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Episode 25 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 025 | European Super League, Florentino Perez, Champions League, Tuca Ferretti


In episode 025 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss the European Super League, the plans of Real Madrid President Florentino Perez, the new UEFA Champions League Format, and the possibility of el Piojo Herrera replacing el Tuca Ferretti at Tigres in the next Liga MX season.

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Welcome back everyone. This is episode twenty five of Goat Talk. I'm your host, Alonzo, and the first topic we want to talk about is the European Super League. We kind of waited about a week to see how everything went down and kind of ended how we expected it too. Yeah, I did. It last more than a week, as we talked about over the phone earlier in the week. On the we had the toll founding members, so called founding members, it was the included AC Milan, Arsenal, asthet to go the Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, intermed and Juventus, Liverpool, Man City, man united, Ra Madrid and Toy not hotspur, which you could say it's like this big six of England, and then the top to the top teams from Italy and Spain. Surprisingly, the buyer wasn't a part of it. We saw why, because, you know, a fucking backlash that they're going to get. But I mean, it did end how we thought it would. Wouldn't last. Let me get your first thoughts on it, like what was your reactions when they first announced it? And I remember, I told you on our group chat we had, I was like it's not going to happen, like I've I just I just knew from the beginning there was too many factors that went against it for it to actually happen. But I mean a lot of people thought that it was going to go through, especially even well, they're founding president, Nino Clettis, who was also the head of Real Madrid. He said that they were going to take football, they're going to help football at every level to take the place it deserves in the world. Hm. But it felt more of those we saw his more of his like a financial thing, could to get more money rather than actually competition wise. Yeah, because a whole point of it, it was basically to it was helping the richest clubs, because when all these big teams play smaller teams in the Champions League, those small clubs receive money for playing against big clubs from endorsements and obviously from the broadcast, because a lot of people watch, say, Barcelona against like, I don't know, some shitty team from like Russia or something. So they receive a lot of money from that. So that helps out their team a lot. And then they were going to receive this money anymore because it was only going to be smaller teams in the Champions League. No, yeah, and better s event, he even said that himself when he was on the cheating Gheto TV show over there in Spain. He basically admitted that Ra Madrid has also that money. And then, like all the other teams in like the founding members, were going to the same situation. And how you was saying that there was like no profit and like the only way was more competitive games, like Oh, Ra Madrid, Liverpool, Ra Madrid, bars, Barsta, men united, and like that's how he saw the only way that they can save the clubs financially. But then where does that left? Where did I leave the rest of the clubs? And then the amount, the amount of money they were going to make. This crazy. Like the twelve founding clubs that you talked about earlier, they were going to receive four point two billion just for signing on to the foundation. And you know how when teams make it to certain stages of the Champions League, they receive bonuses. Yeah, well, the bonuses that teams were going to receive in the European Super League, we're going to be five times more. That's imagine the amount of money that we're going to make just from playing in the soup. In the European Super League, and I mean but it's there, were gonna obviously make more, because do. They're the ones making the league, they are the ones were getting the money themselves, and it's like big European teams, you know, aside from Barn who did who didn't join it? It makes sense what. They would make a lot of money. But also Champions League don't give a lot of money. Wouldn't? They'd get five times more, but also five times less. And Champions League because, like you said, how it's more teams and it's more spread out and like you, which you'll get into it, because you have, you made some good points about like financially and then, but it's just the way that the Champions League is set up was much more different from the Super League, and that's the only reason why it's like the Super League was going to have more money, asside from champion League. Yeah, so...

