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Episode 30 · 6 months ago

Goat Talk Podcast 030 | Euro Final, Italy, Copa America Final, Argentina, Messi, Gold Cup, Chucky


In episode 030 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss the Euro 2020 Final where Italy defeated England in penalties, the Copa America Final where Argentina and Messi beat Neymar and Brazil 1-0. and the start of Mexico's participation in the Gold Cup where Chucky Lozano got hurt against Trinidad & Tobago. #Euro2020 #CopaAmerica #CopaOro

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Welcome back, everybody. This isepisode thirty of Goat Talk. I'm ro host Alonzo, and we're finally backafter about a month of not posting an episode. We just had two majortournaments in the world of football. Yeah, we had the two thousand and twentyeuros and also the Copa Medica. Two tournaments are supposed to be playedlast year, but due to covid they push it to this year. We'lltalk about the most recent tournament that just ended, which is the euros.That saw Italy be England three, two and penalties when it was on oneat full time. This game was played at Wembley. So what are yourthoughts about? You know, how Italy played this game on what you saylike rival turf. Yeah, I feel like it was something that Italy waskind of like complaining about how England had already played a majority of other gamesat home, and we saw them. Luke Shaw has scored the fastest goalin euro final history. That really set the pace of the game, especiallysince England scored so quickly. Italy just had to move things around. Imean they're midfield with Barella, Georginio and Vati. Really, I feel like, controlled a little bit better than Phillips and Decktan Rice, but I don'tknow, just a game back and forth. Italy took a lot more shots,even though they weren't on goal. They're really pushing the action, Ifeel like, because then they didn't get their equalizer until the sixty seven minutes. So it took them a lot of work to be able to score agoal, but it was a it was a good game. Yeah, and, like you said, it took him a while to score like goal.That's giving props to I would say that defense of England, McGuire, whohas seen a lot of criticism and prem games that he's inconsistent, has actuallyplayed pretty good this year tournament, in my opinion. We had Kyle Walkeralso, and stones in the back and Pickford, who's really shown that he'sactually one of the great goalkeepers and for England and it shows why he's astarter. But, like you said, they had like what twenty shots ongoal, for it was for Italy. I mean twenty shots, and thensix were on Gole for Italy. Well, England had six shots and only onewas on goal, and I'm guessing that one on goal was that onethat Shaw had scored. So I mean, looking at that, it's kind oflike they, like England, couldn't really produce much danger plays like onItaly. It was more like the other way around. Italy was the onewho kind of had control the game, and we saw it in the possessionwe're Italy had sixty two percent possession and England had thirty eight. So itwas more like Italy was trying to find that equalizer that they found and minutesixty seven and then, you know, I feel like this game was mostlyall Italy up until maybe what you'd say like the last few minutes of thesecond half of extra time, right before they went to penalties. That's whenlike seal game made. All those subs, you put in Rashford, Sancho,who many were? It basically seen that he was putting them in forpenalties, which we'll talk about in a bit. But I mean, Ifeel like this was Italy, you know, throughout the whole game it was therewere the ones who were dominating. I just felt it felt right thatthey, you know, when this tournament because of the way how they startedit and they continue to play throughout the whole tournament. Yeah, because Ifeel like a lot of the teams will all the teams from the Group ofdeath that had France, Germany and Portugal. None of those teams made it outof the round is sixteen, and I feel like Italy. Italy wasprobably the best in my opinion. I think they were the best team ofthe tournament. They went and defeated they won every single one of the gamesin regular time, except for the semi final against Spain, which was probablynot a good game. Yet they were still up for eighty minutes of thegame up until Spain tied, and I mean that game was a little bitshaky. I mean Spain is kind of awkward to play against, but everysingle are games that they played before that, they were the best team. Yeah, like you said, it was a semi final game against Spain,and I mean that was the Spain who, you know, many people also doubted, you know, because they didn't think they'd go that far, especiallywith like a team that Enrique put together.

