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Episode 21 · 8 months ago

Goat Talk Podcast 021 | Mexico, USMNT, Concacaf Olympic Qualifiers, UEFA Champions League, Chivas


In episode 021 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Fabian Magaña discuss the Mexico and US soccer U23 teams participating in the Concacaf Olympic qualifiers, the senior rosters for Mexico and the USMNT for their upcoming friendlies, predictions for the Champions League Quarterfinals, and Chivas statements made by Ricardo Pelaez among other topics.
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Welcome back everyone: This is episode.Twenty one of goat talk on your Hostolanzo and the first topic I wantto get into this week is we just had the? U Twenty Three Onlympic qualifyingwith Mexico. They just be Costa Rica. Three, zero yeah Mexico got a Treezer Wen today, Wical from Mantuna Bagan cordavan. What did you think about the performance Ifeel like? Mexico is probably the best functioning team out of the wholeCONKAF calf, and I mean it's been like that for the last like a hundred years, I feel like- and Ijust think, they're the strongest team they already secure their place in thesewi finals and they're only trying to see who comes out in first between themor USA who they play on Wednesday. But I feel like it's going to be not aneasy wine for Mexico, but I feel like it's going to be a comfortable win,especially with the people they have in the Middlefield, like Corttoba, CharlieRolrigez, who really take control of the game, and I feel like ir just thelevel of their play is just superior to anybody else in in that zone, yeah they're, even better than Usas you, twenty three who struggledtoday againstteir game in the morning. You think they struggle, I mean good. They had one goal in firforty five minutes, so I doven't know. I think that I fel like that was astrugg Bu. I mean yeah theyeded op. They ended upwinning for zero and I feel like one player that stand out was Ehilovic he'sa he scored a goal and assisted to. I feel, like that's, probably one of theplayers that nic school should probably look out for Ferera who's, a reallygood striker, but other than that. I feel like Sebastan, Sodo andsabestinself Selo haven't really lived up to expectations, so I feel, like I don't know, I feellike. There was a lot of talk of this. You twenty three Usateen, but theyreally haven't shown anything other than I mean they beat the same teamshat Mexico played against going kind of similar the same amount of goals, butjust the functioning of how Mexico plays and the level of talent they have.I feel like this. Mexico is going to be superior. No Yeah. Mexico shows them a forsuperior team in terms of how they dominate the game with possession aswell and, like I said their midfield, Inoticed the parts when I was seeing the game that they were able to attack tobe the center because of how good the midfield was working with the withtheir forwards and that's something good to to know with NTN. That'ssomething that, on the commentators pointed out to yeah how they couldattack to the wings as well as the mid and it's kind of like the same thing.They have really good players on either side. I feel like just because of thlevel experience. Each player has have a lot of minutes with their teams, butone thing that kind of like gets me a little bit anxious is that,like players like alexys bag and a orelan tune ar playing really well withMexico compared to how do they do what she was, but then one thing I thinkthat happens is because the level of players they have surrounding them theyre. I feel like they're a lotbetter than they do what she as because Alexy's Beggar. He scored a goal. Ittook him one game at the Akron Stadium, which is, she was his home stadium toscore more goals Tand. He has in the whole season at Akron and only tookthem one game so that I feel like that says a lot, especially since vegasalways plays like as a winger and a striker, and he just he's surrounded bybetter talent, and I feel like they just take the best out of him. I feellike Jimmy Losano, the headcoach of Mexico UE, twenty three. I really knowshow to utilize them, especially since Macias hasn't been fit to play theselast two games and he's just taken up that role of the number ten and he'sfunction really well with Corlova, with Albaralo with Antuna, and he just putin the team not on his shoulders, but just having that vital role, uptop yeah and then we saw the few minutes bymy ss. What did you think about him coming off that you know the injury Ifeel like he's still a little bit shaky, I mean we should have really depend onmassias right now for scoring goals,...

