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Episode 24 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 024 | Barcelona, Copa del Rey, Champions League Semi-Finals, Liga MX, MLS


In episode 024 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss Barcelona defeating Athletic Bilbao to win the Copa del Rey; PSG, Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Chelsea reaching the UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals, the controversial tie between Cruz Azul and America in the Liga MX, and the start of the MLS.
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Welcome back everyone. This is episode twenty four of Goat Talk. I'm your host, a Lonzo, and the first topic I want to get into for this week is Barcelona winning the couple the ray they bet. I let the real wow. Yeah, they won for zero, with two GOS from messy, one with the young and then another one from reason mine, I would say. Probably Messy, as always, is the best player on the field for Barcelona. They needed this trophy because, I mean, they went over a year without a trophy. So I mean it felt like a much needed trophy for Barcelona and I mean, you know, give some joy to their fans to have been suffering for over a year. I mean especially. Maybe this will push messy to say, even though I don't really think a couple of the ray really be significant, but I mean, Hey, messy broke some records. He became the player with the most goals and couple that a final history with nine, and then he also became the only player to scored thirty plus goals and thirteen consecutive seasons. So I mean he's still he's still going to break records every year, but maybe he's going to start doing it with a different team. I feel like, overall, his decision is going to be. I feel like if they win the League, I feel that's gonna be the decisive factor. Yeah, because, I mean before this I felt like Barsa's main goal is the league. As we saw that they weren't really they were really like destroying teams and beat about, like in the coupe of the Ray. You know, it's this lass, like the last two games with Savi and obviously this one to win it, but like after losing the legal race, that's here to Raw Madrid, which they had a lead in the season, and then, you know, they come back from covid break and then Raw Madrid wins it. I feel like that's top priority. I'm obviously cope of the day was a big one, but I like you said, if they don't want to Lega, I feel like that's what is going to go into a factor. Messy stays or not, but I mean if they if they don't want a legal so you beak mess he's gone, then yeah, hell, yeah, especially with the way peas he's playing, and especially if PSD wins, which I think they're going to win, the champes league. Especially if they win the Champions League, I feel like messy going to be wanting to go to a club that's going to be really competitive. It's going to be able to compete with Bayern Munich and then, depending on which players Raal Madrid get, depending on if Manchester City ends up signing a really good striker, since I we'll leaving. So I feel like Messi's gonna want to be able to compete, especially if Barza doesn't or isn't even able to sign anybody because of the death during HMM. But I mean something. Back tracking a little bit to this game, I feel like Frank De Jong had a really good game. That's somebody who I feel like hasn't really got that limelight, even though people really say like him and Baddy are really good in the mid but I feel like I don't know, I feel like he still hasn't become that player that everybody expects them to be like in the future. He had a great game, so g you know best. He became the first American to win the couple of the day, so that's that's good for the US men's national team. But overall, I feel like they were like they had to win. I feel like so they they did. They dealt well with the pressure, because I feel like, imagine the criticism they would have got they lost to Bilbow for a couple of tile. Dude. Yeah, and then I'm looking remember last match. You had said when they played against Ro Madrid, you're criticizing the three in the back, and they actually started with that same formation, three in the bag, and it worked out for them. You know, they got a it was a pretty comfortable win. Four zero. But I mean, I like, I guess it just wasn't a line up for to use against Raal Madrid. But it looks like Coleman, you know, that's his go to line up and I mean it worked out today getting the trophy. I just feel like you can't really compare like the wingers that Ra Madrid and I've let the ball have, especially since both wingers. For real about Munain and Bernegar, they ended up getting sucked out, and also, I think their fastest player in Yaki Willdam, he also got something out. So I feel like a lot of their players didn't really have great games. So who like Jake Williams, who like all of a sudden terms into a prim or nine when he pays against bar...

