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Episode 9 · 2 years ago

Goat Talk Podcast 009 | UFC 254, Khabib v Gaethje, Loma v Lopez, Champions League, Chicharito, Barca


In episode 009 of Goat Talk, Alonso Frias and Edgar Padilla discuss UFC 254 that saw Khabib Nurmagomedov defeat Justin Gaethje to become the undisputed lightweight champion, Teofimo Lopez defeating Vasyl Lomachenko on ESPN, Gervonta Davis' upcoming fight against Leo Santa Cruz, the 10 USA players registered for the Champions League, Chicharito's form for LA Galaxy, the Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Ansu Fati, and Griezmann, among other topics. 

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Welcome back, everybody. Two, episode nine of go talk with Etigart Padia and Alonzo. Frius Bro did you see Kabib one could be became undisputed at lightweight and he beat just engage. Yeah, he's a three consecutive title offense right and my yeah, yes, submission, and I feel like a lot of people criticize could be because they call them boring. They say he always wins up, I. Submission, or he always brings out wrestling in his fights and he always ends them in the same similar way. I just think people just they hate him, because ain't you think so? And I mean I mean people are like people are going to be able to see him anymore because he announced retirement. What? Yeah about that? Well, I think honestly, I think, I mean I feel like he's gonna Fight George Saint Pierre. That's what people were saying. But what is the point of that's the true is like he's already retired. Yeah, it's like, you know how boxing can't get over, like mayweather. Yeah, and basically, I feel like George Saint Pierre. Now, obviously he's not as big as them, or wasn't as big as them, but they keep bringing it up. And then just they did an interview with Justin with just with George Saint Pierre not to long ago. COO, we's go, and he was saying like, oh well, the stars are all line. That F I could possibly happen. But the thing is too I feel like when George and Pierre was fighting, I feel like the UFC wasn't as mainstream as it is today, because I feel like a lot of people for especially for this UFC, two hundred and fifty four. I feel like it was the first card in a while that really brought a large amount of attention. I mean you guys have the Uzman fire a couple of months ago. I mean that was big, but it was could be. So I feel like it's a lot higher level compared to it was before. Yeah, well, I think though. He said he promised his mom about like after this five is going to be done. Yeah, because of his father passing away from Covid I feel like, I think, if the money's right, you think so a but that's bad. Brother. Say Yeah, you're right, but I just feel like in my heart, but because, I mean he's thirty two. He's thirty two, twenty nine, and know thirteen and know in the UFC. I feel like he still has a lot more to give. I feel like he could even move up and fight lose one for the title, because I feel like say, I feel like he should. I feel like his actual weight class is well to what's her way, because, I mean one hundred and fifty five, he had trouble making weight, but then also because of supposedly he broke his foot three weeks ago before the fight, which I don't really want to believe that much, because I'm like, do you see how he was moving perfectly fine, and to break your foot three weeks ago before, during camp and still be able to move like that, I don't know. But then think about it, though. The fight just went two rounds. Yeah, and he was in control most of the fight, everything about all they're sending up. Then he took it to ground because Justin gag you was doing really good boxing skills. I really like he was controlling the fire at first. He was computed with fighting Justin's fight at the beginning. Yeah, and then it's kind of like yeah, because we've had that step in and do what I got to do, because he could. We've had that take down at the end of the first round. Yeah, and then the second round it was just could be triangle choke and then, yeah, that's all she wrote. That's all true. Did you watch? Well, I was gonna tell you. You know. Are you saying about injuries? Yeah, what about Loma? Loma was saying. What about that? What about it? He got surging his shoulder. But then again, you he can't complain about that, because I mean Loma Checo. He also just he lost the lightweight titles to tell Fimo Lopez, and I was a I'm y'all can go back. I was talking shit about till femo. Yeah, yeah, no, I'm own up to it. I really thought Lomon CHENCO. I didn't think Lomaschenko was ever well, I think personally, I just think he had a layoff though, before this fight. Was the last fight he fought Lou Campbell. Yeah, but when then? I mean it was that. That was last year. Last year's been fourteen months, right or twelve? How long has it been? But then I'm saying too like all right, you have a comment all that about it. That's a long layoff. It doesn't matter if you're in the gym who like its sinking Canello. Canello should be you know what I mean? Yeah, next vice probably can also do so. Did till female to everybody in boxing has had a layoff, because, I mean Loma did fight last he feel last fight was August twenty nine. When it's your fight, didn't he fight? He fought more recently. Doesn't say he find I fight this year. So to a few more, he fought this past December, and that's why I want his title against Richard Come.