...especially since player like or of Thelane, who isplaying sort of on the wing, but sometimes it gets takes a few steps back and plays in thecenter mid, which scored a Hatctrick in the first game and then scored againtoday, I feel like we shouldn't be relying on Mas. For that reason, I feellike there's people who scored Goas all around him. So it's a little bit shaky.I feel like the most important thing is just make sure he's healthy and fit andnot to risk if up until I feel like the semi final game, which is the mostimportant, because the game against Yousa is just to see. Whou comes onfirst out of their group yeah and then I'ml. Ask you this question. Idon't know if you've heard it Drin the game. One of the commensators said thathe likes the way that the you twenty threes play, Noen Tring to telent, butof how he move the ball and take in different different ways compared tothat does where they kind of play more throuh the wings. What do you thinkabout that? I feel like that's kind of silly to say, especially because of thelevel upolposition that Mexico 's playing right. Now I mean they beat theDominican Republic and they beat close to Rica. I feel like the senior team has played against alot better teams I feel like since Dota ever came to Mexico. He told theFederation that he doesn't want to play against, like shitty teams and he'sthey're been playing against really good talent. I mean they're, going Tabout to play, Wales with Garreth Bell and their next match and they're aboutto play the senior team of Costarica too. So I guess we'll see how well theyfunction against a higher level. Co Starica, but I feel like it's justsilly to say, especially with who they've been playing so far and the level level of opposition and it's easier to move the ball aroundagainst teams who don't know how to pressure, especially like deminericaRepublic, as isn't it really a strong team, but I mean don't get mewrong. They function really well. They pass really well theire aggressiveuptop. The defenders don't really have to take that much of a load on,especially with my like OOne who's. I feel like a really good goalie. He he'sa starter on the coxer in the Lego Maky. So just overall, it's a good team, butit's not they're, not better t. They don'tfunction better than the senior team yeah. I I agree part of Compar, likethe you twenty three cosarica- that's Seger team. U They do have threegoals. I live at least becos ing, lass two games having seven an Storto andtwo games, which is, I mean pretty good for how like the youth, but the showcos o show the talent, also the youtwenty three yeah, because that's something thatMexico, sometimes they play really well. The senior team plays really well, butthey don't have like high scoring game. So it's good to see it here in the utwenty threes, but I mean that's what they're supposed to be doing yeah andcomparing that to like that Ta Team Thata released his his squad to go into Europe here toPechapipa what it. What are your thoughts on the people call any miseslike who yo should have called up or cansover that I feel like. The onlything is that the MLS players- I don't know if they should have been caught upfor these games- maybe it's to give them rhythm, since they just came backfor preses and players like Jona, thundesantels, Alam, Puliso and Pisaro.I feel like there's a little small group of players in the Lego. Makeeswho've been really doing well. One example is Orbano, who's beenreally good in the League of medices and another person. We saw today froNabato who's playing really well with Leoon that could bean aother call up,so I feel like baby, especially since these players fom the haven't, playedin a long time, but probably the only one I would have taken still. If I knowabout this, who usais kind of battling to take him to the other side. I feellike that was a good Callup, even though he never even made playoffs withLa Galaxy, but that was a good call, but other than that I feel like it wasit's Ak Boll ronded team, the same players who have been part of thattasconcentrations, the past few. What year and a half to year, I know tecatitorout he man an Wan in there, but he's...

