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Episode 26 · 5 months ago

Goat Talk Podcast 026 | Canelo v Saunders, Champions League, Concacaf, Liga MX, MLS, Thauvin Tigres


In episode 026 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss the Super Middleweight fight between Saul Canelo Alvarez and BJ Saunders, the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, the Concacaf Champions League quarterfinals, Liga MX vs MLS, and Tigres signing Florian Thauvin.
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Welcome back every one, this is episode.Twenty six of goat talk on Rostolan Zo, and we just got through watching theboxing match between Canal Aras and billy, Joe Saunders Yeah. We had CANOVAAlvarez coming out on top. It was a conclusion of the eighth round. It was actually in between round so itwas O on Saunders called off by his corner, actually so t Tkkot in a pretty close match,just as you have predicted, though, we were expecting in a lot ofwin, but you you had called decision, and I was hoping for a Ko and thet wassomething close to that. But I mean what were your thoughts on this coastmatch that ultimately was one back another yeah I feel like it was a lotcloser than people anticipated it to be. I knew Billy Joe Sounder is going to goout there and box. He obviously got that extra two feet added to the ringso that he can move around his lateral movement was really good. He wasjabbing really well, but I feel like Canella with his fane with his uppercuts with this counter poaching. I feel like it started to take over,especially with that punch in the as Ron. I feel like that. Just changes thewhole momentum of the fight as Posey since I believe Billy Jos Sunders, hadon those two previous rounds and something to point out to it was. Ibelieve I told you like right when the hit land that I was like. Oh, I thinkthat's going to be an orbital bone fracture and something we saw happenwith cal brook when he foxway was never the same fighter after that yeah and there are the commentaries, also had aposta like how you said it, and even the judges they released their scorecards up until the eighth round, where one of them had canella winning seventyeight seventy four another one had at seventy seven. Seventy five and len hadat seventy eight seventy four, so a fairly close match up between the thetwo fighters, with Billy Saunders and at least threeof them winning at least two rounds. Some of them even had three rounds, soit was, it was a pretty even match. Is this what you expected like billysender, to come, come out and try to do yeah, it's something he's always beenreally good. At He's always box. I sat against David Leu against a powerpuncher like David Lamu, he box circles around him. I mean some people mightsee it as running, but I mean if it got the job done and not that many peopleknow how well a good of a box or boot. Just hunders is, I feel like he tryingto prove that against Canello, but I feel like in fights like these, with acrowd like this, where for every punch that can oval, as the crowd is alwaysgoing to yell, which can possibly sway the judges, so I feel like really justunderstand, of gone out there and depended a little bit more on powerpunches instead of jobs, but I mean I see his game plan as well, because Ifeel like a good job, will always win you a fight, especially if you reallyknow how to utilize it and also utilize it to set up other punches and thenespecially like in the middle rounds. I feel like Sodos was just getting m. Hewas gaining Gani momentum and I feel, like Canello, got to a point where hewas getting a bit frustrated, because I mean I see it both ways as well too,because Canella was hitting him flush, but bilges sinners kept shaking hishead, but I mean he's still getting hit like, even though it's not facing you R,you just take your head. It still causes a punch, landed on the compy boxnumbers and for the judges, so I feel like billy just hunders. Instead ofshaking his head, he should have try to just kept fighting like this. Thoseprecise seconds after getting a hit landed on you. You should be using yourjob to set up a counter punch and I feel like he wasn't doing that yeah andthen also probably another thing that looked like what's fresher in Canellowas the fact that saunders was using the size of therings to the vantage. We know what to move around Canello, making a heart forhim to land a good, a good punch on him. So that's an Canalo was trying to getclose up. You know and get those good jobs in and do some Combos, but it washard because Senoosi Sanders was using the the ring to his advantage and justkeeping like you said he had a good lateral movement and it showed her whenhe was moving around the ring. You know not, it looked like he was running, butit was more in his defense just trying to keep his distance from the good jobsthat can not look and throw at him yeah...