Oh yeah, and that's how he won his first title. And I feel like every body, you can't really give that excuse. I mean he showed some ring rest, but then, I mean, dude, everybody in boxing had a layoff, because everybody in sports in general had a layoff. Yeah, well, man, I just feel like Loma just didn't do his fight, like he just didn't. You know, it was too late. Like halfway through I fight you realize, Oh shit, I might be down, but then this like, motherfucker, if you're not throwing if you're not throwing punches for six rounds of like, no Shit, you're gonna be losing the fight. So I feel like, yeah, he I also think he underestimated to a female lock because I feel like once he got hey he's like, oh shit, like back to the time. This motherfucker can hit, because I feel like Loma, I think Loma should go down to one hundred and thirty. Yeah, he can't be doing that. You can't be. I can't fight one hundred and thirty five, because remember his first fight, one hundred and thirty five, was against Ring Lars and Hor l oars dropped them. And I feel like, just to female he was just too big, he was too to, his reaches too long, he was taller, he was in the body, he was hitting the body perfectly. His ring general ship. He knew where to move, he knew that Loman Cheko was going to pivot to the right. He always does at an every fight till fem always knew where to be, he always knew where to hit Loman Schenko and he just took control the fight. I just think after round that twelve, that's old round, when he was like all right, was like a slug fest, like you know, that was crazy too, because till fumal's dad told him like Oh, you got this fight in the bag. He loman check when he's a knock out, but toll femo went out there to fucking fight. Yeah, he took he won that last round. Yeah, I think that was. Do you think if Lama would have won that last round he would want to fight? The the score cards were too. It was one seventeen, two hundred and eleven. Oh, yeah, one hundred and nineteen to one hundred and nine. Yeah, one hundred and nineteen o one of nine. So basically a shut out, except for one round. Some judge had it, and then one and sixteen to one hundred and twelve, and that's I had it. Personally. I had a six. Six. How do you draw? Yeah, under warhead like that, and you were to draw. I had to draw to but I feel like maybe one or two rounds could have gone either way. So I don't I don't argue with the fight. I think till Fimo one fair and square, and it's just the preparation, I feel like Loman Chanko to he just you seen all this shit he does. It's like he's at an arcade. He seen that where he's touching the lights on the wall. He's like juggling that scandy. You tres fight his FRIS. That scary. You see, you know what all right, like, motherfucker, like you're fighting at a high dude, you're fighting for the undisputed division, like whoever won this fight has every belt in the division. Yeah, and you're over here like touching lights on the wall, like, motherfucker. Like, all right, bro, like this ain't a chest match, like it's boxing. Going there, get some really good spearing partners. Yeah, stop doing that shit under water where like bro Golding his breath. Yeah, all right, mother brothers, this Muhammadi too. Yeah, but Muhammad, he was fighting a fucking heavy wind. He was one of the all time grays. What do you think about? I think about like training wise. No, yeah, I think he needs to. I think just a layoff. Man. We could sit in here, we could sit here and say I'll talk about all the arcades and lights and this and that, but I think that layoff just really mess him up because think about sure, at that level are but they in the gym. Yeah, but things about him wrong, like if you were, if you were to fight like the last six rounds, the first half of the fight, like second front, the second half of the fight, maybe would have fought like that, like the first one of the beginning for the beginning, but I feel like it would have been way close though that. I feel like that was his game plan. I feel like he was trying to way get them tired. I get it. But then, dude, till he opens fimlpe is his twenty three. So you expect the twenty three or to get tired? This motherfucking play went ten rounds with this girl after the fight. I mean I usually go like seven we not. No, like he was waiting for a twenty three year old to get tired. Yeah, that's motherfuck. But Yeah, when is the twenty three year old in his fucking PRIMM gonna get tired? But I honestly, though, I think it's dope that it's like a new generation now. Yeah, you're want the door for everybody, Ryan Garcia, Devon Hainey, Edgar Padilla, Alonzo free is. Yeah,...