Goinna go pratic with the team, eventhough he's not going to be able to play, but Everybodytho Sauthselo orChoa. It's just the same amount of player. So it's good that he's keepingconsistency in his collups and hopefully they get more time to playwith with and around each other yeah. Looking at the previous from their lastgames that they had earlier othousand and twenty it is signifal. Itis basically the same colo that that you know had he like the way that theteams he had the players that he had for the team and how they worked out Bu.Looking at the goalkeepers O, you feel that as aetal shuhve been called up ormaybe jonat ton Orocoand onsided yeah, especially since, like Jonahton OrosScol, I don't see, there's not a future with him, especially him being one ofthe oldest himin o Troa. I feel like Oh ones. Alis is good, but I feel likejounot on or OSCO, especially he's not going to start over a Choa even like onexperience. Wise, don't get me wrong. Jonathun Drel SCOL has a tremendousamount of experience, he's played for championship teams, but what's thelongevity with him, what is a point of taking a player at that age where thispoar goal is like a Sevello who Huralo who's playing right now with the OuTwenty Threeis, not playing but he's on the bench? I feel like there's no pointso I feel like securing us a bital to to have that mentality of all. Look,I'm getting noticed because he's doing really well in the League Ehaveo, likekind of I don't know T. maybe it brings him down to say that maybe he's notgetting noticed. So that's that's good thing that you point out iff like thatthat Goalie Change, even though they're not going to play over a Chil, but it'sjust something to have where they get that experience of being training aalongside other national team cokeepers. I yeah it's a yeah. I guess, like you, wouldn't Lo tomore or less not even over Hos, I feel is their second coli. You know besidebehind no Cho, but it is o go experience and that's Si mean in asense, tats whateve brain oonis is goint for to is beginning experience. Butwe'll see, what do you think wouldbe the storinline up versus Wills Wel, I feel like they have a lot ofdifferent options, but I mean I would just go with the same line up that I'vebeen saying they should play with. Since a long time I mean or Choa. Mostdefinitely Arpiaga who plays in Europe should be playing right. Back, Salseloand Morando playing center backs got Yao, who is doing somewhat good? I feellike he still keeps that spot at leftback Actoredera who just came backto play with Aleticomari today, Wadato I feel like Gooti Wot is gettingminutes with PSV and then at the same time, ats. So notbod is I'm still stuckwithin Eson Alvenisand Gooti playing CDM, but I don't know, that's an o Bati's doing pretty good. He just scored today with Ajx to so that's the onlyone I'm back and forth on and then up top. I feel, like that's the easiesttop three, that you could pick the CATITO Henry Martin and Chukilosano Yeah, my tin. Definitely over Pulyvohasn't seen any you know, elevene eleven action since believe likeSeptember October, when the playoffs art and Ed for them, but no yeah. I agree,I would say just at Someon, I don't know I feel like it's on in the center, as a CP has workedfor it that ten, I don't that', probably like for like year. If youabout it an I can see why. But how would choose heats on over woodpe yeah,especially yeah somebody who's, also like knocking on the door s Louis Romofrom Crisasul, who can also play that position, and that has been using himkind of like as another member in that back linewhen they transition to a line of five in the back. But I don't know I feel,like you get points for playing in Europe compared to playing on Chrisaso,but don't get me wrong, he's a really good standup player. He knows he seesthe field in a really good way, he's in...

