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Episode 14 · 1 year ago

Goat Talk Podcast 014 | Sebastian Lletget Interview (LA Galaxy, USMNT, Off-Season, Becky G, Europe)


In episode 014 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias interviews Sebastian Lletget, midfielder for the LA Galaxy and US Mens National Soccer Team. They discuss his MLS offseason, playing for the USMNT this year, starting a youtube channel, relationship with Becky G, Maradona's inspiration, among other topics.

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Welcome back everybody, this episode fourteen of Goat Talk. I'm your host, Alonzo Frius. I'm here with Fabian as my cohost, and for this week's guess we have Sebastel leget. He has a new fielder for the La Galaxy and US men's national team. Welcome, thank you. Thank you, guys, for having me. And Yeah, no, I'm excited about it. So what are you working on right now during the offseason to prepare for the next MLS season? Yeah, there's a lot, I guess. I mean definitely trying to take my downtime serious and enjoy my family, but at the same time you got to balance it out with, you know, with training and you know, just trying to work on things that that during the season you probably thought that, you know, I could have done better or you know. It's like today before this podcast, Trent, you know, just training on you know, finishing and shooting and you know, just the little stuff that makes a big difference in a big game. You know. Okay, and so you were the only player to play in all four matches to the US men's national team this year. So how does it help you boost your confidence, especially with Greg Belhalter. Yeah, I know, it's crazy. I know when they mentioned that that was pretty is a stat I didn't I didn't really think of until they until they mentioned it. So again, I think we've grown. I think I've grown as a player under his system and you know, he's a very detailed coach and I who, I think is who. I think is going to be the men's national team for a long time, and I hope there's more success to come with that. But we we are, relationship is is definitely grown and I think it's I mean I've also had to apply myself and and learn a lot on how he wants to play things. So, you know, and there was a really young group this year's come, you know, really really young group, the European everybody that's in Europe, and then everybody that's domestically. It's a I'm more of a veteran now. Yeah, twenty eight years old and even though it's not really like old right for you, for any soccer player, but you know, again, compared to the my peers, it's a it's definitely but I just got to show that that experience that that I've had, you know, playing in the League and having the amount of games that I've had and you know, and you know hopefully there's success that comes with that. And I don't know a player really close to his Julian Rajo. Yeah, how I've very guided him in a way and also have you talk to him and say because I know there's been people from the next national team trying to push it to the other side. So have you kind of been like a bro You staying with me right? I know there's been a little bit of that. You know, it's it's tough because I do have a lot of I do support him a lot and I'm always there for him and I do have that sort of big brother relationship with him. But again, it's he's, you know, nineteen, turning twenty. He's still super young and I know there's these are big decisions that you know, have to be made, but he has to make them and you know that. I can influence him as much as I want, but at the end of the day it's going to be his call and I think everybody respects that. But of course, if I'm being biased, I would love for him to stay, you know,...