I think that's dope. So I thought, because I really didn't think tio is going to win, but then I was like either in the back of my head I was like he couldn't have a chance, you know, like he is hell talented and he don't like Bro he backs up his dad, like all the shit he talks, he backs it up so that's what I feel like. I respect him for that. He taught said before the fight. He said, like I just got I would back up with my dad my bad words, because they asked some like how's your dad like, you know, like do you think sometimes, like he rice checks too big? Yeah, that his mouth can't catch? Yeah, and he's like yeah, sometimes, but you know, I still still back him up, because the thing to he didn't have a real good I don't know if he's seen, he's never had in recent times. He had it. He doesn't have a good relationship with his dad. He says now that he doesn't even see him as a father, for he doesn't see hm as a dad, that all he sees them as is a trainer, because he had some familing problems with his wife. But all of this, I feel like it made him fight stronger, like this, this like I don't see him as my dad at all, like this, just my boxing trainer. Yeah, and that's feel like. That really helped him a lot, because I feel like something that also her Loman Schenko was he's trained by his father and his father thinks the same way, like he remember how he put him when he was six years old. He took him out of boxing. Good, learn to make them to learn the Ukrainian dance so that he can work on his foot work. I will dance. Yeah, mass didn't work, Bro and I feel like he just needs to go to a gym where there's good fighters. Were going to be people's going to give you good sparring. Robert Garcia, Robert a yeah, of course it. He has a lot of good one and thirty five pounders, one forty pounders. He has those a o mirrors. A lot of fighters are. Yeah, we'll tell the most. Supposed to find him next. Right, it'd be Meucky do if he moved out to one hundred and forty, you probably fight hose are and Russell. He said he's trying to move up, right. I feel that he's just a going to fight email world champion, oh, Devin Hayy, because I mean unless like again with the whole world title Bullshit, because Devin Haney technically is the champion out WC at one hundred and thirty five. HMM, but that's only because the WBEC started the whole franchise title thing like which can hello alburn is also got. So they're not recognized as the title, but for this fight. Mortysiseulle mind, the WBC owner, CEO, he said that it was. It was for every title. So I'll meet to feel became the youngest undisputed champion of all time at lightweight. Oh okay, so that's to me. I don't cause. Then also tank, who fights next week. We got the he also one hundred and thirty five the web. A. Yeah, there's like, it's right, but it's like a it's like it's like a super champion and a champion. But all that is there's just too many world titles, and boxing even made with the said of this past week that there's too much. Yeah, which is also hypocritical. And, motherfucker, you were fighting for some of those titles too. Yeah, so you were saying that shit before. Yeah, you're right. What about? I was going to ask you about that fight, though, the tank, tanking with your Santa Cruz. I think tenk knocks him out. Feel like a big where it's too big. Leosanna crus started at like one hundred and eighteen. He started his career one hundred and eighteen and then he's even moving up for this fight. So I feel like tanks just too big. How do you think he feels, though? Like to was the one that be Loma. I feel like that's you know, because he was always keeping there to it. Yeah, he's listening the dude, but I mean I never really gave I don't think tank is that fighter that everybody thinks he is. He struggled with a fifty year old urokee. Is Getting boy. Yeah, like he's this a little bit over hyped, especially since he's handled by Floyd mad whether he yeah, they want to put them at that pinnacle before even when everything of no, but I mean I don't know. I think your female should stay one hundred and thirty five. He's still has time to progress as a fighter. He's right. He's twenty three and he's already in disputed which is only happened like three times in this past, like modern era of boxing. But I mean, you do you think Lomachenko's a hall of Famer? Yeah, already. I think it's amateur career sweeks for himself. YEA like four hundred wins and one loss, and that personally lost. He beat him twice also. So okay, yeah, I think he is. Brom he was a fastest to get a boat right like he will just one of fist amount of he tied. He tied for the fastest, fastest pace to get about, to get about. Yeah, three fights, so that's crazy to and with the gold medals. Every single one of his fights, except for one,...

