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Episode 21 · 10 months ago

Goat Talk Podcast 021 | Mexico, USMNT, Concacaf Olympic Qualifiers, UEFA Champions League, Chivas


In episode 021 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss the Mexico and US soccer U23 teams participating in the Concacaf Olympic qualifiers, the senior rosters for Mexico and the USMNT for their upcoming friendlies, predictions for the Champions League Quarterfinals, and Chivas statements made by Ricardo Pelaez among other topics.
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Welcome back everyone. This is episodetwenty one of Goat Talk. I'm your host, a Lonzo, and thefirst topic I want to get into this week is we just had the youtwenty three on the big qualifying with Mexico. They just be Costa Rica three zero. Yeah, Mexico got the three zero win today with goals from Montuna, they guy in Cordoba. What did you think about the performance? Ifeel like Mexico is probably the best functioning team out of the whole conker calf, and I mean it's been like that for the last like a hundred years, I feel like, and I just think there's the strongest team. Theyalready secure their place in the semi finals and they're only trying to see whocomes out in first between them at USA, who they play on Wednesday. ButI feel like it's going to be not an easy win from Mexico,but I feel like it's going to be a comfortable win, especially with thepeople they have in the midfield, like a cord of Bay, Charlie Rodriguez, who really take control of the game and I feel like are just thelevel of their play is just superior to anybody else and in that zone yeah, they're even better than us, as you twenty three, who struggle todayagainst their game in the morning. He didn't they struggle? I mean theyhad one goal in first forty five minutes. So I don't know. I thinkthat I felt like that was a struggle for I mean, yeah,they ended up they ended up winning for zero, and I feel like oneplayer that standout was high of it. He's a city he scored a goaland assisted to I feel like that's probably one of the players that my Schoshould probably look out for, Forreira, who's a really good striker. Butother than that, I feel like Sebastian Sodo and Sebastian so seto haven't reallylived up to expectations. So I feel like I don't know. I feellike there was a lot of talk of this. You twenty three us ateam, but they really haven't shown anything other than I mean they beat thesame teams at Mexico played against going kind of similar, the same amount ofgoals, but just the functioning of how Mexico plays in the level of talentthey have. I feel like this Mexico's going to be superior. No,yeah, Mexico shows them a for superior team in terms of how they dominatethe game with possession as well. And, like you said, they're midfield.I noticed the parts when I was seeing the game that they were ableto tack through the center because of how good the midfield was working with thewith their forwards, and that's something good to the know. With NEXA's somethingthat on the commentators point it out to yeah, how they could attack thewings as well as the mid and it's kind of like the same thing.They have really good players on either side. I feel like, just because ofthe level experience each player has to have a lot of minutes with theirteams. But one thing that kind of like gets me a little bit anxiousis that like players like Alexei's bag on a would yell and Dun are playingreally well with Mexico compared to how did they do with you, BA was? But then one thing I think that happens is because the level of playersthey have surrounding them there, I feel like they're a lot better than theydo with Chivas, because Alex he's Begga, he scored a goal, he's ittook him one game at the Akron Stadium, which is she was hishome stadium to score more goals, and he has in the whole season atAkron and only took him one game. So that that, I feel likethat says a lot, especially since Vegas always plays like as a winger anda striker, and he just he's surrounded by better talent and I feel likethey just take the best out of him. I feel like Jimmy Losano, thehead coach of Mexico US twenty three S, really knows how to utilizethem, especially since my seas hasn't been fit to play these last two games, and he's just taking up that role of the number ten and he's functionreally well with Gorda Wa, with Alaballo, with Antuna, and he just puttingthe team, not on his shoulders, but just having that vital role uptop. Yeah, and we saw the few minutes by my sea us. What did you think about him coming off that? You know, theinjury? I feel like he's so a little bit shaky. I mean,we shouldn't really depend on my seas right... for scoring goals, especially sincea player like ord the Wa, who is playing sort of on the wingbut sometimes it's gets takes a few steps back and plays in the center midwhich scored a hat trick in the first game and then scored again today.I feel like we shouldn't be relying on my cs for that reason. Ifeel like there's people who score goals all around him, so it's a littlebit shaky. I feel like the most important thing is just make sure he'shealthy and fit and not to risk it up until, I feel like,the semi final game, which is the most important, because the game againstUSA is just to see who comes on first out of their group. Yeah, and then I'm asking this question. I mean, if you heard itduring the game, one of the commentators said that he likes the way thatthe twenty three s played, not even trying to talent, but of howthey move the ball and tag in different, different ways. Compared to that,that's where they kind of playing more through the wings. What do youthink about that? I feel like that's kind of silly to say, especiallybecause of the level of opposition that Mexico was playing right now. I meanthey beat the Dominican Republican, they beat cons to Rica. I feel likethe senior team has played against a lot better teams. I feel like sincethat, I ever came to Mexico. He told the Federation that he doesn'twant to play against like shitty teams and he's they've been playing against really goodtalent. I mean they're gonna about to play Wales with Gareth Bell and theirnext match, and they're about to play the senior team of Costa Rica too. So I guess we'll see how well they function against a higher level CostaRica. But I feel like it's just silly to say, especially with whothey've been playing so far and the levels of level of opposition. And it'seasier to move the