...part of the US and I think he has could have a future that you know so, but again it's up to him. Yeah, and then, since you said that you are technically like the veteran on the team. Yeah, that average data think was like around twenty two, twenty three. And do you sort of like, as a mentor, to also like other players besides like your teammates? Yeah, no, I think. I. I think, I don't think. I. How do I say? I don't think I asked for that role, right, but I found myself being that guy, you know, who really wants everybody around me to do well, and I've always been sort of that's have a player, that's have a person. So I think it just compliments my personality anyways. So I want, you know, these guys to have an amazing future and and I believe, you know, US soccer does have a bright future ahead of them. Yeah, well, with the talent that we have, and they're still young. So and it only going to get me wrong. I mean Jesus, we got so many guys playing for big, big clubs, and we have even domestically playing plane had a really high level, and I think mls is just going to keep growing and being more competitive than it already is. So that's I mean, I think the next ten years are going to be huge. Yeah, and I've I saw your Players Tribune. Yeah, you you said how when you came in that MLS was taken off. Yeah, how would you? How would you like? What changes have you seen since when you first arrived and then till now? Yeah, I think. I think when I first came, like many, I didn't really know what to expect. Maybe iffected, I don't know, you know, just stuff. You hear about the domestic league here and you know it could be a little star and honestly, I don't know what it was, but it must have been the year that I got here, which was two hundred fifteen. It just like it was everything, but any of that. You know, it was. It was athletic, it was technically, I mean better than I ever thought it was going to be. And and then every year coming after that, it was just like more players were coming and just changing, you know, changing the style. And then, you know, along with that comes better coaching. Yeah, and then just a club. It just demands clubs to be better, you know, whether it's building a really nice training facility, like the new clubs have like, or a building a new stadium. Yeah, you know, and all that adds a lot of value. So that's what I mean. I think it's the League has become a really appealing spot for yeah, players and we're seeing how a big name players are being he humored to come to that molest yeah, we have to char equal signing with you guys. Yeah, no, and needs you know, he's a I know we've you know he's it's been a crazy year for all of us, the galaxy and you know, but I do. I'm optimistic that the next year will be a much, much better year. Yeah, and then you just had your ten year anniversary since the first time you signed a procontract. And September, I don't know if you damn, I didn't even think about it, I sign your first PROCOCRA can cool, September of twenty two thousand and ten right. So how have you seen your career? Progressive, special since you started off of the Premier League? So how did that experience of practicing with West Ham and saying in the FA Cup, how do the help prepare you for the MLS? Yeah, no, it's I learned so much... Europe and even though I didn't, how would I say it? It didn't turn out the way I would want, but I learned a lot, you know, I learned so much. I wasn't blessed with maybe the right managers. Maybe there's just bad timing. I believe I put in the work, but again, these things happen in life and sometimes it's not fair or whatever, but you just got to keep it moving and that's why you got you got to find opportunity, and that's why, when I came here, I feel like I was so ready, you know, I was so ready just for you. Just need to give me a window, you know, and as soon as I got that, I just kind of like, you know, just never stopped. So I think that's more than anything I learned. I learned just to deal with can we spur on here? That's where, but no, yeah, you can save. Just just deal with Shit, you know. Yeah, it's gonna like keep it going, like there's nobody's going to feel sorry for you. So it's especially because there's so many players and so many people going through things in the footballing world today. It's I and everybody is a different journey, you know, like I would have you know. It's not what I thought, but I'm glad it's still is what it is, you know, like I'm happy. I couldn't have asked for a better, better, a better way. You know, it's different for everybody and something I talked a lot on the podcast is about how club soccer. So what was your experience like playing for Santa Clara and as sixteen years old and then from their signing a professional contract in Europe? So what was that transition like, because I feel like a lot of people that I would play with locally that was like their dream. Yeah, yeah, I know it was. I think especially in the barrier, it was kind of unheard of around when I was doing it. So I was learning as I go. You know, it was something that just not many young players got the chance of doing. So when I had that opportunity, I just, you know, you kind of learned as you go. You guys, you know you you learned about that there's a going to be a tryout or that the scout likes you and they want to send you over to Europe and it sounds amazing and but still you're like as a kid, you like people like steam. Yeah, you know, and I knew I wanted to be professional, but I don't even know what that really means. You know, I just know. I just see guys on TV running around and it looks amazing playing in front of crowds. So I'm like, all right, whatever, it's gonna get me to their right. And you know, as soon as I actually went over there, it was a different world. But I think I was naive and I think that naiveness kind of helped me because I wasn't nervous, I wasn't anything. I was just like like just give me the ball, get I'm ready, you know, like let me just go play, like how are I do here? And it just worked out. Like the the not thinking part help me. You know, I wasn't, you know, overthink anything. I didn't overthink it, and I mean this game it takes sometimes, it takes the joy out of you. So it's Nice, you know, it's I gotta you gotta keep that in that joy you got. You got to find ways, like an offseason, more than anything. That's what I do. I try to get that fun back because when he turned pro it's very different from when I was playing center clary. You know, it's like there's people, jobs on the line. Yeah, a...