...the games the way they wanted games to be played, where they were all going to be in the middle of the week, and then they were supposed to start this August and then ended may of the following year. And so there was going to be groups of ten because at the end they're supposed to be twenty teams. So it was going to be to groups of two, of ten, and so all these player it was going to be the same thing. Basically, they wanted to play like league games on the weekends and then European Super League Games in the middle of the week. But then this also became an issue, because you have came out and say if you guys even play in the European Super League, you have, you're risking the chance of not being in the domestic leagues that you guys already is. So then, what was going to be the point of the European Super League if your games were going to be in the middle of the week, but then you had nothing to do on the weekends? Yeah, so it's like they would only be playing in the Super League and then we's also not like said that they probably Bann the players from playing in any peeple related competitions, like the fucking World Cup and the euros, and I mean the same. That alone. Players were like not like we. We've dreamed about playing World Cups, while would give that up for Super League. And I feel like that the whole World Cup. I feel like for me, that that was the worst, like that was the most important reason as to why they shouldn't have gone through. Is because they were going to be banned from playing in the World Cup, which, to be the World Cup is just it's the biggest tournaments, the biggest soccer tournament like of all time, like it's always been the biggest, most important to every player and U F A, UF a really like they went off. They were saying that teams are filled by greed and that they are spitting in the face of football, and they were saying how now they know who the snakes are around them. Yeah, like they were dropping like heatless shit. But there's something that I feel like Ufa, the amount of people like supporting them in politics, to like the UK prime minister said that they were going to do everything they could to stop the European Super League, so that was going to be teams like Manchester, united, Chelsea on him and that one politics get involved, especially in England. I feel like they have nothing else to do, like they're going against the government and Ufa. Then all like that kind of just puts them, depends them against the corner and the wall and then, I mean, I guess that's how we saw the European teams pull out, first Super League, with men city and Chelsea. Yeah, because there were the FE yeah, there were the first ones to begin papers to exit the Super League. And then on that same day that Chelsea men city announced that, Liverpool released a letter from their captain, Jordan Henderson, saying that they don't like the European Super League and they don't want it to happen. But then it was also kind of contradictive to because Georgian club kind of didn't want to go against it. In that press conference he had, he kind of wanted to just stay neutral, I feel like, in a way. So I feel like he messed up there too. But I mean also probably because he felt that the front officers would probably be behind his back if he had said something negative. You know, probably he felt like they'd probably pressure him to say it's like you like, Oh, if you say something bad, this will happen. Like they probably didn't say that, but he probably felt like you didn't want to go against in front office, if you know what I mean. Like those are his posses. But then I feel like one are the all love were the old spoke out against it like right away, and there was other managers to like leads coach, and one of the most influential coaches I've ever followed is Marcello Vielsa. He said that one of the reasons why football is the most popular sport in the world is because the week can be the powerful. So I feel like even premier league coaches we're going against it, especially because they weren't involved in the European Super League, a team like leads, who just got promoted recently. So they knew, they saw it like firsthand, if they play against teams like Manchester City, and they felt like they could speak out against it because they weren't part of it. So I feel like that really influenced a lot. To know. Yeah, and I mean we see that.

That's what's kind of special about Champions League's we see the lesser teams upsetting the bigger teams. Most recently we that. I can remembers what Ajax Limit Eliminates Liverpool and then eliminates, I mean eliminated raw Madrid and then joanthus for the too, obviously the favorites, and then they got eliminated. So I mean like we wouldn't get that type of special temper league magic in a super league where it's like they're obviously all like great teams, so there's really no underdog there. And then what like what I found was also kind of like great in the sense the way that they use a quote the all like the people like protesting it in England, but like the soccer was created by the poor boats going by the rich, and it just fit perfectly with what was happening because like the poor in a sense, I had it like like I kind of like compared it to how like the whole European competition is as a whole, or like the lesser teams are and also considered a kind of like the four teams that they can't really sign big name players, but then you also have like the richer teams like Madrid and men city, Man City, who's like known for getting that oil money, making a closely and getting even richer. That's how I like kind of compared it. Like I know they meant that like all like the poor people create soccer and then, obviously, they know, rich clubs made into a sport and then the competition, but I mean, like that's kind of it fit perfectly to with the how the Super League was finance from a financial standpoint, was the reason why I was being created, just leaving all the people that didn't think we're the big clubs in Europe. Yeah, I just feel like that was like the main problem with it is, I feel like they didn't expect fans to go against it so hard because especially like something. I also didn't agree with Florentino Pettis. He was saying how soccer is being viewed less and less by people from the ages like eighteen, todred and twenty four, and he wants to cut ash organ yeah, but I'm like, dude, what are you talking about? I feel like soccer has grown, especially in the US. Soccer is grown like exponentially, especially if USA is going to have these more players playing in top European teams. It's going to continue to grow. But I feel like Floradino Bet said a lot of things that were contradictive in a way and they were just, I guess, flat out wrong. No, yeah, I like he would just say these things and wouldn't really back it up for where he found that, where he got that from, you know, those stings that he was saying. And then I saw like like famous sports pages on Instagram or that they kind of followed what he said and made it a poll of like, okay, who's like ages from like thous eighteen, hundred and twenty five, and then who finds soccer too long? And then it was like should it be shorter? And like clicking on the majority of those, we found out that they all disagree. Will what basically put in, you know, pedestests stated like. I mean, I don't know why soccer should be shorter. If anything like it's perfect cotage right now. Every other sport is at least two hours long. Why make it shorter? Yeah, and what I think things too. I feel like he just took advantage of teams and the financial situations they're in. Like, for example, Barcelona, they're really in debt right now, and then they're also facing the possibility of messy leaving, not being able to assign anybody of what the eye price tag. and Florentino even said that Laporta, which is Barcelona's new president, that he understood why they were going through a difficult economic situation and he accepted it and that's why he joined. But then kind of Barcelona, they kind of back attract a bit and they were saying how they weren't officially in the Super League yet because they hadn't voted on it yet as a club, but you had already announced that you were part of the founding teams. Yeah, they leave me like a whole PR statement about it too. Along with the other teams, were like Oh, ware, we're, we're we're becoming a super league now, and then front you know better, saying that those also those your...