ball around against teams who don't know how to pressure,especially like themnerican Republic was, isn't it really a strong team? But Imean, don't get me wrong, they function really well, they pass reallywell, their aggressive up top. The defenders don't really have to take thatmuch of a load on, especially with my like one who's a feel likea really good goalie. He he's a starter on the cocks are in theLega Magcki. So just overall it's a good team, but it's not.They're not better that, they don't function better than the senior team. Yeah, yeah, I agree. Part of compared like the you twenty three CostaRieka. That's a senior team. They do have three goals, I'll leaveat least threeples in last two games, having seven in total and two games, which is, I mean, pretty good for how like the youth.But it shows the coast to show the talent also of the the you S. yeah, because that's something that Mexico sometimes they play really well, thesenior team plays really well, but they don't have like high scoring games.So it's good to see it here in the you twenty three, but Imean that's what they're supposed to be doing. Yeah, and comparing that like that. That's team that I released his his squads to go into Europe,the fetch a FIFA. What did? What are your thoughts on the peoplewho call at any mixes, like who we should have called up or Consalva? I feel like the only thing is that the MLS players, I don'tknow if they should have been caught up for these games. Maybe it's togive them rhythm since they just came back for preseason, players like Jonathan,the Santos, Al'm Pulido and Pissaro. I feel like there's a little,a small group of players in the League on Maggie's have been really doing well. One example is or Manuel, who's been really good in the Lega Maggie's, and another person we saught today for an Avada, who was playing reallywell with Leon. That could be an other call up. So I feellike maybe, especially since these players and the ML has haven't played in along time. But probably the only one I would have taken still if Inow, but is who USA is kind of battling to take him to theother side. I feel like that was a good call up, even thoughhe never even made playoffs with La Galaxy, but that was a good call.But other than that, I feel like it was it's a bow runa team. The same players who have been part of that does concentrations thepast few what year and a half to are? I know that Katito,I don't know he meaning in there,...

...but he's gonna go practice with theteam even though he's not going to be able to play. But everybody,though, se sail or Chaa, it's just the same amount of players.So it's good that he's keeping consistency in his call ups and hopefully they getmore time to play with with and around each other. Yeah, looking atthe previous from their last games that they had earlier, two thousand and twenty, it is significant. It is basically the same call up that that youknow had. He liked the way at the teams he had, the playersthat he had for the team and how they worked out. But looking atthe goalkeepers, you feel that a sad dont should have been called up overmaybe drawn out on a role school and one side of Yees, especially sincelike John Nothing at all school. I don't see there's not a future withhim, especially him being one of the oldest. Him in or Chow,I feel like. Well, on Silas is good, but I feel likeJonathan or El School especially, he's not going to start over a chow evenlike on experience. Wise, don't get me wrong, Jonathan Drowschool has atremendous amount of experience. He's played for championship teams, but what's the longevitywith him? What is the point of taking the player at that age?Where this play goalies? Like I said, vetto, who whould Allo, who'splaying right now with the twenty three, is not playing, but he's onthe bench. I feel like there's no point. So I feel likesecuring us a little to to have that mentality of old look, I'm gettingnoticed because he's doing really well in the league and I feel like a kindof I don't know, maybe it brings him down to say that maybe he'snot getting noticed. So that's that's good thing that you point out. Ifeel like that that goalie change, even though they're not going to play overa chow, but it's just something to have where they get that experience ofbeing training a alongside other national team goalkeepers. Maybe, yeah, yeah, it'sa yeah, you said you wouldn't try more or less not even overactually is their second coalie, you know, beside behind all chow. But itis to go experience and that's something in a sense that's with brain now, but it is point for two, is to get experienced. PROB we'llsee. What do you think would be the stortain line of versus wills?Well, I feel like they have a lot of different options, but Imean I would just go with the same lineup that I've been saying they shouldplay with since a long time. I mean or Chowa, most definitely,out of Tiaga, who plays in Europe, should be playing right back Salcelo andMoreno playing center backs. I got Yarlow, who is doing somewhat good. I feel like he still keeps that spot at left back. ECTOR Adera, who we just came back to play with a let the Goo the Madridtoday. Water that, though, I feel like goody good, he's gettingminutes with PSV. And then at the same time it's now about is.I'm still stuck between. It's analobs and Gooti playing CDM, but I don'tknow, that's not what it's doing. Pretty good. He just scored todaywith Ajax to, so that's the only one I'm back and forth on.And then up top, I feel like that's the easiest top three that youcould pick, the Katito, Henry Martin and Chu Ki Losano. Yeah,my team definitely over bully, who hasn't seen any, you know, Eleven, eleven actions since, believe, like September, October, when the playoffsare ended for them. But no, yeah, I agree, I wouldsay just it's one I'm not feel like. It's so onny in the center asa CDM has worked for it that I don't that's probably like like yourif you about it, I can see why but I would choose it's onover with the yeah, especially, yeah, somebody who's also like knocking on thedoors, Louise Romo from Cruza School, who can also play that position,and that has been using him kind of like as another member in thatback line when they transition to a line of five in the back. ButI don't know, I feel like you get points for playing in Europe comparedto playing on Cuis and Seoul. But don't get me wrong, he's areally good stand up player, he knows he sees the field in a reallygood way. He's in a really good...