...lot of business kind of platform. It's it's a bigger platform. People are criticizing you and Meetia, you know the media. Anything you do wrong, or even if you do a right, it's going to be everywhere. So it's a whole different world. So but you get you get used to it. You get used to it and then, in terms of galaxies, next season are you do you would you prefer for Dominic to stay coach, because I know then he's the close to GM for La. Yeah, AH man, may you guys are aware. Dude, good. Yeah, I love Dom I dum is a really a good relationship and you know, he's a bary native to hes so, yeah, black Talx here, smer says, yeah, that's right. Yeah, so he we always talk about, you know, just being born a race here and stuff like that's why I have a good relationship with him and of course, if you were to stay, I would I would definitely be happy. I wouldn't be opposed to it. But I know there's, you know, other people that they're interviewing and I honestly don't know at the moment who's going to get the job done. You know, there's still a little bit of time. I'm hoping they announced it soon, just to know, but you know, I think they're still up in here with that. But yeah, he's great, he's really great. So hopefully to another question I want to ask to La. Galaxy always been known to have that superstar on the team. So Stephen Gerard during, you J Wanti, Tho Santos Slot on and char though. So how has an atmosphere been in the locker room, especially going from one stuperstar to another? Yeah, no, it changes. You know, now we have Checho, who's you know, he's been great, he's been grinding man. You know, it's he's you know, he had some injuries and things like that that kind of like stop start. But yeah, everybody has their own vibe, you know, everybody has their own their own energy and you know, ebras was definitely a character. Yeah, we could see that. Yeah, you can see that. Deo was, you know, geo was more of a creative mind. But like, I got along with him, but you know, he was just so different. Stevie was. I mean he was a class act. Yeah, but he's just coming to the end of his greas career, you know, and so he wanted to he really, I do believe he really wanted to excel and have a lot of success here, but, you know, I mean things work out in different ways. You know, it's it, does it everybody? But, like you said, everybody's different. Yeah, and interesting. Stepping aside a little from the soccer aspect, you also open up your youtube channel recently. Yeah, like a subscribe. What made you want to do that? Yeah, no, I think it's I'm glad you asked. Yeah, because it's it's I want to show a different site to sort of athletes. You know, it's it's a different you know, a lot of us just see what we wanted, what we choose to put on on instagram or or on social media in general, or what you see on TV when we're playing games. But I think it's it's a it forces me to kind of even though I'm really not. I feel like I'm not your Youtube Bird. Yes, sality. Feel like it forces me to have fun with it and kind of come out of myself, you...

...know, and I mean it's gotten good, you know, a good response so far. Again, it's a lot of fun and you know, we have Ulle you can watch. Yeah, pretty PUTT. I put effort. A lot of you. Sorry, I wanted to come out good, you know. So hopefully anybody out there see support. I see you dance like baby sharp. Yeah, whatever. Expect that. I forgot about that. Funny, I know. I film in then I forget and then they edited and I'm like Oh that. Another funny moment for me was when you were in Europe. Oh Yeah, took off your mask and you're like how well, like a Bra Yo. People love that. I forgot I said that. That was funny. Oh Yeah, a bunch of a bunch of girls were like, Oh, yeah, that's exactly. I was like firsting that come to mind. Yeah, I would say this because it was a whole day of travel for me. It was like what, twelve hour or like eleven hour flight? Yeah, and then I take a twohour car drive course, service to from London to Wales, which is like yeah, it was like two hours, and then meet up with the hotel and they have to do testing. Uh Huh. So it was I could not take this thing off. Yeah, so it was for sixteen hours, like I had could not take my mask off. So that one time that was like it was all right, so you could and then you can see all all like sweaty and mess well, like you know how your blog. That's more like you. On your social side. Yeah, how would you like? How do you balance your social life aside from like your professional career? Right, yeah, it's I mean people deal with I mean people got shit going on, yeah, all the time, I personal and professionally, right, but I think you just gotta find you got to find your balance somehow. You know, some guys like going out golfing. You know, some guys like, you know, going indoors and or staying indoors with their loved ones. Or some guys, some guys choose the not. So, you know, going out already your partying a little bit more. Some guys can do it. You know, some guys can afford to do that stuff. But you know, for me, I try to do a little bit of everything. You know, I don't everything in moderation. Yeah, I don't. I don't try to like to. I'm just this way. Yeah, I try to mix it up and you know, it's and when you live, I mean I live with my girlfriends. Yes, she's a kind of playoff whatever she's doing too, and she does the same with me. So we have a good we have a good thing, though. It's that's the big thing. When you move in. I don't know if you guys have moved in with your not. So yeah, yeah, so different world. But if you find that good one, that's yeah, you'll be okay. How do you guys like? How do you bounce, like your relationship, because, you know, she's obviously like one of the top. I know she's gotta crazy, crazy life. Yeah, professional life her, hear, her other life is or like her personal life is just like any one of ours, for sure, like it's you know, she likes doing all the same stuff. You know, it's not like she's the exception or yeah, but her,...