...set, like when he had that last match of during the season, the banger that was real stored. So I mean, I don't know, it was kind of surprising to see that. Yet they kind of least get a goal with Nach Williams of top but I mean, I guess that's just, you know, props to caul mind for having a good defense. Like you said, PSG was one of the teams that messy was might be considering this summer. ps He's actually still advanced into the Champions League semi finals this past week after they were able to get through on the it was a three aggregate but they got through on away goals against Byron, eliminating the defending champions. They would be facing Man City in the semi finals, which, I mean it's going to be a pretty good matchup, and see was coming off eliminating Du mine. What are your opinions for that matchup? I think that's like that could have been the final. Honestly, I feel like if PSG was playing, say, either Real Madrid or Chelsea, or Man City was playing either those two, I feel like PS G and Manchester City would have been the final if they would have not played each other. I think I'm excited. I feel like they both have really good teams. I feel like they have the two most complete teams, especially if Kevin de Bruyn is stays in form, Goundugan stays in form. A wettle, I don't know if he's that good anymore coming back from his injury. He hasn't been really consistent after coming back. But I mean, hopefully PSG's able to capitalize on the mistakes that Mansester city makes. I mean, what is a Dorman was able to score on them, even though they have a really good offense, but over the course of two games they were able to capitalize on different mistakes. So we'll see how well because, Jesus, yeah, and I mean I feel like Pas he's attacking this too, way, obviously, way better than months. Ye Have EMBOPA and Aymar top. I mean Demdia has a good game. I feel like he can be like really helpful to them, I would say. For that in that matchup, I feel like what's really going to be key as a midfield if because you can get bed out the back in the midfield. That really helped them out, but if not, I feel like the Bruinan when Logan are going to be trading up the midfield for men city. The other matchup we have in the semi finals is Chelsea Ro Madrid. Chelsea coming off a one win aggregate over Porto and Ra Madrid one when agree over little pool. WHO's you pick for that one to come out into the final, over Ra Madrid and Chelsea? Yeah, I mean I feel like I don't know. I mean Raal Madrid plays good, especially I feel like Benzam has something we said in last podcast. He's really good right now. Well, I don't know that's because Chelsea's because if Werner, if verner was the striker he was before he got to Chelsea, I would have said Chelsea hands down. But he's just not that striker anymore. But even though he just gave an assist for Z itch, they which they also reach the final of their cup that they're playing against master city today, where they won zero, and Werner Guy, thisis I just feel like, I don't know. They just need that lethal player, especially if Tammy Abraham. I feel like Toucho is it really considering him, even though he scored a lot of goals. I feel like Twacha doesn't give him that opportunity often times. So I don't know. I think Real Madrid. Honestly, yeah, I feel like that would be. I mean both matchups are pretty even. If you look at them. Will deserve like PSG and Man City getting there and saying which us in Real Madrid. I feel like this one, if I don't know, for some reason this one might feel like it's closer than the other two. But I mean, I want to say Raal Madrid, but I mean like looking at their injuries, like if they get, if they can get at least everybody back there, they I mean, yeah, have them as coming out on top two, but I mean they release their going Roccaos...

...for their matchup this weekends, get off it with only thirteen players are going to be traveling with the team. Thirteen thirteen. The defense consists of Melito, Marcello, Riasna, choose and they all. They added two more players. Before that was only thirteen, but they added some do name me get where the fuck that is, and followed Ramon in. The midfield also only consisted before. That was gross mold of each but better than he school. And they added two more players to take with them. Ariva, some Blanco and obviously the remaining up top as always, but there was only thirteen players that were on squad this earlier today and they had just switched it up a couple hours ago. But that sounds like our suny league team here's for a professional match. That's great. Yeah, so, I mean they're shortling with injuries, but the fact that they've been able to get this far in the Champions League is I mean, I guess prepses it on for cons that team before, I guess, Liverpool to but yeah, to hopefully surge dramas isn't test positive for covid against. So we've had, we've heard of players in the past where they test positive like three times in a row and they are able to join the squad until they test negative. And that's coming from there. Probably their second best man, behind Benzama or even behind mole each I feel like drama was really impactful, especially in the defense. He's a captain. Yeah, we're going to see if he's able to recouperate. He has a lot of time. They don't play to what these April twenty seven. April twenty seven is when they start. Yes, so, I mean he has time to come back, but we'll see how long that takes. Yeah, and also hopefully get back but on so they can probably get the two starting center backs back in time for that matchup and say with