...has been for a championship belt. That's right, that's crazy. That's crazy, because now I'm like, okay, what what is he doing now? What's next? Friend, they're not trying to get him a rematch. No, I don't even want how there isn't. There shouldn't be a rematch, like it wasn't one of those fights where you want to go see it again. It's just after. It was just one sided. Yeah, it was just used to go back down one thirty and get some good fucking sporting. You're right, I totally agree with should. Another topic I want to bring up was a Champions League started again, and are if you seen the news, how the US national team made headlines because now they have ten players playing in the Champions League. Yeah, well, Christian pouls is just coming back from injury. So he was on the bench right now. He played, he started, he started for Chelsea. Yeah, so let me get let me give a rundown real quick. Give her. Let me give run out. So Conrad, which is on Barcelona. He wasn't even on the bench set. Next player. Is He that good? I think he's just I mean going to play on Barcel right. I mean he's got enough to be on the squad, but he's not good enough to even I don't think he should. I mean Barcelona. That's a whole other story I don't even talk about. I gave all right. Next Player, desk, also from Barcelona. He started because Georgia Alaba got her and he was playing left back. Okay. Next as the goal peeper, Horvath. He scored own goal playing goalkeeper, but then his team came back. They went to a one. Next player, Tyler Adams. He came out as a sub Christian Polar Shick. Starter. Western mckinney, for Juventus. He's out with covid which he recovered now, but he didn't play in this Champions League. You think so, because the Ronald test positive again. Do you hear about that again? So we like testing a lot of good Nah. And then mckinney. He tested negative, so he's gonna be playing. And next player, Stephen, the goalie for Manchester City. He's on the bench. Of course there's. Unless ederson catches covid AIDS fucking the flue, he's not going to be definitely not going to bench. Yeah, adderson. Next player, Jovanni Reina, on but Elsa dorm when he came in as a sub. He's good. He's good. I think they need he's like one of the only he's I feel like he's one of the only players that other than Solishik, who solid, and then Richards, the center back from Baton Munich, he wasn't even on the bench. Alex Mendez not even on the bench for for Ajax. So I feel like a lot of these players like they made headlines, oh, like the first time ever that, but they're not getting they're not even getting playing time. Well, if all this to lucid Mexico und zero, like Bro I mean, Hey, I think their heads somewhere along. I mean there's a good start, I think. Yeah, and that's something in that remember, we talked about, I think in the very first podcast, how there should be played, like they should be on these teams, like there should be. Yeah, players definitely playing on higher level teams. Yet did he see? Sorry to put in, but did you see how my cs we're talking about something. Yeah, my sales was saying how you get cheaper players. We talked about South America. Yeah, and how he they value him at fifteen million, but you can get like five players for three million each from southern America, from south a America, and then just cover different spots. So I feel like he says that Mexican players should be valued at a lower price so that they can easily be exported. Yeah, because the US is going to have another player in the champion League starting next year. I don't know if you heard about Brendon Aaronson. He's twenty, plays Cam he just got bought from Salzburg for five million really, from the MLS Man Philadelphia Union. So now they're going to have another player playing in the Champions League. And it's like crazy, because five million, like, when was the last time you heard of like a Mexican player of that note going for five million? Yeah, straight to Europe, because, like, what are they volume, Charlie Rode, is that? What are they? Volume? Cord of the LAT yeah, they're not close to five million. For they weren't even take that offer. They weren't even think about taking that offered Jake. So I feel like all these US players are getting there coming from a good market, or a lot of these players never even played in the MLS. Think about it. Yeah, wellushick never played in the MLA. How much was he worth? Our first obviously like less than five mill right when he first when he first started off, when he was on Bross, had the of what is he at now? He's probably his price probably sky...

