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Episode 30 · 4 months ago

Goat Talk Podcast 030 | Euro Final, Italy, Copa America Final, Argentina, Messi, Gold Cup, Chucky


In episode 030 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss the Euro 2020 Final where Italy defeated England in penalties, the Copa America Final where Argentina and Messi beat Neymar and Brazil 1-0. and the start of Mexico's participation in the Gold Cup where Chucky Lozano got hurt against Trinidad & Tobago. #Euro2020 #CopaAmerica #CopaOro

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Welcome back everybody: this is episode,thirty of goat talk under hosta lanzo and we're. Finally, back after about amonth of not posting an episode, we just had two major tournaments inthe world of football yeah we had the twenty twenty year os and also the copamerica. Two tournaments are supposed to be played last year, but do to coviethey push it to this year. We'll talk about the most recent tournament thatjust ended, which is the uros that saw. Italy, beat england three two and penalties when it was oneone at full time. This game was played at wembley. Sowhat are your thoughts about? You know how italy played this game on what yousay like rival, turf yeah. I feel like it was something thatitaly was kind of like complaining about how england had already played amajority of their games at home, and we saw them luke shaw, who scored thefastest goal and euro final history that really at the pace of the game, especially since england scored soquickly, italy, just how to move things around. I mean they're midfield withmarella georgina barati. Really, i feel like controlled a little bit betterthan phillips and deck an rice, but i don't know i was just a game backand forth. Italy took a lot more shots, even though they weren't on goalthey're really pushing the action i feel like because then they didn't getthe equalizer until the sixty seven minutes. So it took them a lot of workto be able to score a goal, but it was a o was a good game. Yeah and, like you said it took him awhile to score like go. That's giving props to, i would say the defense ofengland maguire, who has seen a lot of criticism and prime games that he'sinconsistent has actually pe played pretty good this year of tournament. Inmy opinion, we had a cow walker, also and stones in the back and pickfordwho's really shown that he's actually one of the great goalkeepers in for england, and it shows why he's astarter but, like you said they had like what twenty shots on golf for. Itwas for italy only twenty shots and then six were on cold for italy, whileengland had six shots and only one was on goal, and i'm guessing that one ongo was that one that shaw had scored. So i mean looking at that, it's kind oflike they, like england, couldn't reallyproduce much danger plays like on italy. It was more like the other way around.Italy was the one who kind of had control the game, and we saw it in thepossession where italy had sixty two percent possession and england hadthirty eight. So it was more like italy was trying to find that equalizer thatthey found in minute sixty seven and then you know, i feel, like this gamewas mostly all italy up until maybe what you'd say like the last fewminutes of the second half of extra time right before they went topenalties. That's when, like selka made all those subs he put in rushfordsancho, who many it was. It basically seem that he was putting them in forpenalties which will talk about in a bit, but i mean i feel like this. Was italyyou know throughout the whole game it was. They were the ones who weredominating. I just felt it felt right that they, you know, won this tournament becauseof the way how they started it and they continue to play throughout the wholetournament yeah, because i feel, like a lot of the teams, will all the teamsfrom the group of death that had france, germany and portugal. None of thoseteams made it out of the round of sixteen, and i feel like italy, italywas probably the best. In my opinion. I think they were the best team of thetournament they went and defeated. They won every single one of the games inregular time, except for the semifinal against spain, which was probably not agood game. Yet they were still up for eighty minutes of the game up untilspain tied and i mean that game was a little bit shaky. I mean spain is kindof awkward to play against, but every single are games that they playedbefore that they were the best team yeah and, like you said it was a semifinal game against spain, and i mean that was a spain who you know. Manypeople also doubted you know, because they didn't think they'd go that far,especially with like a team that an...