That was kind of maybe questionable.But I mean they exceeded expectations and I mean they showed me too,because I really didn't didn't think that they would make it that far. SoI mean surprisingly they did and they put up a good fight against Italy.But I mean Italy, you know how great to have been playing. Youknow that ultimately came into play and got them the euros that they've waited forabout out I don't know. I think it was around fifty years. Also, like England, around fifty years for that second coveted Euro Championship. ButI mean let's talk about England for a bit. That's the topic for muchof the media today. Southgate putting in Rashford and Sancho to take the penalties, who both missed, and we'll talk about that right now. I askyou for your opinion. Another player who missed, Wassaka. Those three playersshot them back to back and they all three missed consecutively. What do youthink salt kate was thinking and putting, you know, Rashford and Sancho Win to shoot the penalties, who we don't two players who haven't played manyminutes in the tournament, and then Sacca, who has never shot a career,like a senior career penalty up until this point. Like, was thatthe right decision or what comes into play there? Yeah, I think that'slike the most controversial topic. That happened with the final for me. Ithink a lot of people are saying how Rashford and Sancho were like cold,so that's could be one of the reasons they missed the pencil, but Ifeel like, dude, you don't need to be warm to run up liketwo feet and shoot a penalty. The problem that I had with them beingsome done is he basically ghosted Rashford and Sancho the whole tournament, like theybarely even played, and then he wants them to carry England on their backand score like the decisive penalties. And then with Saka, why would youchoose, I mean, a nineteen year old to take the fifth penalty,like the decisive one? We saw it happen with France. Are they chosenBapa, who is technically their best player, and then he ended up missing thatpenalty against Switzerland, causing France to also be eliminated. But I feellike, I mean, it kind of helps these players careers. I mean, I said when IMBOPA missed, I feel like he needed a miss tohelp his career grow, which sounds kind of stupid in a way, butthey just gotta see how their career goes from one path to another, especiallywith Sacca, who plays on arsenal, who has shaky seasons, but it'sjust the fact that he why would you not play Rashford like, even thoughhe didn't have that good of a season with Manchester United, he's still alot better than like, say, Mason Mount who really couldn't find himself onthe pitch aspose and sometimes he had a drift to the outside, with sterlingalso underperforming. Is just the way he set up the formation, I feellike, didn't really help and he needed wingers like Sancho and Rashford on thefield, and then he puts them in and makes them take the decisive penaltieswhen they probably don't even feel like they've been receiving confidence from their coach,south gate, up until the final game of the tournament. Yeah, andI you said he had SOCCA, nineteenyear old, take the last penalty whenyou can know you could have had rhem sterling, who has been probably thebetter player of England throughout the tournament. I mean, I don't know,Ufgate, for sures, probably getting criticism right now and I'm portantly we're seeingthe players suffered to with fans leaving racist comments and there, you know,three of them because they happen to be of African descent. But you knowEngland, you know they made it and it's props to them for making it. I had read something where like the President of like the England Federation hadsaid that back in like two thousand and twelve, he has said something abouthow he was aiming for the team to reach the Semis for the two andtwenty year olds. But I mean they...

...reached the finals, so they madeit even further than what they had thought. So I mean England shouldn't, youknow, be disappointed in themselves for losing the final. They should actuallybe proud for making it this far in a euros that probably didn't see themmuch as favorites, even though they had a pretty good team. You know, there was others who were more heavily favorites, but this is like theirgolden this kind of like this, I think, coming of their golden generation. I mean the first one was probably like in modern day football, whenthey had David Beckham, frank lamp part, Steven Gerard, Wayne Rooney, likein their primes. But this is look at their look at their benchand then look at the starting Anna, like they have they're really stacked,I mean compared to like other teams like Belgium, and I feel like PorchGorge is never really had that chemistry and we had players also underperforming, likeDiego Joe Down, Bruno Silva and Fernandez, and Bruno Fernandez, who I thinkhe didn't play that bad, but it was still some moments in there. Yeah, I feel like England, England did really well. We sawgrilish also. I feel like he had a really good tournament, who Ithink should be moving to a better team this upcoming season, hopefully to ManchesterCity. But it's just the fact that the way they lost and the waythat they kind of like carry themselves, because then also when Italy lifted thetrophy, the only ones who stayed were Jordan Henderson, who got sub doubt, and I remember telling you during the game too, I was like,why would hugh sub and Henderson at the time of the game, and it'sa moot. Were you you already have to holding midfielders and Decklan rise andPhillips. Why would you put in Jordan Henderson? And I remember telling youthat when he some them in and then he ended up summing him out againfor Rashford for the Rashford ended up not what playing that stoppage time. Itwas like, what is that? I don't yeah, it was like thelast minute that he set them on and then also Phillips. Phillips and Hendersonwere only players to stay and watch Italy lift their trophy. And I meanI feel like, yeah, they're starting lineup could have even been much better, like we said, with central and Rashford. And I see comments