...rockety hundred. So right now Polish a key will he was bought for seventy million and then his current market values around sixty six. But that's because of probably like because of how is injury right? Yeah, well, injury says when we've been and everything. Something too, that I want to bring out that how all the US players are Mexican players. They don't probably get the same respect as a South American player, because there's only two coaches that are American in Europe and one of them is actually the Salzburg coach, Jesse March, and he commented how him himself knows that Frank Lampard wouldn't see Christian pulle's the same way just because he was American, and that I think that's actually true, because for one. We see it all the time with Mexican players. When do people talk about Tkatito? Takatido, to me, is probably one of the best right wings in the world. He's the best player in that league easily. He's won, he won the he wants the best player right the best player of the League, and I feel like he doesn't get the respect. And I feel like, I guess it happens also with American players, because, I mean, Ay Jesse March is a key coaches the team that's in the Champions League. He's been in Europe, he's American, he's seen it before, he's knows what he's talking about. Yeah, yeah, I need it. I think they got to get like. We're of that, though. Yeah, I don't think that's fair. It's not fair. Yeah, that's stigma, because I feel like, think about all the greats that have happened before. They're all like southonberry. But I think the only way that's going like that people are going to start looking at us and Mexican start players differently, is if we get more, more players up, more players out there explore and if not going to be one, like my c said, yeah, letting them go for fifteen million. Who the fuck is going to pay fifty lay a single ways? That's how we said it to he's like sinkle ways for three mill yeah, and it's just true. It is true, though. But yeah, we'll see what happens with that. I think Mexico just needs to like lower the value of those arc players. Just fuck it, like I just said, O Bro. But then players are going to want to lose money on that too. But I think they need to stop. Like then there's not going to be that many Mexican soccer plays out there. Yeah, you know, this is the whole I don't know. I feel like in the following years, which is I mean, the US has ten players, I guess, registered in the Champions League. Mexico at a time had three, just on one team, when it was let Yonnetta and Takatito for Porto. So I feel like the USA is trying to get at what Mexico was a couple years ago. But I mean, that's good for them. This UN they're all young and they're all young. That's something. I mean, I'm not hating on it. I mean he said three zero on me so well, because it's true, but I'm saying like there should be. There should be in, there should be more. We talked about this before. They should always be because. And then I want to talk about is how Chi Charito. He came from Eura. Honestly, I haven't even he came from Europe to the MLS. So they paid nine million for him. He only has one goal and it wasn't even in the regular season, it was in the whole mls. Is back pre tournament shit from the Covid so yeah, and then this year he played nine games in the legal with heavy and before he can at less. Also, he only scored one goal. The freaking Oh in the Europa League and the groups. They acause you got a medal. He got a he got a Reyorpa league metal because he played in the group stage. Yeah, so it's like tea charny too, too, like I feel like his career has just gone. Imagine he was one Real Madrid playing the Champions League's going the winning goals. Yeah, against that. Then knock out stages. Yeah, and now he's and then today he didn't even get caught up to the bench against LAFC. Yeah, I think now it's what do you think is age? It's in his head or something. I feel like him himself, like I feel like he was hurt emotionally and we saw it in the video he posted when he got the news that he was coming to LMS. You seen how he was like crying and saying how his whole European dream was over. Yeah, and it's like I feel like that really affected it, because I feel like he overthought it and now it's like so what? Why does it even matter? Why do I why should I even try? Yeah, as much as I was trying when I was playing in Europe. And you're right, because I think about it like that. So that's like because, dude, look, he's all here posting these fucking war zone you seen that? He plays warzone like a lot. Yeah, I mean, yeah, no, yeah, you're right, I think he does. How does he? Thirty three? He is tardy too. He's thirty two. Thirty two. Okay, so I read something online. We were saying that Chebas wanted to get...

