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Episode 24 · 6 months ago

Goat Talk Podcast 024 | Barcelona, Copa del Rey, Champions League Semi-Finals, Liga MX, MLS


In episode 024 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss Barcelona defeating Athletic Bilbao to win the Copa del Rey; PSG, Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Chelsea reaching the UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals, the controversial tie between Cruz Azul and America in the Liga MX, and the start of the MLS.
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Welcome back everyone. This is episode.Twenty four of goat talk on your Hos Talanzo, and the first topic I want toget into for this week is Barcelona, winning the COPO Eray. They be Atleticbillwol yeah. They won for zero, with two gols from MESC, one with the Jonand then another one from reason. Mine, I would say probably messy has alwaysis the best player on the field for Barcimona. They needed this trophy because I meanthey went over a year without a trophy. So I mean it felt like a much neededchoking, fror Barcelona- and I mean you, know, give some joy totheir fans to have been suffering for over a year. Imean, especially maybe this will pushmessy to Staven, though I don't really think a couple that Rey really be significant, but I mean hey: Messhebroke some records, he became the player with the most goals and couplethat GE final history with nine and then he also became the only player toscore thirty plus goals, ind thirteen consecutive seasons, so I mean he'sstill he's still going to break records every year, but maybe he's going tostart doing it with a different team. I feel like overall, his decision isgoing to be, I feel like if they win the league. I feel, like that's gon Ta,be the decisive factor yeah, because I mean before this I feltlike Barse's main goal is the league, as we saw that they weren't really.They were really like destroying teams and be about like in the coperey m. Youknow: Whih Jis Thats, like the last two games, was EVI and obviously this wonewin it, but like after losing e the Lega race ass here to Romadrid,which they had a beab in the season and thet. You know they come back and covidbreak and then Roma Drim Wensit. I feel like that's top priority. I'm obviouslyCOAA was a big one, but, like you said, if they don't want a lega, I thinkthat's what is going na go into a factor of MES, Tays or not, but I meanif they, if they don't want Tha Lega, so you Bein, Messhe's gone then yeahyeah, especially with the way pgs playing and especially PG, wins, whichI think they're going to win the Chammos IG, especially if they won theChambio IG. I feel like messis going to be wanting to go to a club. That'sgoing to be really competitive, it's going to be able to compete with Banmunage and depend on which playes Ronwayer get depending on if mensiagecity ends up signing a really good striker since aweddows leaving, so Ifeel like Messis Goin Na want to be able to compete, especially if Barsadoesn't or isn't even able to sign anybody because of the death they're in I mean something back tracking a littlebit to this game. I feel like Franky that John had a really good game thats.Somebody who I feel like hasn't really got that limelight, even though peoplereally say like him and bad thaty are really good in the mid,but I feel, like I don't know I feel like he still hasn't- become thatplayer, that everybody expects them to be like in the future. Yo had a great game, so Gio des Hebecame the first American to win ha couple Tharay. So that's that's goodfor the USMANS national team, but overall Ifeel like they were like theyhad to win. I feel like so they they did. They dealt well with the pressurebecause I feel like imagine the criticism they would have goff. Theylost to Bill Bol for a couple, dude yeah and then I'm looking rememberlast match you had said when theyre playing ONS promagred you'recriticizing the three in the back and they actually started with that sameformation and threhin the bag, and it worked out for them. You know they got.I itwas a pretty comfortable win for zero, but I mean I like. I guess itjust wasn't a lineup for to use agast Ramedrid, but it looks like Com man,you know that's his go to lineup and I mean it worked out today and gettingthe trophy. I just feel like. You can't really compare like the wingers thatRomma Aletic Cuball have espe, since both wingers Ferbil, Bou, Muniin andBernegar. They ended up getting subbed out and Al, I think their fastestplayer in Yake wodand. He also got some doubt so I feel like a lot of theirplayers. Didn't really have great games so who, like Yacky Williams, HOS likeall of a sudden terms, inso prime or...