England teams were part of a binding contract as well, that they couldn't just leave just like that. Yeah, because he's still, I feels like he's still trying to like accept the fact that it's over, because he's still saying how there's going to be like repercussions because they were under contract to be in the European Super League and he's gonna like do something about it. Yeah, then they asked some he didn't really say, oh no, it's over. He just said it's like getting it's on. What you say? It's like on. It's going to get cause postponed. Yeah, yeah, like basically saying like it's not like officially done. It's just like we're just holding we're just just putting in a hole for a bit. And then, after all this happened, the UFA Champis league also changed its format. So instead of a tournament, it's going to become a league, and this is going to happen in two thousand and twenty four. So it's going to have a league format and each team is going to play ten games and instead of thirty two teams, there's going to be thirty six. So positions one through eight are going to pass directly to the playoffs, and then nine through twenty four are going to fight for a spot, and this is going to create a hundred extra games, which is crazy. Yeah, and then the one also I found interesting, like a part of the qualifications, you know, and all the what's going to change was like the two teams who don't qualify to the rest, like to their domestic league, like even if they have the highest coefficient, like in the League, Respective Leagues, would still qualify for it. So, like in this season, it would have been like arsenal and Spurs. They even though they weren't finishing the top four, they would it still have like, in a sense, the highest coefficient from the ones who didn't make it, so they would be able to make it into so I feel like that's kind of all also ruining the way how competitive leagues are to trying to get it into that top four spot. And I feel like a fans, I feel like fanshould have the same reaction they had to the U, to the European Super League, as to this new UF A champis league format, because the main reason players get hurt is because they're not receiving enough rest. A hundred extra games and having up to like three games a week, that's like crazy to me. Is Not it's not helping the sport at all. It's kind of like doing the same thing. It's kind of contradicted to for Ufa. Yeah, basically they're doing this for money. Obviously, more you have a Champisis Games, that's more teams are going to participate, more broadcast, more endorsements, more sponsorships. So it's kind of like the same thing is just in the less fucked up way that the European Super League was doing it. Yeah, and then we saw it. You Guy couldn't go on from midfield for Man City tweet out when they announced that new UCL format. He basically sees that, he said, with all the Super League stuff, going on from police also speak about the new Champions League format more and more and more games. Is No one thinking about us, the players? The new UCO format? It's just the lesser of the two evils in comparison to the super leaggue. Yeah, so it's like exactly, kind of kind of what I just yeah, was saying. So that's that's what I think too. I think fan should stand up against his I feel like more players, like go to guys to stand up against this because, I mean, they still have time to see if they could probably change it, but I doubt it's going to happen. I mean that that new format doesn't start for another three years. And then something also that I found Funny Coleman, which is Barcelona's coach. He said that UF is prioritizing money and not listening to players and managers by aiding these more champions ee games, and I'm like, Dude, isn't that the same exact thing that the European Super League was doing? True, yeah, but I feel what heat the way they see it is that the Wi fi would be making more money with this rather than, I feel like that rather than the clubs, whereas in the Super League the clubs themselves were keeping that money. Yeah, because the thing is too I feel like even you, FA, the whole reason you have it, was even mad about the European Super League, is because of money. Like all this, all these problems, are because of money. If money was...