...a really good moment, but I just feellike playing in in Ajx and in Europe. Just gives you those those bonus points that start on thenational team. No Yeah. I agree. We have another CONCACAR team, I'm seeingactioly in Europe, US the US men, national team and they released their collups for theFICHAFIFA, with primary players being from what's the com from Europe andthen wath. The one exception, I believe, is Sebashaan laget in the midfield yeah, and I feel like one thing topoint out to that. They're going to miss mckinney mckinney from Juventoshe's picked up an injury, so he's not going to be on the team and then a teamwhere and Tyler Adams who are really good, a players as well, where whosetheir team is doing phenomenal right now in the French league and TylerAdams is also a really starter for the US Mansagina team. Theycan't they couldn't they weren't able to assist because of like covidprotocols, so they were on the list, but t they're not going to be able toplay. So I feel, like those are three really essential players that shouldhave seen minutes in this upcoming game, but I feel, like everybody else, iskind of the same giorena politic. So it's good to see that this new up andcoming wave of players or getting minutes same thing. I said Ith Mexi,just getting minutes as a national team, getting that starting eleven playing with rhythm,seeing familiar faces every time, there's a concentration and justconsistency. Let's see how consistent this new team is, they have to set upchemistry. These team is noon. They haven't been in the last World Cup phase. A lot of these playersweren't there. So it's important to see how well they do together after a lotof game, yeah yeah, I agree the two players that they called up for thoseThatu Sawer epsame, whereas a Christian capus and Jordan Sabithu both playing Europe. I think it's it'sa Jordan, no yeah Jordans SA Bouto is onto place for BSC onboys, which I've seen UCLEXO IN TE recent years,we'll see how they feeling for Tiratoms and Tim Waa, which yeah should be agood game. They play, I believe it's costarica right, O no Jamaica, Jamaicaand North Ireland yeah so we'll see I mean they have a good. Ifeel like a good starting eleven Zack Stepin Sergiu Dezet serginodes, whoscore two goals today with Barcelona, Matmea Brian Reynolds, I think, should bestarting and then probably I don't know Robinson leftback in the mid Se, Bestin legit, Yonas Musa- and I don't know I'll, probably like tosee- I don't know Christian politic, maybeplaying in the mid. Even though he's in weird, because I mean we got GorenaJosh shargant uptop and they're Oll Yeah bobly yeah, that makes sense fo Ino, but I don'tknow the they haven't real cept. The consistent starting Elevin and, if Ifeel like is the first time we'll see that European players met with a few ofthe mtles players. Like we said, owonme interviews sevestion an how he's sortof not taking that veteran role, and we could see that he's one of the olderguys being called up into this. Your an trip, so I mean I guess, Grat BorHalter did choose them as that sort of betteran leader for the younger players yeah. I, like man, I'd like to seepolitic play center, Attackin mid, especially birdhalter likes to playplayers in different positions. kind of like Mua Hawaia, would probably play inthe mid, even though on Valencia he tends to play more as a winger, but welike to see players playing a different position: especiall n, the nationalteam- because maybe there's going to be injuries, covid, is going to take awaysome players, so they should take advantage of being able to playanywhere on the field.

Yeah we'll see how this CETROPHIPHA GOSfor the both CONCA AP giants, We're standing, Youre, thet, differencetournament with Tilin about the Champions League. They have theirquarter final matchupset I'll, read them to you: Man, city, Mon,Porto Chelsea, buyer, PSC and Majri Liepol. What are your predictions andwhich ones are you most looking forward to Yeah Idon't, I'm looking forward to thismatch, but I think machester city, Chelsea, Bayrn and Liverpool ore, my my predictions and wealso had a something important too. We had a poll on fwitter to say whichmatches people are most looking forward to, and it was a tie between mad cityand Bros, an dormmoon and barn and PSG or the barn. Npz Is obvious becausethat was a final of the last season, but I think the reason people voted forMansiting, Broce Dorman is to see how well Halan does against an elitedefense against an elidue team and just seeing how well they do against one ofthe contenders for this Champions League yeah. It's going to be awesome to see the potential and what kind of StarPower Holand has we. We don't doubt thes talent, but I mean he hasn't-played against a strong deference like man sidy as who ha who like they want.I think tit was like twelve games in a Ron, theirrespective league, but I think hion still get some goalsin, but yeah Man City will eventually I feel like they'l past they have toomuch power on thit, I mean don't call them Oup Thev SameThi. I agree. They got players that are informen Al Gundugan, Kevin de Broin.So it's important to see how wo men city does against teams like barn. Ifthey pass or PG passes it's important. I want to see what they do against,because they always feel like there's a team where always left out of theconversation as a title contender, because they don't they never live upto expectations in the Championsi. So maybe this this could be the year yeah. Well See. This could be the year typeslong away to UC outside on Amen City. I