...and I feel like he did a really goodjob of fighting off his back hill, and I mean he's a South Ball. Canelos hadcertain struggles with south pall, especially with Arizona Laura, and thenI mean Austin Thal. He knocked awesome shot down, but I feel like I was so try.Also Gae it a little bit of trouble, but I feel, like just Canello, isn'tused to a f a fighter moving around the ring and using slick punches just likebeljus honors us, because I feel, like even bill. Just honor said it beforethe fire that this past few opponents I've gone in there with the mise ofthat the they're going to lose, especially with I feel like YilderimRocky Fielding, William Smith, I feel like they were already going into thefight, knowing that they had very slim chances of winning. But I mean canalwill now look at him now he's already. He gained the Bo he already. He keepshis C B and Ring Super Mittey titles and all that's left is IB, so hopefullyhe'll be able to fight Kale plant in September to unify so unit five hundredand sixty eight, which has never been done, but I feel like the main problemis going to be with making that a fight is just the fact that Caleb plan is,with TB and usual P. BS fighters don't really fight people out of theirpromotional company, but I feel, like that's a magic can't turn down, but Ifeel like yeah, I feel, like it'd, be pretty stupid on Kale plants to liketurn down that fight, because obviously Eddie hern and Canella haveris going topresent him an offer and that offer is going to be higher than anything he'sever made he's going to fight against, like we saw here. Seventy threethousand people at the at stadium he's never going to fight in front of a Cudlike that, and I feel like he just he has to take that fight, and it's justthe last built in the division and I'm pretty sure. If came a plant wants tobe known as the best fighter. One hundred and sixty eight he's going tohave to fight Canella for the rest of the belt yeah, because Canello is thatman he's been that man in boxing for a few years now so I mean plant has no. I see it that he has nochoice but to take this fight and we saw idy hearne after the match. Youknow, speaking on that, that's you know it's a match that he can't resist andhe shure it resists, because the mount like the it's like the type of flat forthat it puts you on it just as a fighter, but as I put you on the globalscale, because Canalos globally and well known but, like you said, he's gonna, he catso much to get out of this fight too, and I feel like it goes down because Imean cale plan hasn't fought since January of this year against Caleb Trou,where he want a unanimous decision to keep his. If so, I feel, like he's,been trying to not take any other fight jest so that he doesn't risk an injuryor he doesn't risk a loss to get that paid against Canello. So hopefullywe'll see it. I mean cale plant. I feel like isn't that great of an appointet Ifeel like billy, just sanders posted the greatest threat out of all theWorld Chamis, except for obviously, I think column Smith was also really good,but I mean Kala plan he's only been chapping fortwo years, so I think it's an easy win. The person I think who gives knothemost trouble now after village o hunters is David Benavides. I feel likethat's the fight to make after Kale plant and if it's not due benevides andit's a trilogy, fight against triple G, so we'll see what happens with that.You want triple G as apology, or do you want to a sounder re match now? I feel like thesound of Omas makes no sense at all. I feel like it's just going to step backand instead of going to step forward, so I feel like he's just capture allthe belts, fight, David Benevides, fight, trouble, G and then fight Charlo.So that would be my ober yeah that'd, be my wall schedulewe'll see Canello we'll see what he chooses post plant or expecting thatmuch to be in September, but as of today, he has beat the boxer VJsaunders from Britain. But you know it is whatit is in other news from British you can say and England we have two premierleague teams facing off in the champs IC final. We have Chelsea coming off,beating Roma Drid and Man City beating P S G. What did you think of those two matchesand what are your expectations for to find a at the end of the month? I thinkthe finals going to look a lot like the game they played today in the PremierLeague, where Chalcan Dal, of getting...