...rica put together that was kind ofmaybe questionable, but i mean they exceeded expectations, and i mean they showed me too, becausei really didn't didn't think that they would make it that far. So i meansurprisingly, they did and they put up a good fight against italy, but i meanitaly, you know how great they have been playing. You know that ultimatelycame into play and got them the euros that they've waited for about. I don'tknow, i think it was around fifty years, also like england, around fifty years,o for that second coveted euro championship, but i mean let's talkabout england for a bit. That's the topic for much of the media today,south gate, putting in rasor and sancho to take the penalties, go both missed and we'll talk aboutthat right now, ask you for your opinion, another player who missed wassaka. Those three players shot them back to back and they all three missedconsecutively a. What do you think sunket was thinking and putting youknow, resort and sensual in to shoot the penalties, who you know, twoplayers who haven't played many minutes in the tournament and then saka, whohas never shot a career like a senior career penalty? Upuntil this point like was that the right decision or what comes into playthere yeah. I think that's like the most controversial topic that happenedwith the final for me. I think a lot of people are saying how rasor and sanchowere like cold. So that's could be one of the reasons they miss or pens, but ifeel like dude. You don't need to be warm to run up like two feet and shoota penalty. The problem that i had with them being summed on is he basicallyghosted rushford and sancho? The whole tournament like they barely even played,and then he wants them to carry england on their back and scored like thedecisive penalties and then with saka. How would youchoose? I mean a nineteen year old to take thefifth penalty, like the decisive one. We saw it happen with france, how theychosen bope, who is technically their best player, and then he ended upmissing that penalty against switzerland, causing france to also beeliminated. But i feel, like i mean it kind of helps these players careers. Imean, i said when i bapiste, i feel like he needed amiss to help his career grow, which sounds kind of stupid in a way, butthey just got to see how their career goes from one path to another,especially with saka, who plays on arsenal who has shaky seasons. But it'sjust the fact that he, how would you not play rashon like, even though hedidn't have that good of a season with nat es united he's still a lot betterthan like sa mason mout? Who really couldn't find himself on the pitch? Isuppose, since sometimes he had a drift to the outside with sterling also underperforming it's just the way he set up the formation, i feel like didn't,really help and he needed wingers like sancho and russan on the field, andthen he puts them in and makes them take these decisive penalties when theyprobably don't even feel like they've, been receiving confidence from theircoach south gate up into the final game of the tournament yeah and, like yousaid he had saka nineteen year old, take the last county when he can now,you could have had a rahim starling, who has been probably the better playerof england throughout the tournament i mean, i don't know. South gate forsure is probably getting criticism right now and unfortunately, we'reseeing the players suffer to with fans, leaving races comments, and you knowthree of them because they happen to be of african descent. But you know england, you know theymade it and it's prop to them for making it. I had read something where, like thepresident of, like the england federation had said that back in like two thousand and twelve,he said something about how he was aiming for the team to reach the semesfor the twenty twenty year olds. But i...

...mean they reached the final, so theymade it even further than what they had thought. So i mean england shouldn't.You know, be disappointed in themselves for losing the final. They should actually be proud formaking it this far in a euros that probably didn't see them much asfavorites, even though they had a pretty good team. You know there wasothers who were more heavily favorites, but this is like they're golden is kindof like this. I coming of the golden generation, i mean the first one wasprobably like a modern day football when they had david beckham franklinpart steven gerrard wayne rooney like in their primes, but this is look attheir look at their bench and then look at their starting on a like. They havethey're really stacked. I mean compared to like other teams like belgium, and ifeel like portugal. Just never really had that chemistry and we got a playersalso underperforming like yewen, benoleben, anon and bruna fanatis, whoi think he didn't play that bad. But there was still some moments in thereyeah i feel, like england, england