PSHG getting back. But I'd be yeah, because I mean even psg, I feel like Lucas and this was the best player in that game. And then coming back a little bit, back to the Chelsea to when to child they lost the port one hundred and zero. So just said a for the game, that it's hard to play against a team that pressures like portal and that their players often change position, and I feel like that also describes Dra Madrid. You see players like well verter than playing right back. Was the Center Mad Lucas Boski is sometimes played right back. So I've played out for the season. Yeah, and he's I feel like they're going to have trouble against Raal Madrid because they oftentimes put players that could play different positions and they pressure a lot to they play the counter attack a lot well, to. So I feel like I wants to chils gonna have a lot on his plate once he play Roal Madrid. Yeah, I should. I'm excited for that matchup. Same to show go up against Ro Madrid. Who knows, maybe we'll my seat if if anything happens, you know, we might see to shake go up against PSG's former team in the final, which, I mean, I'd be pretty fun too. But I mean Dosn't my releast. I hope roal Madrin gets to the final, hopefully. So. I want to see how Pulisic does, because a pulsic to he got that man of the match award against Portal and he was found eleven times. Last time a player was fouled eleven times in the champion League. Match was messy against Raw Madrid in two thousand and eleven. That what what are you know what? I'm pretty sure where you was a coach that I own to. No, two thousand and eleven, I was a long time ago, ten years. Not even name or gets felt that much. So I mean that's pretty that's pretty insane. And considering a name more as one of the people who get who's always fucking rolling on the floor. Yeah, so we'll see how PUSS, I'm hoping politic, does well against Ra Madrid. Yeah, it'd be cooler, you know, see some counk coat players succeed in the Champions League. Moving across over here, we had in the League at Maki's, the number one seed and the number two seed go head to head. Crisis, who looking for their historic thirteen consecutive wins, to Palis Nick Cux sign Le Own, who have twelve. They came into this match, you know, looking for that, but it ended up being one one. That was a final result, with gold from Ike Letta and it comes total LEGAS. What did you think from this game? Was it would you expect there, or was it a letdown, considering that these are two of the most high scoring teams in the League?...

Not feel like it was a good game. I feel like towards the end, I medica was playing a lot of defensive and I feel like they paid for it with that, which will get into a little bit. But I feel like I medica started off well, but they ended up backtracking on their game a little bit, which is kind of SOLTI's game plan. And I mean Ay, I want to give props this, a Lotti to the America coach. I feel like he was really established himself with the playing style that I thought wasn't going to work when he first got there, because when Pyoho has been the coach for the past three years, since two thousand and seventeen from Erica. His style was always to attack and have a lot. He has never really played like that for the teams that he's coached in the past. So I feel like he I feel like he did a great job, especially a lot of people didn't believe in Filago, who everybody criticized, like why the fuck would you sign thiago? He also has been playing really well. He's one who drew the foul for the penalty, which some people think goes a penalty. I seemed I try to see both sides. I seen the replay like ten times and I don't think it was a penalty. I feel like you kind of like hit the ground. It was Robert Talk about all. I feel like he hit the ground first, like feed, I'll go kind of fell forward without but he was already kind of like into in the contact. Yeah, but then I feel like also revertal what ill should have never had that tackles from behind. Yeah, I'll go ahead. Pushed the ball forward to but I mean it's something you don't really think about in the split second. Still Think, what the what Illo could have had a better choice of slide tackling at that, especially in inside the area. And then another controversy to the KS He thag the that one was I felt that one was a penalty, though. But then it's the thing. The whole thing is too about like the handball rules. So the handball rule is now if it's not in a natural position, if your hand is not in a natural position, and it's a penalty. But then that's the whole thing. To two people are saying, like all right, so what is a natural position? Like with Modo Line is, when he slit tackled every we're saying, like where else he's going to put his hand, like he's gonna bend it around his around his back, or like we'rel is supposed to put it. And then we saw it too in the game Chivas Tequana, where my see has ended up missing. The penalty. was same thing happened on Gulo. It hit his chest and then it hit the t juana players hand, and that was like righter, like he had his hands in front of his body and ended up hitting his hand. They also called it a penalty. So it's one of those things too, like all right, so then where you supposed to put your hands? In a split second, like you're not thinking of putting your hands in a natural position like people wants you to. Yeah, that also draws, I feel like, a lot of controversy and something they should really change. I feel like they should end up just changing the way they draw penalty, especially with handballs, like if it's not like clearly intentional, that