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Episode 25 · 5 months ago

Goat Talk Podcast 025 | European Super League, Florentino Perez, Champions League, Tuca Ferretti


In episode 025 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss the European Super League, the plans of Real Madrid President Florentino Perez, the new UEFA Champions League Format, and the possibility of el Piojo Herrera replacing el Tuca Ferretti at Tigres in the next Liga MX season.

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Welcome back everyone, this is episode.Twenty five of goat talk on Hosalanzo and the first topic we want to talkabout is the European superleague. We kind of waited about a week to see howeverything went down and kind of ended, how we expected it to yeah. I did 'tlast more than a week as we talked about over the phone earlier in the week wehad the twelve founding members, so called foundy members was then cuder,Asmilan, arsnow, athetical, H, Majri, Cholsey, Barcelona, IntermidanJuventuslerupol man, city man, United Bramadrid and Tona Hotspur, which youcould say it's like the big six of England and then the top to the topteams from Italy and Spain. Surprisingly, the buyer wasn't a partof it. We saw why, because you know he fuckingbackclash, that they're going to get, but I mean it did end how we thought itwould wouldn't last. I let me get your first thoughts on itlike what was your reactions when they first announced it- and I remember I told you on our groupChait we had I was like- is not going to happen. Like I jid. I s knew fromthe beginning. There was too many factors that went against it for it toactually happen, but I mean a lot of people thought that it was going to gothrough, especially even Wel theire founding President Sonantino Peris, whowas also the head of Ramadred. He said that theywere going to take football they're, going to help football at every levelto take the place it deserves in the world. But if FOT MOREVILLEWAS WE SAWIS moreof I's like a financial thing, could toget more money rather than actuallycompetitionalized yeah, because the whole point of it it was basically tha.It was helping the richest clubs, because when all these big teams playsmaller teams in the Champios League, those small clubs receive money forplay against big clubs from endorsements and obviously from thebroadcast, because a lot of people watch say Barcelona against, like I don't know some shitty team from likeRussia or something so they receive a lot of money fromthat. So that helps out their team a lot and then they weren't going toreceiving this money anymore. BCAUSETITEWS only going to be smallerteams in the Champios League, no yeah and better sevent. He even said thathimself when he was on the cheating Yito TV show over there in Spain, but hebasically admitted that romadred has lost a lot of money and then, like allthe other teams and like the founding members, were going through the samesituation and now how you Wer, saying that there was like no profit and likethe only way, was more Competitive Games like Oh Rama, DRI, Liverpool,Romandrid, Barsa, Barsa, man, united and like that's how he saw the only waythat they can save the close financially. But then, where does Ilive? Where did I leave the rest of the clubs and then the mount the amount ofmoney they were going to make was crazy. Like the toll founding clubs that youtalked about earlier, they were going to receive four point, two billion justfor signing onto the foundation, and you know how, when teams make it tocertain stages of the Champions Iak, they receive bonuses, yeah. Well, thebonuses that teams ere going to receive in the European superleague we're goingto be five times more. That's imagine the amount of money theywere going to make just from playing in the sup in the European superleague, and I mean, but it's ther we're going to obviously makemore because do they're the ones making the league they're the ones for gettingthe money themselves. As it's like big European teams, s. You know, aside fromBarn wo who didn't join it. It made sense what they would make alot of money, but also champions eags. Don't give a lot of money, wouldn'tthey'd get five times more, but also five times less an champons because,like you said how it's more teams and it's more spread out and like whichyou'll, get into it. Because youhave you made some good points about like financially and then. But it'sjust the way that the championsing is set up was much more different from thesuper leaue and that's the only reason why te like the Sup pleakue was goingto have more money, a SEC from Camlee...