did really well. We saw greelys also, ifeel like he had a really good tournament, who i think should bemoving to a better team, this upcoming season, hopefully to manchester city, but it's just the fact that the waythey lost and the way that they kind of like carried themselves because thenalso when italy lifted the trophies only ones who stayed where jordanhenderson, who got subbed out- and i remember telling you during the game toi was like: why would hugh suborn henderson at the time of the game and it so where you already have two holdingmidfielders and deck an rise and phillips? Why would you put in jordanhenderson- and i remember telling you that when he summed him in and then heended up summing them out again for raspers for the fort rash for to endedup? Not what playing that stoppage time. Itwas like what this is: it yeah. It was like the last minute that he set themon and then also phillips, phillips and henderson. We only players to stay andwatch italy lift their trove, and i mean i feel like yeah their startingline up. I could have even been much better, like you said, with central andrushford, and i see comments where they're, like oh south kay could have,you know, fought with guns and rifles, but instead chose to fight with sticksand stones. You know by leaving those two on the onthe sidelines, and i mean it's kind of true because throughout the tournamentwe kind of question south gate about the line of say he would put out. Youknow, leave leave jack rellis from the bench marcus rest for j. You know jagansancho who's. You know now headed to the prem for man. United, so i meanit's like you have players like these who are starting potential and start on their teams? Undeniablylike? Why would you not start on on the national team? You know likethey're, obviously better than the people they sub in for decent rise. Ifeel market vestis better than him. Who wur did they don't play the sameposition, though you would have to find a way to be as true, but i mean he wasplaying three in the bag and he had four midfielders, but it was three piedand shaw on like on the wings. So i mean i guess they would drop kind ofbore in the back at some point, but i mean i don't know it didn't imean it so it didn't work, though, because italy was kind of dominatingthe game either way on possession and shots. So within the thing too, i wantto just talk about kind of close out. The euro is done room i, he won't npthe whole tournament and he's like a really young gold keeper who just gotsigned to pg, preferring his probably i don't know if he's going to replacekiller, not us, but this is kind of like the second time in his career,where now was just kind of like pushed aside for an upcoming, notupcoming boy, because i feel like courtois had already like establishedhimself yeah like they sign another goalie. When he's already in a goodmoment, don't i roman the best go heap in theworld right now. No, i feel like that's kind of like recency bias, where youjust see a goal. Keeper succeed recently and it hass a lot to with,like..., feders and forwards kind of, likea lot of people, were criticizing how people were saying how conte was thebest medfold in the world just because of chelsea winnin chambol. I feel likeshe had a he's always been a really good go keeper, he de but with italylike at a really as a teenager, at a really young age. But i don't know,that's how i feel like i don't know how pishes gonna, maybe kalona is going toplay in the chambes leu and on a room was going to be playing in the leagueand maybe in the italian cup yeah. I don't know, that's something,but he and the french cup in the french cup, oh yeah, cause said italian cobecause he's italian yeah he was a and so yeah. So maybe i don't know i don'tknow how not, as is probably feeling about that right now, especially afterseeing how well of a tournament he had, and especially because calenas not evengoing to be in the cup otto, oh yeah yeah, he didn't call it. Hedidn't he's not with costarica, which we'll talk about in a bit. We'll moveright now back to the other tournament that we had talked about, which is acopoeia. We had argentina and brazil facing off. In the final this pastsaturday we saw argentina side winning on zero with the goal from academeiaminute. Twenty two giving messy his first inter like major trophy withargentina in your low at the senior level. Couldwant to do twenty walk up and olympic al, not at the senior level. So you know whatdo you think overlabor the performance of argentina and maybe why brazil cameup short of it, become to netho? Well, i feel, like a lot of the stuff, had todo with brazil having to go through nay, more for a majority of the game, andeven we saw antha's where name or had a drop, all the way back to theirdefensive third, to try to get the ball and because i feel, like a sinasurprising, was passing the bar really well, but i feel