...night, when you pus it in the far setlike when you had that last matchol during the season, the Banger that wasyeah. So I mean I don't know it was kind ofsurprising to see that that they kindof at least get a goal with iack Williamsof top. But I mean, I guess, that's just youknow props to Cotmon for having a good defense. Like you said, PSG was one of the teamsthat Messhew was might be considering thissummer, PG's actually still advanced into thechampion. Sig semmi finals, this past week after they were able to getthrough on the it was a three three agregate,but they got through on awagoals against Biron, eliminating thedefending champions they would be facing man, city and the semifinals,which I mean it's going to be a pretty good matchup mansy he's coming off,eliminating dowith mone. What are your opinions for that match up? I thinkthat's like that could have been the final honestly I feel like if PSD wasplaying say either round wgit or Chelsea or Man City was playing either.Those two I feel like Psgan macheger city would have been the final if theywould have not played each other. I think I'm excited I feel like they.Both have really good teams, I feel like they have the two most completeteams, especially if Kevin Debron is tays in form. Gondugon stason form a WEDDL. I don't know if he's that good anymore, coming back fromthis injury, he hasn't been really consistent. After coming back, but Imean hopefully psgsable to capitalize on the mistakes that Messager Citymakes, I mean, but is a dorman, was able to score on them, even though they have a really good offense, butover the course of two games they were able to capitalize ondifferent mistakes. So we'll see how well ies Jesus Yeah- and I mean I feel,like prgs attacking Thi. Still, we obviously way better than tot months.You have Amba and Nam Mor Clut, I mean Dimaria has a good game. I feel like hecan be like really hopeful to them. I would say for that in that matchup Ifeel like what's really going to be key as a midfield, because you can get Meoti back in themidfield that really helped them out. But if not, I feel like the Brona andGhumagan ar going to be srunning up Tho Mithfield for men city, the other Matchof we have n. Thesemifinals is Chelsea Romadreid Chelsea, coming off A to one win aggregate overPorto and Ramadrid three one when iagree over Liverpool. Who would you pick for that one to comeout into the final over Rama, GID and Chalsey Yeah? I meanI feel, like I don't know, I mean Rumma Jid playsgood, especially, I feel like Benzumais something we said in last. podcast he'sreally good right now, but I don't know hat's cause Chelsea isbecause, if Werner I bernol was the striker he was before he got to Chelsea,I would have said Chelsea hands down, but he's just not that striker anymore,but even though he just gave an assist for Zach, which they also reached thefinal of their cup that they're playing against Manger City today, where theywon one zero and Berner gave this ssist. I just feel like I don't know they justneed that lethal player, especially if Tammy Abraham, I feel like Tucho. Is itreally considering him, even though he scored a lot of goal? Ifeel like Tucha doesn't give him that opportunity oftentimes. So I don't know,I think, Romadrid honestly yeah, I feel like that would be I mean both matchups are pretty, evenif you look at them will deserve like PG and Menc begetting there and sayingwith Custin Romidrid. I feel like this one, if I don't knowfor some reason, this one might feel like it's closer than the other two, but I mean I wantto say Romadred, but I mean like looking at their injuries like if they get if they can get atleast everybody back there. They I mean yeah have them as coming out on top to,...

...but I mean they released theirConrocalos for their matchup. This weekend's get off it with only thirteenplayers are going to be traveling with the team Tirt, thirteen, the defenseconsiss to Milita Marcellaasoa, choose and the Al. They added two more playersbefore that was only thirteen, but they added some to name mega where the fuck thatis and PA Ramon, and the midfield also only consisted before that was cross moreach, Bu reter than EA school, and they added two more players to takewith to Ariva SAPANCO and obviously the remaining uptop, as always, but ther was only thirteenplayers that were on sqal list earlier today and they had just switched it upa couple hours ago. But that sounds like our sidy league team layers forprofessional match. That's Crret yeah, so I mean they're struggling withinjuries, but the fact that they've been able to get this far in thechampions. EAG ISE I mean, I guess POPs is o tat for Gues Liverpo to yeah to hopefullysergeon Romwasisn't, hes positive for coid again, so we've had we've heard ofplayers in the past, where they test positive, like three times in a row,and they aren't able to join the squat until they test negative and that'scoming from their probably their second best man behind Bantemar or even behindmorladge. I feel like Graum was really impactful, especially in the DefenseHes, a captain yeah, I'm going to see if he's able to recupert. He has a lotof time. They don't play till what this April Twenty sevent April. Twenty sevenis when they start yes, so I mean he has time to come back, but we'll seehow long that takes yeah and the also hopefully get back bat on so they canprobably get tha the two starting center backs back in time for thatmatchup and same with PG getting back but Otbe yeah, because I mean even psg,I feel like Lucas and Notthis was the best player in that game and then coming back a little bit backto the Chelsea too, when Duchell they lost the Porto one zero. So just saidafter the game that it's hard to play against a team that presures like Portoand that their players often change position, and I feel like that alsodescribe dramadred. You see players like while ver theye playing right backthe Center Mad Lucas, BASCA sontast play right back, so I can ot for Thiseason yeah and he's. I feel like they're going to have trouble. AgaisRama did because they oftentimes put players, they could play differentpositions and they pressure a lot to they play the counter attack a lot wellto so, I feel, like I montte chils, going to have a lot on this plate oncethey play Roun Madrid yeah, I'm excited for that match. OP seem to Chelgo upagainst romadrizs. Who knows maybe WHA MIT see I, if anything happens, youknow we might see to sheggle up against. PSG is former team in the final, whichI mean Thato'd be pretty fun too, but I mean Os ' myreast. I hope Roma drink itto the final. Hopefully, to I want to see how Polisic does because a Polisicto he got that man of the match award against Porto and he was out eleventimes. Last time a player was foued eleven times in the chames Seag matchwas Massy against Romerdrid in two thousand and on a boin. No I'm prettysure Mina was a coach Ta on no thousand and eleven. That was a long time ago.Ten years, not even name Morgats Fel. That much so I mean that's prettythat's pretty insane and considering namemor is one of the people who get asalways, fucking rolly on the floor. Yeah so we'll see I' puls. I'm hopingpolitic does well against Romadrid yeah it'd be cuooter. You know see someconcacof players succeed in the Champions League. Moving across over. Here we had in Legamackes the number one sead and the number two seed go head: Tohead Chrse,I still looking for their historic thirteen consecutive wins to Palis NECOxin Leon, who have twelve. They came into this match. You know looking forthat, but it ended up being one one that was a final result with goals from Agelera and Cotroes. What did you think from this game? Wasit? Would you expect it or was it a letdown, considering that these are twoof the most high scoring teams in the League not feel like? It was a goodgame I feel like towards the end. A...