...yeah. So the games the way they wantedgames to be played where they were all going to be in the middle of the week,and then they were supposed to start this August and then ended may of the following year. And so there wasgoing to be groups of ten because at the end they're supposed to be twenty teams. So it was going. It wasgoing to be two groups of ten, and so all these players was goingna bethe same thing. Basically, they wanted to play like league games on theweekends and then European superleague games in the middle of the week. Butthen this also became an issue because you fer came Oun and say: If you guyseven playing the European Super League, you have you're risking the chance ofnot being in the domestic leagues that you guys already in so then what wasgoing to be the point of the European Super League. If your games ware goingto Bein the middle of the week, but then you had nothing to do on theweekends yeah, so it's like they would only be playing the Super League andthen weth also now like said that they probably banned the players fromplaying in any people related competitions like the fooking World Cupand the euros, and I mean the same that alone. Players were like not like. We dream about plaing an world cus. Whywould we give that out for Super League, and I feel like that, the whole WorldCupe? I feel like for me that that was the worst like. That was the mostimportant reason as to why they shouldn't have gone through is becausethey were going to be banned from playing in the World Cup which to bethe World Cup. Is just it's, the biggest tournament is the biggestsoccer tournament like of all time like it'salways been the biggest most important to every player and Ouf or UFOR really like they wentoff. They were saying that teams are filled by greed and that they arespitting in the face of football and they were saying how now they know whothe snakes are around them like they were dropping like Helly Shit,but that's something that I feel like you Effa the amount of people likesupporting them, and politics too, like the UK Prime Minister, said that theywere going to do everything they could to stop the European Super Lea. So thatwas going to be teams like Manchic United Chelsea on him and that when politics get involved,especially in England, I feel like they have nothing else to do like they're,going against the government and Ufa. Then al like that kind of just putsthem ipin HM against corner in the wall. And then I mean, I guess, that's whyw.We saw the European teams pull out first, so super league with men, cityand Chelsea yeah, because there were the Feah. There werethe first ones to begin paper stags at the Suver League and then on that sameday that Chelseon Man City, announced that Liverpool released a letter from their captain, JordanHenderson saying that they don't like the European superleague and they don'twant it to happen. But then it was also kind of contradictive to becauseGeorgean club kind of didn't want to go against it. In that press converernce,he had he kind of wanted to just stay neutral. I feel like in a way so I feellike he messed up there too, but I mean also probably because he felt that th the front offices would probably bebehind his back. If he had said something negative, you know, probablyhe felt like they'd, probably pressure him to say it's like Yo like. Oh, if you say something bad.This will happen like they probably didn't, say that, but he probably feltlike you didn't want to go against Thi Front office. If you know what I meanlike those are his posses, but then I feel like what are the all Lo were. TheAlla spoke out against it like right away and other was other managers to likeLeeds coach and one of the most influential coaches ive ever followedis Marcella Velsa. He said that one of the reasons why football is the mostpopular sport in the world is because the week can be the powerful, so I feellike even premierily coaches were going against it, especially because theyweren't involved in the European Super League. That's like leads who just gotpromoted recently, so they knew they saw it like first had if they playagainst teams like Menshaer city and they felt like they could speak outagainst it because they weren't part of it. So I feel like that, reallyinfluenced a lot too... yeah, and I mean we see that that'swhas kind of special about Champians ECS. We see the lesser teams upsetting the biggerteams, most rercently. We that I can remember hat ajx, who eliminates thereport and then eliminates I mean eliminated romadred and then Jumenpossfor the two, obviously the favorites, and then they got eliminated. So I meanlike we wouldn't get that type of special tempesic magic in a super league whereit's like they're, obviously all like great team, so there's really nounderdog there and then what like. What I found wasalso kind of like great in the sense, the way that theyuse the quote of all like the people like protesting it in England, but likethe soccer, was trated by the poor boat solling by the ridce, and it just faitperfectly with what was happening because, like the poor, in a sense I had it like,like I kind of like compared it to how, like the the whole European competitionis as a whole. Wer like the Lesar teams, are also considered a kind of like theforard teams that they can't really sign big name players. But then youalso have like the Richard Teams, like Madrid and Menn City Natcidic, who's, like known for E.Getting that oil go money, making it closely and getting even richer. That'show I like kind of compared it like. I know they meant that, like Ah, like thepoor people create soccer and then obviously they know rich clubs madeinto a sport and then e competition, but I mean like that' kind of it. Aperfectly too, with the hew, the superlague was finance from a financialstandpoint was the reason I was being created and justleaving all the people. That didn't think were the big clubs in Europe yeah.I just feel like that was like the main problem of it is, I feel, like theydidn't, expect fans to go against it so hard, because, especially likesomething I also didn't agree with Floriintio Pettis. You was saying howsoccer is being viewed less and less by people from the ages like eighteen to twenty four, and he wantsto cut a shortin yeah, but I'm like dude. What are you talking about? Ifeel like soccer has grown, especially in the US soccer has grown likeexponentially, especially if usais going to have these more players playing in top Europeanteams. It's going to continue to grow, I feel like Flord, you know, Betti saida lot of things that were contradictive in a way and they were just, I guess,flat out wrong, no yeah and like he would sjust saythese things and wouldnit really back it of for where he found that where hegot that from you, knowthose stames that he was saying and t a saw like like famous sports pages on instagramor like they kind of followed, what he said and made it a poll of like okay,who's like ages from like eighteen, O, twenty five and then who finds soccertoo long and then Itas like. Should it be shorter and like clicking on themajority of those we found out that they all disagree with what basicallyPutin Yo no petis an stated. Like I mean I don't know why soccer should beshort. If anything like it's perfect how it is right now, every other sportis at least two hours long. Why make it shorter yeah and one thing things to Ifeel like he just took advantage of teams and the financial situationsthey're in like, for example, bar stoone at they're, really in debt rightnow, and then they're also facing the possibility of messy leaving not beingable to o sign anybody of with the high price, tyge andFlorentino even said that Laporta, which is Barceln his new president,that he understood why they were going through a difficult economic situationand he accepted it and that's why he joined, but then kind of Barcelona may kind of backtracked a bit and theywere saying how they weren't officially in the Super League, yet because theyhadn't voted on it. Yet as a club, but you had already announced that you werepart of the founding teams yeah. They leave me like a whole PRstatement about it too, along with the other teams were like. Oh, we werewe're we're becoming a super league now and then so I thin now pette sayingthat those also those yeur England...