like something thatreally messed up. The game was the amount of fowls. There was forty onefowls during the course of the game, and they were like back to back and wenever saw large portions of the game without a foul without, like the ballbeing stopped at, it was like there was not a lot of continuous play and i feel,like i don't know, and we saw two hoteis said that he had. He knew a wayhow to stop messy. I feel like it wasn't really that way and you neverreally saw messy really getting cluttered by a defender him beingstopped in a way i mean the was a ball. He gave an amazing assist to uncle demaria rena lody's a left back for brazil. He timed that horribly kind ofyeah. He kind of marked him bad, but he was also a player who had to stay downa lot because of name were also playing on the left, and so i feel like he could havepositioned himself better, but i'm we can't really say that because i wasn'ton the field, but i feel like he did kind of mark the moya bad in that goal,that he scored yeah yeah, because it was like a tittle boyi felt like love could have got in. If had he timed the right or had he just kind of like you know,position himself better. I feel like that was more of a defensive er. I meanyou know it was a great past, but it was just like a defensive era that youknow once he once a ball got through him. You know there was no catching upto be media and it was a one b, one with the goalkeeper. He easily justchipped it over edeson, but i mean, like i said there was likea game with with a bunch of fowls, so there was never really like a rhythm tothe game. It was kind of stagnant, it was kind and it was hard for brazil.Fine. You know that ryl, because every time namor would try to get through thelines or create some places. You know you would get fouled. You know. I'd sawlike a tamely. Probably i saw have follow any more the most, but it tookto like the almost end of the game, to give him a yellow card, but i mean youknow, that's soccer. You know you got to it's. You fight, you grind throughit. You know, there's never really a rhythm, but that's on you to find youknow a way to win and argentina...

...ultimately went. They found a way towin. You know they were. It would to hold it down to what they scored aminute twenty. So it's about eighty minutes against brazil at home and inamerica a they held them. You know goalless, so i mean you know, that'scredit argentina for be able to do that. You know especially playing in brazil.You know a tournament that you were supposed to play at home. Originally,that's also, you know, see criticism. You move there from a country likeargentina, who's playin by ovid to another country is played by coed evenmore in brazil, which i mean women bore. Had you know it was no logic in doingthat. But you know argentino came to brazil, theycame to their backyard and they beat them yeah, and i mean the last timethat i just in even one a couple medica was against mexico, one thousand ninehundred and ninety three, and so it's been a really long time coming for them,and i feel like a lot of people, the i mean, and then it is even includingyourself. I feel, like messy, received a lot of chris criticism that he nevereven was supposed to get. He participated on eleven o twelve goalsthat argentina gentian i mean, and i mean i don't know just a lot of thatpeople were saying about messy in the final or you er. You mean likeas a whole tournament, both because i mean what people want him to make likea hat trick and every single one of the games to them to say: oh messy gotcarried. How does he how there was one goal in the game and o the go? The paulgave an amazing as says like they would have been weird and score every singlegoal, like he already carried so much. He participate in eleven of twelvegoals and he's one that our time on the final, though, where hehad like two eonton that you know he makes those day he makes those any dayof the week, but he didn't make them in the final, but they still won. I mean iknow, and you got if you would have me. Even if you would have made that goal,people would have still found a way to talk bad about mesty. I mean, i don't know chief, i think,had he scored a goal. I would have been the charyon top for a perfecttournament, but you real, they still won the the cherry on top. Is thehamtown a trophy and he scores of going. The final me i mean you still win thetrophy, but but he was a top. He was a top or here was the top score of thewhole tournament. He was the topasses er. The whole tournament to eli meanyou name more terry. On top the chair on top is just a trophy: that's it youor name more is a gold merchant dude. He ain't, no, a sister. I mean i hadmessing a one and then it'd be disappointing disappointing. Why see? That's what ilike the level that, because my esse has said for the rest of the world islike he also rod bro, who else is runnin the coup of medica