wherethey're like, oh, southgate could have, you know, fought with guns andrifles, but instead chose to fight with sticks and stones, you know, by leaving those two on the on the sidelines. And I mean it'skind of true because throughout the tournament we were we kind of questioned southgate aboutthe lineup sake he would put out, you know, not leaving Jack Relateson the bench, Marcus rash for jet you know, Javeen Sancho, who's, you know, now headed to the PRIMP for man united. So Imean it's like you have players like these who are starting potential and start ontheir teams undeniably, like why would you not start then on the national team? You know, like they're obviously better than the people they sub in forde Quin rise. I feel Marcus beastly better than him, who were Daniel. They don't play the same position, though. You'd have to find outway to mean that's true, but I mean he was playing three in theback and he had for midfielders, but it was three PN and shawn likeon the wings. So I mean I guess they would drop kind of bornin the back at some point, but I mean, I don't know,it didn't. I mean that it showed. It didn't work, though, becauseit'll be was kind of dominating the game either way on possession and shots. So I within the thing to that. Want to just talk about kind ofthe close out. The euro is done a room when he wouldn't theMVP of the whole tournament and he's like a really young goalkeeper who just gotsigned to Pasg for for ind is probably I don't know if he's going toreplace killer now has, but this is kind of like the second time inhis career where now this kind of like pushed aside for an upcoming not upcominggold, because I feel like courtois already like established himself. Yeah, likethey signed another goalie when he's already in a good moment, don't I roomof the best goalkeeper in the world right now. Nah, I feel likethat's kind of like recency bias, were you just see a goalkeeper succeed recentlyand it has a lot to it,... midfielders and forwards, kind oflike a lot of people were criticizing how people were saying how Conte was itbest midfield in the world just because of Chelsea Winn in the Champ League.I feel like he's just had a he's always been a really good goalkeeper.He debutiful Italy like at a really as a teenager, at a really youngage. But I don't know that. I feel like I don't know howhe's she's gonna Maybe Keller now is going to play in the Champions League andon a room is going to be playing in the league and maybe in theItalian Cup. Yeah, I don't know. That's something, but they end upFrench Cup, the French Cup. Oh yeah, that said, it'sTime Cup because he's the time yeah, it was a bracing and so,yeah, so maybe, I don't know. I don't know how analysis probably feelingabout that right now, especially after seeing how well of a tournament hehad, and especially because Kaylor no was is not even going to be inthe couple hoto. Oh Yeah, yeah, he didn't call it. He didn't. He's not with Costa Rica, which we'll talk about in a bit. We'll move right now back to the other tournament that we had talked about, which is a coup of Medica. We had Argentina and Brazil facing offin the final. This past Saturday. We saw Argentina side winning hundred zerowith a goal from uncle be made at minute twenty two, giving messy hisfirst inner, like major trophy with Argentina in your level at the senior level, could wanted you twenty world up an Olympic gold medal at the senior level. So you know, what do you think overall about the performance of Argentinaand maybe why Brazil came up short of it? becometry not Thal well,I feel like a lot of the stuff had to do with Brazil having togo through Neymar for a majority of the game, and even we saw instanceswhere Nemere had a drop all the way back to their defensive third to tryto get the ball, and because I feel like are Sina, surprisingly waspassing the ball really will, but I feel like something that really messed upthe game was the amount of fouls. There was forty one fouls during thecourse of the game and they were like backtoback, like. We never sawlarge portions of the game without a foul, without like the ball being stopped.What's OK? It was like there was not a lot of continuous playand I feel like I don't know, and we saw too hotty. Thissaid that he had a he knew a way how to stop messy. Ifeel like it wasn't really that way and you never really saw messy really gettingcluttered by a defender, him being stopped in away. I mean, didyou really ball? And he gave an amazing assist. UN can be Myriaran and Lodi, the left back for Brazil. He timed out horribly.You kind of yeah, he kind of marked him bad, but he wasalso a player who had to stay down a lot because of neme are alsoplaying on the left, and so I feel like he could have positioned himselfbetter. But I'm we can't really say that because I was in on thefield, but I feel like he did kind of mark the money. Ibad in that goal that he scored. Yeah, yeah, because it waslike a football. I felt like low they could have gotten if had hetimed the right or howd he just kind of like, you know, positionhimself better? I feel like that was more of a defensive air. Imean, you know, it was a great past, but it was justlike a defensive error that, you know, once he once the ball got throughhim, you know, there was no catching up to the MDIA.I was a one B one with the goalkeeper. He easily just chipped itover ederson. But I mean, like I said, it was like agame with with a bunch of fowls. So there was never really like arhythm to the game. That was kind of stagnant. It was kind ofand it was hard for Brazili to find, you know, that rhythm because everytime nay more would try to get through the lines or create some plays, you know, you would get fouled. You know, we'd saw like Outimany probably I saw him follow any more than most, but it tookto like the almost the end of the game to give him a yellow card. But I mean, you know, that's soccer. You know, yougotta it's you fight, you grind through it, you know, there's neverreally a rhythm, but that's on you to find, you know, away to win, and Argentina ultimately won't.