...him or something like that. That's what I was saying and that's what I was talking about earlier to how they should probably I don't even know if he's bring them back on loan, which would be good, but I feel like also the La Galaxy. They have the whole nostalgia of having Slat on because something was another galaxy was like, dude, he was amazing. The first game he even played and he scored two goals and it was a LAFC. So think about is not then as a sub scored more goals in one game. They should still has his whole year. Yeah, and them Mols, but something also with slot on. He also thought his career was over when he told Mourinho that. That's why, the reason he left Manchester United because he felt like he couldn't upport that what other players are doing in Europe. So that's like you went. So that's why he came to them less and he did what he did. He scored twenty four goals and twenty seven games in this first season. So you're saying to Jadesse bish and just been plete pay war zone on twitch. Maybe that Shit, but I was saying, like under the same circumstances, like maybe straight the things, his career is over, and then I think actually thinks this shit. His career is over. I mean he just started a family to and munch of the outside noise and stuff. You know, he has a whole life coach that everybody touched it about. I think it's just like a little think about it, though. I feel like every saga player there's like a point, like there's a time like like, you know, it was like this season. Well, they'll kind of go through like a little rough patch, even though it's been this whole thing. He's had rough patches. Yeah, however, any games. But I think but it also has to do with what you said earlier about, you know, him going to like the emotional kind of like yeah, I'm going from Europe to them al. Yeah, because something that's too of how people think too, that he's like he's not like a playmaker, he's a striker. He chupher. So I feel like the comparisons, to laugh, also don't really have as much delity. Not that kind of player, because lat that can play cam he could play right wing, left wings, right, he's frame, he's big, he's tall as fucking do. This guy has like a fucking black belt, like yeah, he's a LADDIC weady. Yeah. So I feel like the comparisons can't be there, but I feel like there's just still be like a like a limit of which tread the should be doing, like this is the type of player he is. Well to be average. I like I said, I haven't paid attention to Jay though. Well, have you watched any of the Games? Yeah, and that's the big to him differently. So I feel like, yeah, a problem too is that they just don't play good as a team. And so your team isn't playing good and you can't, then you can't. Who's going to give you passed to the Bass? Baston Lega is probably one of the better players they have in the midfield. Yeah, well, was it going to Jonathan's house? I feel like his level also isn't what it should be. Yeah, so, I mean, who's gonna Pass on the ball? And pet the needs a good team around in the order to succeed. They need him to like set them up, you know, because look at what he has cross and mention's night he had fucking Rooney giving a money, and the Buddesliga he had bay robbie giving them balls, and you're right, you're right, right, yeah, think about it. On all the seems to succeed. Dude, on Real Madrid he had fucking hurt, although love that's all you need to say. And then you go to the MLS and bright. So I don't know. I feel like I don't know. I think, though, he should go to Tamazone. I think so too. I think it would like restart the engine and I think it's time, like we yeah, before he gets older to me now, I remember when she met Bram rap, America's Lugle. Yeah, it was like thirty may hell, he was a better player. Yeah, but that he was a yeah, she was asked, but they were like he was a better player. Why didn't go to do that? Oh, my highest player on Chivas paid right, highest paid, and he do this. Nigga plays like I'm Japan. Dude, Tim I don't even know. Bro A lot of you guys paid a lot of money to be shit and to play like two minutes ago with the soup baking. Yeah, motherfucker, like forty damn here he plays like he is holy Shit and SIP peole's. He's just thinking of a spot. I know, no, Dude, oh my God, Bro. So, even though she was doing really well. So I want to talk about the classical. I want to be washed it yesterday. Oh yeah, the Barcelona Ro Madrid. So there's like, I'm so fuckty. Made headlines that he's... ready, like not, I don't sign. I don't think so. And he would let you go player of the month. Why don't think of this time? I feel I think he's ready, especially now in the situation that March's and they need somebody. I feel like for that reason he's not ready because he doesn't have people around him that could probably the chemistry is not there. Huh, Dude, you see their bench to when you have to bring it Braith White, as your ember did a bunch of jv players. Dude, great white, who the fuck is that? That's your number nine as a sub against Real Madrid's. You know you're fucked, like, Dude. Did you see their bench? Yeah, they have no do you have know on their bench? Like their squad depth is like, Bro I don't want to see. I haven't even seen it all. Fever, might ultimate team in the first fucking week has more player death inna, like there's no to they're in twelve place right now. WHO's the first? That's first, and robbers the second, which is crazy. Holy Shit. Is that something also wanted to mention