...moment. But I just feel likeplaying and in Ajax and in Europe just gives you those, those bonus points. To start on a national team. No, yeah, I agree.We have another concut cough team seeing action in Europe, US the US men'snational team, and they released their call ups for the Fitch Afifa with primaryplayers being from what's to come from Europe, and then with the one exception,I believe, is Sebastian Le Jet in the midfield. Yeah, andI feel like one thing to point out to that they're going to miss mckinny, mckinney from Juventus. He's picked up an injury, so he's not goingto be on the team. And then a team where and Tyler Adams,who are really good players as well. Wow, who's their team is doingphenomenal right now in the French league. And Tyler Adams was also a reallystarter for the US men NAGINAL team. They can't. They couldn't. Theyweren't able to assist because of like covid protocols. So they were on thelist but they're not going to be able to play. So I feel likethose are three really essential players that should have seen minutes in this upcoming game. But I feel like everybody else is kind of the same Geoana polistic.So it's good to see that this new upandcoming wave of players are getting minutes. Same thing I said, well, Nextell, just getting minutes as anational team, getting that starting eleven, playing with rhythm, seeing familiar facesevery time there's a concentration and just consistency. Let's see how consistent this new teamis. They have to set up chemistry. These team is new.They haven't been in the last World Cup phase. A lot of these playersweren't there. So it's important to see how well they do together after alot of game. Yeah, yeah, I agree. The two players thatthey called up for those that you said were apps named where is a Christiancappis and Jordan, said by to both playing Europe, when I think it'sit's Jordan. Oh yeah, Jordan's about. You was on the place for BOCon boys, which I've seen you cl extra in recent years. We'llsee how they feeling for tyr Adams and Tim Weya, which should be agood game they play. I believe it's Costa Rica, right or not?Jamaica, Jamaica and North Ireland. Yeah, so we'll see. I mean theyhave a good, I feel like a good starting eleven, Zach,Stephen, serginoes it. Surgino dest who scored two goals today with Barcelona,met me out. Brian Reynolds, I think, should be starting and thenprobably, I don't know, Robinson left back in the mid, Sevestian Legit, Jonas Musa and I don't know, I'll probably like to see I don'tknow, Christian polistic maybe playing in the mid, even though he's in weirdbecause, I mean we got Dio Rena Josh charge up top and they're ownyeah, probably, yeah, that it makes sense for that right up,but I don't know that they haven't really kept the consistent starting eleven and ifI feel like it's the first time we'll see the European players meshed with afew of them. Last players, like we said that when we interview Sebastianhow he's sort of, I'll taking that veteran role and we can see thathe's one of the older guys being called up into this. You're in trip. So I mean I guess Quig for Halter did choose them as that sortof better in leader for the younger players. Yeah, I'd like I mean I'dlike to see politic play center. I can mid, especially Bert Halterlikes to play players in different positions, kind of like Musa hawatches would probablyplay in the mid even though on Valencia he tends to play more as awinger. But we like to see players playing a different position, especially inthe national team, because maybe there's going to be injuries. COVID is goingto take away some players, so they should take advantage of being able toplay anywhere on the field. Yeah,...