...yeah, her professional life consists of her doing, you know, getting just being, you know, performing in front of I I've been behind stage and I don't even know. I'm like I'd be freaked out if I was. She was like walking out like a boss and I'm just like I heard like off the court, but like I can't wait, you know. I mean it's like you can have a concert right. Yeah, you can't wait till the artist comes out. You know, it's like I see the but you said, the artist, every day, but it's just like in that moment of her coming out and then everybody likes greet. I guess you're gonna rest you. I've been nervous for her. Yeah, because I'm envisioning myself doing there and just I mean it's crazy, you know, and I know it's you compared it to like playing soccer, but it's totally different because when you're playing, you're starting the yeah, you're focus on the ball, your teammates. You have a mission, and they do too, but a lot of its base on them, you know. It's like if they trip or if they like, everything on her, but everybody's looking like like like that stuff, this shit. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, so how they do what they do is is crazy. That's crazy. It's crazy. And have you gave her any advice? And it's kind of like the inside world of soccer. So now that she became co owner of Angel City, yeah, that's right. Yeah, I know she's. She's huge on that. She was was probably one of her proudest things, mainly because is mainly because she, growing up, especially in La didn't really have a she was she was never going to like want to be a professional soccer but she loves soccer. She has sports. She loved baseball because of her family, but she didn't really have, even if she wanted to. She didn't really have anything to strive for it because there wasn't any women's team to you know, maybe college, but you know. So I think for her that was like I gotta support this because if I ever have a daughter one day, I can I can at least say, you know, hey, we I had this team, or we there's this team in La, in your hometown, that can that you can play, you can actually play here. You know, you have something to look up to and dream about. You know. So that that's kind of like her message behind it, which I was like, you know that, that's true. Yeah, so motivation. Yeah, like that. That that totally makes sense to me. I do believe is going to be pretty cool. I mean, women soccer is crazy, right. Yeah, especially with that feel like Claire's, like Megan Rapino over all, gave a voice to the woman's now, yeah, they did. They really put herself out there and you know, it could have been received the opposite. But yeah, I think really, how many people are we going to say whatever they want? Yeah, I think she's I think she's done a good job. She put herself out there, like at the PFO awards with like Ronaldo and messy. Everybody was there, so it's like like she wasn't afraid, you know, and you know it's good. It takes guts exactly. So, you know, a lot of credit for her. Yeah, for sure. And also one topic to I wanted to adjust. Do you come from our TEENA descent? Right? So what did Madelona mean to hear? Yeah, inspiration growing up and playing soccer. He's I mean my dad's still not really over over, you know, he's like even the book I even though... are. Yeah, the Oh, yeah, we're play fans. Be Honest. I know you're its supposed to say it, but you know, it is what it is, and I put it in. Yeah, everybody knows, but he yeah, I mean like I guarantee probably watching youtube, youtube video of Diego Right now. Like he's yeah, it means all. I think it means a lot, especially to people that come from that era where they really watched him grow. Yeah, player, you know. You know, for me, or maybe you guys too, it's like, you know, I see there's messy, there's these amazing players that we grew up with, we saw grow. So that's why maybe we're a little biased when we compare them, right? Yeah, for him. You know, again, why People Watch sports is they want to be entertained. And yes, Guy, it was a character. Yeah, he's a character on and off the film. So he means a lot to people, especially from Argentina. So in soccer general, but in you know, it definitely for any Argentineans. Yeah, you know, he is the PUTTY. Mean, yeah, the epitome of Argentine and soccer. So, yeah, it's a tragic loss and I know he probably didn't take care of himself as well as yeah, you know, those are decisions people make. Yeah, we quite as far as soccer goes. Yeah, the guys going to be go down in history as one as the best of all, you know, of all time, and it rightfully so, you know. Yeah, and then one question to I want to ask you. Do you play? You put FIFA right. Oh, he you agree with your Pepa Card. Oh my viva cut I was a little disappointed that. I'm not too bad. I'm not too bad on that stuff. Yeah, I I honestly, I love the game and I played all the time and I'm I'm serious about it, but I don't like I'm not one of those like playing with my character. Yeah, I'm not too much. No, because, or if, I mean if you guys wanted to, we play, and I mean I'll do it, uh Huh. But but yeah, no, I wasn't. I wasn't like, AH, you know, some guys are really good, as they tweet about it. Yeah, no, I wouldn't do that, but let me gotta be you gotta be at least a gold man, like. Yeah, I was like, man, maybe they didn't watch the Games. What about that? Less? Yeah, I know it is, but it's all good. You gotta have fun with it, you know. Yeah, gotta keep they'll probably a few next week. WHILL BE UP. Yeah, maybe, maybe, Nick. It's like not this one, but they they play around, man, Yay. So if you're this, sometimes you're sometimes you're down. Yeah, it's fun, though. And then, to close out, I'M gonna ask you five rapid questions and you just you have to choose one of the other. Okay, okay, right, all right, all right. So first question. which rival do you dislike the most? LAFC or the Mexican national team? I? Yeah, that's a good one. Ah, man, it's got to be the Mexican national thing hurt, but it's because it's such a good game, you know. Yeah, and then La or...