They found a way to win.You know, they were able to hold it down through what they scoredminute twenty. So it's about eighty minutes against Brazil at home and in Mycana, they held them. You know, goal is so, I mean,you know, that's credits Argentina for be able to do that, you know, especially playing in Brazil. You know, tournament that you were supposed to playat home originally. That's also you know, see criticism. You movedit from a country like Argentina, who's played by Covid to another country's playedby code even more in Brazil, which I mean woman board had. Youknow, it was no logic in doing that, but you know, Argentinacame to Brazil, they came to their backyard and they beat them. Yeah, and I mean the last time that Argentine even want a couple of Medicawas against Mexico in one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, and so it'sbeen a really long time coming for them and I feel like a lot ofpeople, I mean this even including yourself. I feel like messy received a lotof criticism that he never even was supposed to get. He participated inon eleven, twelve goals that Argentina. Argentina had, and I mean,and I mean I don't know, just a lot of that people were sayingabout messy in the final. Are you to earn, you mean, likeas a whole tournament both because, I mean, what people want him tomake like a hat trick in every single one of the Games, to themto say, oh, messy got carried. How does he care? How therewas one goal in the game and all the goal the Paul gave anamazing assist, like they were being we and score every single goal, likehe already carried so much. He participated in eleven of twelve goals and he'swon or time. On the final, though, where he had like toe One v ones that you know, he makes those day, he makesthose any day of the week, but he didn't make them in the final, but they still won. I mean, I know, and even if youwould have made even if you would have made that goal, people wouldhave still found a way to talking bad about messy. I mean, Idon't know, chief I think how he scored a goal. That would havebeen the cherry on top for a perfect tournament. But you really still wow. They still won the the Cherry on top is the for him that youdon't eat. He wins the trophy and he scores a goal in the final. What member? I mean you still win the trophy, but but hewas a top use, a top or. He was the top scorer of thewhole tournament. He was a top as sister the whole tournament. Well, I mean you name more Cherry on top. The Cherry on top isjust a trophy. That's it anymore. Name more is a gold merchant.Dude, he ain't no a sister. I mean had messing at one andthen it would be disappointing, disappointing wide. See, that's what I feel like. The level that because less massy has said, for the rest ofthe the world is like, who also think raw bro who else is runin the couple of Medica besides him? WHO's the WHO's the next? WHO'sthe next player that would you know go up against that? They maybe more. You more. Brazil is filled with really good teams. Dude. CUSSIMtoo was not going to score you four goals. Neither run like even Columbiaone. Kaqui Alo had a really good tournament. We saw Louise is thestep up in the third place game against Brow. That's talk about star levelplayers, though globally known at that. A lot of this game more.Look at all these. Columbia had a really good squad. Brazil had areally good squad. Would why? Had a really good squad even though theywere kind of old? All these teams had really good score why? Dude? If I'm Tommy B spots isn't good novel? At least this isn't good. Or Kawani. I mean, Dude, you you said they're old. Theydidn't do anything. Yeah, but they do a lot for their clubs, so they're not old then. I mean as bars of that. Dude, laport that, though its waters, was old too. Yeah, andthe y'all. He got through wrong. Obviously this is people think. Peoplewant messy to score five goals every game, for them not to touch shit.That's that's my point. If you say so, man. I justwant to see a messy go on the final. I know that final hurtyou. I know heard a lot of...

