flaws. Most recent when I can think of just sort of like quickly wrap this up, is the folding one for the the England case when they had the girls come in to the yeah, I mean so, I mean it's it's not just a Mexico. I feel like it happens to happens everywhere. But I mean it's just probably getting, you know, blown up because of the six so...

...may kind of they got making sense sort of known for that. Players are being fully committed to their careers. But I mid something. I mean I agree. I agree with this, with this quote, but yeah, I mean we could see it both ways. I mean I just hope a lot of more early on young players can go to Europe. But if Artiaga saying that to one of the things he probably saw because he played at that you twenty one level, he played at the you twenty three level with the Mexican national team. So he saw players, young players from a lot of different teams playing for the national team. So maybe he saw something that we don't know. That's all the time we got for this week. Make sure to lie share and subscribe. See all next time.

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