...the win with the lad go by Marchesato,and I feel like it's going to go really similar to that, except they might be afew changes in possession, especially because Manchester City was missing,Kevin de Broy and then fold and ended up going in until the second half. ButI feel like that game too. I want to talk about that game where ManchesterCity could have got up to zero in the first half of a wede would have notmissed that by NANCO penalty kick and after, like after that, Chelsea had agreat attack coming in from the right wing. They had two off sides goals inthe second half, so they were pressing the action the whole time, but I meanthey were able to keep the position. It was almost fifty fifty possession atthe end of the game. So hopefully they could do that in the final yeah, so itseemed like a preview of what is to expect. I expect the find will be alittle bit more tighter met. This was a premier league where Man City's prettymuch. You know secure to win the title, the title, sothey might might just taken the knothe their foot off the pedal for a bit, butI mean I certainly a match. That's going to be great to watch to show likehe said he was going to build a team that people are going to. You knowstruggle or fear to play against, and it has Chelsea has really grown as ateam from when that part was in charge and then since then, bringing in to Cho.This team has really improved. We've seen it tushes been able to bring thebest in his footballers not as much in verner yet, but were hehad a e? He played a much better game. I Guess Second Maginis from a drip andthat's what I feel like a lot of people give them shit for, like the amount ofgoals he's going compared to when he played for arb lips ic, but I feel likehe not go against Rome git. He was where he was supposed to de he was. Hewas where he was supposed to be and as those goals and big important matchesbring him confidence- and I mean especially somebody like- I want toalso name policy plie played really well, since he wasn't in and the first halfit allowed show wall to go up on the wing and then Pulsi ended up going inand at first, when you made that play for thee goal to set a mount. I thoughtI was going to take a shot, and I even said like: Why did need you take thatshot, but then he ended up getting that assistant for Mason Melt. So that was agreat goal I feel like. It was just a great team play overall, as Pilikiasaid it in the post manage interview, he said that they knew went to sufferand that they were able to win, because I mean rummage was pressing a lot aswell, but they only took half the amount of shots that Chelsea did no yeah. I felt Ramado best. You know momentum. The best me, thebest time to had a momentum in the game was the first half a second half I feellike they didn't weren't really attacking as much, but it's justbecause of the way Joseph Chelsea, a top adapted to the game, play they wereable they're attacking they had the relyin on counter attacks. But when you,when you don't have people fast on the wings, you know we had what's his name, venisejunior, he wasn't really going up as much, but also because it didn't reallyhave a right back, so he had to drop and cover since milly. That would go uplike Hella and leave a gap in the defense. So I feel like there wasn'tlike really that much of that Transitania offense for a Roman ratethat that looked like that was killing them in. It was also noticed by a lotof the commentators to, but I mean I don't know this Madir team, I had hopein them, as a Arista, I hope was my hope was. Is My optimism was misplaced,but I don't know you know we had romals play the full game who, in my opinion Idon't even think, should have even played the one. I mean the whole ninetyminutes coming on he's over a month since he last played, but I was outwith also another injury. It's just the rum a is man plague thehazard. You know he played but he's not even half the person he was on Chelsea,so I mean I would feel like Romande has been played with injuries, but I meanthere's no excuse, and I guess I I no excuses, I'm just saying that they werebeen playin with PA with injuries, but also the fact. The way were reachingthat far. You know just like how's it.

I was able to get the team, the rallythat for into the Champs- because you know amazing in it itself, but now ther,you know they're focusing the their attention to Lalia the summer. You knowon their uncertainty with certain players. You know we'll see where thatgoes on. PG, the you know not before psy also want to mention to Chelsey.Has A best center defensive for the last four years and go lo ante to hisfootball IQ is off the fucking chars. Do you see howhe was only prior to pressure NACHO, which ended up costing them that goallike he just his movement, his woman off the ball, his recovery, hisinterceptions he's just an all the round player, so I feel like props toChelsea for having him. I feel like he's the one who probably gives chelse that extra pushing gamesyeah and me I'll play twenty cross and moget. I feel like I don't know, I didn't see that muchenergy from motion cross. They seem kind of like behind on their like. Youknow, Miss K there. They weren't really connected with each other and can't OAS,taking great advantage of that, but yeah, perhaps the Chelsea forgetting to the final but yeah PG PG. They lost bopped play name or was outthere, but surprisedly enough, Namar renewed yesterday, two thousand andtwenty five and twenty five, and I feel like the thing too, where Matchi citywas able to be pauses Mara as mar as they always have. I feel like Majercity always has those players who just have like playing great spirits for inreally good form. We had Gundobad who scored and multiple games, and now theyhave Maris, Mars cort against dormant. He scored both Kis G Games and then heassisted against Dorman and assisted against watching, but but and then Ifeel like that red card for de mud yeah minute. Seventy really I felt like thatwas just like the Nell in the coffin that really settled thing. After that there was noway P was going to come back, Ky Walker. He since and Bope wasn't on the field.I feel like a lot of the players were going through Namar and Kyle Walker.Just clan name are almost during the whole entire game, but I don't know Ifeel like mater city. They deserve to be at that spot and they hurt a lot nothaving embody on the field for PG yeah. I really did pretty much. Namar was the only thingthey re running through, like you said, and that just makes it easier to stop ateam. When you know they're, depending mostly on one player, it's easier todefend, and you know where the law made, he made the best out of that and hemade it to took it to advantage and you know cut the result, like I said,surprise Le Marais, you know that's probably one of the players. I didn'teven expect to score that many goals in the or even have that you know a gamelike that. You know before these matchtub, so I mean I don't know whatthe other has is. This thing of you know getting the best or the playersout of players that we don't even expect, and you know times that wedon't even expect, but I mean Man City after many years are trying to get tothe UC final. They finally reach it, and my looks of that has him as myfavorite lifted up his ear yeah I mean I feel, like the first leg of the the the two game series. I feel like thatreally affected key as well. I mean, even though we talked about the Maiganthat red he became the top as sister in history. For PG in that first plug, butI feel like PG, ended up. They started defending way too early. In that firstleg Manchester City took advantage of everymistake that p made. We had Cato Navas, make that mistake in the first half Mand that first goal and then the wall, the wall for that free Kikars or theyopened up. That was another mistake way. He got a Red Card at mine, seventyseven and then I feel like Debro. He also got saved because after tenminutes after that way got that really a similar yead, a similar tackle on Ygot a yellow. So I feel like I was just a series of events that ended upcosting p the game over to legs yeah, and I noticed the stat real, quick PGdid not win a single home game in the Knoo stages they tied and they lost. Sothat's that's got to keep track of those they there. They didn't reallyuse home. Fie vantage I mean when...