...not an issue here, ufo would never go against and say, Oh, you're not going to play in the World Cup, you're not going to play in European tournaments. The whole reason was because they were also going to get hurt by money. Because, yeah, it's all as just a circle. It's just a circle of money, of people getting affected. Yeah, and then we saw health yourn thing of betters also said, Oh, we know how much Lebron James Salary is, how much his contract is worked, but do we know how much the web our president's earnie like the how there's like an also no transparency within how money flows in the WEFA and like from the tournaments, and I feel like that's what they also want, is to make sure that everybody's receiving, you know, an adequate amount of money rather than just being at one lopsided yeah, but then the thing is to Ufa, FIFA, they've all got a hit by corruption like they've there's been more. So we will who have been fired, who've been spoke about in the media about the amount of corruption there is in Ufa and FIFA. So I feel like it's all, it's just all a circle of money, that I feel like, and they were just going to be affected negatively, and so that's why they spoke out against it. Yeah, so, I mean, yeah, I just it just comes back to it about being money, not really more about competition, not more about protecting players or making players happier coaches. It's always it's been about money and it's always been about out money and some like that. It's yeah, that forever. So, I mean at least the fans, at least, I feel like the fans had a major impact. I feel like the fans was a reason why. Don't get me wrong, that the European Super League ended up getting canceled. Credit credits. The fans. Yeah, the the fans. They won this one with the Super League not going through. But then also are the I don't think the players want either way in this situation, the way it ended with web financing their new format. I feel like in both and both outcomes of players as a right nour losing because the whole the major person who is gonna like fund the European Super League was JP Morgan, Uh Huh, and they said that they misjudged football fans over European Super League. So I feel like even the biggest of company, your group, that was going to fund your principle league, they just didn't expect the amount of fans that were going to go against it. And Yeah, and I but I mean how would? I'm not like defending them, but also like why would they even think that went hot when seeing how big soccer is, obviously, and how much it means for Van put in the world? Yeah, it seemed for like seeing how, I. How much passion fans have for the sport. How would you not know like that fans my might not be against? It just goes to show that they don't even care about the sport. They just care more about the type of money that they can get from me. Yeah, but I mean we'll see. As of right now, but I mean there's like four teams right who haven't up. Yeah, usually left. Yeah, official teams are still, you know, officially still in it is Madrid, Barslade, you went thus and a see melan. So that so the two teams from Laliga and then two teams from Italy. They're still in it, but it's not like they're going to do anything. It was twelve teams put down a for yes, I think he's not going to be. Is gonna stay like that. I feel like like that is going to happen, even if those things are so in it. I'm they're not going to have a Ford for team European Super League. They know, because then I that also it's similar to, let's say, like the Spanish Super Cup, where it's only like four teams in playing Albu Dhabi. That's also kind of pointless. But then again, I don't see anybody speaking, and from that Lada speaking against that tournament, which I mean it's pointless, is being played. I would that be obviously for one reason, one reason only. Some money. Yeah, but I feel like a big help to was, I feel like, very Munich dormant...

...and psg not being in the initial founding members. I feel like that also helped a lot. So that was surprising to those because are big teams, I feel like, just because they're really the connections they have with Ufa, like PSG's owner. He has really good connections with U F. So I feel like he just didn't want to go against one of his helping hands and become a snake. And the Presser of the Web said they had around them pulled out the Katie Card Shit. All right, so we'll keep you guys up there, but I think that's going to be the end of the European Super League the last time about about a week. Hopefully we don't have no more your Super League News at all, any fucking new, anything new about Super League. Just hopefully just stays within the past week and nothing happens of it, you know, just for the sake of the sport and for the buildings of fans around the world. Yeah, and so the next topic I want to bring up is touca Ferretti with Tigis. So He's been the coach at Theta since twenty two thousand and ten and there was a reunion with the directives of thetis and he's not going to renew his contract for the next year. That's that's shocking because of how important TUCCA has been to Tikas and making them into the into you know people. They argue about whether either are a big club or not, but I mean he got them on the international level, you know, success. They made the Mundee clubs. They were the first thing to reach the final. I mean they play against Bayern, which I was expected, but getting to that point, you know, a Medica hadn't what it wasn't able to do it, Mon Terre wasn't able to do it, chivas Sheba was also wasn't able to do it. So I mean the fact that they what what Fretti has given the theatres, you know, as a club and the past years. Once they were named the Best Club of the decade, and was it the Gon cof for just Mexico, I think, was it cop as a whole? Those conquer coffee? Yeah, so like being named the team of the decade and there's people still trying. There's like they're defending like Oh yeah, he should get fired for, you know, how they're doing this season. But I don't feel like it's it's his fault. I feel like more it's been the same team consistently for years and that comes of time and change, like where you have to kind of make some changes to the roster, and I feel like that's what's catching up to them. Like you can't. Yes, like we we see how they were consistent for a good amount, what a decade, but I mean it's time for change. You know, you need new players, younger players. So you know the limit and partly key pose not it's not just all two coffetities all though, but the thing is to that team has been stacked for like ten plus years, like they've always had the most stacked team in the league. And just a little bit of Toucaffron at these resume with Datas. So he has five league championships, one CONCA champions, one couple Maki's, three Compu on the compuonists, and then also that second place in the Cup of Lee wort the lots, which is huge. To the putting out about that. Yeah, teams in River Plate. So it's just he's leaving as the most as a best coach of all time for Datas, I feel like. So that's what surprises me. And the way they're doing it. They did it right before their game against Monterey, which is the classical reggio against the rival, and then they're sitting at twelve place like they're in playoff right now. As of the time that this podcast is being recorded. So I feel like they're not even doing that bad. It's just I feel like people, or even the directives of the team, they just expect a lot more with the amount of funds they've put into the team. True, but then again we're also seeing players like have yet Akino, who is not who he was before. Yeah, but it's old. Yeah, that's why I mean like we have aging players on the roster. It's more you just you need new set of players. Obviously not going to passing Yak because the old like the best degness scorer, you know, in their history. There's still some...