MEDICO was playing a lot of defensiveand I feel like they pai for it with that which will get into in a littlebit, but I feel like I may make a startet off well, but they ended upbacktracking on their game a little bit which is kind of Solati's game plan,and I mean hey. I want to give Propi Alotti to the Medica coach. I feel likehe was really established himself with the playing style that I thought wasn'tgoing to work when he first got there, because when Pioho has been the coachfor the past three years since two thousand and seventeen from Edica, hisstyle was always to attack and o Lotty has never really played like that forthe teams that he's coached in the past. So I feel like he I feel like he did agreat job, especially a lot of people didn't believe infidaical who everybody criticized like why the fuck would you Sagn Fodago. Healso has been playing really well he's one who drew the Fowle for the penalty,which some did you think it was a penalty I seen th. I try to see bothsides IV seen the replay like ten times, and I don't think it was a penalty. Ifeel like you kind of like hit the ground. It Wasr, I feel like you hitthe ground first like thall go kind of fell forward without, but hewas already kind of like Enphisici in te contact yeah. But then I feel likealso Remerta Moai should have never had that tackls from behind yeah not goahead. Push the ball forward to, but I mean is's, I something you don't reallythink about in the split second, I still think Beta Waalo could have had abetter choice of slide. Tacgling at that especially n inside the area. Okayand then another controversy, toler comin heat Ti, go the den was, Ithought that was a penalty though, but then I's the thing. The whole thing isto about like the Hadibal rule, so thehandball rule is now. If it's not in a natural position, if your hand is notin a natural position mm and it's a penalty, but then that's the wholething. Two people are saying like all right, so what is ha natural positionlike with M modorliness, when he slid tigled ery that we're saying like whereelse he's Goinno put his hand like he's Goinna bend it around his around hisback or like, where LS he supposed to put it, and then we saw it to in thegame chiwateguana where Masias ended, a missing the penalty. Wat same thinghappened on Gulo, I hit his chest and then I hit the teuana players, hand that was like Rihter, like he had hishands in front of his body and ended up pitning his hand. They also called it apenalty. So it's one of those things to like all right. So then, where are yousupposed to put your hands in a split second like you're? NotThinking of putting your hands in a natural position like people wants youto yeah. That also draws, I feel like a lot of controversy and something theyshould really change. I feel like they should end up just changing the waythey draw penaly, especially with handballs like if it's not like clearlyintentional than just don't mark it. Yeah like like IU, said like I like meas a defender like when I saw techl. That's that field, that's like a normalhand, position that, because you're like the way you're like turning yourbody, makes you had, like you kind of throw your hand out Tho turn into thesidetackle. So I mean that's where I didn't see the fowl on the on thehandbl. I saw more like a slide. Tackle itself was more. It was like morecontact that should have been a penalty, but I mean like that's that like that's,where, like I feel like, the rep was like an not was either the sidetecl orthe handbal, and I feel like it was more clear for him the handball, buteven then like it was for me. That was a natural position of the hand, and Imean it should have also like never been a penalty. But if you really thinkabout it, it probably would have been zero zero. Without those two penaltiesand that's why I think it was a fucking led down of the game it a what I'm going to gos yeah, Iwould have been zero zero and I mean I know America was missing. Cordawa andMartin who's their top score, but I mean you still have vineas, who isn't ascrub? You know he's proving that he can score by Martinus has actually beenhaving a pretty good season after many thought he was going to leave.Somebodyov also had a lot of haters, hey yeah, so I mean I mean I expectedMorephom this game at made me like one...