besides himwho's the who's, the next who's, the next player that would you know, go upagainst that they may more more. Brazil is filledwith really good teams to casimiro not going to score. You four goals:netaskit colombia, w t one called quarrel, had a really good tournament.We saw louis des d step up in the third place game against ere. I talk about star level players, though,globally known at that a lot of s, a mare, look at all these columbia had areally good squad. Brazil had a really good squad would a. Why had a really good squad,even though they were kind of old. All these teams had really good scow, dodotte potus, isn't good ole, oisingood or come on. I mean to, like you said, they're old,they didn't do anything yeah, but they do a lot for their clubs, so they're,not old. Then i mean as bars of that dude la porte toit. What it is all to yeah and the yoke proved wrong, obviously, is just peoplethink people want messy the score five goals, every game for them not to takeshit. That's that's my point. If you say so man, i just want to see amessy go on the final. I i know that... hurt you and i heard a lot oftime, we'll see in the world cup buddy i seeand then people. If people wouldn't he would have not won the cup of medical.You would have been like, oh see, he didn't want to cop omenica. We couldhave thought now, but now you're saying since he won it. Oh, let's s in theworld cup and i don't think he's going to win the world code, but if he doesyou're going to be like oh, let's and win another one like is never going toend. What do you mean to it's? A copoeia with i, like? Onlyraw teams are freaking, brazil, maybe w. Why bo you turn bolivia and ecuador? So how did chile win the last twocouplets? Exactly i don't know to those are two finn exactly exactly that's mypoint exactly he made those two finals andcouldn't be tile. You acting like chilo had scrub on their team dod. They didnot. Who was in europe besides god o, but i won. They don't have to be a year.I good team, they don't have to be in eurip to be a good team. I mean, let's see nessy's team, theyhad laarman tinus, ero, vessy europe and also players in brazil and europe.So how is it? The two teams with european players went to the final nico. One silas plays on stuga, notreally a great team in europe, and he started alot of the games. Fargesia scored goals. What in this altamente en plan on don'teven know what team he plays on? He puts on benfica portugal? Oh nowonder i don't know anyways next next topic. Let's talk about la bolao like oporo, it started this past saturday we hadmexico when the first game against trinidad that saw a draw zero zero withmexico. Taking you would many consider their a team, which i mean it really is,and we saw chuki getting hurt and i was unfortunately going to miss the rest oftournament. What are your thoughts on the draw, andyou know the overall game- and you know the like the freaking thought of thecriticism and the controversy that behind it i mean starting off with joke.Since it happened not early early in the game, but i feel like it could have,they should have been a little bit more from the raf, especially because he letthem play on for so not a lot like, obviously not like multipleminutes but, like all those seconds, are really crucial of choke just beingon the ground, because we saw even funis moti fune modis, the one who hadto push the go, the off of chuki and then actor and eta even had to get ashot on goal for the botte go out and for him to finally stop the game tocall in the medical team to check took ye out. So i like, and then i don'tknow if it could have been a penalty, because this is the inertia the play imean, the player kind of did push somewhat of choking down and then theobviously the goalie was sliding in with his knee and met choke. But idon't know it was just. It was just sad to see how he's going to miss atournament off a play like that and off the way the ref carried himself andthere's also a reff who's had a lot of bad situations before in the past, withother players and with other teams. So maybe coco should have a better wayof picking raps to rest. These importantgames, especially with mexico yeah. It was like there's like that rulewhere it's like. If somebody receives a head injury, you stop the game, nomatter. What no matter where the ball is the rift didn't do that. You know helet it play on for a couple more seconds and, like i said it took backto read, i shot to go out of balance for him and i, like you, know, stop thegame, but i mean it's that's on the red for not, you know not controlling, andthen you saw trinita keep following. You know. Mexico players that sameplayer who had pushed to i down seem like he had like a vendetta, because hewas going hard at like decapiti and a chacha step on the prand. Everything and with all those fowls turn it outonly got one yellow card with all those...