...we'll see in the World Cup,Buddy, you see, and then people, if people wouldn't, he would havenot won the couple Medica, you would have been like, Oh see, he didn't win the couple Medica. We could have saw it now.But now you're saying, since he won it all, let's see in theWorld Cup. And I don't think he's gonna win the World Cup, butif he does, you're going to be like, Oh, let's even winanother one, like it's never going to end. What do you mean toit's a Copa Medica, which teams like only row teams are freaking Brazil.Maybe would. Why? Bro You turned on Bolivia and Ecuador. So howdid Chilei win the last two couple MEDICAS? Exactly? I don't know part ofthose. Those are two finals, exactly. Exactly. That's my point. Exactly he made those two finals and couldn't be Chile. You Act likeChili had scrubs on their team. So they did not. Who's who wasin Europe besides scuttle? But I want, and they don't have to be inhere. died good team. They don't have to be in Europe tobe a good team. I mean, let's see Messi's team they had lockedout on Martinis. Europe, messy Europe, and also players in Brazili and Europe. So how is it that the two teams of European players went tothe final? Niko in silence, plays on still Gar I'm not really agreat team in Europe, and he started a lot of the Games Argentine andscored goals. What's those at? The man even play on, or evenwhat team he plays on? He plays on Benfica and Portugal. Oh No, wonder, I don't know that. anyways, next, next topic.Let's talk about Labor Lade La Conqua, cough like hope auto. It startedthis past Saturday. We had Mexico. When the first game against Trinidad,that saw a draw, zero zero, with Mexico taking you may consider therea team, which I mean it really is. We saw chokie getting hurtand that was unfortunately going to miss the rest of the tournament. What areyour thoughts on the draw and you know, the overall game and you know thelike, the freaking thought of the criticism and the controversy that behind it. I mean starting off with two key since it happened not early, earlyin the game, but I feel like it could have. They should havebeen a little bit more from the ref, especially because he let them play onfor so not a lot, like, obviously not like multiple minutes, butlike all those seconds are really crucial of Joky just being on the ground, because we saw even fun is Moldy Punning, what is the one whohad to push the goalie off of Chuki and then actor at it. Ieven had to get a shot on goal for the ball to go out andfor him to finally stop the game to call in the medical team to checkchuck out. So I feel like and then I don't know if it couldhave been a penalty, because this is the inertial of the play. Imean the player kind of did push somewhat of choky down and then the obviouslythe goalie was sliding in with his knee and met Chokie, but I don'tknow, it's just it was just sad to see how he's going to missa tournament off of play like that and off the way the ref carried himself. And this also a ref who's had a lot of bad situations before inthe past with other players and with other teams. So maybe coming to copsshould have a better way of picking rafts to ref these important games, especiallywith Mexico. Yeah, it was like there's like that role where it's likeif somebody re sees a head injury, you stop the game no matter what, no matter where the ball is. The Ref didn't do that, youknow, he let a plan on for a couple more seconds. I'm like, I said, it took the actor at I shout to go out ofbalance for him to end the like, you know, stop the game,but I mean it's that's on the ref or not, you know, notcontrolling. And then you saw Trinida, I keep fouling the you know,Mexico players. That same player who had pushed to you down seemed like hehad like a vendetta because he was going hard at like that Gottito and Ichatcha, stepping on their putting everything. And with all those fouls, Trinidadonly got one yellow card with all those...