...teams were part of a binding contractas well, but they couldn't just leave just like that yeah, because he still feels like he'sstill trying to like accept the fact that it's over because he's still saying how there'sgoing t be like repercussions because they were under contract to be in theEuropean superly and he's gonna like do something about it. Yeah then they asked him. He didn'treally say. Oh No! It's over. He just said it's like getting it's on what DYeu Say: It's like on it's gonna get po postponed here, yeah like basicallysaying like it's not like officially done it's just like we're just holdingwe're just just putting it a hold for a bit and then, after all, this happened. TheUFA Chamios League also changees format. No, instead of a tournament, it's goingto become a league, and this is going to happen in two thousand and twentyfour. So it's going to have a league format and each team is going to play.Ten Games, and instead of thirty two teams, there's going to be thirty six,so positions, one through eight, are going to pass directly to the playoffsand then nine through twenty four are going to fight for a spot, and this isgoing to create a hundred extra games which is crazy, yeah and then the one. Also. I found interesting likea part of the qualifications you know, and all the what's going to change wastat, like the two teams who don't qualify to the Rost like to theirdomestic league, like even if they have the highest Cote eficient like in the League, Respective Leagues,would still qualify for it so like in this season. It would have been likearsenol and Spurs, even though they weren't finished in the top, for they would tit still have like, in asense the highest coficient from the ones who didn't make it, so they wouldbe able to make it into so. I feel, like that's kind of Al, also ruiningthe way how competitiveleas are to Tryi to get it into that top for spot, and I feel, like a fans I feel like fan,should have the same reaction. They help to you to the European superleagueas to this new UF, O champies LEP format, because the main reason playersget hurt is because they're not receiving enough rest, a hundred extragames and having up to like three games a week. That's like crazy to me is notit's not helping the sport at all. It's kind of like doing the same thing, it'skind of contradictive to for Ouffa, yeah, basically, they're doing this formoney. Obviously more you have a camsy games. That's more teams are going toparticipate more broadcast more endorsements, more sponsorships, soit's kind of like the same thing is just in the less fucked up way that theEuropean Super Lee was doing it yeah, and then we saw you Guy Goudnan Gan from Midrilafor man, city tweet out when they announce that new UCL format. Hebasically sees that he said with all the Super League stuff going on to.Please also speak about the new champansy format. More and more andmore games is no one thinking about us. The players, the new UCL format, isjust the lesser the two evils in comparison to the Super League yeah. Soit's like exactly kind of kind of what I just yeah wes saying. So that'sthat's omthing. I think too, I think fan should stand up against us. I feellike more players like good to Guy Shou, stand up against this, because I meanthey still have time to see if they could probably change it. But I doubtit's going to happen. I mean TAT that New Formar doesn't start for anotherthree years and then something also that I found Funny Coeman Whit isBarcelonas coach. He said that UF is prioritizing money and not listening toplayers and managers by adding these more chemmesy games. N I' my Dude,isn't that the same exact thing that the European syberly was doing true yeah, but I feel what he the way theysee it is that the wefot would be making moremoney with this rather than I feel like then, rather than the clubs, whereas inthe Super League, the CLOSS themselvs were keeping that money yeah, becausethe thing is too, I feel like even you afa the whole reason Uf was even manabout the European Super Leaes because of money. Like all this. All theseproblems are because of money. If money...