just don't market. Yeah, like I said, like I like me as a defender, like when I side tackle, that's that field. That's like a normal hand position. That because you're like the way you're like turning your body makes you had like you kind of throw your hand out the turn into the slide tackle. So I mean that's where I didn't see the foul on the on the handball. I feel more like the slide tackle itself was more was like more contact. That should have been a penalty. But I mean, like that's that, like that's where like I feel like the repersenting that was either the side tackle or the handball, and I feel like he it was more clear for in the handball, but even then, like it was for me, that was a natural position of the hand and I mean it should have also like never been a penalty. But if you really think about it, it probably would have been zero, zero without those two penalties, and that's why I think it was a fucking letdown of the game. That's fun. They would have been to goes. Yeah, I would have been zero, zero, and I mean I know I made cause was missing cord of the wall and and Martine, who's their top scorer, but I mean you still have being as, who isn't a scrub. You know, he's proven that he can score. Ry Martinez is actually been having a pretty good season after many thought he was going to leave. I would he've also had a lot of haters. Hey. Yeah, so, I mean, I mean I expected more from this game and maybe like... or two goals from each side. But I mean, as a own fan, kind of happy that Medica was able to typees Shit, because think who the school don't don't pass down for, you know, most consecutive goals, I mean wins. So I mean, I mean, yeah, it's cool, one one. Mean we got, we saw some goals, but I felt like could have been much better than that. But I feel like, do you think this answers the question that crisis? Who can finally be champion this year, since they caught against the best second best team in the League of Dude, with the history of crusis. So you can never say that they're you can't be sure that they're going to win one. You can be like, Oh yeah, they did twelve, they had twelve consecutive wins. I mean, so do they own? They fucking lost the bigness in the final. So I mean, I mean I don't know. And that the one team I felt was better than this cuss would team, and I mean you said it too, when we compare the stats, that that longe team would probably beat this crosss food. But I mean, I don't know if it's you can only it's you just have to wait and see and that lie and that's you could have like a perfect good season, which we've seen krisis would do for like maybe three seasons now. But they always it's always the same story. They choke in the fucking either the semi finals or the final. So I mean, I don't know. And it's the same team like from last season, the same team that choke. So he I don't know. It's going to have to be something to see. And I mean I'm really liking to help web last playing. I feel like, well, I was going to do really well in the playoffs, the underdogs of the season. Yeah, I don't really really feel like people should really consider them underdogs now. I mean they're already in third place. I feel like they've been playing consistently throughout the whole season. They beat Cuisasoul in the league, so I feel like it's one of those things that we should watch out for. And also calls it there is he scored against the three keeps it on this to we scored against a Medica, chivas and booma. So how he does in playoffs too, but I mean there's still two more games left and we'll see how that goes. Yeah, that would be interesting to see. But, like you said, you really mentioned problem and third I'll just mention the top eight real quick, you know, because it's a close match. We have Riyados and Fourth Santos, and fifth o CULASD, six, lown seven and to Luk and ate. Those are the top eight right now. I'm obviously the only the top four make it direct and then five to twelve is a Prepu chocket that's still in play. I mean it's so pretty. It's probably kind now what I expect, especially from our class obviously Leon being in seven. Who I mean in a little bit out. Tell you what kind of you know, pissed off on, kind of with them. Now, go ahead, right now. You Got, right now, all right, minutes telling it. Make say why Leon let down the League on Manki's against the team who's in their preseason. Let me tell you this. How cruiser shood has their fun thums in Algia one has their fun times in the fucking Gonka champions and it's happened to ice already when you got eliminated in the first fucking round of the thing. First Time was against Ellief C, which was to zero. Only choked it man zero on the second leg with a lock that would be not his dick and stopping everybody this this matchup right here. I didn't feel more of a choke, but it hurt more because of Toronto, hasn't played in five fucking months. Dude. They were missing Josie out the door, they're fucking striker. They were missing their fucking MVP, MLS me. People's waylow. I'm pretty sure they were do they played it with a bunch of young players that I saw on Toronto's twitter. People were saying who the fuck is that, and I'm like, dude, this should not this should not have been complicated, and we saw it in the first leg. Dude, fucking men, I dude, with shooting like with his closed, so many goals, point playing range, miss like four goals, shooting into the stands, Bra outside the fucking stadium, like and I feel like that's what ended up costing the game, because they weren't fucking phenales in the goal in the first leg and as dude, no, mom is right.