...there's no fans, it kind of a neutral,but I mean you start playing at home, but I mean that's, you know. That'spretty interest. I found that is an interesting fact and then kind of just the close thingsout. We have the Ufton even but I want to talk about it. Gongah next big thing,th Champions League, so we had every team every league on macky's team thatplayed a MS team except on now, but every lean maggies team eliminated a mlast team. So I feel like I want to talk a little bit about that yeah we had crusis beating Toronto. Montereywas the be alumbus crew. Who is a reigning? MLS Champs and America beatPortland Tempers at home. Pretty Great! That's three leg makesteams into, I believe it's a quarter finals, so e, a Sonis finals and theonly remaining mast team is Philadelphia Union coming off, beatingAtlanta, united and there about to get. I don't know about destroy, but I'mpretty sure they're going to lose to a yeah. So I mean this is or this were,that question comes in. If I'm aless is catching up, I'm not even going to sayovertake yet because they even know that's still far to go catching up toVina makes. Do you think that that's still a thingis it? Are they catching up or what I feel like people just hop on the trainas to say, like you, the besatined it too? But what do you say that? What doyou think he said that he sartain liquer he's playing he's playing on ateam that hasn't really done anything in them? The last he was supposed to beone of those players to catapults or my Yami into that play off spot, or evenlike I don't know I dominate, especially after the Bob, both the winebrothers Matwork done anything in the MS, so I feel like he had to say thatthe MS is going to overtake the go makes, but I feel like it's not evenabout that, because I feel, like a lot of people, also hop on a thing where Ohlook at how great the Got Mike says, I feel like one of the biggest factors,especially this time going around, is that MLS teams were either in theirpresentin or really early on in their molasses, on playing against teams likeAmerica, Casu whore at the top and at the end of the legamen. So there wouldrhythm they've been playing together for a almost a whole season. Theircoaching staff has really set up a style of play, and we just overall, Ifeel, like I'm a last team. Just I don't know they just seem to notfunction in the COOFS, especially even like Columbus crew, even though,although they didn't have Lucas Laran, who was their finals N B, but theyshould still be able to do better against a team like Montera. So I just feel like it's a lot ofdifferent factors, but obviously the gun makes is just above the mules rightnow. Yeah and I mean, like you said, those are factors are going to affect,but that's not. We got Micky Steins fol. I feel like that's more on major leaguesoccer for they're like they have, their scheduling is different than eventhe rest of the world. You know where they start in late March, like earlyApril, is when the start of their season, when majority of the world isalready the midway through the season or concluding their season. So I meanlike that's just on them. I don't know why they're doing it different, but ifM, if MAS, like as a whole, wants to compete with Legam and I feel like as aleague, they should look into how these schedule things and what how they canhave their teams playing the best football up into the middle of you know,concrate champions leap, but I mean as the way things are right now Lego maketeams are still still beating these MLS teams and yeah. You can say that theirstems are financially better. They have more money, yeah Blah Blah Blah. Itdoesn't mean Shit when you're on the FIEL, an you're getting spanked in yourown stadium, your own people, by some dues from Mexico, but I feel like it'snot even I like the way I see it too is...