...was not an issue here, UF would nevergo against and say: Oh you're not going to play in the World Cup you're notgoing to play in European tournaments. The whole reason was because theyerealso going to get hurt by money yeah, I it's all its just a circle. It's just acircle of money of people getting affected yeah, and then we saw h healthyer. An thing of Pretis also said: Oh, we know how much Lebron James Salary ishow much his contract is work. But do we know how much the Webhot presidentsearning like the? How there's like also notransparacy within how money flows in the WEFA and like from the tournaments,and I feel like that's what they also want, is to make sure that everybody'sreceiving you know an adequate amount of money rather than just being at onelofsided yeah. But then the thing is to Ufa FIFA they've all got a hit bycorruption like ther, there's been multi. People who have been fired.Who've been spoke about in the media, about theamount of corruption there is in UF ANPFA. So I feel like it's all. It'sjust all the circle of money that I feel like and ther were just going tobe affecting negatively, and so that's why they spoke out against it. Yeah soI mean yeah, I just it just comes back to itabout being money, not really more about competition, not more aboutprotecting players or making players happier. Coaches, it's always it's beenabout money, and it's always been about money and it I tat its yeahoever. So I mean at least the fans. At least Ifeel, like the fans had a major impact, I feel like the fans was the reason.Why don't get me wrong that the European superle ended up gettingcanceled credit creditto, the fans yeah the fans. They won this one with theSuper League not going in through, but then also R arthe. I don't think theplayers want either way in this situation. The way ended with wetfinancing the new formmat I feel like in both in both outcomes, AF players asa right nour losing the whole the major person who wasgoing to like fund the European superleague was JP, Morgan Uhhuh, andthey said that they misjudged football fans over Europeans, so belieg. So Ifeel like even the biggest company your group that was going tofund that your possibally, they just didn't, expect the amount of fans thatwere going to go against it, but yeah, and but I mean how would I'mnot like defending number also like, but would e even think that, when, when seeing how big soccer isobviously and how much it means for in the world, yeah Itd seem for likeseeing how I how much passion fans have for the sport. And how would you notknow like that fans Mo might not be against?It just goes to show that they don't even care about the sport. They justcare more about the type of money that they can get from me. Yeah Ui mean we'll see as of right now, butI mean there's like four teams right whohaven't yeah Ishalli left yeah. Offishthe teams are still you knowofficially still in it is Madrid Bar Sojumentus and Acin Melan, so so thetwo teams from Lali and then two teams from Italy they're still in it. Butit's not like they're going to do anything. It was twelve teams. put downa four Yeh UF is not going to be IES. Gointo stay like that. I feel like like notthing's going to happen evenOugo. Those things are stolling at they're, not going to have a for a fourteam. European superle thed know because en a that also it's similar to that's say like theSpanish Super Cup, where it's only like four teams in Playn Abu Daby, that'salsome kind of pointness. But then again I don't see anybody speaking atSOM. I league. I speaking against that tournament, which I mean it's pointlessis being playned. I would Dobbe, obviously, for one reason, one reason:only sor money yeah, but I feel like a big help too was I feel like Ba Munach,Dorman and psg not being in the initial...

...founding members. I feel like that alsohelped a lot so, and I was surprising to though becase those are big teams. Ifeel like just because they're really the connections they have with Ufa likePSG's owner. He has really good connections with you EF. So I feel likehe just didn't, want to go against one of his helping hands and become asnake and the Presen theway a said they had around him, pull out the KD cardshit all right, so we'll keep you guysupdated, but I think that's going to be the end of the European Super League,it last Ol about about a week. Hopefully we don't have no more. YourSuper League News at all any fucking new anything new about superly, justhopefully just stays within the past week and nothing happens of it. Youknow just for the sake of the sport and for the buillings ofd fands around theworld yeah, and so the next topic I want to bringup is Toofereti with dites. So He's been the coach at there since twentytwo thousand and ten, and there was a reunion with the directors of dedas andhe's not going to renew his contract or next year. That's that's shucking because of howimportant Tuka has been to tikers and making them into the into you know people they argue aboutwhether either a big club or not, but I mean he got him on the internationallevel. You know success. They made the Mungale luvezs. They were the firstthing te reach t e final. I M an they pet against Birin, which ou kN I wasexpected. But getting to that point you know America hadn't wat wasn't able todo it. Montere wasn't able to do it. She was she was Oso. Wasn't able to doit, so I mean the fact that the what what Fedeti has given the Theoris youknow as a club in the past years, w still were named the Best Club wof adecade and was it the Con Cau or just Mexico? Ithink, was I CONU as a whole s cone, CA, yeah, so, like being name the team ofthe decade and there's people still trying theire like they're defendinglike Oh yeah, he should get fired for. You know how they're doing this season,but I don't feel like it's. It's hisful. I feel like more, it's been the sameteam consistently for years and that because e time and Chang like where youhave to kind of make some changes to the roster- and I feel like that's,what's catching up to them like you can yes like, we see how they're consistentfor a good amount. What a decade, but I mean it's time for change. You know youneed new play our younger players, so you know Teli, Metan, parlic EPO isnot it's not just all too caferitis photo, but the thing is to that team'sbeen stacked for, like ten plus years, like they've, alwayshad the most tack team in the League and just a little bit of Tok o finate'sresume with Detis. So he has five league championships, one CONKAchampions, one COPI Mekis three compunethe campunists and then alsothat second place in the Coupoli Vertolotus,which is huge to the Qaan about that yeah tems in River Plate, so lit's jushe's leaving as the most as the best coach of all time for Detas.I feel like so that's what surprises me and the way they're doing it. They didit right before their game against Montarey, which is the classicalratoagainst Ta rival and then they're sitting at twelveplace like they're in playoff right now. As of the time that this podcast isbeing recorded, so I feel like they're not even doing that bad. It's just, I feel like people ore, even thedirectors of the team. They just expect a lot more with the amount of fundsthey've put into the team. True, but then again we're also seeingplayers like have you ot Acano, who is not who he was before yeah, but Hes, Oyeah. That's why I mean, like you have aging players on the roster? It's moreyou just! You need new set of players. Obviously you're not going to place tenye, because the all like the best tegenos score, you know in theirhistory,...