to hey, massy's definitely les other day, like maybe they win the League out, Champions League, you'll probably stay. Now he's not Lee, he's masting. I don't care if they gotta sign him, Bop the like. But yeah, trying to get the coach, trying to get Memphis to pay for the water, the transfer. But why don't you just get do this? Old swatted for no reason that now Messi has a number nine, and then who are you gonna have on the wings? Griesman isn't even cool. You See, he has started having problems with the coach because he said, griesman said that only the French death stops to coach. He said that only he knows where to put him on the field, and then Coleman said, Oh, I'm the coach, I was supposed to I know where you're supposed to go. So the past few Games becausemens came off the bench. There's so much fucking. You go drama, high school lets table as motherfuckers, and he guys acting like some females. Run. He's get bay like a hundred and guy like a good jillion dollars and he's acting like a girl. Bro What the fuck? I think he needs to good. Is there? Right, yeah, go fucking ball. You could. Yeah, it's a hormone, Bro Mormon. On the balance, it's on birth inach our songs it is. Do they got that? Mot Go was fucking rot. You seen that? Yeah, that was raw, and I mean seed. Your right, you think? I you think it was penalty. Said your Alma's don't know. You thought I was penalty. I think you would enough falling. Yeah, they would have not caught it, because you see how we fucking like flu. Yeah, he put a storied Bro. That's another. Never played soccer? If you never do, there's they pour your Jersey in every single set piece. Yeah, when you're playing soccer. So I mean this Jersey pulling every time. But I just feel like, because he felt that's like a whole wore thing. Yeah, and I'm talking about PK's. Did you watch the classical the about them? Because it goes yeah, the penalty from that was not a okay, there was contact, but think like he felt like yeah, it's too I wouldn't have called up PKA and they still gave it to him. And I thought you seen more of a controversy to because there's bar now. So all these yeah, I really like are being reviewed by like five other people and they're still getting more. I just think it has to be like a little more contact, like as to be more like like, you know, polling number. Or actually, he just tapped his leg and um, everything you he blocked and then he want and then made the next night when he got another like they were giving the dude penalties until they tied. Yeah, it was. It was. It was three two, three two, three two. So it's crazy, man. That's crazy. How especially also in the European League's hold numb all the number one teams right now. Yeah, look in England it's Everton, in Spain it sprous to see that, in Italy it's me line and in Germany as let's peak. So I feel like all these teams are... the top right now, but I feel like just like that because it's a very beginning. How many games it though? It's only even like five games. That's all I'm saying. What do you think about? I was going to ask you about Hamis on every ten. Dude. I feel like that was a that was one of the best top three signings for this transfer window. To Dude. I even have them on the market for I feel like Zin, I made a mistake. Yeah, he you the hater, right, because he's having he's always had falls with like I'm is bill. I don't understand, though, how miss I am bill. How, Dude, what the fuck? They made really good signings everything, because they got Alan to from not Polie, the center. Man. Oh yeah, really good too. So I feel like every everything, I think everything. Finish his top three tell yeah, especially with Liverpool, that jake is out for like the rest of the season. Man, you fucking do God, and I think to it they don't start pulled. But how are you going to start poge? But they need over to that coach. You think? So? They need to hire me. You Go, you be on my assistant. You'll be you do the whole training and I'll just be out there just for the Games. Right, I'd have a lot. I'll just have a lineup and I'll start bog Bo, Bron doesn't stow it, and then Bunda, big didn't even play less. I know. Why do you? Why do you get all your mother fucking you know, play him to forty million, bro Dude, forty months here on the bench. Imagine, man, it was an idiot. Guys that's a a go tige. Yeah, forty million, for real. If it's gonna be said, it is gonna be saying on the bench, might as well what the fuck. But I feel like it's all like the we're talking about early hall of this drama. I feel like a lot of these coaches have. It's filled roll professional soccers, filled with drama. Goddamn, it's annoying, Bro. Let me see that in like high school suck. Yeah, Brian, I was tucking you go talk to coach of the game, like I didn't like how you play me today. You know I mean, and they next game you wouldn't play. Oh, you know, we had like a south going on over here. It's like it makes headlights first before it you know, yeah, like sources and cover, like the beef, and then that's it ends up happening. Well, that about wraps it up, guys, for this new episode on Goat Talk. Let's make sure to share, like subscribe, share your Mama, share it to your Dada if you don't want to watch it on Youtube, also on spotify, modify, apple, Google podcast. I heart radio, stitcher, tune in, Eddie, any platform that has podcast. Were on that all right. Well, leave a comment and we'll see you guys, next time.

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