agree with you with Chelsey coming outover Porthol. I could see maybe poro complicating it a bit, but I don't NteEnd Tussye will come up. I want to say buyern Thoug Whoel, it be surprised the NAMMOR comesback and because she bi the way to win, don't go on a pig, bion and Tho you'reIu Knon me I'm a IM AI fanbut Benimu, not that O te yeah. I right now, yeah! That's why I'd pick Madrid ifthey have bens in my obvous py PICKLIRALP, but Benzami ten, themidfield playing pretty well, the I pol doesn't have Vanjik whifee was therdefense, defensive pillar that keeps it t e the back intact. So I don't know Ifeel like they could find ways to penetrate liverpols defense, who I meanhas been having a rough time in the premile, but I don't know I tolay thatwinl, probably one of the closer games along with yeah yeah. No, I agree we'll see well see now that goes wellsee. That's yeah, Napro well see who goes onto semi on the roal, so instable,coming back over here, going to go back to Mexico, Lego Meckis we're going totalk about chivats coming off the threes Zearold tfeat. Somebody got what you talkedabout in the previous podcast. What ar your? What is your take on? Howthey bounce back from that loss and then what moves or what has like any tepeople from the team? You know said after that, yeah there's been a lot ofnews surrounding che was ever since that lost. One thing is that they firetheir fhole security stuff and because they were doing like, I guess they weredoing shady stuff or they were like selling o fishfor jerseys and they werejust sometin stuff going on and they fire the whole Security Stak, somethingwhere supposedly Alexys beggad did...

...something and but then they came on tolike twitter and their official pages to say that there was nothing wrong,that Alexis Begga did and everything's just fine. He went to the Mexiconational team with the utenty threes she's playing, but I don't know it's a lot ofdistractions and I feel like even wi a teach. The head coach, where she wascame out and said that the players are young. They have many distractions andthey don't understand their responsibilities. They must meet Whith.Ye was which I think in my opinion, is bullshit. You play for one of the biggest teams in Mexico and you don'tunderstand your responsibility, the responsibility that r your team, whathappened at trouphes. That was a clear example of what your responsibility is.You don't meet the standard you fuck up too many times, you're out you get sentto the MS and these these players. You know what they're doing theyrprofessionals you play for Chibas. I could maybe understand this if you playlike in the second division of Mexico, where there isn't that many standards,there's not many eyes on you, people don't really tune into yourgames. You're, not really followed by younger people who want O, like you who idolize you yeahand then the whole thing too, with the security stuff. I just should alwayshappen whit. She was- and I feel like it's just something- bad- how it was ajoke. We've had on this podcast fhere. Every week there was news of Mong which he was, and it just happenedagain, but I don't know we'll see and and they can't get they can't getout of that view from the public. Because of what Tas is as a as a soccerteam as a franchise as a club, how they are one of the bigger they areyeah big one of the biggest and Mexico, not just exloe, but also howthey have Fang in USA, they're, just undersept, te're, undeur microscope andunder the public side the media t, I were like any littlething, is obviously going to get blown up, and it's just going to draw so muchattention to the team which they don't really need outside drama Happenan onthe they're, trying to still figure out howthey can get it into that up. A check it for this season. Yeah. One of the thing is to thatPretty Carlo Belis, who manages all the transfers and had coach decisions for Chewas. He cameout and sentd in for ESPN that they're going to look elsewhere for playersthat they're going to start looking for players in the USA, who Hav that Dolenationality was which has become really popular in past few years for thenational team, for especially the US. But then my thing islike: Why haven't you been doing this players? Like a FRI, nowabout is SantiMunos, who was born in Texas, but now plays with the U tenty threes in Mexico.Jonathan Anzalis was one the Balondeord on the LEAGEA mackys. Why haven't theseplayers been playing for Cwat? And you just now saying? Oh we're going tostart looking for players who have that donationality n who havebeen playing the majority s of life in the US and then especially to somebody likeSantebor Mane, who could have been playing for Chee of US ince a long timeago. When Thomas boy was coach, he had he had a trial for Chiwas. He waspraticing with the first team and everything and then after a coupleweeks, they just decided he wasn't up to far with the team and theras fuckand even or men, you said like they feel he feels like because ofReperalta. He wasn't chosen to stay with you as which pass forward a year two years bro.That's like the worst fucking decision, keeping PENALTA over Omeno who's, oneof the top goal scores Right now: N, the Lega mackys, and who has that DUnationality who can play for Peru and who can play Fror Mexico? It's just Idon't know it just blows my mind. No Yeah, you', choosing Panta who'sdoesn't see any minutes and is getting it's probably it is. He is a high padplayer on. She was yeah, so that's dude do just sitting cin on Tome one CA gameelike at all, especially now that there...