...there's still some players that you cankeep there, but also, I feel like the direct Yeu that ther activ needs torealize that it's time for you know for some Rosser changes and I feel likethey just find it easier. Just putting it inm saying, Oh might be we're notGoingno en Ahau to caferity, because I'm was it, I'm pretty sure too oeritydidn't want to leave. Did he I'm pretty sure yeah o feel like the director?Just put it on to him. I feel like they just reachent agreement and becauseit's important to point out to Tuca Faretn is all the time of being a coachhe's, never been fired and TAT's like welhesn't techinally,not going to be fire. This time, goin be fired, yeah yeah, because h' he'sjust not renewing his contract. He's coached, really big teams like that's like crazy to say that he's never been fired. You think he stays an a league afterthat. I think he's going to retire. Honestly. Ye can because, because he'salso had a you know, recent history of like medical issues, yeah surgeries andstuff like that, but yeah person, who's number one candidate to replace them-is biohoea whichon, which is going to be. I feel like I'm excited to see that,because of bokoraas playing style and the the players that thevis have like,they have a really good offensive team and people likes to be offensive,because you know Tokus always been kind of criticized, sometimes for parking,the bus or yeah Gol and just playing like Rapto Nettl in a way. So I'mexcited to see if peopl gets elected to be the next coach and then how datasplays especially with like players like inyak. Would you have like Yo say ifyou were on the Derectiva, would you have your at the top of your list? Yeah?I think I wer over Turko, I feel like Torco Uikeducles playing style is toosimilar to to atherities. I feel like if you want to have a real change. I'dgo for Puho, Ookai meticon. My was that, but isbecause the thing is to like something I've criticized about. The MexicanLeague is the recycling of coaches, like it's always the same coaches, likehow many coaches has how many teams, as like Nat chumbdis coach for Hes, haslike Luse Fonanotena coach, how many teams, as Po Horela coach, O Hin OkoMohamad coache? How many teams has fucking the MAS boy coach, like it'sjust a recycle of coachesneed to like yeah. So it's like a bunch ofthese coaches, just coaching different teams. Every time they leave, but Ifeel like Yo should stay in the Mexican league because I doubt he's going toget a good offer from Europe from like a top team, and I mean if he he didn't get anyoffer from MLS. Did he even though they' ewere of the ofseason and he'sbeen fired since ten? I don't think any team even reached out to him from themthe list yeah, I feel like if people w receive e, really good offe from them,unless he would have taken it yeah, considering also that they probably payhim pretty good yeah. We saw my test on me lige over therehe's in San Jose right now, probably also bcause O to money. So well, Mosto we'll see what happenedwith thetes, but I think Yehoara would be a really good additive and thenespecially if they end up signing or trading or selling players in theoffseason yeah troginyakintocale Sinaman O that's like on sellingBosalido and they D. exactly that's like that's Don, like San El Sally,it's gonna be fun, Nou, shinging Yah how an he gets, heaten an and then YoHo gettig heated to that's just going to be kind of funny. So we'll see what ev te happening.That's all the time we got for this week so make sure like share, subscribe,scribe, we'll see all next time.

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