San Francisco? Damn, let's tough as a great question. San Franciscus my heart, though, you know. I mean, yeah, yeah, mourner. Tough to fight that. You know, I love a lay though the area. Yeah, Barrea, though, or so help the cold over the high yeah, and then Dempsey or Donovan. I got, damn, thankfully, got to play the boat. They're both Badass, they're really good, but I got to put a Densey when he was liked da landing's different, though. Yeah, yeah, Landy, land, it was different. I you can even I played with him like after he came back from retirement. No, yeah, right after and when I maybe like the second year. That a jom of the galaxy, and to this guy it took him like maybe a couple weeks, but to get fit. My he was still so good, like and I love this mentality like he I don't know, he helped me out a lot and his mentality was winning, like it was just different. Yeah, it was different, especially for an American. You know. It's like, I don't know, I really enjoyed but Dempsey's just a he's just doesn't say anything. Doesn't say much, but just he's just bad ass a pitch. Yeah, he's just like, he's he's, you know, I don't know, you just gets it done. Yeah, all right. And the next one a Olympics or Gold Cup. OPICS are Gold Cup, because you could still fit in. Yeah, I could. Yeah, they could have three play talking about that. Yeah, with the three players. I was just literally just talking about that. I know, because last time I got injured. Yeah, I got injured. I missed the Gold Cup that they won here. Yeah, and everybody was now was happy they want. I was so pissed. Yeah, but, Um, I mean playing Olympics be awesome. Yeah, plains be amazing. Yeah, it's like once in a lifetime. So I guess if that could happen, that would be amazing, but if it doesn't happen, Gold Cup is still, you know, a real competitive to all right, and that's close out. Thank you again for being on here. You have any message to the fans or the doubters for the upcoming all the down it all here listening? I know, I know, I know, we have plenty of them and plenty of those doubters, but you know, we're we're definitely put in that work, you know, to make the next season much different from the last couple. So you know, we're definitely working towards that. So so you know, stay tune, stay tune. Thanks him. Hey, and those youtube channel get down to this defense. Yeah, yeah, like a subscribe and I appreciate you guys have me on and you know I got to support my own, my people's, as much as I can do. Thank you all. Glad you guys told me about this and, you know, much success towards you. Thank you. Make sure to like subscribes, share. Yeah, all of the right see you next time. Mix Them Er home. Thank you them. We're home. Thank you.

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