...fouls that those and they were like, you know, they were going pretty they're pretty hard fouls. So it'sa disgrace to see that, I like from the referee not doing his jobright. And then you have people yelling the chant that they don't want youknow the people doesn't want to fence Dal but I feel like that was moreon the ref for not going to send or part Filo from the start.You know, when you let these time, when you let these type of placehappen, you have no control of the game. You're not going tocontrol the fans. Yeah, I mean it's and that's not excuse. Yeah, ands either way, it shouldn't be yelling that out, especially with themultiple times where they have already got in like criticize, not even criticized forit, but just like fines or we're Mexico is going to have to playgames with, know without, a crowd. But even aside from that, wehad players like, I feel like I was Volo Rodriguez on the left. He doesn't have really that level of play to be able to keep upwith the rest of the team, even which I got. CHAKA still keepsmaking mistakes, and then I feel like Mexico is still upset this a lotof times before. They don't have that player in the midfield who creates alot of plays, like a Cam, somebody fun like that. Pisado wassupposed to be, because after the Chooki Losano went out the only other wingerthey could put in was a fray. Now, but is or put inorder, Blimpinelle on the wing, and he obviously chose if ay. Nowwhat is but even continuing after that, like I feel like you should havegot one more winger called up, because WHO's you get? Whose can heput in? And then he he caught up Kevin Ouabaus and Eddie Sanchez,who probably aren't even going to get any minutes in the tournament, and they'realso extra, extra players. Are Yeah, aside from the only other forward,you would say, is what will you though? No, but wingers, wing, a Waitresca, chokie got hurt. Not Nobody really. Theygot starting orring that got people that. I mean, I find out ofthis. Couldn't really, you know, put himself in those only other wingthat would have been there would have been what. I do not if hehad come, been called up or even gave a lightness. Yeah, Ifeel like, but I don't know. Hopefully they do well on the Olympicteam. But like they got deitos, one of those players who creates plays, but he maintains a lot of that movement on the wing. So there'sonly so many plays you can create on a wing compared to through the middle. Because look, Mexica a lot of shots compared to Trinidad. They thinkthirty shots and fifteen corner cakes. So they were attacking on goal, obviously, but they just couldn't like function good plays, because when we saw them, when his multi scoporately ended up getting controversial off size. I mean Ithink his arm was a little bit it off side, but just the waythat they generate plays, and especially against Trinidad. Yeah, I mean theyhad also a I mean it showed ring out the game was like eighty twopercent possession and you know, most of the time Mexico was on the thingbe no kind of hard to score when you have Trinidad with eleven players insidethe box, crammed up there, there's really no space to do it.So I mean they had another choice, like you said. They had,like I remember you were like do this, like they're twenty center into the box. Yeah, I mean it'd see they base a lot of the textof the wings because they don't have like center mids who can really generate ordribble the ball. Because, I mean goody good, he's been playing reallywell, but he's not like a cam same thing with Actoria. He's acenter mid, but he's not a center attacking with it's not about the samething a really good mid, but he's a CDM. Yeah, so,I mean they have a day. They gets about. They have a chanceto bounce back on Wednesday against Watemala, I think right. Yeah, WaAmala. They're currently second in their group stage just because of solid or beaton them all yesterday, Z zero. But with the Mexico, when Iwas reading that, if they went against on Amala, they secure, youknow, to band to the next round.

So I mean I should I'm expectinga win against what them all life. I feel like Mexico's gonna, youknow, regroup themselves and hopefully what I'm all doesn't play like Trinid outwith their just in the back. Just you know, because I said haveyou, I don't know if you watch the USA Ip game right the youknow actually was going to a to to USA. Know they're actually keeping possessionof the block, creating plays, not just depending on counter attacks. AndI mean I was that's what I hope. You know, it was. Itwas going to be against first Mexico and Trinidad, but it was completeopposite turn. I would really just relying on countertector, just literally just kickingthe ball out. But I mean, yeah, USA one on the side, note U Sa one zero. They're taking their see team and then youknow, they even they had their criticisms of the only be it hundred andSero, but I mean it's their CE teams to I don't know when peopleare complaining about you know they're I mean, I wouldn't I want to say seeteam. It's probably like a good be good, be team, beteam. Yeah, I don't know what I mean. We'll see that.I mean postible. Yeah, without without joke. I mean Mexico, it'sI mean they're still the favorite to win this tournament. I don't see Idon't see why they shouldn't be beating teams like Martinique or Canada, but they'regonna win. Mexico's Mixo was going to one of the gold cub I thoughtthat Martino wasn't there too. So I mean we got, will get tosee him back on the sidelines. I didn't know that when you get arecord in the nation's they get transferred to the Gold Cup, even though adifferent tournament. Yeah, because that's under FIFA. You're right. All right, then, we'll keep up. We'll watch that Mexico game Wednesday. SeeYou, guys next time. Make sure to like, share and subscribe.

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