...players that you can keep there. But also I feel like that that Ittive, that that active I, needs to realize that it's time for, you know, for some roster changes, and I feel like they just find it easier just putting it on, saying all might be we're not going to run a lot of Touka Fetti, because I'm was it. I'm pretty sure to confetti didn't want to leave. Ye, I'm pretty sure. Yeah, I feel like the directors just put it on to him. I feel like they just reaching agreement and because it's important to point out to Touka Ferretti and is all time of being a coach, he's never been fired and I feel like what he's in technically not going to be fired this time. Going to be fired? Yeah, because he's he's just not renewing his contract. These he's coached really big teams like Jeevas. so that's like crazy to say that he's never been fired. You think he stays in a League after that? I think he's going to retire. Honestly, you can't, because he's also had a, you know, recent history of like medical issues, yeah, surgeries and stuff like that. But yeah, the person WHO's number one candidate to replace them is biojorea. which better, which is going to be? I feel like I'm excited to see that because of Yojorea's playing style and the the players at theves has like they have a really good offensive team and pop, who likes to be offensive, because, you know, Toka's always been kind of criticized sometimes for parking the bus or yeah, go on just playing like it not onetto in a way. So I'm excited to see if people gets elected to be the next coach and how day this plays, especially with like players like NIAC. Would you have like you'll say, if you're on the victivea, would you have feel at the top of your list? Yeah, I think I would over Turkle. I feel like Toutico. Would really like tooticles playing style is too similar to Tuca Fett at these I feel like, if you want to have a real change, I'd go for pyahole on Lookay, I metical levels that, but it's because the thing is too like. Something I've criticized about the Mexican league is the recycling of coaches, like it's always the same coaches. Like how many coaches has how many teams, as like natchombody's coach, for everyone who's has like Louise Fernald Tana coached? How many teams, as Piojorella coach? So many things too, Muhammad coach. How many teams? Has FUCKING DO MOS boy coach? Like it's just a recycle of coaches meet to like yeah, so it's like a bunch of these coaches just coaching different teams every time they leave. But I feel like y'all should stay in the Mexican league because I doubt he's going to get a good offer from Europe, from like a top team and I mean if he didn't get any offer from MLS, did he? Even though they're one of the offseason and he's been fired since then. I don't think any team even reached out to him from MLS. Yeah, I feel like if you would received a really good offer from them, less he would have taken it. Yeah, considering also that they probably pay him pretty good. Yeah, we saw my test on May I go over there? He's with Sant Jose Right now, probably also because on the money. So we'll, we'll do. We'll see what happens with Theata is, but I think yohrrea would be a really good additive. And then, especially if they end up signing or trading or selling players in the offseason. Yeah, progn Yakin to Coverle do so know'm wearing, dude. That's like Brown selling boss ally, dude, and they didn't exactly. That's like that's don't like saying. With selly. It's gonna be fun, though, singing gag. How what he gets here then and then you'll fo getting heated to. That's just going to be kind of funny. So we'll see. What are the happening? That's all the time we got for this week. So make sure to like share, subscribe, Subscribe Le'll see all next time.

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