Yeah, I don't go be just kind of like they're winning five zerns in like the aggregate. Dude, it was I was so mad at the fact that it even looks like they were like even trying to advance. Brother. That's what pissed me off more. I would have been okay if maybe they kept fighting through it like the whole game, trying to win it, but it was up to the last like ten minutes and that's when they ended up scoring. was when they were actually trying to attack. And I mean it wasn't like, dude, these are playing five months. Dude, how can you not less? What did I tell you about Leone playing in international tournaments? So Don say, Don sad then tell you, dude. I mean you did tell me Bra too, said Chica. They do bra like do and Luisito Montes Bro was in Bradley's pocket. Broke. Pature fell on the Rassler's Bra, like how can you not? I don't get it. Brought it. I don't blame this one on breese at all, Dude. He's like he's actually like he's brought there, like level back. Since they started shitty this tournament, they've been playing pretty good. I feel like this is more of the players stupid, but I don't know, washls bro that's so every every fan is saying that through that they're not mad about to score their man at this seem didn't put up a fight, like they didn't want to be there. Ever, shout out to Toronto. They were able to beat the defendingly, I make his champions, and we'll see if they're able to do that against Crouse, a suled work our. If they beat crews a soul, dude, this shit better than it wouldn't be alone, flute, but if we's as like rapes Toronto, Dude, I'm gonna be even more pissed. Dude, I feel like you can't even base it off that. So, even if I feel like, even if so, would be Toronto. I feel like who's still just because Toronto was in their preseason still and Leone was a defending Champie with Lega, maggies and the players that were missing too. That's true. I don't know. Man Says to you will see. Will Run them all? The only way I'll feel better about this fucking season. Bro had my hopes of for that one. Got Champion. Zoo is Al repieces champions, but I doubt they're gonna do I mean, they could still endo the top four, theoretically speaking, if they if everything have a chance of finistion fort and going direct. I don't know. We'll see. I mean they're always like better on Le Got Mack's, apparently, instead of fucking playing against MLS teams. So I mean, I don't know. That's it's going to be an interesting those shattered to the Dacot macky's entering the last three weeks. Seeing also like if Chivas, who is about one point, actually an they're tied for twelve right now with Humas, but they're in thirteen because of gold differentials, they were actually would have be Cholos. Yeah, they're and earned thirteen right now. Yeah, Hey, but the pumas. Hey, you know who's had a shitty second half of the season. Man, just quickly, do chollos brother were top for for about, like a little more than half the season and now they're out of the fucking pitch. Okay, I remember all top. Forgot who I was talking to, somebody and I was like, Hey, they're in the contender race right now, but I mean it was too early in the season two to even say that. Yeah, I mean, I mean it's interesting, though there's not much point the like difference on the tables, you know, for a people finding to get intose toll spots. So I feel like there's probably going to be the closest we've ever seen that. He got make. He's, you know, finished off in the last three games. And then just quickly to we mentioned the MLS a little bit. It came back. So Mls Season Two thousand and twenty one is back and I feel like the only quick thing I want to point out before we go is the Vella sub what do you think about that? So it was minute twenty two. I believe I got hurt. He goes out. He asked for like somebody to help him out from the medical staff. He's about to go in. Bob Bradley has a miscommunication and he ends up subbing Vella out when Vella was asking to go in. HMM, and Thell I got pissed. He need he seen how he likes. She shook his hand but like he was pissed, like he just walked away from him. It's all. That's kind of a feel like that was the story. Less. Is this first week, the first day?...

No, yeah, it was a total miscommunication, though brother her clarified it post game. I think they asked them what happened and he just said that he had like a little knee problem. But he never said that all was a miscommunication with my medical staff. I feel like he didn't want to say if it wasn't not to and bed also didn't say anything saying that all what happened. So I mean I feel like that's just between them, but it looked like a miscommunication because that always seem pretty pissed about being sold off. I mean, if he wasn't, if you like the look pissed, there was obviously because he had a problem, but it looks like he was piss because he probably could have kept plaining because when he seen this, when they see, when he ven Vella saw that they were called about to like call the sub even threw his hands out and he's like what's going on? So he was also, you could notice, if we tell, it was obviously a miscommunication, but I don't know. It didn't affect them though. They got Tu zero win. Yeah, and I'm saying at least they didn't risk him. So you would never know what if he got. But I mean whatever's don't exists soccer, but also could have saved him from something bigger and the year, which is so many injury problems last season. Yeah, and then, so we'll see. Also galaxy tomorrow versus into Miami, maybe Chi Cherito can score a goal. All Up, because I man, he is hey for no reason. I'm hey, there's some reason, but it's not what it is supposed to be. But that that's how I want to say. Hopefully he's not streaming tonight. You know, maybe focusing on tomorrow's FRETCH. We'll see. We'll see. For this week, make sure to like, share, subscribe and we'll see all next time.

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