...miles, has progressed a lot. I feel,like their teams are really good. The players are really good, but it's justcertain things of how look how long legamus has dominated the Kokka, I'mstill going to happen for a few year, and I like it just because I meanthey're, not that it's not that the most is that bad? It's just like a lotof factors that people don't notice you so all right. If I give you a timeline of when do you think an MLS team can win the CONCA champion Ze one tothree years, four, to five, four to seven, seven to ten fuck I'll, probablydo four to seven four to seven more years now, I'd probably be betweenprobably three three or four years. I feel like there's going to be an MSchampion, the coca, especially if there's a team that could reallydominate in the MLS or even two or three teams. We saw with like la F C,who probably been the closest team than yeah. Well, they ended up. They beat alot of Lega, makes teams in no Crussol Yeah America, the which, at that time were the threetop teams and me Ikes. So I feel like just a team like that has to dominateand then have to keep the players healthy and there has to be anotherteam up there that can help knock out the gameys teams, because we saw itright now: three leg on megas teams: They all won, they all knocked out andthe only reason Philadelphia Union passes, probably because he didn't playa magazine player, a last team, and so that's his just a lot of factors. But Igive I give it about three to four years. It's just a matter of how a teamlike Laf C does in the regular season or of a team like sat of SaundersColumbus crew. We saw if they could probably find that missing piece ofthey need on the field, because they also look and shaking the start of theseason in the evalee. So we'll see we'll see in the next next year. Yourprediction is coming out, quick for the rials crisis, food game and, obviouslya school. America is the final. I think, as I don't want to say on Er you, because Ialso want to see you if grison can make the final for the Leo mackes, becausethen it's going to turn out to it might be not a scheduling conflict, but justI don't know because I know I doesn't like using all his starters for theCOECO. I showed he more. He started with a few of those second strings yeahand the CON Grat, and I mean they still on I'm little roan go was good, he'sbeen scoring a lot and Walter Montoya to who doesn't really play the MAKS, soI don't know some way, but as of right now I think the finals going to be soAmerica, but I'm not going to say who I think is going to win ye all right. I agree with you. I thinkthis WHO's going to be by Athos. America also comes out on top ofPhiladelphy Union. I mean it's going to be interesting as this. These gamesapproach, and so does the Leo make his conclusion waiting on their perchace,but Ligia should start with him the next week. So it's an interesting reget,interesting time and soccer, and especially a since Detis they justsigned a war, have champion that'll, be sorry ye being. How are you I'm notsure if that's the right pronunciation, I'm not French, but Lordy. An TALVI wascoming from Olympic to Marseilles, and I mean yeah he's A. I feel, like he's areally good player, he's a top goal score for Marseilles he's only twentyeight. He he only played seven minutes in the World Cup when he went in for asub train bob against Argentina and Fuck Medica fans like using that Oh yeplay some but he's on a World Cup winning squad. Right, like you got tobe chosen out of the select pool, there's like at least metion. SinceFrance has players from like every national thing in the world. He just he was on the team, and I meanhe played so I mean I hope I hope he does well, especially if ye HOS, theone who ends up being the culture tageous. I wonder how you who,especially he hasn't, been playing that much offensive with his teams in recentyears. How he's going to fit into the pool system, especially with the largeamount of offence they have? Because I don't know the defense, I don't know, Ifeel, like some sales, probably the most like consistent, consistent one,because I don't really chuse to what I is or or Yan over Yalla has been. Idon't know whole anywhere yeah, so I...

...mean no we'll see you still see if yochosen, which is most likely going to be yea Kay so we'll see out to Ben, butI think it's a great signing for the legal mackes, it's crazy to me how itAben supposedly had a messer city, Lester city, that was a wet palace yeah.So I don't know. Maybe the money wasn't right. Maybe he talked to Gin Yak, whohe also played with an Olympic the Merse- I don't know made it because Idon't know who would want to leave her Mexic to live in Mexico, but you'reliving live, leaving Europe at Twenty eight years old, twenty eight withoffers from at least too good from your teams. Yeah I mean we don't know, maybethere's something behind Cole doors that we don't know about, we'll see ifSabin can improve Che degres next season, as unfortunately, have beenknocked out today by a class Stukas last game, his lastseason- and you know what a great runner was for to gas a coach there.But I mean- and I hope these signings too- I hate to be the dude, who always I andbrings to us into the conversation, but I hope she was notices the signing thatthese people are making. Somebody in your league just signed that World Cupchampion so as that Ar fucking sign somebody good. So that's all the time we got for thisweek make sure the like shared, subscribe and we'll see Ol next time.

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