...or two gials from each side, but I mean,as I AOLN Fan, I'm kind of happy to Medica was able to type his shitbecause I ci a swo. Don't don't test nown, for you know most consecutivegoals I mean wins, so I mean I mean yeah, it's cool one one mean wegot. We saw some goals, but I felt like could have been much better than that, but I feel like do you think thisansweris a question that Chrsis Wul can finally be Championg this year. Sincethey taud against the best second best team in the League doit with the histor of CESI Soo, youcan't never say that they're. You can't be sure that they're going to win one,you can be like Oh yeah, they did twelve, they had twelve consecutive wins. Imean sotally on they fucking lost a bigess in the final, so I mean I mean I don't know and that Lione teamI fhought was better than this cresis wol team, and I mean you said into whenwe compared the stat that that loonte would probably bet this presess food.But I mean I don't know if it's you can only you just have to wait and see inthelege and that's you can have like a perfectly good season, which we thinkcritis Wu do for, like maybe three seasons now, but they always it'salways the same story. They choke in the fucking, either the semifinals orthe final. So I mean I don't know, and it's the same team like from lastseason, the same team that choke so mean. I don't know it's Goinna have tobe something to see, and I mean I'm really likeing to help whatever I wasplaying. I feel like well. IAS GOINGTO do really well in the playoffs theunderdogs of the season yeah. I really really feel like people should reallyconsider them. Underdogs now I mean they're already in third place. I feellike they've, been playing consistently throughout the whole season. They beatChrisa soon in the league. So I feel like it's one of those things that weshould watch out for and also CACITRIEZ. He scored against e three kipos Grandeto escored against America, Chivas and Buma. So owhe doesn't playoffs too, butI mean there's still two more games left and we'll see hawl that goes. Yeahthat'LD be interesting to see. Well, like you said, you reallymentioned poblaand third I'll just mention the top EC real quick. You knowbecause it's a close match. We have Rietos and fourth Santos and fifth ACAsix Lon seven and to Luk an atthose ar the top eight right. Now, I'm obviouslyonly the top wor make it direct and then five to twelve is a REPE chucket.That's still in play, I mean it's so pretty it's probablykind of not what I expect, especially from our class, obviously lion beingand seven wo. I mean in a little bit told you what kind of you know pissedoff on Kannaa with them now go ahead right now you got wio all right tominutes, twhy lone! Let down the Lega mackis against the team who's in theirpreseason. Lewe. Tell you this. How CRUSASU has Zerpantamaaga on has theirfantames in the fucking concat champions, and it's happened to Ioradywhen you get eliminated in the first fucking routd of t of the thing firsttime was against LEFC, which was two zero n. They choked it an ther on thesecond leg, with Lo wi be not, is Dick and sucking everybody this this matchup right here I didn'tfeel more of a choke, but it hurt more because of Foranto hasn't played infive fucking months dude. They were missing, Josie out to door, theirfucking striker. They were missing their fucking MVP MLSM Peoples Welo, Ipretty sure they were do. They played a with a bunch of young players that Isaw on Torontos switter people were saying wo fuck was that and I'm likeTouh. This should not. This should not have been complicated and we saw it inthe first like dude fucking men. I do with shooting, like with his lipos. Somany gols point playing range miss like four goals, shooting it into the standrigh outside the fucking stadium like, and I feel like that's what ended upcrossing the game because they weren't fucking fenals in the goal in the firstleg and that's Yo, no Mamis ver ye, I...