...we'll see how this such a fiefigoes for the both concocat giants. We're standing in euro but different tournament.We're talking about the Champions League. They have their quarter final matchupset. I'llread them to you. Men City, Man Porto, Chelsea, Bayern,PSHG and Madrid Liverpool. What are your predictions and which ones are you mostlooking forward to? Yeah, I'm looking forward to this match, but Ithink Manchester City, Chelsea, Bairn and Liverpool are my my predictions. Andwe also had a something important to we had a poll on twitter to saywhich matches people are most looking forward to and it was a tie between ManCity and Bros and dorman and baron and PSG. All the baron and psyis obvious because that was a final of the last season, but I thinkthe reason people voted for men city in brosy Dorman is to see how wellHallan does against an elite defense, against an elite team, and just seeinghow well they do against one of the contenders for this Champions League. Yeah, it's going to be often to see the potential and what kind of starpower plan has we we will. We don't doubt things. Talent, butI mean he hasn't played against the strong defense like Man City has who itha who like they wont. I think it was like twelve games in arowing their respective league, but I think how I'm still get some goals in. But yeah, Man City will eventually, I feel like they'll pass. Theyhave too much power on that. I mean, don't call him outbecause they've found not taking I agree. They got players are informing. I'llGounda Gun Kevin de Bruin. So it's important to see how well men citydoes against teams like Bairn, if they pass or if PG passes. It'simportant. I want to see what they do against because they always I feellike there's a team who are always left out of the conversation as a titlecontender because they don't. They never live up to expectations in the Champions League. So maybe this could be the year. Yeah, we'll see. This couldbe the year tips long awaited. You see outside of the Man CityI agree with you with Chelsea coming out over port though I could see maybeportal complicating it a bit, but I don't the end, Chrussey will comeout. I want to say Bayern. The all when it be surprised nameor comes back and PHG finds a way to win. Don't go. I'ma pig Byron and they're your right on me. I'm a have a drinkof this man by now. But but Benzama, now's yeah, hi,right now. Yeah, that's why I'd take Madrid if they have been inmy obviously picked little pool. But benzemon, then the midfields playing pretty well lit. Report doesn't have van Jaike, I feel is their defense, defensivepillar that keeps it back intact. So I don't know, I feel likethey could find ways to penetrate Liverpool's defense, who I mean has been having arough time in the premier league. But I don't know. Actually,that will probably one of the closer games along with yeah, yeah, Iagree. We'll see. We'll see how that goes. We'll see. That'syeah, April. We'll see. WHO GOES ON TO SAMMIS on the road, say instable coming back over here, going to go back to Mexico.They got macky's. We're going to talk about chivas coming off the three hundredand third defeat tobody goat when you talked about in the previous podcast. Whatare your what is your take on how they bounce back from that loss andthen what moves or what has like any day? People from the team,you know, said after that, yeah, there's been a lot of new surroundingchief has ever since that loss? One thing is that they fired yourwhole security staff and because they were doing likes, I guess they were doingshitty stuff, or they were like selling official jerseys and they were just somethingstuff going on and they fired the whole security staff. Something where supposedly Alexei'sbegad did something, and but then they...

...came on to like twitter and theirofficial pages to say that there was nothing wrong that Alexe is begt did andeverything's just fine. He went to the Mexico national team with the twenty S. he's playing, but I don't know, it's a lot of distractions and Ifeel like even what's a teach? The head coach, which she was, came out and said that the players are young, they have many distractionsand they don't understand their responsibilities. They was meet with you, bays,which I think, in my opinion, is bullshit. You play for oneof the biggest teams in Mexico and you don't understand your responsibility, the responsibilitythat your team should what happened at trophies. That was a clear example of whatyour responsibility is. You don't meet the standard, you fuck up toomany times, you're out, you get sent to the MLS. And these, these players, they know what they're doing, their professionals. You playfor Chivas. I could maybe understand this if you play like in the seconddivision of Mexico, where there isn't that many standards, there's not many eyeson you. People don't really tune into your games. You're not really followedby younger people who want it like you, who idolize you. Yeah, andthen the whole thing too, with the security stavages. Shit always happenswith Youas and I feel like it's just something bad. How it was ajoke we've had on this podcast where every week there was news of long withChivas, and it just happened again. But I don't know, we'll see. And and they can't get they can get out of that view from thepublic because of what she has is as a as a soccer team, asa franchise, as a club. How they are one of the bigger.They are, yeah, big, one of the biggest, and Mexico,not just Mexico, but also how they have hang in USA. They're justunderstood their under microscope and under the public's eye, media's I were like anylittle thing, it's obviously gonna get blown up and it's just going to drawso much attention to the team, which they don't really need outside