...fowls that those- and they were likeyou know they were going pretty they're pretty hard fowls. So it's a disgrace to see that i, likefrom the referee, not doing his job right and then you have people yelling,the chant that they don't want. You know the people doesn't want the fansteo, but i feel like that was more on the rat for not colycinth partido fromthe start. You know when you let these type, when you let these type of placehappen and you have no control the game. You're not going to have control thefans. Yeah, i mean it's a it's, not excuse,yeah an either way. I shouldn't be yelling that out, especially with themultiple times where they've already got in, like critic, not even criticized for it, butjust like fines or where mexico's going to haveto play games with no without a crowd. But even aside from that, we hadplayers like i feel like osbaldiston the left. He doesn't have really that alevel of play to be able to keep up with the rest of the team on with chakachaka still keeps making mistakes, and then i feel, like mexico is upset thisa lot of times before they don't have that player in the midfield, whocreates a lot of plays like a cam somebody fun like that. Pesado wassupposed to be because after chukula went out, the only other winger theycould put in was a frigates or put in or vilipend on the wing, and heobviously chose a fray. Now what is, but even continuing after that, like ifeel like you, should have got one more winger caught up because who's he gotwhose can he put in and then he caught up giving at about us and eddiescantest, who probably aren't even going to get any minutes in thetournament and they're. Also extra extra playersthere, yeah aside from the only other forward,you would say, is what woldo no be wingers wing up. Oh waiters, this chokegot hurt, not nobody really! I i starting at i mean i i i justcouldn't really you know put himself in the the only other wine that would havebeen here would have been what a dona if he had come, been called up, or eventhe ave liness yeah i feel like, but i don't know. Hopefully they do well inthe olympic team, but like the cadets one of those players who create plays,but he maintains a lot of that movement on the wing. So there's only so manyplays you can create on a wing compared to through the middle because lickmexico, a lot of shots compared to trade. They took thirty shots and fifteen cortices, so they wereattacking on going obviously, but they just couldn't like function good plays,because when we saw the fun is moeso, but he ended up getting controversialoff side. I mean, i think his arm was a little bit offside, but just the waythat they generate plays and especially against trinidad yeah. I mean they had also i mean itshowed during out the game. It was like eighty two percent possession and youknow most of the time. Mexic wasn't the thing you know kind of hard to score when youhave tuned at with even players inside the box kind up, there there's reallyno space to do it. So i mean they had another choice but, like you said theyhad like. I remember you were like to this like their twentieth center intothe box. Yeah i mean i, i they based a lot of the text of the wings becausethey don't have like center maids who can reallygenerate or dribble the ball, because i mean goody. Got he's been playingreally well, but he's not like a cam same thing with etarita he's a centermad, but he's not a center attacking man. That's not about the same thing, areally good mid, but he's a cd yeah. So i mean they have a a they geta bound. They have a chance to bounce back on wednesday against water mola. Ithink right. Yeah wamala they're, currently second in their group statesjust because o solid or beat a omal yesterday to zero, but with the mexicowhen i was reading that if they went...

...against war on, are they secure? You know to advance to the next round,so i mean i should i'm expecting a win against water. My life, i feel likemexico's going to you, know, regroup themselves and hopefully, what a molldoesn't play like turn it out where they're, just in the back as a ma, youknow because i have i don't know. If you watch the usa id game right, t you know actually was going ato a two to usa. You know they're, actually, keeping possession of the ball ratingplays not just a penny on counter attacks, and i mean i was that's what ihope you know it was. It was going to be against person, mexico and trinidad,but it was complete opposide than i was lital just relying on counter tacher.Just here just kicking the ball out, but i mean yeah. You would say one onthe side, o us a one one: zero they're taking their sea team, and then youknow they even they had their criticisms of. Oh the only bit one zero, but i mean it's their sea team. Susi,don't know what people are complaining about. You know there i mean i wouldn'ti want to say sea team. It's probably like a good, be good, be team, be minusteam yeah. I don't know, but i mean well seei mean a yeah without without you km exois i mean they're still thefavorites to win this tournament. I don't see, i don't see why theyshouldn't be beating teams like mark in a or canada, but they're going to win.Mexico's mex was going to one of the gold cup. I thought o martino. Wasn't there too?So i mean we got we'll get to see him back on the sidelines. I didn't knowthat when you get a red card in nations at you get transferred to the goal cup,even though it's a different tournament yeah, because i wonder fefe you're right all right, then we'll keepup we'll watch that exogamy wednesday. So you guys next time make sure thelike shared subscribed.

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