...isn't no. I wish I could do that yeahforreal, but then what I want to point out to is even I'R, not players of other countries,but those players who Senatrolisaron to be Mexican oneexample as fon as mody. I would. I would accept one if Montiachivas, eventhough he's from Argenccina he was born in Argentina and just now he's decidedthat he wants to play for Mexico, but players like that. One example is likeGaosbella, a Mexican who doesn't want to play fror Mexico- and here we haveone- is Moti and Argentinian who wants to play? FROR Mexico, so I have noproblem with players who want to identify now is wanting to play for the MEXOL NATONALTam. Why Not Playn for Chas, you knoa better striker than anybody else likeSalviva Andperalta and Sicer Wortha, Whoron Chiwas? Why not go for thoseplayers? Becaus, O yeah? Exactly and yeah, like you said how they're not pete Sango, and I feel like that's, going to become more of a recurring theme forFuture. You know collops and Mexico, but youknow, USA, a lot of their players. Weren't born USA, there Lut we havepulicige Jorena was poiting your that's. Whatbore in Europe, but you have to represent you a saying I feel likeMexico should have been on that train, but they were. I guess they just wantedto stick to. You know their tradition of just full. Like one hundred percentborn Mexicans- and I don't know- I feel like times- are changing nd. You justgot to change with it too. Exactly look at France, the francs, the World CupShop, how many of their players were actually Bofrans? Basically like noneof them. None of the starveer basically born in France, so yeah a dlike you said you got to keep up with the Times Cheo you're getting leftbehind. All these teams are buying players every single season. You can'tproduce players at that level, Canon a cosistent level. You got to lookelsewhere, somebody I hope gets bought, but I don't know maybe like if FrinEllovit is, which I highly doubt La Galic is going to want to stay, stickwith him and probably emigrate to Europe at one point, but I don't knowman, players like that, you should have been you just should have been scouting no yeah. I guess we'll see on that a fran. No,what is how the new coach Rany you same? O Heven, USA thing like what, where hispans for Te Fing avidice on this ocalety team, if she probably doesn'tsee minutes, I would and Che us is still interested. I could see a fin,maybe picking a push to transfer over there. If he's gaaranteed minutes evenalone, we can we'll take alon alone with that, an Optioni you like I'll,take im but I'll take them. Trador ficking Twinki, FO, righ igom anything, but I don't know we'llsee we'll see th outcoming weeks I mean Chivas also got that that leeway thisweekend because of the peolympicos six oftheir players gotcaught up, so they had their game against Montere postpone, so they gotthat week off so we'll see in their next game yeah and what would that make two weeks, ofk,wor them or ar they goingto make that Agrane now that I think they have twoweeks aff to right, considering that they had this this ByaWeek and then next week, its PECAPIPA yeah, because they play April. FourthAgainst Antos, that's their next game: okay, yeah en yeah they do get twoweeks most of they should gay. They aregetting most of the players bag abtl, you twent e Pr Segreen that mostof them when we're with Emrele ant with the Maor. So I mean- maybe theycoal use this break to concentrate. We focus and try to get insed of hic checkin the last five for an other left yeah. So we'll see what happens with that,but that's it for this week, finture like share, subscribe and we'll see allnext time.

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