drama happeningwhen they are they're trying to still figure out how they can get into thatrapprochecked for this season. Yeah, one of the things to that Ricardo Pelais, who manages all the transfers and head coach decisions for Chivas. He cameout and said on for ESPN that they're going to look elsewhere for players,that they're going to start looking for players in the USA who have that dualnationality was which is become really popular in past few years for the national team, for especially the US. But then my thing is like, why haven'tyou been doing this? Players like if I now, but is sign tiMunios, who was born in Texas but now plays with the you twenty threesin Mexico. Jonathan Gonzalez was one the bylone, the older on the Leagueimkies. Why haven't these players been playing for Chivas and you just now saying, Oh, we're going to start looking for players who have that do nationality, who have been playing the majority of our life in the US m andthen, especially to somebody like Santiago or Manuel, who could have been playingfor Chiva since a long time ago when the moss boy was coach. Hehad he had a trial for Chivas, he was practicing with the first teamand everything, and then after a couple weeks they decided he wasn't up toofar with the team and they fought and even or men, you said,like they feel he feels like because of Ario per alta, he wasn't chosento stay with you as which. Fast forward a year, two years,Bro, that's like the worst fucking decision. Keeping Pat out that over Romnuel,who is one of the top goal scores right now in the league,Maggies, and who has that do nationality, who can play for Peru and whocan play for Mexico. It's just, I don't know, just blows mymind. No, yeah, you're choosing PARCTA, who's doesn't see anyminutes and it is getting. It's probably it is. He is a highstate player on Shiva's yeah, something that's dude. And do just sitting kindon the Wanka game, even a like... all, especially now that thereisn't no qu I wish I could do that. Yeah, for Real,but then a yeah, I want to point out to his even, I'mnot players of other countries, but those players who, Senator Lisa, don'tto be Mexican. One example is when is Mudy, I would I wouldaccept when his money achievas, even though he's from Argentina, he was bornin Argentina, and just now he's decided that he wants to play for Mexico. But players like that, one example is like got Los Vella, aMexican who doesn't want to play for Mexico, and here we have when is moldy, in Argentinian who wants to play for Mexico. So I have noproblem with players who want to identify. Now is wanting to play for theMexico national team. Why not play for Chivas? You a better striker thananybody else, like saliva and Perlta and Sessi, where that who are onChivas. Why not go for those players, Big Guy? Yeah, exactly.And Yeah, like you said, how they're not going to be soundgoing. I feel like that's going to become more of a recurring theme forFuture. You know, collups in Mexico, but you know USA, a lotof their players weren't born USA there. But we have pullus hitch. YourRena was born in Europe, that's was born in Europe, but youhave to represent USA. And I feel like Mexico should have been on thattrain, but they were. I guess they just wanted to stick to,you know, their tradition of just full, like one hundred percent born in Mexican. And I don't know, I feel like times are changing. Youjust got to change with it too. Exactly, look at France, thefriends that the World Cups. How many of their players were actually basically likenone of them, none of the star w were basically born in France.So yeah, and, like you said, you got to keep up with theTimes. To you as you're getting left behind. All these teams arebuying players every single season. You can't produce players at that level, canon acausistent level. You got to look elsewhere. Somebody, I hope,gets bought, but I don't know. Maybe, like if I ain't outof it is, which I highly doubt. La Galaxy's going to want to stay, stick with him and probably emigrate to Europe at one point. ButI don't know, man players like that, you should have been you should havebeen scouting. No, yeah, I guess we'll see on that fraynobody's how their new coach any you just him, if even use it him, like what where his plans for a fraying? I but it's on thisnew galaxy team. If he probably didn't see minutes. I would achievaus isstill interested. I could see a frame maybe breaking a push to transfer overthere if he's guaranteed minutes, even a loan. We can will take aon loan with that an optional you like, I'll take him, but I'll takethem trader fucking tweaky from Im anything. But I don't know. We'll see. We'll see all the outcoming weeks. I mean Jeev has also got that, that leeway. This weekend because of the parole pickle, six otherplayers got caught up, so they had their game against onetre postpones. Theygot that week off, so we'll see in their next game. Yeah,and would that make two weeks off with them or are they going to makethat a dream? Now that I think they have two weeks off to write, considering that they had this this by a week, and then next weekis fetch AFIFA. Yeah, because they play April fourth against Santos. That'stheir next game. Okay, yeah, then, yeah, they do gettwo weeks most. They should get out. They are getting most of the playersback after the you, twenty three is, considering that most of themwent. We're with them rather than with them, my Yo. So Imean maybe they can use this break to concentrate. We focus and try toget instead of pick checking the last five or another's left. Yeah, sowe'll see what happens with that. But that's it for this week. Makesure a like, share, subscribe and we'll see you all next time.

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