...don't go, pin just kind of a likethey're winning fives are on the likein. Like the aggregate dude it was. I wasso mad at the fact that it didn't even look like they were like even trying toadvance. Probably that's what pissed me off more. I would have been okay ifmaybe they kept fighting through it like the whole game, trying to win it,but it wasn't up to I last like ten minutes and that's when they ended upscoring was when they were actually trying to attack, and I mean it wasn'tlike dude. These are FPLA five months dude. How can youotwhat did I tell youBoulon playing N International Tournaments? So don't say don't say Ididn't tell you dude I mean you did tell me: Bro Do Tad Chikan Te Dobralike Doa Lucito Montebro, as in brally's pocket Bro, Pica, Belonta,rasters Bro, like how can you not? I I don't get it Bro. I don't blame thisone on Obrec at all, dude he's, like he's actually like he's brought theirlike level backs and the started shitty this tournament they've been playingpretty good. I feel like this is one of the players O an I. A wel was Bo.That's what every every fan is saying that through that they're not mad aboutthe score their maer through this team, Didnin' put up a fight like they didn'twant to be there a BU shot out to Toronto. They were able to beat thedefending LEA makeis champions and we'll see if theyre able to do thatagainst Trou, the Sou, wor or F B Cruisa Sol to this shit Te. Then itwouldn't be alone fod, but if cris so like rapes, Toronto Dude, I'm Ginn beeven more pissed to I feel, like you can't even base it off that. So even ifI feel like, even if sa Sol, Beas Soronto, I feel like it was still justbecause Toronto was in their preseason still and LE was a defending champonswith Lega mackes and the players. Thet were missing too. That's true, I dont know. Man Says Duwell, see well, Ra, h. The only way Il feel better about this fucking seasonBro. I had my hopes up for that on COT champion, zoo is Avlon reepieceschampions? U I doubt they're GOINGTO. Do I mean they could still ento the topfloor? Theoretically speaking, if they, if everything works out for them, ifthey win the last four games, just have a chance of tation sports and goingdirect. I don't know we'll see. I mean they're, always like better an Lego.Mac is apparently instead of fucking playing against I theles teams. So Imean I don't know, that's it's going to be an interesting, those teter to Ladiamackis entering the last three weeks, I'm seeing also like if ts, who isabout one point, actually know theyre tied for twelve right now with humas but they're in thirteembecause of col differentials, they were actually able to be Cholos, yeah,they're, iner, thirteen right now, yeah e, but Nipumas Hey. You know, whos hada shitty second half of the season. Man just quickly do challos bro ther weretop for for about like a little more than half the season, now they're outof the fucking ee Cucke IM member s top IO, who I was talking to somebody and Iwas like hey theyre in the contender race right now, but I mean it was tooearly in the season too to even say that yeah I mean I mean it'sinteresting though there's not much point like difference on the tables.You know for people finhding ticket, intothose twol, but so I feel likethit's, probably going to be the closest we've ever seen that they gottmake Hese. You know finish off in the last three games and then just quickly to we mentionedthe MLS a little bit. It came back so em season, two thousand and twenty oneis back and I feel like the only quick thing I want to point out before we go.Is the VELASA? What do you think about that? So it was minute. Twenty two, Ibelieve I got her. He goes out. He asked for like somebody to help themout from the medical stuff he's about to go in Bob Bradley has amiscommunication and he ends up subbing Vella out when Vella was asking to goin Hmand Vela got pissed Hee. He seen how he like he shook his hand but likehe was pissed like he just walks away from Ito. That's kind of I feel likethat was the...

...the stormlsis this first week, thefirst day no yeah. It was a total miscommunication, thoughbreath her clarified it post game. I think they askd him what happened? Hejust said that he had like a little knee problem, buthe never said that Ohit was a miscommunication with my medical staff.I feel like he didn't want to say if it was or not an. I and BETR also didn't say anythingsaying that all would happened. So I mean I feel like that's just betweenthem, but it looked like a miscommunication, because that Al wasseemed pretty pissed about being sod dog. I mean if he wasn't if Youe like.If I di Look pissed, it was obviousy because you had a problem, but it lookslike he was Piss ecause. He probably could have kept playing because when heseen this when they when he when Bella saw that they were o about to like callthis up even threw his hands out and he's like what's going on, so he wasalso you could notice. We tell it was obviously a miscommunication Buti, Dont N, it didn't affect them Tho,they got to ther, win yeah and I'm saying I liasten they didn't risk them.So you would never know what if you got, but I mean whateers doing exist. Isoccer, but also could have saved thim from something bigger in the Geah ESPEC.So many injury problems last season, yeah and then so we'll see also galaxytomorrow versus into Miami. Maybe TITARITO can score a goal. OCAS t the FAMBU man, he givs hate for noreason, I'm heythere's some reason, but it's not what it's supposed to be, butnat, that's Oll. I want to say hopefully he's not streaming tonight.You know maybe focusing on tomorrow's batch well see we'll see for this week, make sure the like share,subscribe and we'll see Ol next time.

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